The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 48 - Confession


Although Chen Yuze wanted to go find work and become independent, he never experienced this kind of thing before. In the end he was a bit timid. If he went to Jiang Zihan’s company he would be unsure of himself.

Jiang Zihan comforted him, “Don’t be scared, everything will be ok.”

Chen Yuze felt that everything was absolutely empty,  like the only thing left was his body. He could only drift with the waves and take one step at a time.

Cheng Jie opened his eyes wide and looked at Bu Gokai in front of him. This person should be considered his brother’s husband, how should he address him? Brother or brother’s husband? In any case it was still very awkward.

Cheng Jie was not a very conservative person. Regarding homosexuality and their right to get married, he was not opposed to it but he was also not an avid supporter. Right now his brother actually got married to a man?

Although his brother had been dating a man for ten years, they never married, only dated. Cheng Jie always felt that his brother in the end would not necessarily be together with a man.

In Cheng Jie’s heart, he hoped that his brother could marry a woman and have a child. Then he could pass the life of an average person. In addition he was sure his brother said that he was bisexual, which meant that he could date a woman.

But right now a bright red marriage certificate was placed in front of him. Gu Bokai, beaming with smiles stared at him, making Cheng Jie couldn’t help but have goosebumps.

Cheng Jie lightly sighed, “Big brother, you really married him? You like him? Didn’t you originally like Brother Wei Hua?”

“You haven't broken up with Brother Wei Hua for long. Brother, how did this come about? This marriage certificate shows that you guys have already been married for awhile. Big Brother, didn’t you saw that you wanted to live the life of an ordinary person, that you would marry a woman?”

That really was Cheng Jinyu’s thinking at the time, but it was hard to guess how life would turn out. He himself didn't know how he got here.

Gu Bokai smiled and said, “At the time we got married there was a reason for it, but that already is no longer important. The original fake love turned real so we decided to show our marriage, isn’t that right Cheng Jinyu?”

Cheng Jinyu looked at his humble appearance and did not respond to him. He turned his head towards Cheng Jie and said, “Cheng Jie, at the time there was another reason that I had no choice but to marry him. Right now, we genuinely want to be together. This is the reason why I wanted tell you. Of course it's no longer going to be concealed.”

Cheng Jie naturally knew why it was no longer concealed. It was because right now Cheng Jinyu was already the chairman of a big company.

Cheng Jie knew that it had to be Gu Bokai who was secretly helping him open his own company. Otherwise even if his brother had the ability he didn’t have the money.

Cheng Jie lowered his head to think for a long time before raising his head to say, “Big brother, is it because of mother’s illness? When you married him was it because mother needed surgery?”

Cheng Jinyu directly rubbed his head, “Cheng Jie you shouldn’t talk about things that happened in the past. It has already passed. Currently I am very well, also very happy. Don’t tell me you can't be happy for me?”

“But... but do you really love him? Is it really because you like him that you are together with him? Big brother, You can't be together with him if it's only because of us. I can see it, he has a lot of money. But... but money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness.”

“Hey, what does this little guy mean? Your meaning is that your big brother is with me for my money? We have true love, true love do you understand?” Gu Bokai said.

“I don’t understand. I only know that my brother likes women and that big brother wanted to live together with a woman, not with a man.”

“That was the previous thinking ok? Right now your big brother likes me. The person he loves is me.” Gu Bokai a bit angrily said, “”Can you not drive a wedge between us? We are very happy.”

Cheng Jie did not respond, only turned his head to look at Cheng Jinyu. Cheng Jinyu could see his endurance. It seemed like if Cheng Jinyu said he did not like this man, he would immediately take him and leave.

Cheng Jinyu said, “Cheng Jie, when I first married him it was for money. But right now it really isn’t because of that. He... the way he treats me is very good.” Cheng Jinyu said up to here and his face was red.

Gu Bokai, a bit proud of himself said, “Of course, you are my wife. Naturally I will treat you the best.” Gu Boaki’s eyes tightly nailed onto Cheng Jinyu, similar to a spring river, gentle and warm.

Cheng Jie was not a small child. Naturally he knew what big brother’s blush and his man’s gentle and soft eyes represented.

Cheng Jie suddenly stood up and pointed at Gu Bokai., “Will you genuinely love my big brother? Will you treat him well for a lifetime?”

Gu Bokai also stood up. “Of course I love him, furthermore I really really love him. I will treat him well for a lifetime and will not let him be bullied by anyone.”

“Good, I will believe you.”

Cheng Jie said this then changed his gaze towards his brother. “Big brother, I know that these years it hasn’t been easy for you. For our family, you’ve paid a lot. Big brother, my dream is for you to be happy. My dream is for you to find someone who will genuinely love and treat you well. Right now that person has appeared, I am really happy for you, very happy.” Cheng Jie said up here, tears couldn't help pouring down.

The first half of his big brother’s life was not easy. Cheng Jie sometimes felt that his big brother’s days had no justice and would never have an end to it.

Right now it was good. His big brother finally found his own happiness. Really good, it really was very good.

Cheng Jinyu reached out to embrace him around his neck. Patting his shoulder he said, “Idiot why are you crying?”

Cheng Jie wiped his tears, however new tears continued to flow down. “Big brother, it hasn’t been easy for you. I understand, I really do. He spoke up to here and couldn't say anymore. Choking with sobs he managed to continue, “It's our family that burdened you. It was our family that harmed you to become like that. It was also my incompetence. I couldn't help you with anything.”

“Cheng Jie, what nonsense are you saying. We are one family.”

Cheng Jie shook his head. “No, You treat us as one family but we didn’t treat you as one.” Cheng Jie’s tears couldn't help but pour out more.

“We are mother’s real children, we should have shouldered mother’s medical expenses. But... but everything was given to you to take responsibility for.”

“Don’t talk anymore, it has already passed.” Cheng Jinyu said, “Our family can’t be clear about it, but if there was no mom, I don’t know if I would have lived or died.”

Cheng Jie continued to shake his head, “I know, I know everything. Your dad left you a large amount of money for foster care. But it was all given to us to spend. Given to treat mother’s illness. Big brother, we let you down, our entire family let you down.”

“Cheng Jie, don’t cry anymore. These are all things that have already passed, don’t mention it anymore ok?”

Cheng Jie resolutely wiped away some tears, “Yes, don’t mention it. Things that have already passed should not be mentioned. We will only talk about the future, we will only look at the future.”

Cheng Jie turned towards Gu Bokai and shouted out, “You must treat my brother well. If you let my brother down, I will definitely find you at all costs.”

Gu Bokai said, “You can relax. I will definitely treat your brother well.

“Good, good, good, Then I can feel reassured. I only want my brother to live happily, then I will be very happy.” Cheng Jie continued to repeat this phrase, he really wished for his brother to be happy.

Cheng Jinyu’s heart ached a bit. Cheng Jie’s heart held him in it. To have this kind of good younger brother was considered his blessing.

Many people saw him at this house and thought he was not happy at all, but actually Cheng Jinyu did not have that kind of feeling. His mother, younger brother, as well as Cheng Yan sincerely treated him well. It’s just that sometimes the blood relationship was unavoidable. After all, they were relatives. But except for this one outside factor, he was still part of this family.

If his foster mother did not get sick, perhaps he would have grown up like normal children safe and sound. Sometimes it was like that, a lot of things didn’t have ‘ifs’.

The three of them sat down again and Cheng Jie very quickly received Gu Bokai. After all this person was his big brother’s husband. From the bottom of his heart he still wished for his brother to be very happy. The person his brother believed in, would also be the person he, Cheng Jie, would also believe in.

Cheng Jie wiped dry his tears. “Brother Bokai, you really have good fortune. My big brother is especially good, I’ve never met anyone who is better than my big brother. Brother Bokai you really have good taste, I must respect you a bit.”

Gu Bokai glanced at Cheng Jinyu and felt he was even more good looking. He smiled and said, “Of course, I’ve also never met anyone better than your brother.”

“Thats right thats right, just like this.” When it came to boasting Cheng Jinyu, Cheng Jie and Gu Bokai immediately clicked together. The two people found a similar language.

Cheng Jinyu sat there and listened, it was like listening to them talk about someone else.

After they got together Cheng Jinyu said, “Cheng Jie, in a moment come home with me. I have deceived mom for so long, help me speak to her.”

Cheng Jie said, “If mom knew that you married this well, don’t know how happy she’d be. Big brother I know mom is a bit selfish, but mother is definitely like me. She also wishes for you to be happy.”

Cheng Jinyu nodded his head. “I know what’s in mother’s heart, only Yan Zi…”

Cheng Jie said, “Just ignore her. That girl is becoming more and more excessive. She won’t go find work but everyday only wants money. Few days ago she was here asking for 8000, for what she wouldn’t tell me.”

“What is she doing now?” Cheng Jinyu asked. Ever since that day Cheng Yan ran off, there was no more news of her.

Cheng Jie shook his head. “Who knows. Recently I went back and didn't see her once. These days I’ve been going on business trips. I also just came back. I was getting ready to go to mom’s place when you guys had just happened to come over.”

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