The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 49 - Relapse

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Cheng Jinyu, “That’s right, I hope everything is fine with mom.”

Cheng Jie sincerely said, “Big brother, mom has no capabilities. If mom had the ability, she would definitely treat you like she treats me. But mom has no ability, so her love is not as strong, but mom isn’t a bad person.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled and said, “That enough, you don’t have to explain to me. You think that I still don’t know? Mom is good and honest. I know that for the past few years for this family I’ve done some things, but I was willing to do them all. I don’t blame her, I also don’t blame you guys at all.”

Cheng Jie sighed.  “Big brother, I don’t know what good things I’ve done to deserve a brother like you.”

Gu Bokai also smiled and said, “I’m also a lucky b*st*rd. Actually managed to marry your brother.” Cheng Jie heard this and couldn't help but smile. “Exactly, so you must treasure him. You won’t find anyone else as good as my brother.”

“He’s not only a good person, he is also very much to my appetite. The two of us are a pair.” Gu Bokai looked as if he was tasting Cheng Jinyu. “En, I really feel that no one else fits me more.” In the end, he made a thorough conclusion.

Cheng Jinyu pushed on him a bit, “Talk a little less rubbish, don’t even have the appearance of a brother.”

Gu Bokai smiled and said, “Your younger brother and I are kindred spirits. I also don’t have a younger brother, from now on your brother is my brother.”

Cheng Jie smiled and said, “That’s because I haven’t raised a tough question so you think that I’m good.”

Gu Boka chuckled, “No, it's because you are your brother’s younger brother. Would a brother this good have an inferior younger brother?”

“Brother Bokai, no wonder my brother likes you so much. Originally your mouth was this sweet!” Cheng Jie laughed and said this.

Cheng Jinyu’s face was a bit red but his gaze looked at Gu Bokai. He felt that his heart felt a bit sweet. Three people were talking and laughing, the atmosphere was completely good.

Cheng Jinyu originally did not want to make it public, but he had made an advertisement that published his face. His foster mother, brother, and sister would naturally know what his conditions were like at the moment.

Cheng Jinyu felt that even if he wanted to conceal it at the moment he couldn’t. Since it was like this he could only go public with it.

Not to mention Gu Bokai really did treat him well and very much wanted to make their relationship public. So much that he even happily came to meet his family. It let Cheng Jinyu’s heart calm down a bit. Perhaps Gu Bokai really did genuinely love him. His later half of his life perhaps would be spent with this man together.

After these people ate, Gu Bokai brought down many things from his car. “This was bought in advance for your mother. It’s my first time meeting her so I don’t know what mom likes.”

Cheng Jie received many things. ”It only needs to be from you and mom will like it a lot. Lets go, let's go home quickly!”

Cheng Jie saw that Gu Bokai ordered all kinds of nourishments. All of them were top quality and many were imported overseas. On top of them was written in English or the languages of other countries.

Cheng Jie lightly bumped into his brother. “Brother, is he especially rich?”

Cheng Jinyu smiled and said, “Yes, should be counted as newly rich.”

Cheng Jie also smiled, “I can’t tell. He’s so polite. Moreover I find him a lot better than Wei Hua.”

“Oh, better how?” Cheng Jinyu asked.

“Actually Brother Wei Hua didn’t really have anything that wasn’t good. Of course, first of all Brother Wei Hua is not as handsome as he. He also doesn’t have his classiness or inner qualities. The most important part is that Brother Wei Hua did not seem to want to get close to us.”

Cheng Jinyu also saw this. He still remembered the first time he brought Wei Hua home.

Wei Hua saw the place where they lived, saw his sick mother and his younger siblings. At that time he revealed a shocked expression and became more distant.

At that time Cheng Jinyu knew that they might not make it to the end. Because in Wei Hua’s eyes he saw a look of dislike.

Only Wei Hua still did not say anything and Cheng Jinyu also was unwilling to admit. They sunk further into this love and confused themselves. Thinking carefully now, Wei Hua could not bear his family at the time.

In contrast Gu Bokai, appearance full of joy, entirely did not have that kind of burden or misgivings. But thinking deeply, Wei Hua’s conditions could not support his family. But Gu Bokai was not the same at all, his family’s poverty did not raise any issues for him.

Cheng Jinyu did not wish to keep thinking deeply. He already broke up with Wei Hua, it was no longer possible to renew the relationship. Since this was the case, then just do as one wished. As for this Gu Bokai, could only walk with this predestined relationship.

Three people holding things walked to the entrance. Cheng Jie first knocked on the door. His mother, faintly trembling, walked over and opened the door to the apartment. Recently Cheng Jinyu’s company had been very busy and it was already some time since he came home. This time seeing his foster mother again, her face was a bit shocked. His foster mother’s change was huge. Her hair was nearly all white, appearance was incredibly thin and pallid, skin was waxy like a candle. Her entire person looked like she aged a couple years.

Cheng Jie naturally also saw it. “Mom, what happened? Are you feeling unwell? How come your complexion looks so bad?”

Mama Cheng did not say anything, her tears fell first. “Yan Zi... Yan Zi really infuriates me. Did you know? She actually wants to become a  celebrity. Is this something us poor people can do?”

“She took all the money from the house. The money your brother left for me for my health and the money I was saving to help you buy a house was all taken by her. I don’t know where to find her but I also didn’t want to tell you guys. That is all of your hard earned money!” Mama Cheng spoke to this point and began to cry more desperately.

Cheng Jinyu quickly walked over. “Mom, don’t worry. Your health is important. Cheng Jie, mom’s condition isn’t very good, we should hurry and go to the hospital.” Cheng Jinyu said.

“Yes, let’s go to the hospital first.”

The three people immediately dragged Mama Cheng to the hospital. Gu Bokai said, “There’s a hospital whose skill is very good. We should go to that hospital to give mother a full inspection, ok?”

“Ok, that's good!” Cheng Jinyu said.

Mama Cheng had the blurred vision of an elderly. Furthermore, her face was full of tears and couldn’t see clearly. The man by her oldest son was now close enough that she could finally see clearly. This was absolutely a formidable and handsome person.

“Jinyu, who is this?”

Cheng Jinyu’s face became red and didn’t know what he should say. Cheng Jie coughed, “He is big brother’s husband, big brother already got married.”

“What? Married? When? How come I didn't know? Jinyu what exactly happened? You… when did you get married?”

Cheng Jie, “Mom, you shouldn’t blame big brother. At that time when you needed surgery we really needed money. For the sake of helping us get money, he also had no choice. But fortunately this person is very good. and they really do like each other.”

Mama Cheng’s tears once again started to fall. “It’s because of me. It’s all my fault. I’m just a burden, I should have died earlier.”

“Mom, don’t speak like this.” Cheng Jinyu said as he held onto her hand.

Mama Cheng turned it around and grabbed onto Cheng Jinyu’s hand. “Jinyu you don’t know. When your father gave you to me, I personally said that I would take care of you. That I would definitely raise you until you're older, let you go to school, let you become a useful person. But these past few years what have I done? Besides burdening you, besides having you be an ox working as a horse, what have I done for you?”

“That year when your father sheltered me, when he died, even left a large sum of money. All of it was spent by me. But what have I reciprocated to you? I’ve let you down, I’ve let your father down even more.”

Mama Cheng began to cry even more violently. It seems that her illness was very serious, it seemed like she was almost about to faint.

Cheng Jinyu and Cheng Jie hurried to console her while Gu Bokai hurried and drove, striving to get to the hospital a bit earlier.

Gu Bokai had already contacted the hospital in the car. As soon as their car arrived, the hospital’s doctors and nurses hurried over. They put Mama Cheng on the bed and immediately wheeled her into the emergency room.

At this moment Cheng Jinyu could see that this hospital was the hospital Chen Xiuyuan was in. This was a very expensive and private hospital.

Gu Bokai said, “This hospital can be considered the best hospital in the nation. Your mother will definitely get the best treatment here, relax.”

Very quickly the vice president of the hospital came over. He greeted Gu Bokai, “Young Master Gu, hello.”

“How is the old lady?” Gu Boaki asked.

Vice president, “Her illness isn’t too optimistic, it seems that she already had many surgeries. Actually, she had too many surgeries. It brought a lot of harm to her body. Currently her illness is very serious.”

“That’s not possible. The doctor said that after my mom’s surgery she could maintain for at least another 1-2 years. How could she relapse that fast? Doctor, please think of a way, there must be a way to save my mother.” Cheng Jie anxiously said.

Vice president, “If all the circumstances were well, then your mother would be able to maintain for another 1-2 years. But seeing her condition right now is really not good. Serious malnutrition, heavy mood, she was simply not cared for well.”

“An elderly’s illness is already very serious. Not being cared for properly will only add on to her illness, making her illness relapse sooner. Not to mention she’s been sick for too long, her body’s capabilities are also very bad. I will be giving her a full body inspection. As for the result afterward, it will need a couple days to come out. But I came in advance to say that her body is not very optimistic.”

The doctor finished talking and left. Cheng Jie resentfully said, “What is Yan Zi doing? We had her carefully take care of mom and this is how she took care of her?”

Cheng Jinyu was also a bit remorseful. He shouldn’t have walked away from the problem and continued to not return home.


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