Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 49 Part 2

She earned a lot of work points that month.

Holding her and the original parents' remaining stamps, she went to buy a three-foot-long piece of cloth.

New clothes for the third and fourth children were made.

The remaining cloth was used by Ah Jin to make a new school bag for each of the three.

Thanks to her, the three looked significantly better already.

Added to a decent new outfit, they could now go out and were comparable to children from well-to-do families.

Ah Jin felt a sense of accomplishment.

It seemed as though this was what made child care fun?

After Guo Lihong finally finished her one-month stay in the cowshed, she returned to the brigade and could follow the farm work.

She started watering, weeding, and removing insects as early as half a month ago.

In that period, there were no pesticides, and everything was done by human labor.

Guo Lihong proposed that she wanted someone with similar physical strength to work with her.

Before the team leader could breathe a sigh of relief, she said she wanted a zhiqing.

TL's Note:  Zhiqing: Educated youth sent to work in farms during cultural revolution

She wanted to do farm work while learning.

The team leader could not refuse, so she and Wang Junxiang were teamed up.

In that case, Guo Lihong finally got what she wanted.

Without Li Damai, she decided to take the next best thing and chose Wang Junxiang.

Wang Junxiang would go to college in the future.

He later became a teacher.

His family conditions were also good, but not as good as Li Damai's.

The days were jam-packed and peaceful.

Ah Jin's nurturing program was also going exceptionally well.

Under the temptation of meat, the second child's studies barely kept up.

Although not as good as the third child, it was still enough compared to other children.

With the nutritious food, the three children grew taller very fast.

The second child was already as tall as Ah Jin.

When children were on holiday, the autumn harvest time came.

The second and third children both helped to work in the brigade.

More work points were made so that the winter would be better.

In the north, it may freeze one's life to death if one didn't prepare for the cold in winter.

The day began to get cold after the autumn harvest.

Ah Jin went to get a cotton stamp and bought some more.

The old cotton clothes at home were re-sewn and mended.

The original owner's parents' cotton clothes were still there.

Ah Jin re-sewed their cotton clothes and gave them to the kids to wear.

The remaining cotton was sewn into a quilt.

The roof was finally repaired in time for winter.

The first snow fell from the sky, winter came.

Ah Jin felt the cold of winter.

It would appear winter was too plain and simple.

There was no global warming yet.

Winter was much colder than modern times.

The four of them did not sleep in separate rooms in winter.

Everyone was crammed into one bed.

The boiler in the kitchen was connected to the bed.

So as long as there was a fire inside, the bed would be hot, and it would not be cold to sleep at night.

It must be said that human potential was endless.

Under harsh conditions, they would still find a way to survive on their own.

But if you wanted to keep the fire in the boiler going all night, you would need coal.

Ah Jin could not afford it.

If she could, she could not afford to use it.

Thankfully, after the autumn harvest, there was no shortage of dry grass and firewood.

Ah Jin got up in the middle of the night to add some firewood to the boiler and could barely last until morning.

In winter, Ah Jin still had to go to the brigade for work.

It was no longer necessary at that time to go to the field.

The female comrades were all in a room weaving baskets, weaving frames, and some were crushing corns and grinding grains.

Everything you wanted to know was available here, from the brigade's new policies to who's hen laid two eggs in the village and everything in between.

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