Shen Ziqiao and Sheng Peiyin watched as Qi Zheng left.

This was the first time the heroine had a taste of being part of the background. She looked at Shen Ziqiao resentfully. She was clearly familiar with Qi Zheng, but she dared to say that she had never encountered him before.

At this time, Shen Ziqiao had no time to entertain herself with Sheng Peiyin’s resentment. She also felt very gloomy.

She was so focused on being angry that she forgot to say the things that she was supposed to. How could she not feel gloomy? She wanted to use Qi Zheng’s status to pressure Old Madam into becoming more apprehensive of her actions, so she didn’t kick her back to the village again.

Seeing that Shen Ziqiao didn’t bother to explain to her at all, Sheng Peiyin didn’t bother with her anymore. She turned around and walked to her horse carriage.

Shen Ziqiao stood there, still stunned, as she recalled what Qi Zheng had done.

Just what did he want to do? He had pretended to be a fool for a decade or so. Why did he choose to ‘recover’ now? The timing wasn’t right! She remembered from the book that Qi Zheng didn’t recover at all. He probably would’ve continued pretending to be stupid until the cannon fodder female supporting character died outside. Could the plot have changed because of her appearance?

Shen Ziqiao’s clear eyes sparkled like stars.

“Third Miss?” Hong Yu called a few times. She was worried for her master’s state of mind after seeing her being upset for a while and then giggling and chuckling later on.

“I’m fine. Let’s go back.” Shen Ziqiao giggled.

After she got in the horse carriage, she then remembered Sheng Peiyin. She asked Hong Ying, “Uh, where is Sister Sheng? How come she didn’t tell me that she was leaving?”

Hong Yu silently turned her head around, pretending that she didn’t hear Shen Ziqiao’s question.

“Third Miss Sheng seemed to have left in a bad mood.” The loyal Hong Ying asked.

Shen Ziqiao let out a soft “oh”, realizing that Sheng Peiyin must be angry because of Qi Zheng.

When she approached the Shen Family’s door, she knitted her eyebrows tightly, her gaze fixated on the tightly shut door. The west door was also closed and there wasn’t even a guard outside.

“Go knock on the door.” Shen Ziqiao said in a low voice.

The sun was gradually setting and there were a few stars floating on the deep blue sky. The two lanterns on the Shen Family’s door were still dark and gloomy.

Hong Ying knocked for a while but no one responded.

A sneer floated on the corner of Shen Ziqiao’s lips. She asked loudly, “She doesn’t want me to return home? As it turns out, the legal daughter of the Shen Family is worthless. Even my grandmother doesn’t care for the Shen Family’s face, forcing me to stay the night outside.”

Hong Yu felt bad as she looked at Shen Ziqiao, secretly thinking that the Old Madam didn’t handle the situation appropriately. How could she block Third Miss outside the door?

“It’s fine. Let’s stay the night at a tavern.” Shen Ziqiao smiled. “If she has the ability, then don’t open the door for life.”

The moment she finished her words, a crack opened from the west door. Mama Li’s figure appeared in the twilight. She saluted Shen Ziqiao and said, “Third Miss, don’t be angry. The Old Madam wants this maid to ask you three questions.”

Shen Ziqiao mockingly stared at this cheap servant, not replying.

Mama Li softly coughed. “First. Are you aware of your mistake? For hitting your younger brother for no reason?”

Shen Ziqiao only regretted not beating her brother harder in the past. What mistake did she make?

Seeing that Shen Ziqiao didn’t respond, Mama Li continued asking, “Secondly, the Old Madam kicked you to the village so you can reflect on your mistakes. Not only didn’t you restrain yourself, you even caused trouble. You didn’t understand the Old Madam’s thoughts. Are you aware of your mistake?”

Mistake my ass!

Mama Li borrowed the dim light at night to observe Shen Ziqiao’s expression. She was pleased with herself. “Thirdly…”

Shen Ziqiao waved her hands and said, “Go tell the Old Madam that no matter whether I am aware of my mistake or not, I will enter the door today. Unless she beats me to death, no one can stop me.”

This was hilarious! What absurd thoughts was that old woman thinking? She actually blocked her legal granddaughter outside, not letting her enter the family. It was almost curfew time. She wondered if she was the Shen Family’s nemesis in her past life and her purpose in this life was to ruin the Shen Family’s reputation.

Was Shen Xiao not her son? Otherwise, why did she have the heart to make things difficult for Shen Xiao’s daughter?

Mama Li had an ashen face. She glared at Shen Ziqiao who refused to repent. She said angrily, “Third Miss, the Old Madam is just doing this for your sake. She hopes that you will be enlightened one day and become reasonable. Don’t start fighting with your siblings over something trivial. You…”

“Who are you? Why should our young miss stand outside the door and listen to you blabber?” Hong Yu scolded unhappily. She thought of hundreds of consequences after returning home, but she never thought that they couldn’t even enter the door.

Shen Ziqiao knew that the old woman was trying to beat her down and make her scared, so that she wouldn’t dare mention the dowry. However, she was being too shameless!

“I’m young so it doesn’t matter to me. However, does the Old Madam plan on losing her face completely today? She is stopping her legal granddaughter from entering the residence today. If this news spreads, people won’t be laughing at me for being disobedient and willful. Instead, they’ll be laughing at the Old Madam for not doing a good job teaching. How is she the head of the family in any way? How is she any different from any unreasonable shrew on the streets?” Shen Ziqiao sneered and mocked.

Mama Li sucked in a cold breath. “You… You dare to humiliate the Old Madam! Outrageous, outrageous!”

Shen Ziqiao snorted. “You cheap servant. You dare to bully your master, relying on the fact that the Old Madam values you. You even dare to stop me from entering the door and hiding this from the Old Madam. When I report to the Old Madam later on, watch her tear you apart.”

After she finished, Shen Ziqiao gave Hong Ying and Hong Yu a look. The two furious maids knew her well and quickly walked over to pull Mama Li away from the door.

Mama Li shrieked, “Stop them!”

“Who dares?!” Shen Ziqiao gazed coldly at the rough old women who were about to walk over to grab her. She had a delicate and charming face, but with just one look, it made people fear her.

She stunned the old women with her gaze.

Shen Ziqiao slowly walked over the doorstep and said, “I want to see which blind person dares to kick me out today!”

Mama Li’s face flushed and gradually turned purple. She originally wanted to scare Shen Ziqiao today using the Old Madam’s authority. Who knew that she would be the one stunned instead.

Hong Yu and Hong Ying let go of Mama Li’s shoulder, using this chance to push her firmly. Mama Li stumbled and knocked against the doorpost. She groaned, feeling the pain on her shoulders.

After Shen Ziqiao entered the Shen Family’s door, she didn't pay respects to the Old Madam in De’an Palace right away. Instead, she returned to her Qiao Xin Courtyard and had Hong Yu close the door. She was too lazy to bother herself with Mama Li’s shouting outside.

Once Old Madam Shen from the De’an Courtyard found out what happened from Cui Hong, her old face darkened so much that ink could drip down at any moment.

“Call Mama Li back.” Old Madam Shen held in her anger and said this. She clutched the pearls on the bead tightly and her knuckles paled.

Cui Hong bowed and left with her head down.