Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright

Chapter 49

Chu Zheng waited for Pei Yu to arrive before leaving.

Not long after walking out of the ward, there was a sweet voice behind her: "Gu Chu Zheng!"

Gao Xueyun rushed up from behind; she grabbed her in an attempt to stop her.

Even if Chu Zheng wears a mask, Gao Xueyun can recognize her at a glance.

Gao Xueyun was wearing a medical suit, her face looked normal, and she didn't know where she was sick.

But at this time, the look in her eyes was about to spit fire, destroying the beauty.


"Gu Chu Zheng, did you do the things on the Internet?" Gao Xueyun tickled her teeth with hatred, wishing to smash the body of the person in front of her.

Chu Zheng calmed her face: "What's the matter?"

Gao Xueyun: "You know what's the matter, why are you pretending in front of me? You didn't put out those things on the Internet?"

Chu Zheng: "You have evidence to prove that I did it?" Don't talk nonsense without evidence; I don't admit it!

The revelations on the Internet are all ‘informers’; what does it have to do with her.

Gao Xueyun trembled with anger: "Do you dare to do it and not recognize it?"

Chu Zheng deadpanned: "It's not me."

"You bitch!"

Gao Xueyun was anxious and directly raised her hand to hit her.

On the side of Chu Zheng's body, Gao Xueyun's palm fell to the ground. Chu Zheng moved back and kicked her ass. Gao Xueyun slipped and rushed to the wall.

She turned her head and stared at her viciously.

Chu Zheng was about to lift another foot, but Gao Xueyun rolled her eyes and fainted.

Chu Zheng: "..."

The public, touch porcelain!

Scared to death.

Go quickly.

Chu Zheng quickly left the hospital. She only heard from Pei Yu later that Gao Xueyun's spirit was wounded and could not be stimulated.

There was a lot of noise on the Internet, and the Gao family couldn't suppress the heat. Within a few days, Gao Xueyun was sent away by the Gao family and went abroad to avoid the limelight.


Half a month later, the finale of Huang Fei Qingcheng, the star challenge began.

Chu Zheng, who was still warm, also instantly became the focus of attention.

[ A red peony: I saw my goddess! Ah, ah, call! ! ]

[ Xiyang Xian: Isn't this the Gu Chu Zheng who someone kept? ]

[Condensation is full of time: Leave, the goddess has spoken, let your rumors come up with evidence. ]

[ Moon Shadow Wandering: Aren’t there photos? Why isn't that evidence? You fans are hilarious. Do you have to hold a press conference? ]

[ Chi Sushu: Gao Xueyun did that. I didn't know anything about it before. What does it have to do with our goddess? Don't talk nonsense here! ]

The matter with Gao Xueyun hasn't passed yet. Everyone is a melon-eating crowd, and most people know it.

And those who didn't know were quickly informed of this melon.

Gao Xueyun spent money on P-pictures, bought the water army, and went to death.

[ Qingqian Baiyunwei: My goddess is out! ]

[ Chisushu: The goddess is handsome! ]

[ Condensation is full of time: Call the goddess! My goddess is a cold goddess! ]

[ Wuzhihuajian live: Hey, that little brother is so cute! ]

[ Xie Luo San Qiu Ye: That seems to be the male lead of a particular youth drama, right? Su Jiu! Su Jiu! A classmate of mine liked him so much as if he had filmed that movie. ]

[ Exhausted water: Little brother is so cute! A group with my goddess, cold and soft, this CP is so cute! The program team has a conscience! ]

[ No one in the empty valley: Hahaha, do they not interact? But the picture is inexplicably harmonious, and it's not embarrassing at all. ]

[ Bai Shui Huang Sha: Puff, Thousand-Marble cars... The goddess is really rich! Hahaha, the photographers were trembling with fright. ]

[ Shenzhen Xianqi: The goddess is a rich second generation, right? I said before that what was nurtured and which nurtured could spend tens of millions at will? ]

[ Xiu Zhu Xiao Xiaowan: Only I think this is an add placement? ]

[ Lu Yang Fengji: Impossible. The advertising placement of the program group is very straightforward. This is definitely not an advertising placement. When you watch the photographer shooting, the picture is shaking. Obviously, the cameraman is scared. The salesman's expression is also Obviously shocked. ]

When the show was broadcast until Chu Zheng bought a car, it was immediately screened.

Someone proposed the placement of advertisements, which various bigwigs overturned.

There are justified and evidence proofs from people's reactions to the pictures—this is not an advertisement.

After entering the village to find a place to live, Su Jiu found a place to live alone and ran back to ask for credit, which instantly aroused many girls’ hearts in the audience.

People also popularized the information about Su Jiu.

[ Wang Xiang: No, my girl's heart is about to explode! Good Sue here! The action of the goddess snatching things from Su Jiu is super cool! ]

[ Not meeting people: Su Jiu is so pitiful, looking so distressed, but with my goddess taking care of it, it's super pet! ]

[ Xingluo painting eaves: How do you do, Ms. Gu! Is it cute? The kind that doesn't require money. ]

[ Ms. Chu Zheng's Xiao Tiantian: The screen is full of dog food, oooooh, how can the goddess be so Su. ]

Chu Zheng helps Su Jiu to work and obtain equipment.

Even Su Jiu thinks she is very handsome here.

Even the program crew did not expect this episode to catch so much fire.

But the hot ones are Chu Zheng and Su Jiu, and in the other groups, except for Xie Zhou, who has his own fan traffic, the others have almost no sense of existence.

[Yuyanggui: In fact, the movie emperor Xie is also very fond of Liu Manman, but compared to the pair of Gu Chu Zheng and Su Jiu, it feels a little bit less. ]

[Hua Chunmeng: Hahaha, I also feel the same way. Watching Xie Zhou and Liu Manman interact, I always think that there is no feeling. Gu Chu Zheng and Su Jiu are more genuine. ]

Su Jiu was shocked by Su Kawai's name, so he closed the computer directly.

Jumping from the inside of the screen to the outside of the screen, I realized that there was actually a lot of interaction with her, and when I looked at it at this time, it seemed that everything could stir his heartstrings.

Su Jiu calmed down the waves in his heart, turned on the computer again, and continued to watch.

There is almost no difference between the girl in the picture and the real person.

Her face was cold, and she felt very cold, and she seemed to feel cool when she was close to him.

"Su Jiu..."


Pei Yu stood at the door, watching Su Jiu's behavior weirdly: "What are you doing?"

Su Jiu smiled: "Brother Yu, it's okay."

Pei Yu walked in suspiciously: "Have you read the news on the Internet?"

Su Jiu blushed and nodded: "Yeah."

"I want to ask you, do you want to make a movie or pick up a few variety shows first to keep the heat?"

Su Jiu was stunned. He is on fire now, but if this heat is not maintained, it will soon disappear.

Just like his play back then...

"I... filming." Su Jiu finished speaking more firmly.

He entered the entertainment circle for this ideal, not for popularity.

"Okay, then I'll make arrangements for you." Pei Yu nodded without hesitation, respecting Su Jiu's choice.

"Brother Yu."

"What else?"

"I...that..." Su Jiu tangled: "If the internet is so fierce, will it cause trouble to Ms. Gu?"

Almost both of them are now recognized as screen lovers. This kind of thing... has both pros and cons.

But he was more worried about Chu Zheng.

Pei Yu thought for a while before replying: "If Ms. Gu didn't explain anything, there shouldn't be any trouble."

Su Jiu lowered his head.

Did she say nothing?

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