I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 48 (Part 1)

Zhao Yuan frowned and walked toward her seat. Her seat was in the third row and she had to walk past the podium.

Lu Ye happened to be wiping the blackboard on the podium. He glanced down at her.

Because of the mess up last time, Zhao Yuan felt even more annoyed about Lu Ye. She didn't even want to go out with Lu Ye to watch that movie and became extremely indifferent to Lu Ye. During this period of time, Lu Ye had always been hesitant to get close to the goddess, but he didn't dare to approach her.

However, at this time, Zhao Yuan felt that his gaze was a little weird— It was definitely not the eyes of an admirer, but some look of subtle disbelief and awakening.

Zhao Yuan thought that this was another means to attract her attention, so she returned to her seat without looking at him.

Miss Ye Bing, the homeroom teacher, came in quickly and briefly explained the next study arrangements. She reminded the students who participated in the training and preliminary competition to adjust themselves as soon as possible and return to their daily studies.

Ye Bing has always spoken very fast, and she didn't stop her eyes on any of her classmates.

However, Zhao Yuan didn’t know if it was her misperception, but she felt that when Miss Ye was looking at her, her gaze had clearly stopped, and then she hurriedly looked away two seconds later.


Zhao Yuan's heart skipped a beat suddenly. Her bad premonition became stronger and stronger.

There were some small comments that reached her ears which seemed to be mixed with the word ‘Zhao Yuan’. Zhao Yuan looked over at them stiffly, but when she bumped eyes with some of her classmates on the right side, they were all avoiding her gaze.

Her desk mate was Pu Shuang, but because the relationship between the two fell to a freezing point during the training camp, at this moment, Pu Shuang's face was cold and she didn't want to help her find out what happened.

E Xiaoxia, who was not far away, kept looking at her from the corner of her eyes. Seeing her looking over, she quickly turned away.

What happened? Why has everyone been staring at me ever since we came back from the training camp?

Could it be that Lu Ye did something?

It was a bit embarrassing to ask in person, so Zhao Yuan bit her lip and took out her phone to open the forum.

Miss Ye Bing, who was still talking on the podium, saw her using her mobile phone in class. She hesitated and chose to close one eye to it.

Zhao Yuan didn't understand what happened at first, until she logged into the forum and saw the red headline hung on the top of the page.

That post was really glaring. Because there were so many clicks and replies and it’s always the top one, it’s hard to not notice it at first glance.

‘OP’s relative works in the hospital. Here are the DNA results of the former School Beauty Zhao Yuan and a nanny from the Zhao family. Strange, why are the two people identified as mother and daughter?’


Zhao Yuan didn't realize what it meant for a moment, but when she saw this title, her blood rushed to her forehead. She was unable to control her anger.

Who is making this up?

How can I be related to Zhang Yufen?!

A nanny?!

The main post was a DNA result.

The comment section below had nearly tens of thousands of replies.

There were more than 200 pages of comments in total, with various opinions.

—"Is this for real? What can a mere DNA result tell? Can I just take two hairs from random strangers and say that they are in a parent-child relationship?"

—"How much hatred is there between OP and Zhao Yuan?"

At first, most people suspected that the DNA result was fake.

However, most of the students in Middle School A and nearby schools were from wealthy families. Some of the students’ parents were doctors and some of the students were very good at computers. They all went to authenticate the document.

About 200 comments later, a second year male student from a family of doctors came out and affirmed the genuineness of the DNA result. It was really a DNA result from the hospital. It was completely compliant. Also a boy who was good at computers in a normal class of senior high school went to test it out. He said that there was no trace of this DNA result having ever been photoshopped!

From here, some people gradually believed that the DNA result was genuine.

But immediately someone asked: "Well, what if it is not Zhao Yuan and the so-and-so nanny at all, but someone just took the hair of herself and her mother in order to slander Zhao Yuan and used it to slander others? Isn’t this too predictable?”

After a while.

A girl with a parent who has been reading the gossip and working in the Third Hospital couldn't help but interject: “I didn't want to say it, but last weekend, the Third Hospital did have samples under the names Zhao Yuan and Zhang Yufen."

As soon as these words came out, the entire forum almost exploded!

The topic was completely pointed in an unpredictable direction!

At the beginning, some people doubted the authenticity of the DNA result, but after 400 comments, almost most people believed that the DNA result was authentic. Even if it was mixed with the refuting voices of a few of Zhao Yuan's suitors, it was quickly overwhelmed.

Explosive discussions one after another:

—"So what's the situation? Is the former School Flower the illegitimate daughter of her father and the nanny?!!! I checked, several large and small companies in the Zhao family are actually quite famous in this city, they have quite a lot of assets! Zhao Yuan’s father is called Zhao Hongzhi! God!! Does his wife and his staff know that he had an affair with the nanny and gave birth to an illegitimate daughter?!!!”

—”I’m replying to the comment above. Zhao Hongzhi's wife must know, otherwise how could Zhao Yuan stay at home for so many years?”

—"That's awkward enough. To raise an illegitimate daughter for the nanny?”

—"Assuming that the Zhao family knows that Zhao Yuan is an illegitimate daughter, then why is her elder brother so kind to her? People in our class have seen her elder brother drive over to pick her up before."

—”To the person above me, you revealed that you are in the senior high school’s Evergreen Class. Forget it, I won’t scold you for dragging your classmate through the mud. After all, everyone is trying to get a piece of this juicy gossip. Who knows what's going on? The Zhao family is so messed up.”

— "I heard that Zhao Yuan's second brother is still a D-list star. He’s the one named Zhao Mo or something. If this happens, will it affect his career as an artist?"

—"There is another question. Since the former School Beauty was born to the nanny and Zhao Hongzhi, why can the nanny named Zhang Yufen stay in Zhao's house for so many years? (Don't ask who I am. Zhao Yuan hosted a birthday party at home once, so everyone knows that Zhang Yufen was still working as a nanny at her house two months ago)"

—"I still can't help but sigh. That picture of the nanny looks so ugly. Zhao Hongzhi is worth more than 100 million at any rate, yet he really isn’t picky at all!"

The explosive remarks came one after another.

Zhao Yuan learned about this only after returning from the training camp. The title of the post was posted three days ago, which meant that it had been a long time since the people in the school and nearby schools had seen this post and participated in the discussion.

No wonder everyone's eyes were a little strange when we just came in.

Even the homeroom teacher was hesitant to talk.

Zhao Yuan was embarrassed and angry. She didn't dare to continue reading this post. Her heart was pounding with anger, her hand which was holding the phone was trembling and blood was rushing to her scalp. Her vision went black, anger and fear surged within her like a storm.

The anger was because she was not an illegitimate child at all.

The fear was because she was afraid of being discovered that she was actually not even a child of the Zhao family!

But who did it?!

Zhao Yuan was extremely angry. Ye Bing was still talking on the podium, but she suddenly stood up.

"What's wrong, Zhao Yuan? Sit down."

"Everything said in the forum is not true!" Zhao Yuan's heart was beating wildly as she shouted at the people in her class.

She trembled all over and tears flowed down her eyes.

Ye Bing calmly said to her, “Zhao Yuan, why not go to the office with me and calm down a little? The school will resolve the matter on the forum.”

When some people in the Evergreen Class who were whispering about the matter saw this, they all stopped gossiping among each other.

Zhao Yuan looked so wronged. Could it be true that those things in the forum are just rumors?

In the next second, Zhao Yuan grabbed her school bag and rushed out.

Who else can do such a thing? Who else can hate me so much? It must be Zhao Mingxi!


As soon as Zhao Yuan ran out with red rimmed eyes, the Evergreen Class became agitated and the whole classroom was in an uproar.

Ye Bing was afraid that something might happen to Zhao Yuan, so she hurried out.

Because Ye Bing was not there, the whole class became more noisy and some people couldn't help but rush upstairs. They saw Zhao Yuan going upstairs.

"F*ck, I was so scared. This is the biggest gossip I’ve heard in all my three years in high school."

"Who released the DNA result on the forum? How much hatred does this person have against Zhao Yuan? Concocting such an outrageous thing!"

"Do you think it's a fabrication? I think it’s very real. The OP was so rigorous and firm. But I don't know why the Zhao family still raised Zhao Yuan at home when they knew that Zhao Yuan was an illegitimate child— I don't understand them! Anyway, it's so messy and exciting!”

"I also feel that 80% of that post is true. Have you heard about this? My dad went home last night and said that they have a project with Zhao Enterprise. This gossip also spread through the Zhao family’s companies yesterday! Zhao Yuan’s father should have known about it yesterday!"

"??? How can a little thing from the school forum spread to that kind of big company?"

"I heard someone posted a copy on the door of Zhao Yuan's father's company."


Pu Shuang was dumbfounded amidst the noise in the classroom. She couldn't help swallowing hard. In the chaos, she seemed to have noticed something— So is this the reason why Zhao Zhanhuai did not come to pick up Zhao Yuan recently? Is it because she is an illegitimate daughter?

But the explanation doesn't make sense. What about Zhao Mingxi?

While the school was in an uproar, Mr Zhao was also losing his temper at home.

Last night, he felt that the eyes of the people at the front desk of the company when they called him "Mr Zhao" were a little different. Only when he went to the company this morning did he learn an explosive news that someone posted a paternity test at the entrance of the company yesterday.

After several employees found out last night, they quickly tore it off the glass door of the building. However, the content of the DNA result was as if it had long legs, and it spread throughout the company this morning.

Mr Zhao no longer wanted to recall how the assistant came in sweating profusely to tell him about this matter.

He looked at the DNA result and his face went green! He crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it to the ground!

Mr Zhao was incoherent with anger, “Who the hell did this?!”

He asked the assistant, but the assistant didn't know. The assistant quickly said, "I'll go to the security department to check the cameras!"

But the urgent task now was obviously not to check who deliberately posted a paternity test at the company’s door, but to figure out whether the paternity test was true or not and find out what was going on.

How could Zhao Yuan be related to Zhang Yufen?!

Who is Zhang Yufen?

Mr Zhao almost couldn't recall who she was. When he remembered that it was the nanny he fired from his family who didn't brush her teeth very often, his blood pressure almost skyrocketed!

The assistant did not know whether to speak or not. He said, "The school forum where your child is studying seems to be discussing this matter, and the other party also posted a copy on the forum. Now they are all saying..."

"What is it?" Mr Zhao was so angry that he walked around the office and smashed three cups.

The assistant gave him a frightened look, but he still bit the bullet and said, “They said that you and your nanny had an affair, that's why Zhao Yuan was born. They also said that you are really not picky since you would even go for the nanny."

"...How is this possible?!" Mr Zhao was so angry that his face was flushed. He was red all the way to the roots of his hair. He roared like a lion, “Whoever continues to spread such baseless rumors will be driven out of the company!"

However, these kinds of derailed rumors were the most talked about after tea. The morning was not over. Not only the employees of Zhao Hongzhi's company knew it tacitly, even the people in the office building next door burst into laughter.

The veins on Mr Zhao’s forehead popped. When he drove home from the underground garage, two young white-collar workers from the company next door were still talking about this with coffee in their hands. "Really? The old boss in the next building?"

As he talked, he laughed. "Is there a picture of the nanny? F*ck,  she looks like this? They say she’s 50 years old, but it looks like she's over 60, right? Of all people he chose to have an affair with the nanny at home. What a heavy taste he has!"


Mr Zhao was about to have a heart attack. He slammed the car door shut, his eyes widening to the size of his fists.

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