The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 49 pt 1

Early the next morning, the Zhao family was ready to go out, along with Zhao Jinrui.

The Zhao family had a cart, but it was a bull cart. The bull cart walked slowly, but was still able to carry things. It was just Zhao Jinrui looked unwilling to ride it. He felt that the bull cart was too bumpy.

By the time they reached to Yu Qing Village, Zhao Jinrui's expression stunk like someone owed him dozens of silver.

When Zhao shi was sitting in the room, she heard that her brother and sister-in-law were coming. She subconsciously got off the Kang, and only reacted when she quickly walked to the door. She turned her head and looked back. At the same time, she held Xue Cui'e, who also wanted to welcome them with joy.

"Girls should be more reserved. Go to the back room. Mother will talk to them."

After a while, all the men from the Xue family returned, except for Xue Qinghuai who was not at home. Today, it happened to be Xue TingRang’s break day, so Zhaoer was also in the house.

Early in the morning, Xue TingRang brought out the Three-Character scripture he had copied, intending to teach Zhaoer a few words.

There is a big kang, and a square kang table is placed on the kang. Here Zhao’er is sitting by the table, sitting upright, with the back straight and the hands behind the back, copying the posture that little children use when learning.

Xue TingRang was stunned for a while before he realized that Zhaoer most likely saw the children in the village's private school were like this, so she thought it was the same for all studying. He secretly laughed in his heart, and instead of pointing it out, he got off the kang to find a bamboo stick.

When Zhao'er saw the bamboo stick, she even remembered the school teacher's ruler in the private school.

She knew that she would be beaten if she was not good in her learning. Xue Qingshan's private school often had school children beaten, and she didn't deal with the beating because Xiansheng did it for their own good.

"You still want to hit me?" Her voice was full of uncertainty.

Xue TingRanglooked serious and said slowly: "If you make a mistake, you must be hit, and if you don't read well, you must be hit, so you have to study carefully and don't make mistakes."

Him like this, if you give him another beard, he would be like the Xiansheng in a village school. Zhao'er was especially in awe of scholars, and immediately put away the mentality of wanting to get lucky, and became solemn.

"It's best like this, You need to know that I am your Xiansheng at this time, and you are my student." Xue TingRang had an idea, and sighed pretentiously: "Reading brings wisdom, but it is not only about being literate. It is also about understanding some reason. In that case, I will start teaching you from the disciples rules."

He went to find the script of disciple rules that he wrote to compete with Xue Juncai and silently gave it to Zhao'er. He thought in his heart, when I have time, I will copy the disciples rules and give it to Zhaoer for her own uses.

"I read one sentence, and you read along. Not only do you want to read it, but also recognize the words." After a pause, he began to read in a mellow and frustrating manner: "Disciple regulation, sage instruction, first filial brother, second sincere faith, universal love for all, and kindness. If you have spare energy, you can learn literature. This is the general instruction. Now I will teach you the first chapter, filial piety."

Because Zhao'er was illiterate, in order to let her distinguish the characters from the phonology, Xue TingRang took the bamboo stick, read a sentence, and then used to stick to specifically point on the Disciple Rules to tell her the specific form of these characters. At the beginning of learning, schoolchildren must be literate, and only after literacy can they get started.

So when the Zhao family came, Xue TingRang was teaching Zhao’er literacy.

When Zhao'er heard movement outside, she bent her neck and wanted to look out of the window, but she was beaten back by Xue TingRang.

"When you are studying, you must have no other pursuit in your mind and not probe into other matters."

This hit was not fierce, but it played a vigilant role. Zhao'er immediately sat back, placed her hands behind her back, and started reading.

But there was still some grievance in her heart. She was already so old, yet she was beaten by a little man.

As if seeing the meaning of the move, Xue TingRang glanced at her lightly, and said: "You need to know that I am your Xiansheng at this time, and you are my student. Student is not based on age, but on knowledge. If you are not as knowledgeable as I am, just treat it as what I say is the truth."


Zhao shi's face has been stern, if it weren't for Elder Xue who came back in time, it is estimated that Zhao Wang and Hong shi would have already gone back by now.

Even if this is his own sister, Zhao Wang has to admit that his wife makes sense, and that his little sister is really hateful. He remembered that his sister wasn’t like this before, when did it become like this.

Elder Xue is much smarter than Zhao, and he knows that his daughter will eventually come to be someone's daughter-in-law, so the money that should be taken is not too small, but it is not too much, so to make people feel uncomfortable.

After back and forth conversation, the two families got close again and began to discuss the details of the marriage of the two juniors.

Zhao Jinrui felt that the house was stuffy, so he went to the yard, and heard the sound of reciting the rules of the disciple in one room, so he thought the Xue family had a child to enlighten. Then he heard the voice and felt it was not because the voice was a female voice, not a child's voice.

He walked over curiously, and when he reached the root of the window, he was pulled from behind.

Turning around, he found it was Xue Cui'e.

"Brother Jin Rui, what are you doing here?"

"I heard someone reading..."

"It turns out that you said this. Isn't it just Gouer was bored to he decided to teach Zhaoer to read a few words. He really has nothing to do." After saying that, Xue Cui'e changed her tone again, inexhaustibly soft and charming: "Brother Jin Rui, follow me. Let me tell you something."

"What are you doing? Don't pull me."

"Oh, you just come with me."

In the room, Zhao'er and Xue TingRang looked at each other.

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