The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 47 – What were you trying to do? (何がしたかったの?)

Expectedly, it would be suspicious to keep that 'the second prince has holed himself in the palace, and no one has seen him since' for longer than 3 weeks.

There was also the case of Gijs' kidnapping, so the prince needed to return and show that he's safe.

In fact, I'm surprised he could stay in the mountains for a whole three weeks with the kidnapping uproar.

When we were preparing to head to the plains for combat training this morning, I really didn't know what to do when the queen showed up with her knights in tow.

I can't say that the second prince had a safe stay here either.


When we heard that the second prince was returning to the castle, we thought to cancel our training for the day, but the queen insisted on watching, so a tent was hurriedly set up on the plains for the queen's viewing.

I gave the tent a sideways glance as I faced Allis-chan.

The queen, surrounded by her guards, was amusedly looking at the defensive wall that Ursch-kun had made.




With Allis-chan's call, about fifty shining pale red, stemless flowers floated upwards within the 10 km diameter defensive wall.

It was an explosion magic attack created by Allis-chan, the『Floating Flower Bombs』1.

There are 13 seconds before the flowers bloom, and for a minute after, it will shoot out exploding bullets while rotating.

Although the 『Floating Flower Bombs』's explosions itself dealt little damage, it hurts when it hits, and clouds of dirt fly up and reduce visibility.

By the way, as part of my training, I'm the only one not wearing 『Clear Vision Goggles』.

My visibility depends on the number of flowers I destroy within the 13 seconds they take to bloom.


"Five-strike Cherry Blossom Flash!!"


I fired my sword skills towards the flowers in the sky.

This time I was using an SR gacha item that appeared in a Ver 2 event, where a love interest from the east came to study.

It is a weapon similar to the Japanese katana, called the『Cherry Blossom Moon Wind』2. Rather, isn't this an actual katana?

Depending on the viewing angle, a cherry blossom, moon or wind pattern would emerge on the katana. It was a very popular item, I really liked it too.

Once you got this item from the gacha, you could obtain the sword skills 『Slash』and『Five-strike Cherry Blossom Flash』 as a set.

Incidentally, you could exchange for the『Cherry Blossom Moon Wind』, but not the sword skills.

In other words, those who wanted the sword skills had to roll the gacha and obtain the S-Rare 『Cherry Blossom Moon Wind』with their own power. The management sure had a strong commercial spirit.

The Cherry Blossom Moon Wind was better than the Giant Knife when using sword skills, so I've been using this lately.


I destroyed more than thirty 『Floating Flower Bombs』with 3 seconds to spare. The remaining twenty bombs were left alone.

I mean, they were in some really far, other area. It's Allis-chan's bad habit.

Wide area bombing is good and all, but attacking an area without enemies is a waste of MP.

Also, even if I left them alone, the prince will shoot them down as archery practice.

If I get hit, I'm only left with the feeling of pain, but it would result in a grave injury in the prince's case, so he was being careful. I think it's good to be careful.




I looked back at the flowers for what’s next when a carpet made up of a large number of magic circles appeared on the "entire" ground in the 10 km diameter defensive wall.

This was the 『Bomb Flower Field』3, a landmine type explosion magic. 

Stepping on that carpet will cause the magic circle to explode and you would get blown away. Although I would turn out fine, the prince would get gravely injured. An ordinary person would instantly die.

For her to be able to fill up an area of almost 10 km in just 13 seconds, Allis-chan's growth is really surprising...

Though, is it really necessary to flood an entire 10 km with magic circles for just two children?!


"Too unnecessary!!"


Exactly!! It's way too unnecessary to..... who said that?!

I looked in the direction of the voice to see the queen standing in an imposing stance.


"It needs not to be flashy, just use the minimum power needed to kill them!! Ahem, I mean.... to do away with them!!"


Your Majesty.... I don't even know where to retort...

For now, I'll just retort the most important part.

This is combat『training』so it would be bad if she did kill someone. Also in this case, the one killed would be me. And your son is here too.

Moreover, you're here today as a 『Queen』 and not an『A Class Adventurer』, so pay attention to what you say──!!


Well, the first part of her remark may go against Allis-chan's personality, but I strongly agreed with it.

A sure-kill attack using the minimum power needed. Simple yet powerful.  That's what it's all about.


Completely disregarding the fervent queen, the second prince steadily fired arrows towards the 『Bomb Flower Field』and causing the explosions to misfire, thus securing himself a stable foothold to fire more arrows.


Huh? Did the arrow just disapp--


"Dwaah!! That was close!!"


I hurriedly knocked away an arrow with my Cherry Blossom Moon Wind.


"Optical camouflage?!"


The disappearing magic sphere.... I mean, the disappearing "arrow" was actually caused by optical camouflage....

The prince.... didn't just use 『Wind Magic』on his arrows. He also used 『Water Magic』and 『Light Magic』to create an optical camouflage!!

The arrow was covered in water and light was bent to hide it. You really evolved in a completely unexpected way.

And, It had not been flashy, with just the minimum power needed to kill. Are you a damn assassin?!

But because he hadn't mastered the finer controls of 『Light Magic』, I could make out the flickering light of the arrows.

If he ever managed to properly hide his arrows, he would have a frightening skill in his hands.

Between Allis-chan and the Second Prince.... Yeah, neither of them seemed like an ally of justice.

If only someone could change their ways. I'd love to push these two onto them.

This is impossible for me. Just why did they turn out this way? I do think I am partially responsible, but it can't all be my fault.


At the same time that I knocked down all his arrows, the second prince shot at the 『Bomb Flower Field』surrounding me, causing them to explode one by one.

Craters formed on the ground, and the flying dust and sand worsened my visibility. As I continued to knock down the arrows aimed at me, I started moving.

As I was moving, I wondered.


"Why isn’t the second prince running out of arrows?"


I saw him with 10 arrows on his back when we started.

But he's already shot at least 50 arrows.

Since Allis-chan has wasted quite a lot of MP with her bombing magic, there shouldn't be many magic attacks she can afford right now.

If she didn't do anything flashy, she should have about 30 bomb magic attacks left.

Incidentally, Allis-chan used up all her explosion items a week ago, and she hasn't any left.

But I didn't know how many shots the prince is left with. The number of arrows he has and the number of arrows fired doesn't add up.


With a bad feeling in my gut, I used [Appraisal] on the second prince’s equipment.


..........What is that.


I don't ever remember giving him that, and there wasn't any item with that function in 『Love☆Magical』.

That kind of item wasn’t needed in 『Love☆Magical』in the first place.

Because the 『Closet』was a standard equipment in the game.

That means it must have been made by Ursch-kun.

That waist pouch the second prince was wearing.


『Subspace Pouch』

A waist pouch enhanced with one cubic meter's worth of space expansion magic.


In other words, it was what was commonly called a 『Magic Box』 or a 『Magic Bag』.

Still, one cubic meter, huh....

How many arrows would that be?....

Umm. 10 arrows would be around this big, so a box with the height, width and length of 1 metre would be....


I don't know!!

I have no clue how many arrows he has left!!

What a pain!! I'll just steal that thing!!


It quickly became too troublesome to think, so I decided to just steal the pouch from the prince. But even as I tried getting closer to him, he easily darted about while firing tracking arrows WHICH WERE ALSO optically camouflaged. Not to mention Allis-chan was casting a huge magic circle in the sky...... Huh?!




Allis-chan!! What is that?!

It's my first time seeing this?! Wait!! I'm getting a bad feeling from this!!

Waitwaitwait! Allis-chan takes priority now!! I have to do something about the bomb maniac!!


Amidst my panic, the magic circle was completed.

The 『Circle』was glowing in white light, but it had a light purple aura surrounding it. It radiated the feel of 『This is a magic circle.』 and I liked that, but I'm terrified because I didn't know its strength.


Worst case scenario, the prince would "die and come back" before the queen's eyes.


Allis-chan!! Come to your senses───!!




Waaaaaaaah!! It's no use!!




As I panicked on what to do with the magic circle, I activated [Gula] on the 『intangible magic circle』.

Well, 【Closet】couldn't store intangible effects and the like, so there shouldn't be a point in using [Gula] either......... 


[Gula]-san. You've done great. Here I thought [Gula]-san was a convenient skill to have, turns out it was a cheat skill.

The 『Magic circle』that was in the sky swirled like a tornado and was sucked into one of my eyes.

[Gula]-san. You're telling me, that as long as I can see it, it works on magic too─?!!

But, it's not in my 【Closet】. Where did it go?! Scary!! That's scary!!

Does this mean the intangible 『Effect Items』that I couldn't find in my 【Closet】is actually somewhere too?! My God that's scary!!

I’m getting even further away from being human now!!


It seems Allis-chan used all her remaining MP on that gigantic magic circle, she collapsed and is down for the count. Dropped from the match.

Even with Allis-chan unconscious, her wide area 『Bomb Flower Field』remained, and there were the Second Prince's arrows too.


Now, there was something I wanted to try.

About 『Gula』........

Is it possible to retrieve someone else's items or equipment? It's a cheat skill, after all.

As long as it enters my vision, wouldn't I be able to retrieve, or rather steal other's items?


And with that, I'm locking on to the Second Prince waist pouch!!










Everyone was deathly silent as the Second Prince had a blank shocked expression and stood still.

Sorry. I really meant to only steal the pouch.


I didn't mean to steal your pants too!!


The prince threaded the strap of his pouch through the belt loops of his pants.

And if I looked at his waist pouch from a distance, his pants would also be in view!!

With his pouch and pants both connected and in view, of course they would be treated as a set and be collected together!!


Why didn't I predict this.....

I can't believe that in the middle of this landmine covered plains, I made the Second Prince have his underwear out in the open!!

I might get arrested for lèse-majesté..... But when I quickly peeked at the queen...


She had fallen from her seat, and was laughing so hard that no sound came out.


The queen really had the personality of a muscle-brained adventurer or an outlaw, huh.....

Well, she is an adventurer though.

During the tea party, when she held the prince by the scruff of his neck and stuffed him into the sack, I did think she treated her son quite carelessly, but please stop pointing and laughing at your son who has his underwear in full view. Have mercy.


Due to mental damage, the Second Prince is unable to fight and dropped from the match.




After clearing the field of the landmine type bomb magic, we boarded the carriages to return to the capital.


The queen unreasonably told the sorrowful prince, "You want to become an ally of justice? Yet you went down after that level of mental attack. Your willpower is lacking. Fight to the end even if you’re naked." She then recommended the training from her house of Lambert while stuffing him in the carriage.

Your Majesty..... please don't throw him into the dungeon. Please.


The queen also stuffed Allis-chan into the same carriage she and the second prince were riding.

I admitted to the queen that I caused Allis-chan to like wide-area bombing, and wanted advice about a training method for her in the future.

While stuffing Allis-chan in the carriage, the queen said, "Miss Amaryllis's nature is deep-seated and cannot be corrected by an amateur. Regarding her education... leave that to us. I'm sure the Brunst family is used to correcting this kind of fool." And undertook the task.


By Brunst family, you mean the Brunst marquisate right....?

That's Allis-chan's house, right? Why are they used to it....


Ursch-kun and I were also invited to ride her carriage, but we politely declined.

Even if it's the royal carriage, having six people including a servant would definitely be cramped.

Also, there was something I wanted to confirm with Ursch-kun, so I'd like to be alone with him if possible.

And so, Ursch-kun and I rode in the separate, Schneiver family carriage we came with.


As the carriage with the queen was leaving first, I lined up with Ursch-kun to see them off.

Then, the Second Prince popped his head out the carriage window and waved at Ursch-kun.


"See you next time, Second Prince."


"I'm sure you'll control your skill well, Second Prince. Please do your best in mastering it~"


The prince then tilted his head with a slightly troubled expression, and asked:


" you keep calling me 『Second Prince』?......."




Because you're a Love Interest, and on the off chance you become my fiancé, my destruction flag will be raised so I don't want to be too close to you.


"....... I want to be closer..... That makes me feel lonely....."


Ursch-kun and I faltered when he looked at us with the eyes of an abandoned puppy.

Umm. It looks like that hurt you, I'm really sorry, somehow.


"""T-then, Prince Christopher...."


Ursch-kun and I called his name in sync.

Then, Prince Christopher slightly gripped the window with both hands and shook his head.

What. Just what did you not like.


".......Like 『Allis-chan』.... A name you would call a friend......"


So you wish for a nickname.....




Then, Chris-sama shook his head again. Seems he didn't like that either.


"......... 『Sama』is....I don't like it somehow...."


Even if you tell us you 『don't like it somehow』.....

While I felt troubled, Ursch-kun admonished Chris-sama.


"Chris-sama, it's impossible for a commoner like me to refer to you more casually than this. Also, Isabella has me as her fiancé, so she cannot refer to other men casually."


Yep. That's right.

So stop looking at us with those lonely eyes.


As Ursch-kun and I were troubled over Chris-sama's Sad Gaze Attack, the queen grabbed his head and pried him away from the window.


"I know you're excited about having your first friends, but don't trouble them too much. Both of you, thank you for looking after my son. You have my gratitude for making it so this child can have normal conversations such as this. Should you ever be in need, Me, the Royal Family, and the Lambert House will lend you our power. Well then, have a good day."


After the queen finished and gave a thumbs-up, the carriage started to move as Ursch-kun and I waved back.

Chris-sama poked his head out of the window again and waved at us.

Allis-chan is still unconscious after running out of mana.

It's a little funny how Chris-sama was the one sleeping when we came, but Allis-chan is the one sleeping when we leave.

Wouldn't she be surprised when she wakes up and find the queen and the prince in the same carriage?


After seeing them off until we no longer could see Chris-sama waving at us, we boarded the Schneiver family's carriage.

The coachman was the same person as before, Paul-san.

Ursch-kun and I sat in the carriage and talked about all that has happened on our trip this time.


Halfway through our journey back, I asked Ursch-kun about something that had been bothering me.


"Hey, Ursch-kun."


Hearing my nervous voice, Ursch-kun tilted his head and softly smiled.


"What is it, Isabella?"


"Why did you bump into Chris-sama?"


Ursch-kun's smile froze at my question.

Ahh that response... So that really was on purpose.


"Hmm~ Did I 『bump into』him?"


Ursch-kun was playing dumb at my question, so I asked again.


"I'm talking about the first time Chris-sama 『revived』 with 『Anti-soul』. At that time, you purposely went towards Chris-sama to bump into him right?"


Ursch-kun's smile disappeared.


"Why do you think that?"


Allis-chan had improved enough to cast that many Explosion Magic in today's training, but she hadn't been able to deploy enough to cover the entire 10 km from the beginning.

In other words, the initial bombing took place in the centre of the plains where the battle focused on, far from the defensive wall.


And that event happened during the very beginnings of training, when the defensive walls were often broken down by stray bombs and shock waves.

Ursch-kun had been running around to repair the wall, and Chris-sama was targetting me with his arrows while avoiding the bombs.

Ursch-kun wanted to fix the walls, so he should have been running near the edges. The fact that he went to the middle, where bombs were raining down and visibility was poor, is simply unnatural.

Moreover, he happened to collide with Chris-sama, which makes it even more suspicious.


"No matter how poor the visibility, the chances of two children running around a 10km area with different intentions crashing into each other are slim. Even if it was a coincidence, what happened after was strange."


"Hu~h. What happened after?"


Ursch-kun thinly smiled and prompted me to continue.


"Coincidentally, Chris-sama fell after bumping into Ursch-kun and coincidentally had a direct hit with Allis-chan's bombs. Coincidentally, the many items Chris-sama wore didn't activate and he instantly died. Coincidentally, Ursch-kun was unharmed."


Too many coincidences made it inevitable.

Especially the part where the items didn't activate and Chris-sama died instantly.

During the second time, all the items may have broke, but they properly activated and the prince stayed uninjured from any stray bombs.

It's exactly because all his defensive items broke that he died from the explosion during the second time.

But the first time had Physical Attack Resistance, Magical Attack Resistance, Resistance Magic and Auto Recovery. There were many other items too, we piled so many that it was in bad taste. Yet he died in a single bomb attack? Impossible.


"I see~ That's true. I guess it really was a bit of a stretch."


"I wasn't quite sure what you wanted, so I banned you from working from the inside of the walls, but.... What were you trying to do, Ursch-kun?"


Ursch-kun gave me a troubled smile, then brought his hand up to my ear and whispered like he was admitting a secret.


"Actually, there was a reason I needed Chris-sama to die there."


  1. 『浮遊爆華 (ふゆうばくか)』
  2. 『桜花風月 (おうかふうげつ)』
  3. 『爆華野 (ばくかの)』

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