Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 5

There was a reason he was the male god, black hair, fair skin, and long eyelashes.

It was the type of warm and gentle teenager.

It made Ah Jin jealous to watch.

"San Qi, next mission, I want to be beautiful."

San Qi expressed he didn't want to talk and threw a pile of poop.

Li Xue's face was so ugly,

'He heard me. He must have heard me! My image, what to do, what to do. It's all Yu Jin's fault, it's all her fault!'

Ah Jin watched Li Xue's face change colors.

She felt it was time to add a little fire, "I'm a toad, and what are you? Now you're worse than a toad, huh?"

Li Xue broke down, "I'll kill you, you bitch!"

She lunged at Ah Jin, who dodged out of the way, Li Xue fell to her knees.

With the pain of her knees and the loss of face, Li Xue finally couldn't bear it, sat on the ground, and cried.

The area was quickly filled with people.

A kind student pulled her up and took her to the infirmary.

Ah Jin felt a rush of relief.

It was the original character.

Ah Jin received some interest and was in a good mood when she passed by the male god, she found that he was staring at her.

Ah Jin withdrew her smile and looked at him coldly, "Looking at what?"

"It's nothing."

Ah Jin ignored him and went straight back to class.

No one in the class paid any attention to her.

She didn't care.

She was still very cheerful.

The excellent mood ended when she returned to her seat, where books were thrown on the floor, trash all over the table, and notes were taped to the chairs with mean words written all over them.

Ah Jin was in a bad mood, it was surprisingly quiet around her, and her classmates watched her reaction.

Ah Jin felt that she should do something good since she was in a bad mood, so she took out her cell phone and called the police, "Hello, Police Uncle? I'm a student in the third class of the second year at x x high school. I'm being bullied by my classmates and feel hopeless in life. I want to commit suicide."

She hung up the phone after saying that.

The students looked at her like she was an idiot.

Ah Jin smiled at them, took out a paper knife, and cut the artery of her wrist.

The blood flowed out immediately.

She was still talking to San Qi, "San Qi, come on, is there any special effect that will make it up to three feet of splashing?"

San Qi was shocked for a moment.

The partner committed suicide but also wanted a splash of three feet effect.

San Qi gritted his teeth, "Three feet no, one foot do you want?"

Ah Jin's eyes shone brightly, "A foot will do, come on, be of service. This is for the good of the mission, hurry up and cut the crap."

San Qi really added some special effects on her, though not 1 ft, 50cm was available.

Before the surrounding students could get over their shock, blood splattered on their faces and desks.

Xie Nan touched the blood on her face as if she couldn't believe that she'd actually done it.

Then the classroom went haywire.

The people who called the police, the ambulances, the girls' screams, and the boys' yells were mixed together.

Ah Jin slowly sat on the floor, her back against the messy desk, the note flying in the air as people moved around, the offensive words on the paper seemingly alive at this moment.

"San Qi, did you take any pictures?"


"Okay then, fix my wounds."

If San Qi had a face, it would have been twisted but repaired her wounds anyway, "My energy, oooh. I'm spending so much before I even start collecting it."

"Cut the crap and find a hot article to submit."

San Qi threw a tantrum in space, feathers falling all over the place, then sent the photo with the text.

If he didn't save Ah Jin, he'd lose more energy if the mission failed, and he'd get it all back when this mission settled.

Ah Jin was pulled away by an ambulance, and the police were still asking what happened.

At that moment, the internet blew up, San Qi's article was immediately posted on various websites, and millions of internet users boiled over.

How much more do they not know when something like this happened to the school.

A large number of reporters flooded the school to find out what happened.

The school bullying was uncovered, and the school couldn't cover it up even if they wanted to.

It could only try every possible public relations method, but everything was powerless in front of the angry parents.

Xie Nan looked at the messy classroom.

The floor was full of Yu Jin's blood, stuck to her shoes' soles, and was stepped on to make a shoe print.

She had indeed made the table, and after being frightened by Yu Jin once, the more she thought about it, the more she felt suffocated.

She was always the one to scare people.

When was it someone else's turn to scare her?

So Xie Nan was unhappy.

She threw Yu Jin's book on the floor, dumped the trash on the table, and gathered the evil group to write nasty words all over the chair.

She wanted to tell Yu Jin, "To scare me, you're not good enough. I'm just going to bully you. If you can, you can die."

She knew that Yu Jin was a coward.

How could she kill herself?

She despised Yu Jin.

But now, there was still Yu Jin's blood on her school uniform, and the bottom of her shoes was also sticky with blood.

These were all evidence that she had killed someone.

She was the murderer.

Xie Nan was in a trance.

She couldn't hear anyone shouting at her.

She only felt the world change and turn bright red.

She was covered in red.

The countless voices around her said she was a murderer.

She was the one who forced Yu Jin to die.

"Xie Nan, wake up! Xie Nan, Yu Jin is fine. She's not dead. Wake up."

Only then did Xie Nan regain consciousness, "She's fine? Really?"

"Really, really, she's fine. She's saved. The class teacher just called."

Hearing this, Xie Nan put her heart down, sat on the floor, and cried.

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