Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 5 Luoyang Ancient Village (NPC)

When Lou Fan and Qin Tan head back, they happened to bump into He Yong on the road. The cemetery was near the back mountain and the others are looking for the grave. So, He Yong took 2 people with him to see if they missed any places in the village. Seeing Lou Fan and Qin Tan, he asked, "Did you search in the village? You guys couldn’t find anything?"

The two came forward and Qin Tan told He Yong their findings.

"You mean, we can ask that old man more questions and you managed to ask twice?" Hearing the confirmation, He Yong’s expression turned a bit ugly. He is a Level 6 senior, and yet he didn't think to ask more, which is a bit embarrassing. He Yong thought for a while, "It's because I didn't think properly about it. Let’s call everyone back to discuss it." Then he returned to the resting site and sent a flare.

"Not saying anything about the situation, acting without authorization, and exhausting the number of questions. Do you understand your position?" The only man wearing glasses in the Level 1 team said in dissatisfaction. He can be seen looking quite dissatisfied with Lou Fan and Qin Tan’s behavior.

Lou Fan replied sarcastically, "I take responsibility for my own life. Moral kidnapping is not a good habit, and we don’t owe you anything. Is it wrong to discuss about the problem we found out with you guys now? Besides, who knows if my whim will be useful? Okay, even if I put this idea forward at that time, would anyone believe this newcomer me? Who could guess that there is a limit on the number of questions? I am not God."

The man with glasses got rebutted and his face turned blue and white. Even if he knew that they are all newbies in this, he is unwilling to admit that he is wrong. "Newcomers should listen to the experienced senior."

Lou Fan looked impatient as he said, "Oh, such a sense of superiority."

The man with glasses wanted to argue more but then Qin Tan stared at him with sharp eyes like a knife. When the man saw that, he suddenly felt that his calf turned soft, and he swallowed the words he wanted to say.

After making such a fuss, the atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward. Seniors do have some sense of superiority, but that’s because they have more experience and the ability to help the newcomers. Hence, they often casually directed the newcomers to do things. It is true that the newcomer has just arrived in this strange world for the first time, but whoever in the real world likes to be given instructions here and there? He Yong glared fiercely at the man with glasses. He(HY) always wanted to have a good relationship with Qin Tan and Lou Fan. What's more, the aura that Qin Tan exudes just now is stronger than them seniors, and it is faintly murderous. He is well aware of the principle of 'Fortune knocks once at least at every man's gate', and he is not willing to offend someone who seems to have great potential.

"My team members can't speak nicely, so could you bear it, please? Right now, we should work together to complete the task as soon as possible. The thing that you said earlier, we will ask the old man again tomorrow, and we should think well before asking." He Yong came forward to diffuse the heat.

Lou Fan is not someone who will keep clinging to a topic. Since He Yong has come out to end the argument, he backed away accordingly and informed them of the 2 questions that he previously asked the old man.

"Yu Erniang's grave is in the back mountain, and the place where she lived before is located at the end of the village. Qin Tan and I went to check out the house just now. The house was burnt to the ground and nothing is left." After Lou Fan said that, he gestured at Qin Tan with his eyes.

Qin Tan continued the talk, "Team leader He, I suggest we go out to look for clues at night, maybe we will find Yu Erniang. When I was a newcomer in the previous world, a senior told me that most of the trigger points in the mission world are related to ghosts. It has been 3 days now and we haven't noticed anything different. So, maybe something will happen at night."

He Yong thought of this too, but even though he had gone through 6 mission worlds, he still didn't want to take the initiative to seek out ‘those things’. "Originally, I planned that if we didn’t find anything today, we will take action tomorrow night. Since you raised this point, are you planning to go out tonight?" He Yong turned his head and asked, "Who else would like to act tonight?"

Except for Qin Tan and Lou Fan, the others are silent. They obviously didn't want to be one to take the first step. Who knows what kind of ghosts they will meet? It’s better if someone other than them takes the lead. No one in the Level 6 team spoke, and no one in the Level 1 team or newcomers wanted to go out.

Lou Fan pulled Qin Tan's sleeve and whispered, "How about just us two go?"

Qin Tan turned to look at Lou Fan, "Aren't you a little scared?"

"Who's scared?" Lou Fan's eyes widened, "I'm just feeling a little uncomfortable and couldn’t adapt." He is really not afraid of watching ghost movies. Just that, experience a  live version still makes his heart shudder.

Qin Tan is a little unsure. If there is an emergency, can just the two of them handle it?

"We are really going?"

Lou Fan nodded, "We can’t count on the strength of the newcomers, and the Level 6 team will not take care of us if they encounter problems."

Qin Tan finally nodded, "Well, then you can hide behind me."

Hearing that, Lou Fan's eyes curved up. He found himself a good teammate, Qin Tan is simply ‘Lei Feng’ in person.

Banana:  A selfless dude, check the wiki for more

Qin ‘Lei Feng’ Tan didn't know that he got issued a ‘good person’ card. They took their weapons and went out. Looking at Lou Fan and Qin Tan from inside the door, there are sympathy, fear, and also gloating (at other people’s misfortune). Lou Fan didn't pay attention to other people's gaze while Qin Tan simply doesn’t care.

As the two of them walked on the small road, it felt like a whole different feeling. At this moment, there is silence all around, and they can only hear the sound of their own breathing. The full moon hung in the air, enough to illuminate the ground, but the brightness is no more than 3 meters. Outside 3 meters is a curtain of darkness.

While looking at the surroundings, Lou Fan asked Qin Tan curiously. "Why did you agree to come out with me?" He could see that Qin Tan hesitated earlier.

Qin Tan looked around warily and the Tang sword in his hand glowed brightly. His entire being is in a tight state, like a cheetah that could rush out at any time. "Intuition. And your words make a lot of sense. Besides, we are teammates." Teammates that acknowledge each other’s ability.

Lou Fan curved his lips slightly, very satisfied with Qin Tan’s answer.

"What about you? Why do you insist on coming out?" Qin Tan asked.

Lou Fan didn’t hesitate and said, “Intuition. I had a feeling that that place is very important. Isn’t it because I’m afraid to waste time? In case we delayed some time to find the grave, then have to spend time to deal with Yu Erniang who may crawl out of the grave. Then, we won’t have time to check out the house (at night) again."

After speaking, both of them couldn't help but laugh. They both believed in this intuition.

Their resting site is not far from the end of the village, but the surrounding area gets darker as they go, and the visibility is only 2 meters now. The darkness is like a monster with a big mouth, wanting to swallow them in. The surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped a lot. Even Lou Fan, who is wearing a coat, couldn't help but wince.

On the other hand, Qin Tan wore a black jacket, which didn't look too thick. Lou Fan shrank his neck. At this moment, he regretted that only two of them came out. If they have a few more people to huddle with, maybe they will be a little warmer. On a whim, Lou Fan made a pulling motion at his bow. In the darkness, a bright white and transparent arrow appeared in his hand. He pulled it gently, and the arrow burst out into the air. The magical thing is that after the arrow is shot, the surrounding visibility returned to the previous 3 meters, and the temperature seemed to rise a little.

Qin Tan gave Lou Fan a thumbs up, "Great job."

As they flatter each other, Qin Tan and Lou Fan reached the end of the village smoothly. Even Lou Fan himself felt a little weird that they didn't meet any supernatural beings on the way.

On the originally burnt piece of ground stood an ordinary-looking house. It is no different from the others. There is a tree in front of the door with luxuriant branches. The only difference is that in this deadly silent village, there is a faint light glowing from inside the house.

Qin Tan made a gesture to let Lou Fan stay where he is while he himself stepped forward and looked in the window. After a while, he turned to beckon Lou Fan. Lou Fan walked forward lightly and leaned on the window to look in. Under the dim light in the room, a plainly dressed woman is sitting at the table, holding a pair of small shoes in her hand, and is concentrating on making the soles of the shoes. She looked a little thin and her clothes looked big on her body, but her shallow face is very gentle.

This should be Yu Erniang.

Lou Fan turned to look at Qin Tan and said silently. Qin Tan nodded at him. Immediately, the scene flashed and changed. The woman's belly is now slightly bulging, and she stroked her belly with a fond look. One could see that she is very happy. Next, another scene flashed. The woman is sitting at the table with a pale face. She is gripping the table hard, trying to prevent herself from sliding down. Then, a large group of people came into the house, consist of many men and women. Several old women in the lead pushed her around. In Yu Erniang’s hand is a pair of small shoes and she held on to it tightly. Someone made to grab it but was bitten by her severely. Then, she is pushed to the ground and those people kicked and punched her.

Another scene flashed. A raging fire is burning wildly, and there are flames all around. Lou Fan is startled as if he could feel the raging fire licking his skin too. The flames around them blazed into the sky. However, this is just something that Yu Erniang has experienced. She seems to be awakened from her sleep, with her hair scattered loosely and her clothes casually draped. She slapped the door hard, but couldn't open it. The door is locked.

Lou Fan's heart trembled. The fire is reflected in his eyes, and the woman in the room is howling desperately. He could not hear the slightest sound, but he seemed to feel the kind of despair. Yu Erniang was burned to death. Lou Fan saw that she is conscious when she is being swallowed by the tongue of fire. She is lying in the corner, curled up and holding something tightly in her arms. That is a pair of tiny and delicate shoes. The tongue of fire completely engulfed her, and as if she has exhausted all of her energy to stand up, she suddenly let out a bleak and desolate scream.

Right after this scream, Qin Tan who is next to Lou Fan suddenly growled, "Not good! Quick, we need to go!"

The scene in front of him suddenly disappeared, Lou Fan recovered to his senses and found that countless black shadows are slowly gathering around them. They are about to be surrounded as the shadows got closer. His arm is pulled tightly, and Lou Fan subconsciously followed Qin Tan to run.

Qin Tan grasped Lou Fan in one hand and quickly waved the Tang sword in his hand with the other. The black shadows are cut apart before they could get closer.

Lou Fan tugged at his arm and said, "Qin Tan, I can run by myself. Don't be distracted by me."

A black shadow suddenly leaned in front of Lou Fan, and a head struggled out of the black shadow, looking bloody. Lou Fan is startled by the sight and his pace became slow for a moment. The shadow stretched out a bony hand and grasp Lou Fan’s hand tightly. At that moment, Lou Fan felt a burst of heart-wrenching pain.


The skeleton hand that is cut off by the Tang sword fell to the ground, and Qin Tan pushed Lou Fan forward, "Quickly, go!"

Lou Fan didn't dare to be distracted anymore. Suppressing the discomfort in his heart, he drew his bow and his hand quickly repeated the action after shooting. The glowing arrows kept flying towards the shadows. Lou Fan doesn't need to aim at all, he just needed to repeat it mechanically - there are a lot of shadows.

Seeing that Lou Fan didn’t run, Qin Tan cursed in his heart and accelerated the movement in his hands. The two of them walked faster and faster, and slowly started to trot. Fortunately, they soon can see the resting site in front of them. Lou Fan saw the light coming out of the house and vowed in his heart that he would not be so reckless next time.

"Open the door! Open the door!" Lou Fan yelled. Leaning against the door, the arrows in his bow kept shooting out.

The door is opened. Before the person who opened the door could speak, Lou Fan hastily stepped in and bumped the person down to the ground. Qin Tan followed closely, and the door slammed shut with a backhand. Lou Fan panted. After making sure that those things outside couldn't get in, he then slid down on the ground.

This is too nerve-wracking!

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