Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 49 - Talk [OW]

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Su Ling’s response was fast, but he still couldn't grab the thing before Gu Liheng could see it. When he rushed over, he could see Gu Liheng was stunned speechless. Su Ling managed to snatch the box from Gu Liheng's hand, but because of too much momentum, he bumped into Gu Liheng. Gu Liheng caught him and took a step back, causing both to fell to the sofa. When they landed, Su Ling's chin hit Gu Liheng's chest. Rubbing the sore part, he saw the box in his hand and immediately stopped moving. Next, he quickly put his hand behind him.

Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling with a complicated expression. Lightly rubbing Su Ling’s chin with his thumb, he asked in a low tone after a while, "Why buy this?"

Su Ling blushed and stuttered, "Um, I was..."

Curious? Want to try? Bought the wrong thing? Several answers flashed through Su Ling's mind, but all sounded terrible; they either sound like a lie or a shameful acknowledgement.

Su Ling’s skin is fair to start with, so when he revealed a blushing and speechless expression, he looked pitiful.

Gu Liheng brushed his hair to soothe him, "Don't panic." He glanced down at Su Ling's neck, "Are your estrus coming soon?"

Hearing the calm tone in Gu Liheng’s voice, Su Ling calmed down a little and turned to look at his expression carefully. Seeing that he is not angry, didn’t have other negative emotions, he felt relieved. At the same time, Su Ling is also a little puzzled, shouldn't male god get aggravated by this kind of thing? Nevertheless, he shook his head and answered, "No."

Gu Liheng lowered his head to meet Su Ling’s eyes, his eyes darkened, and his voice was slightly hoarse as he continued to ask, "Then why buy it? You ‘want’ it?"

During their estrus, Omega will have a strong urge to be ‘conquered’. Though in other normal times, their reaction will not be so strong, there will still be physiological needs.

Su Ling's eyes widened, "No!" He bit his lip. Now that he got found out, he decided to lay everything out. Although it is cruel to expose male god’s scars right now, that day will still come sooner or later. Before this, he couldn’t bear hurting him(GLH), that’s why he wanted to take it slowly in a gentle way. Now that he saw male god's reaction, he felt that his(GLH) heart is quite strong in accepting things. To be honest, Su Ling prefers speaking out directly as well. The roundabout way is like his relationship with male god, he felt unsettled because he couldn’t be sure what is Gu Liheng’s illness.

With a serious expression, he looked at Gu Liheng and said, "I think we have to talk."

Gu Liheng looked serious as well, Su Ling adjusted his posture, and the two sat side by side facing each other. Su Ling took a deep breath and placed the box between them, "I don't mind you using these."

Gu Liheng stopped breathing.

Su Ling spoke quickly, "I have checked online. This is one of the simplest models, and there are many other tools available. Even if your disease is not cured, it won’t impact our lives." He stared at Gu Liheng, "I don't mind your illness. What I like is your character and your way of doing things. You make me feel that our relationship can be very stable, and I feel at ease."

He lowered his voice, "So don't refuse to marry me because of your illness. This makes me very unsettled. I want a stable relationship."

Su Ling knows that a relationship may not be stable even after marriage, but influenced by his mother since childhood, he always feels that marriage is a sign of a stable relationship.

Gu Liheng stared intently at Su Ling for a long time, but he couldn't hold back and pulled Su Ling close to kiss him. He didn't know why the young man would misunderstand his illness, but he was incredibly moved by his reaction. The young man thought he couldn't ‘do’ it, but still liked him, and even wanted to solve his problem by secretly purchasing those things. Except for his young man, there is probably no other Omega who can accept their Alpha having s-e-x-ual dysfunction illness.

Su Ling obediently accepted the kiss, and eagerly responded back. Placing his hands on male god’s shoulders, he is showing by action that he didn't mind at all.

After a while, Gu Liheng stopped. Su Ling has moved to sit on his lap at some point, panting against his shoulder. He held Su Ling with one hand, and caress his back with the other hand.

Soon, Su Ling’s breathing slowed down. Feeling uncomfortable sitting with his knees bent, he wanted to change his posture, but when he moved, he found that something is wrong. Something is poking against his thigh. As a man, he immediately understood what it was.

Su Ling looked up in surprise, "You already healed?"

Gu Liheng held his hand and explained, "I'm not sick. The illness I said is not in this regard."

Su Ling blinked and smiled awkwardly, "Haha, I misunderstood. It's fine if just a misunderstanding."

"Why would you have such a misunderstanding?" Gu Liheng asked seriously.

Thinking that his misunderstanding might attack male god’s confidence, Su Ling quickly explained, "It has nothing to do with you, but... apart from this illness, I can't think of anything that will make you feel that you can't give me happiness." Of course, it has something to do with the rumours he has heard. Hence when the idea comes up, adding with the rumours, Su Ling thinks it is extremely possible.

Gu Liheng's palm was placed against the side of Su Ling’s neck, his thumb lightly touching the corner of his(SL) lips. His tone was very low when he said, "There is."

Su Ling grabbed his hand and looked at him, "Tell me, you don't want to reencounter this kind of misunderstanding, right? You will be very tired facing this alone, I want to share the pressure with you and want to understand your situation."

Gu Liheng's jaw stiffened slightly, and the mood in his eyes changed. After a while, he hugged Su Ling and put his chin on his shoulder. If Su Ling asks him before this, he might hesitate, unwilling to tell the young man about his weakness. However, knowing that the young man is willing to accept him even if he had problems in ‘that aspect’, he could not continue to hide it from the young man.

"Mental difficulties in showing facial expressions."

Several scenes flashed quickly in Su Ling's mind, which is male god’s abnormal reaction when he realized he was smiling. He put his hand on male god's arm, feeling very distressed. There is definitely a reason for the psychological disorder. He asked, "You can’t smile naturally?"

"En," Gu Liheng replied in a low voice, "When I smile, I will have hallucinations, subconsciously shaking and having panic attacks."

"What kind of hallucinations?"

Gu Liheng was silent for a moment before saying, "Something from my childhood."

Sensing that Gu Liheng didn't want to go into details, Su Ling didn't ask. He let him hold him for a while and patted his arm. After Gu Liheng let go of him, Su Ling smiled and said, "I probably can understand what you think. You think that since you can't smile at me, I always live in a serious environment, and I will eventually feel depressed and can't stand it?"

Gu Liheng's lips were slightly pressed together, "Yes."

Su Ling touched the corner of his mouth with a finger, "But, you have smiled at me several times."

"My reaction..."

Su Ling: "Not the first few times, but the most recent. I have seen your previous reactions, so I didn't tell you whenever you smiled recently."

Gu Liheng opened his eyes slightly, showing a surprised look, "Really?"

Su Ling nodded and asked, "This means you are getting better, right?"

"Yes," Gu Liheng nodded, "After I smiled in front of you, I consulted the doctor, and he suggested that to stay in contact with you more."

Su Ling squinted his eyes, "But you didn't follow the doctor's advice and asked me to move out."

"No, I adjusted my leave and went to Silver Mist Forest with you."

Su Ling suddenly said, "So it was that time. No wonder you wanted to follow me. Then why did you stay away from me again?"

Gu Liheng confessed, "You confessed to me. I like you, but I can't accept you, because it will be painful for you."

Su Ling grabbed his hand with a flip and laughed, "It won't be anymore. We are already together. From now on, you have to follow the doctor's advice and stay with me more."

Gu Liheng's eyes were filled with smiles, "En."

Su Ling pointed to his eyes, "Look, your eyes are smiling." He gestured with his thumb and forefinger, leaving a little distance. "Although the arc is small, you still smiled." He looked at male god’s expression, "Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

Gu Liheng was startled and blinked, "No."

Su Ling smiled, "Then, I will tell you whenever I see you smiling. And you will tell me if you are uncomfortable."

Gu Liheng: "Alright."

After the conversation, Su Ling was in a good mood. He got off his male god and sat side by side. His foot touched the box that had fallen off the sofa, and his expression immediately became embarrassed.

Gu Liheng: "You don't need to use this kind of thing anymore, throw it away."

This sentence is really ambiguous, can easily make people’s thinking go wild.

Su Ling acknowledged with an En, then he picked up the box, looking embarrassed. If he throws it directly into the trash can, it would be embarrassing in case anyone saw it, but he would uncomfortable if he doesn’t get rid of it. With a flickering gaze, he squeezed the root that had been wrapping around his wrist and started to unravel it. Then he placed the box in front of the root.

The root immediately understood. It wrapped around the box lightly and start shaking it.

Su Ling: "...Don't shake it! Can you dissolve it with your poison? The kind that would melt things completely."

The root becomes arched and flung the box out. The parabola of the box falls directly on the black stamens, and it disappears in the blink of an eye.

Su Ling was very satisfied, "You are so awesome!"

Xian Mo Yu was pleased to be praised. Its red petals went up and down, and the roots twisted happily and then entangled in his hand.

Su Ling gave it a pinch, "From today, someone will do some research on you. Don't worry, it won't hurt you. Just cooperate with the tests and don't hurt other people."

A root stood in front of him and moved up and down.

Su Ling: "So smart. I'll tell you the details after I've discussed with the researchers."

At noon, the two had lunch and walked around the dormitory area. The greenery on both sides of the dormitory is splendid. There are many low-level spiritual plants, and many ordinary plants were planted as well. Su Ling saw several vines with diamond-shaped leaves.

After a stroll, the two went back to their rooms for a nap.

After Su Ling woke up, he received a message from the leader of the research group. So he went to find Gu Liheng, and the two went to the room outside on the first floor of the spiritual plant building on the left.

The room is large in size and furnished like a classroom. The front is a podium with various instruments around it. There are eight stools underneath. On the first row, there are only people sitting on the right side of the podium, while the other three are empty.

As soon as they entered, 5 Alpha in camouflage uniforms and an Omega in the black shirt on the stage looked over at them.

The Omega in black shirt nodded and said, "Hello, I'm Ye Lei, the leader of the research team, please come in."

The two greeted the group and walked to the front, Ye Lei: "Mr Su, you can sit in the middle."

Gu Liheng glanced around and sat down on the second right of the podium, next to the only Alpha in the front row, while Su Ling sat down on the second left[1].

Ye Lei: "Let's just talk about our main purpose." The view of a room appeared on the holographic screen behind him. "This is room No.1 next door. We planned to let Xian Mo Yu stay here so we can test its indoor habits on the first day." He looked at Su Ling: "Can it be done?"

Su Ling nodded, "Yes."

"After 5.00 pm tomorrow, we will move Xian Mo Yu to a natural environment to test its habits in the wild." Ye Lei said, the screen behind him turned to the forest.

He looked at the Alpha on the right, "Is 1 day is enough for you to arrange the move?"

The Alpha nodded and said, "Enough."

"We will observe Xian Mo Yu in the wild for 3 consecutive days. As for the remaining 3 days, we will adjust according to the previous study. Is there a problem?"

Both Su Ling and the Alpha shook their head.

Ye Lei: "Let’s put Xian Mo Yu in the room next door first, and we will measure its various data."

Everyone turned to the next door. When Xian Mo Yu appeared in the middle open space, someone in the test group couldn't help but make a noise. Although they had seen the pictures during the assessment, seeing the real thing is entirely different.

A visual shock, and a scent of enjoyment to the nose.

Raw word count:  3321


[1] Checked the raw twice, no sure if the author got the direction wrong because he/she make it like Su Ling is being rude, but he isn’t.

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