Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 48 - Staying in the association building [OW]

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Gu Liheng strode to Su Ling's side and placed his right hand lightly on Su Ling's left shoulder. Then looking at Mother Gu with a serious expression, he greeted, "Mother."

Mother Gu was a little surprised by Gu Liheng’s sudden appearance. When the staff of the rental shop said that the suit had been paid in full, she knew that Gu Liheng had found out about her meeting with Su Ling. She just didn't expect him to come over immediately, and that fast. The corner of her mouth curved down as she said, "Take a seat."

Su Ling looked up at Gu Liheng. Male god’s expression was stiffer than usual. Was he(GLH) worried about him? He grabbed Gu Liheng's hand on his shoulder, then shifted his body to the right, opening some space to sit on his left. Gu Liheng looked down and sat beside Su Ling. The side of their arms touched, and Su Ling immediately noticed that male god is quite muscular. Slightly stunned, he tilted his head and saw the side of male god's icy face. Gu Liheng didn’t have any expression on his face; looking cold and serious. It's completely different from how he(GLH) usually behaved in front of him.  As he was thinking, his hand was suddenly flipped down and held tightly.

Gu Liheng turned to look at the young man, his expression slightly nervous. Did he(SL) notice anything?

Su Ling smiled at Gu Liheng and asked, "Would you like something to drink?"

Gu Liheng's complexion eased up slightly as he replied, "No need."

Mother Gu watched how the two interacted, and her eyes were round with surprise. In her memories, her son was very monotonous; always wearing the same expression and doing things in the same way. Calm and serious, polite but indifferent. But when facing Su Ling, maybe he didn't even notice it himself, his expression was soft and lively. Mother Gu rubbed her forehead, she knew too well that no one could break apart a pair of AO that is in love. Initially, she thought it’s not too late to separate them, but now it seems impossible. She won’t go against the impossible, so she placed her folded hands on the table and asked, "When are you going to get married?"

Su Ling's eyes widened slightly. Mother Gu's thinking took a giant leap from just now.

Gu Liheng shook Su Ling's hand and unconsciously used a little force. He replied, "Ling Ling is still young, at least until he graduates from university."

"4 years?" Mother Gu frowned. "It's too long. If you are worried that pregnancy will affect your studies, I will take care of the baby after the baby is born."

The corners of Su Ling’s mouth twitched. How did this topic end up so strange? Didn’t you want to break us up? How did it become helping to take care of our children? Wrong! The main point is children, it is impossible for male god to have children ah! Su Ling quickly glanced at male god. Seeing that his expression is still calm, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief and said, "We are still young and want to enjoy life as a couple first."

Mother Gu looked at Gu Liheng, "You think so too?"

Gu Liheng: "En."

After staying silent for a long time, Mother Gu finally said, "As you wished." She focused on Gu Liheng, "You are an adult now and have your own ideas. I cannot influence any of your decisions anymore."

"I’ll stop caring about you," she straightened her back, her voice slightly cold, "I want to take over the Snow Leopard."

Gu Liheng was surprised, "Why?"

Mother Gu: "To find the truth about your father's death."

"The truth?" Gu Liheng's cheeks and jaws tightened.

Mother Gu: "I don't believe it is an accident. There are many doubtful points. Previously, I have spent all my energy in order for our family to survive and put you in charge of Gu company. Even if I found out that there is a problem, I have no time and energy to investigate it."

"Later after the company’s situation improved, my rejection illness became more serious, causing my thoughts to be unstable, and I couldn’t think clearly."

"In these past few days after I’m fully cured, I have sorted out what happened at the time. As for the specific details, I need the Snow Leopard Mercenary Corps to investigate."

Gu Liheng said solemnly, "You can pick any team you want, and I want to follow up the whole process."

Mother Gu: "Sure, but I have the final say on how to investigate."

Mother Gu finished her coffee and said, "I will leave first. If you decide to have the wedding in advance, remember to tell me."

Soon after Mother Gu left, Su Ling and Gu Liheng left the cafe as well. Su Ling looked around, but didn't see the car he came with earlier, "Huh, where's the driver?"

Gu Liheng: "I let him off work. We will take my car to go back."

Su Ling: "But the suit is still in the car, I will contact him!"

Before he raised his hand, Su Ling’s hand was caught by Gu Liheng. Gu Liheng led him to a sleek black car and said, "I’ve bought it."

Su Ling got into the car with him and turned his head helplessly at him, "...Didn’t I said you don't need to buy it?"

Gu Liheng: "You wore it before, and it suits you well."

Su Ling blinked, "Just because of these two reasons?"


Hearing that, Su Ling's eyes curved up. He placed his hand on Gu Liheng’s shoulder and leaned over, "I found out that you are actually good at saying sweet things."

Gu Liheng: "I didn't."

Su Ling smiled and stopped talking about random stuff. Poking his finger on the side of his(GLH) face, he asked, "You have a serious expression, thinking about your father?"

Gu Liheng looked down at him, "En, I always thought it was an accident."

Su Ling grasped Gu Liheng’s right hand and shook it lightly, as a silent gesture of comfort.

20 minutes later, the car stopped, and Su Ling looked out, "Do you still want to stay in the association?"

Gu Liheng: "En, my mother won't let me intervene in the investigation. I will know if there is progress."

Hearing him mentioning Mother Gu, Su Ling thought of his reaction when facing her. He wanted to ask if there is a problem with their mother-child relationship, but after a moment of hesitation, he stopped himself from asking.

The two got out of the car and entered the association after confirming their identities. The big tree in the middle has not changed. The leaves are still lush and green. The diamond-shaped leaves of the vines on the tree are swaying with the wind, which is very beautiful.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

Gu Liheng: "The environment is excellent."

The two went directly to Director Li's office. Director Li got up from her seat with a smile on her face. When she saw Gu Liheng, she was taken aback, "President Gu?"

Gu Liheng: "Hello."

A look of disbelief appeared on Director Li’s face. That cold-faced president has finally fallen in love?

It wasn't until the two were taken to the dormitory behind the office building that Director Li's expression eased up. The dormitory is n-shaped like the office building, but the floor is much lower, only 3 floors, but it occupies an extensive area, and the exterior walls were painted with green paint. Many green plants grow on both sides of the dormitory, and behind it is a tall courtyard wall, so one can't see what’s behind it.

Director Li: "On the left is the spiritual plant area, where we placed all the spiritual plants,
and also where we observe the plants. On the right is the researcher’s residence, and the middle is the residence for spiritual plant’s owner. There are 2 rooms on each floor, all empty, sp you can pick whichever you want."

"No one stays here?" Su Ling asked.

Director Li led them to the middle area and answered, "En, we have quite a comprehensive data regarding the currently registered spiritual plant, so they do not need to be studied."

Su Ling nodded, then Director Li continued, "After you contacted me, the association held an assessment for researchers. After the results come out at noon, 6 researchers would move in, and the team leader would contact you. We will need your help during the research process."

Su Ling nodded, "No problem, where are the samples of the spiritual plant’s fragrance that I mentioned before?"

Director Li pointed to the office building behind her, "In the storage room on the 6th floor. You can just swipe your bracelet at the entrance, as the necessary authority has been granted to you."

"Thank you."

Director Li: "Feel free to walk around. You can tell me if there is anything that you are dissatisfied with, and I will let people handle it."

Su Ling nodded, "Okay."

After Director Li left, Su Ling and Gu Liheng took a look at the rooms. The layout of all rooms is the same, very spacious and homely styled. Su Ling stood in the middle of the stairs on the 2nd floor and asked, "One room each or stay together?"

Gu Liheng's expression slightly changed as he glanced at Su Ling. Then he pointed to the room near the spiritual plant area and said, "You sleep here, I sleep next door."

"That is not next door, there’s a stair between us." Although Su Ling said that, he went along with Gu Liheng’s decision.

If both of them stayed in the same room, and they remove their isolator at night, it’s very easy for things to go wrong under the influence of their pheromones.

Both went into Su Ling’s room first, and Su Ling took Gu Liheng to the sofa, "Stay here and don’t go out during the day. Only go to your room to sleep at night."

Gu Liheng acknowledged with an En.

Satisfied, Su Ling smiled and got up. He took out Lopseed and Baby's breath from the space storage and put them together in the corner of the living room. A sweet and refreshing scent quickly spread in the living room, and their mood relaxed unconsciously. Su Ling looked at the area of the living room and stood near the balcony, "I want to take out Xian Mo Yu. I need to inform it about the research and other things to prevent any problems. Can you move the sofa aside?"

Gu Liheng got up and moved the L-shaped sofa away very easily, leaving the middle of the living room empty.

Su Ling took out Xian Mo Yu, and his surrounding instantly darkened because Xian Mo Yu has blocked all the light in front of him. Xian Mo Yu's emotions were transferred to him, letting Su Ling know that it is unhappy. As if to express its unhappiness, a lot of roots appeared, waving in the air. A picture appeared in Su Ling's mind, Xian Mo Yu's roots swaying happily in front of Lopseed and Baby's breath, and the 2 plants suddenly disappeared - he took them out of his storage.

Before he had time to explain, Xian Mo Yu suddenly became happy again. A root was wrapped around his wrist, while 2 roots rushed to the corner, and continued to sway in front of 2 Grade A spiritual plants. The excess roots stopped waving in the air and quickly retracted into the flower bud.

Su Ling pinched the root on his wrist in amusement. What a childlike temper, changing so quickly.

In the surrounding light, Su Ling saw a black object fall from mid-air and fell in front of Gu Liheng. He became speechless. The roots always looked smooth and didn’t seem to be anything wrong. Is it possible that Xian Mo Yu could grow things like sweet potatoes on its roots? He looked over and saw Gu Liheng bending down to pick the item. It was a long black box, around 20cm.

Oh my God!

Su Ling flushed, and quickly rushed to Gu Liheng while shouting, "Don't look!"

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