I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 5

Meanwhile at the other side, Mingxi was entering the International Class through the back door. It was still lunchtime and the air-conditioner was blowing out cold air, but no one in the class was asleep. They were all looking at her.

There were only two types of people in this class: Fu Yangxi’s friends and Fu Yangxi’s followers.

The students who were at the podium quickly walked down while the students who were leaning on their chairs sat up straight.

As for Fu Yangxi— the actual school hunk, with his red bed head, silver noise-cancelling headphones hanging on his neck and a skeleton chain on his chest which were both arrogant and silly, he looked over at her. He was sitting on the table with one foot on the chair. His legs were crossed and the look in his eyes were cold as he watched her walk in.

There were more than forty pairs of eyes looking at her. Mingxi was under a lot of stress.

When she saw that her books were still stacked on the table beside Fu Yangxi and that no one had thrown her books to the stinky sewers yet, she let out a small breath of relief.

She pushed through the pressure and walked over.

Once she got there, Mingxi couldn’t help but to suck in a deep breath.

Sorry, the luck with the scent of dried pine smelled too good. She couldn’t control herself. The moment she inhaled, even her Feng Chi* was cleared.

ray's note: also known as Acupressure Point GB20. it is located by feeling for the mastoid (ear) bone and following the groove back to where the neck muscles attach to the skull. Feng Chi is recommended for headache, migraine, eye blurriness or fatigue, low energy, and cold/flu symptoms.


Fu Yangxi’s gaze which consisted of 30% arrogance, 30% indifference and 40% callousness almost faltered.

His followers said that the first time this girl saw him, she immediately rushed over to take a whiff out of him. He didn’t believe it then— But now she had actually f*king walked up to him and sucked in a deep breath. If she wasn’t inhaling his scent then what was she doing?!

Before Fu Yangxi could build up his cool front again, the tips of his ears flushed red due to anger. “What the f*ck are you trying to do? Seeing as how you helped me run those 30 laps, I allowed you to sit beside me all morning. But this doesn’t mean that you can continue to sit by my side!”

“But there’s nowhere else to sit in class.” Mingxi discussed with him calmly. “There’s just the seat beside you. If I don’t sit here, I can only move my table to the last row and sit all by myself.”

Mingxi had her mask on. Her black medium-length hair was tucked behind her ears and her voice sounded a little hoarse.

Fu Yangxi averted his gaze from her long eyelashes. He unconsciously took a look around the class. All of the followers immediately sat up straight. Aside from the seat beside him, there really wasn’t any extra space for another.


“Why should I solve your problem?” Fu Yangxi abruptly realized. He said in annoyance, “It’s none of my business.”

Ke Chengwen couldn’t help himself and teased Mingxi, “Transfer student, you don’t have to sit beside our Xi ge. Since you’ve already made it to the same class, there’s ample time for you to do what you want.”

As he was speaking, two students walked over and were prepared to take Mingxi’s table away.

She won’t be able to get closer to Fu Yangxi’s luck if she sits anywhere else. While there were other students in the International Class with faint light on them, they were all too weak and were almost no difference to zero. Furthermore, she heard that Jiang Xiuqiu who was No. 2 on the list wasn’t here today because he’s down with the flu.

There was no way that she could settle for the next best thing which was to approach Shen Liyao in the neighbouring class. Besides, as Shen Liyao was someone that she as the villainess in her past life had liked, he was related to the villain and thus the return rate wouldn’t be as high as Fu Yangxi’s.

All in all it came down to one sentence: Fu Yangxi was a walking iced watermelon in the middle of summer!

“No. I want to sit here!” Mingxi hurriedly pressed down the table with her palm.

Seeing as how the two boys were still moving, she directly threw her upper body on the table and hugged it.

Everyone’s eyes widened and jaws dropped upon seeing this.

While Mingxi was slumped down, her loose uniform rested on her back, showing off her slim figure.

Fu Yangxi felt as if he could smell a faint fragrance rushing to him.

His ears immediately flushed red. He jumped down from the table with a furious look and cursed mentally.

He was being pestered by a girl who was a head shorter than him!

Seeing as how Fu Yangxi was still glaring at her angrily, Mingxi quickly straightened her back and offered him the dessert in her hands.

“How about this, let’s make a deal. I’ll use these two slices of dessert in exchange for the right to sit here, okay?”

“Then if you still want more, I can make them for you.”

“What is this thing covered in a plastic bag?” Fu Yangxi took it with an expression of disgust. In the end, the scent of a soft and sweet cake entered his nostrils.

Even by the smell he knew that it was delicious.

She even knew that he liked to eat sweet foods. She was definitely more attentive than any of his previous pursuers who would only wildly guess what he liked.

The fluffy golden tail behind Fu Yangxi was wagging in excitement.

Even Ke Chengwen who had stretched out his neck couldn’t help but to gulp.

“Only one afternoon.” Fu Yangxi pushed away Ke Chengwen’s head. With the sweets in his arms, he lifted his head to show his chin and put up an undermining appearance, as if saying ‘I’m only sparing one glance at you because I think highly of you’.

“I’ll accept this. In return, I’ll allow you to attend today’s afternoon class here. But you should know better and voluntarily change your seat with the class monitor. I don’t want to see you beside me tomorrow.”

Mentally, Mingxi wanted nothing but to kick his handsome red hair. “Two slices of dessert for an afternoon. You might as well rip me off.”

Fu Yangxi smiled and drank a mouthful of water lazily. “What do you propose then?”

The system reminded: “If you send him messages one-sidedly, even if he doesn’t reply, you can get some luck as it’ll be considered in the novel as ‘making friends with popular characters’.”

Mingxi immediately said, “Two slices of dessert in exchange for one afternoon, and your WeChat contact number.”

Instantly, the whole of the International Class gasped.

A brave warrior!

This was the first time in Xi ge’s 17 years of life that he had met a brave warrior!

She dared to ask him for his contact number in front of so many people! This girl is too brave!

Fu Yangxi almost choked and spit out his drink. The redness in his ears had uncontrollably spread to his face. “Don’t you dare harass me. I’m warning you!”

As Mingxi cared nothing about the consequence, she bargained, “If not, then you can first give me half of your WeChat QR code. As for the other half, I’ll use something else in exchange for it in the future.”

Fu Yangxi was speechless.

“Still not good enough?” Mingxi furrowed her brows. “Then how about a quarter then? No way, how could you, the infamous 180 plus cm Fu family’s young master be so stingy?”

Fu Yangxi was still speechless.

For some reason, Fu Yangxi merely watched as Mingxi walked over to him and scanned his WeChat QR code.

As expected, he is a dumb beauty. Mingxi was satisfied upon receiving his Wechat.

Fu Yangxi pulled a long face. He took out a credit card from his pocket and tossed it in front of Mingxi. “Also, this is your reward for running those 30 laps.”

It was really tiring to run 30 laps. While he couldn’t make anyone replace her, he couldn’t just let her run for nothing.

Mingxi accepted the money with no hesitation. Since it was already given to her, she might as well take it. If she accepted the money Fu Yangxi gave her, she would gain more luck, right?

Nonetheless, she didn’t plan on using this money. Even if she did, she would use it on this person beside her.

Mingxi took a glimpse of him. Fu Yangxi was tall with long legs. It didn’t seem at all comfortable for him to sleep on the table like that. She could use this money to buy something for him.

By doing this, wouldn’t she be gaining luck by ‘exchanging gifts with popular characters’?

After Mingxi accepted the money and scanned the WeChat QR code, she tidied up her table and sat down with plans to take an afternoon nap. She glanced at the flower pot. As expected, she gained a lot. The bud which hadn’t been fully grown was a complete bud. Now, she had four perfect little buds.

Mingxi instantly showed a smile full of anticipation and excitement.

In other people’s eyes, it seemed as if her eyes had curved into a happy smile because she successfully managed to bargain her way into sitting together with Fu Yangxi.

What a fool. Everyone in the class sighed.

Fu Yangxi lazily supported his chin with his hand and raised his brows in joy. What could he do? No one told him to be such a good tempered, well-mannered, handsome and rich guy.

The phone in his pocket rang. Fu Yangxi put on his silver headphones and took a glimpse at it.

It was a message from Jiang Xiuqiu: “What exactly does the transfer student look like? Ke Chengwen said that she always has a mask on. It seems as if her face was injured.”

Fu Yangxi replied nonchalantly: “What do you think she could look like? Since she uses a face mask to cover her face, she most probably looks average. But do I look like someone who cares about appearances?”

“You said you wanted to get her off your back with money. Have you given the money to her?”

“I have.” Fu Yangxi replied with one hand: “There’s 100,000 yuan in the card.”

Fu Yangxi couldn’t help boasting and sent another message: “She likes me so much that the happiness on her face couldn’t be concealed. Tsk, I don’t think she’s going after my money. :D”

After typing these, Fu Yangxi stole a glimpse at Mingxi. Mingxi took off her school jacket. Underneath that black hair was a pale, thin and swan-like neck. She wore a thin sweater. It wasn’t from a famous brand.

Fu Yangxi couldn’t be certain, but he still continued to brag in front of his friend: “The transfer student wears simple clothes. She’s definitely not a gold digger.”

Jiang Xiuqiu quickly replied: “Whether or not she’s a gold digger, that’ll be apparent in the future. Ever since we were young, I’ve never seen a person who had truly gone after you for just you.”

His hope was ripped to shreds.

Fu Yangxi’s expression darkened: “Leave me alone. You’re just jealous.”

It was a peaceful afternoon.

Fu Yangxi was asleep for the majority of class, hence Mingxi could boldly sniff him.

He looked as if he had no bones in his body. His complexion was similar to that of a sick person’s paleness. There was a faint red mark over the mole at the end of his right eye due to his sleeping posture. When he woke up, he would hazily rummage through his desk drawer and pour out a few pills from those supplement bottles. Then, he would continue to rest his body on the table. The red hair that was like a hedgehog was rather tamed while he was asleep.

Mingxi was a little curious as to what vitamins he was taking. Why was it that despite all these supplements, he didn’t seem to be very healthy? However, she thought about how the medicine for the rich must be very expensive, and she might not know them even if she asked.

Furthermore, Fu Yangxi seemed to be afraid of noise as his noise-cancelling headphones had never been taken off. Thus, Mingxi dared not ask.

As for the rest of the followers in class, they all got used to this. After the whole fiasco, they stopped paying attention to her.

By the time Fu Yangxi yawned, woke up and the limousine from his home arrived, it was already the end of the school day.

Fu Yangxi subconsciously looked at the table beside him. The seat was empty. The transfer student left without even saying goodbye to him. He furrowed his brows.

Can she pursue someone properly?

It was at this moment when Fu Yangxi’s phone vibrated.

He took it out from his pocket and glanced at it.


[12,000.00 yuan was charged to your Credit Card ending with XXXX.]

[...was charged to your Credit Card ending with XXXX.]

Like a tsunami, a whole bunch of notifications appeared on his screen.

This transfer student whom he had just sworn this afternoon as someone who was not a gold digger nor a person who wanted his money, had just spent 56,000 yuan in a short period of time.

“...” Fu Yangxi pulled a long face instantly. He felt as if he had been betrayed.

What did he mean by not going after him for his money? She was obviously doing so!

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