My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 5: An Unwelcome Guest

Old man Liu contemplated for an entire night before he approached Jing Yue when the sun came up, “I… I would like Lil Pebble to learn pill refining from you, is that alright?”

There was a hint of embarrassment in his tone. Ever since he knew Jing Yue, he felt that he was continuously taking advantage of him, and he felt bad about it.

But Jing Yue was able to produce 8 high-quality Blood Replenishment Pills so easily, so his pill refining skills must be really good. For the sake of Lil Pebble, Old man Liu was prepared to beg for a chance, even if it meant losing some face over it.

“I’m getting on in years, and won’t be able to take care of Lil Pebble much longer. He was plagued by the cold syndrome from a very young age, to the extent that his meridians are severely blocked and won’t be able to cultivate anymore. My only hope is for him to learn a skill so that he can take care of himself.”

Jing Yue, “Who said Lil Pebble is unable to cultivate?”

Old man Liu was taken aback.

Jing Yue, “As long as Lil Pebble owned a spiritual root, both of you can reconstruct your meridians by consuming a Hundred-turn Meridian Pill, thereafter, you can cultivate your Dao.”

Right from the start, he had discovered the hidden complications that plagued both Lil Pebble and Old man Liu. When he saw the obedience displayed by Lil Pebble, and found out that Old man Liu was a kind person, he had made up his mind to help them out.

Jing Yue always believed that Dao cultivation was equivalent to cultivating the heart. As long as a person had the heart to do something, there would be no fear of consequences. If Old man Liu had kept quiet about the situation for fear of repercussions, Jing Yue would not have pursued the matter.

Old man Liu was silent for a long while before he found his voice again, “Isn’t the Hundred-turn Meridian Pill a long-lost recipe? Could it be…?”

Jing Yue nodded his head without any hesitation. Old man Liu was pleasantly surprised, combined with disbelief, and was at a loss on how to react to the news. With a twisted expression, he asked again, “You… you know how to make it?”

Jing Yue said directly, “To refine a Hundred-turn Meridian Pill, we need a Purple Dragon’s Whisker as the main ingredient.  According to my research, it’s not an easy herb to grow, it would cost about a hundred taels of gold, and only found among the major cultivation families of Megasun City. We are extremely short of funds at the moment.”

“Erk…” Old man Liu fainted.

Everything boiled down to money.

From then on, Jing Yue would refine one furnace of Blood Replenishment Pills, and Old man Liu would sell it in the market, while he continued his daily cultivation routine.

All thanks to Liu Yi’s exaggerated ‘playacting’, Old man Liu’s stock was wiped out the moment he set up the stall for the second time around. Those who had tested the pills realized that the effects were much better than other high-quality pills, and was even beneficial to cultivators at Qi Refining stage, which could only be seen with premium-quality pills.

“So, are these premium-quality pills?”

Old man Liu questioned curiously, but Jing Yue denied it, “Far from it.”

Anyhow, the news about the good quality pills spread like wildfire in the market, and the price gradually increased to a hundred taels apiece, but many people still loitered around every day well before the sun came up, just to wait for Old man Liu to appear.

It seemed that even people from Megasun City came to this market on purpose and joined the battle for the pills.

If the Blood Replenishment Pill was not a low-level pill, Old man Liu estimated that he would have been boycotted by the medicinal shops around.

In just over ten days, Old man Liu had turned into a rich man, and inevitably, rumors started in the village.

When Wang Chuihua heard about it, her heart was filled with jealousy and realized that her threats were no longer effective. From then on, she tried her best to avoid the Liu family.

However, no one paid any attention to her.

On this day, Old man Liu just departed for the mountains to pick herbs, when an unwelcomed guest turned up at the hut.

That person announced his arrival, declared himself as the Head Steward of Chen family from Megasun City, and here to discuss formal matters with Liu Sheng.

Of course, Liu Sheng was the actual name of Old man Liu.

Jing Yue already found out there were four major families in Megasun City. Among them, the Zhao family was the most powerful, firm in their position as the Mayor of Megasun City, followed by the Chen family, third in place was Jiang family, with Chu family at the bottom of the ladder. Since thirty years ago, the Chu family started dwindling, but recently showed signs of activity.

The thing was, why would the head steward of Chen family turn up in this small village to look for Old man Liu?

At this moment, Lil Pebble came running from the inner hall, and the head steward greeted him respectfully when he saw him, “First Young Master, it’s been awhile, how have you been?”

Jing Yue cocked an eyebrow, First Young Master?

But Lil Pebble did not know the head steward, so he hugged Jing Yue in fright, buried his face in Jing Yue’s waist, and mumbled, “Don’t listen, don’t listen, the monk is chanting.”

“Pfft…” Jing Yue could not control his chuckle from escaping, because the head steward was a baldy!

The head steward was naturally bald, but no one dared to laugh at him because of his position. Furthermore, once he had attained the Foundation Establishment stage, he would be able to transpose and reconstruct the physical body, going through a rebirth.

Despite that, he never expected that a cultivation wastrel and a village brat of unknown origins would dare ridicule him!

The head steward brimmed with anger, but as he thought about the purpose of this trip, he took a deep breath, and had no choice but to forgive them!

Nevertheless, his tone turned rigid, “Since the First Young Master is here, it means that I’ve found the right place. Where is Liu Sheng?”

Jing Yue did not know the implications and initially thought of making a story up. But then, he saw Old man Liu with a basket on his back walking towards them, and said, “He’s behind you.”

The head steward was taken aback and moved a few steps sideways before turning around, as if he was dodging a sneak attack. As a result, he found Liu Sheng still a long distance away, and felt another bout of fury, as though he was being played.

On the other side, Old man Liu noticed him too, and hurried over in a few long strides, his face dejected, “What are you doing here?”

Seeing the disrespect Liu Sheng showed, a flicker of annoyance flashed across the head steward’s eyes, but was quickly replaced by a forced smile, “Liu Sheng, ever since you were banished from the Chen household five years ago, we’ve lost all news of you. I never expect that you would bring the First Young Master with you to such a poor and secluded village, so I spent a lot of effort looking for you. If you’re struggling, why didn’t you seek help from the Master? Although the First Young Master has been removed from the list of family ancestral records, it wouldn’t change the fact that he belongs to the Chen family bloodline, and the Master would not make things difficult for him.”

Old man Liu’s gaze turned vehement, his hands curled into tight fists, and he spat, “Isn’t that exactly your Master’s objective? Why are you still pretending in front of me, you’re making me sick!”

“You…” the head steward realized that Liu Sheng would not relent, so he did not bother to waste any more time, but simply stated the reason for his visit.

As it turned out, the Chen family wanted to accumulate a batch of pills in preparation for the appearance of the Megasun hidden realm.

They heard about the master refiner at Minisun Town who could produce a Blood Replenishment Pill that was effective even for Qi Refining cultivators, and would like to meet this person. If he had great abilities, they would take him in as a guest to refine pills for the Chen family exclusively.

Unexpectedly, the person who sold the pill was none other than the former elder of the Chen family, Liu Sheng. The head steward knew that Liu Sheng was not learned in the art of pill refining, so the objective of his visit was to get Liu Sheng to introduce the master refiner to him.

Head steward, “I know you harbored some resentment towards the Chen family, but the Old Master treated you kindly in the past. I hope that you’ll consider the whole situation carefully before making any rash decisions because of your personal grudge.”

“I’m not going,” Jing Yue suddenly said.

The head steward startled, “Not going where?”

“Aren’t you inviting me to the Chen family as a guest?” Jing Yue drawled lazily. “I’m not going.”

“Inviting you? Do you mean to say that you’re the pill refiner?” The head steward laughed aloud, paying no heed to that announcement, as the other party was nothing more than a young boy. However, when both Liu Sheng and the young boy turned bemused expressions at him, his laughter froze on his face. “It’s really you? Impossible! How can you prove it?”

This time, Jing Yue ignored him, and turned towards Lil Pebble, “Repeat what you said just now.”

Lil Pebble complied obediently, covered his ears while shaking his head, “Don’t listen, don’t listen, the monk is chanting.”

The head steward, “…”

He was livid! The brat dared to ridicule him repeatedly, so what if he could refine pills? Those were nothing but low-level pills, not so valuable that he could not afford to offend this person!

“Heh, I’m sincerely here to invite you. Whether you accept the invitation or not, just say the word. Don’t try to make matters worse.”

The head steward straightened his back and turned up his chin, looking at Liu Sheng and Lil Pebble smugly. Hehe, so what if he was the First Young Master? So what if he was the elder? They were abandoned by the Chen family!

He spoke to Jing Yue again, “You’re still young, it’s normal to be deceived by others. I’ll only tell you this. Some people can’t even take care of themselves. If you get into any trouble, nobody can help you.”

The head steward’s words were laced with threats. Old man Liu was furious and was about to rebuke him when he was stopped by Jing Yue, “You don’t have to worry about that. In my opinion, there’s no place in Megasun City that the Hall of Fiery Pill couldn’t protect.”

Both the head steward and Old man Liu changed their expressions in an instant.

Hall of Fiery Pill! That was a place with divine Dao!

In the eyes of the true Dao sects, cultivation families were mere ants, the lowest level in society. Although the Hall of Fiery Pill was only a small sect among the powerhouses, nothing worth mentioning about, but they were giants to the Chen family!

Even the Zhao family, the mayor of Megasun City, was firm in their social standing because they were affiliated with the Tower of Desert Snake, a sect comparable to the Hall of Fiery Pill.

A thought crossed the head steward’s mind. If those pills were refined by the lad in front of him, he could be a disciple from a reputable sect! The Hall of Fiery Pill specialized in pill refining, could the boy be a disciple there?

Thinking of this, his face went pale and he dared not continue pushing him, otherwise, he might bring disaster upon the Chen family!

He took another look at the First Young Master. If he forged a relationship with someone from the Hall of Fiery Pill, it might ruin the plans of the Second Old Master, who had gotten the position of Family Head after great difficulties. Even if the First Young Master was unable to cultivate, he would be looked upon favorably by everyone in the Chen family!

No way! He must inform the family head at once!

The head steward had just reached a decision when he heard the lad said, “I’ll not be your guest, but I can make a deal with you, as long as the price paid by the Chen family is satisfactory.”

After saying that, he produced a long list of spiritual plants and ingredients, including the Purple Dragon’s Whisker.

“Just follow the list.”

The veins on the head steward’s forehead popped. The Blood Replenishment Pill was just a low-level pill, why the heck was this long list needed? He knew that the other party was taking advantage of the situation, but he dared not refuse.

Before he left, Jing Yue reminded, “I’m not a patient person. If I don’t see all the items on the list by tomorrow, hehe…”

The head steward dared not imagine what ‘hehe’ meant, so he gritted his teeth in assent, and immediately felt the weight on his shoulders.

Once the man left, Old man Liu asked hesitantly, “Jing, are you really a disciple of the Hall of Fiery Pill?”

“No, I did not join this sect,” Jing Yue said nonchalantly.

Old man Liu was shocked, “Then why did you… if they found out the truth, there’ll be hell to pay!”

Jing Yue, “So what? Not to mention a cultivation family, even if the Hall of Fiery Pill turns up, I’m not afraid.”

His tone changed, “As for you, are you still unwilling to talk?”

Author’s Notes:

Old man Liu: Are you really a disciple of the Hall of Fiery Pill?

Jing Yue: What Hall of Fiery Pill? What 18th line sect is that? Not interested.

The Gong who hasn’t appeared: When do I make an appearance? I don’t want my first time to be given to the author’s notes.

Author: Don’t listen, don’t listen, the monk is chanting.

Gong: Don’t let me out if you have the ability.

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