Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 48: The Record of Raising A Baby (9) Part 1

The team leader hastened to placate him.

"Not changing! Not changing! Will not change, okay!"

Li Damai was satisfied and went back to Guo Lihong and said, "Comrade, please leave. The team leader already said that no one is going to switch places! We still have to work."

That said, he dragged Ah Jin and started working.

He did not care about Guo Lihong, who was standing next to him.

Guo Lihong vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Fang Zhaodi's family had not died yet, and Li Damai's temperament differed from her impressions.

Could it be that she had caused a butterfly effect?

Guo Lihong's "to benefit from intimacy with an influential person " plan failed.

Her health was still not well enough to go to work, so she went home.

On the way home, Guo Lihong was taken to the neighborhood committee's interrogation room and questioned about her child.

Guo Lihong was about to play dumb and dashed.

In her previous life, she was so dumb that she kept defending the scumbag.

She was branded as a person with flawed moral character and could not lift her head for a long time.

The officials of the neighborhood committee were persuading her.

"Lihong ah. Why don't you just say it? Who is the father of the child? Let's make him responsible."

Guo Lihong kept crying and did not speak.

The officials were looking at each other and at her.

"Lihong, you'd better say it. The baby is gone now. It is useless even if you defend him."

The baby was not yet a month old, but she jumped into the river, tossed, and turned.

It was strange if the baby hadn't died.

She sobbed harder.

"I'm not actually defending him, but I don't dare to say it!"

The officials felt that things might be a bit big, so they encouraged her.

"It's okay, you can say it. We'll back you up!"

Guo Lihong cried on the table again.

"Hou Wenbo forced me. I didn't do it voluntarily!"

The officials were shocked.

They had a hooligan and a rapist on the brigade.

Moreover, he was an educated youth!

The officials immediately organized people to arrest the person.

Once the truth was confirmed, a public denouncement must be held!

When Ah Jin was walking home from work, she saw people on the roadside discussing something in twos and threes.

Needless to say, it must be Ms. Bug's thing.

During this period, an excellent way to pass the time was to gossip together.

Ah Jin approached a group of people and asked, "Aunties, what are you talking about?"

It didn't matter if she didn't see her, but it was a real connection because it was none other than Auntie Zhongde.

"Oh, if it isn't Zhaodi. You've just come back from work. I must tell you, from now on, stay away from that Hou Wenbo!"

Ah Jin did not know why.

"Why, what happened?"

The woman whispered, "I heard that Guo Lihong said that she was not in love with him. He had forced Guo Lihong to do that."

The surrounding people commented, "Yes, you can't judge a person by his appearance. Who would have known he was such a person!"

Ah Jin asked again, "The neighborhood committee officials caught him? He admitted it?"

The voices around the room gradually lowered.

Zhongde responded, "Not yet. They have just gone to catch him. There is no need for him to admit it. I think this is nine times out of ten true!

Another person then said, "Yes, which girl would joke about her innocence? I think it is also true."

"That's right."

"Yes, I think it is also."

The voices around began to respond to Zhongde's.

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