Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 47 - Solution [OW]

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Right after Su Ling's message was sent, his bracelet immediately rang. It was a call from Nalu. Su Ling connected the call and smiled, "Uncle Nalu."

Nalu quickly asked, "Did you drink?"

A random thought flashed through Su Ling’s mind, ‘How many bottles? Why are you so drunk?’

With a helpless tone, Su Ling said, "No, I'm very awake right now, and it’s not a dream. Uncle Nalu, your question really hurt me, you have no confidence in me?"

Nalu gave a light cough and said, "No, no, Xiao Ling is excellent. Getting together with President Gu is nothing, you can even get together with a marshal."

Su Ling chuckled, "No need, I'm not interested. It’s just that I'm very happy so I want to share my joy with you."

Nalu: "Congratulations," he couldn't help but ask, "How did President Gu agree to you? Did you make it clear to him? There is no wrong understanding, right?"

Su Ling: "..." He simply tugged Gu Liheng's sleeve, "Mr Gu, tell him please."

"What? Why did you suddenly say Mr Gu..." Before Nalu could finish asking, he heard a calm and magnetic voice.

"Hello, I'm Gu Liheng, Ling Ling's boyfriend," he paused, his tone was especially serious, "Don't worry, I am serious, and I will treat him well."

Nalu was dumbfounded by his solemn words, he had a weird feeling like he is marrying his son off. It took him a long time to return to his senses, "Oh oh oh, congratulations to you two. I believe you."

Gu Liheng: "Thank you."

Su Ling laughed and informed Nalu that he will be going to stay in the spiritual plant association for a few days.

Su Ling: "Please feel free to contact me if something is up."

Nalu: "Alright."

Hanging up the call, Gu Liheng took Su Ling for a walk in the garden.

Su Ling couldn't help laughing, "When I first lived in, I invited you to take a walk, but you refused."

Gu Liheng was surprised, "You already liked me at that time?"

Su Ling nodded and said, "En."

Gu Liheng smiled, "I didn't even notice."

Su Ling snorted, "Of course you didn’t. You see me as a kid at that time, but now you are in love with a kid!"

There’s an inexplicable sense of him slapping his own face. Gu Liheng coughed slightly and emphasized with a serious look, "You are already an adult."

Smiling, Su Ling hugged Gu Liheng and said, "Why are you so cute?!"

After taking a walk, Gu Liheng went to the gym room to exercise. Su Ling was worried that male god might have to restrict his own movement if he(SL) follow, plus he wanted to check some information, so he didn't go with Gu Liheng. He returned to the guest room and saw that the guest room is as clean and tidy as ever, and the furnishings were the same as before. Eyes curving with a smile, Su Ling takes off his isolator. He sat on the sofa on the balcony and started searching for adult products online.

There were a lot of pop-up pages, and there are various products. There are some products that Su Ling can't understand the purpose at first glance, and some are realistically made, which is very obvious what it is used for. There are also products with a capitalized, bold wording saying specially for Omega use only.

Su Ling couldn't help but flushed, feeling very ashamed, and his heart was beating wildly. He took a deep breath, but thinking that these things will be used on him, he doesn’t feel very good anymore. Closing the page, Su Ling supported his chin on his hand with a melancholy face, he couldn't even pass his own hurdle, how could he persuade male god to use the products?

Should he pretend to be s*xually indifferent? Or pretend to be a ‘match made in heaven’[1] with male god? That won’t work either. He sighed against the couch. His strange reactions (towards temporary marking with an Alpha) today verified what was mentioned in the physiology Book. This also means that Omega can really get into estrus, unable to control himself, and eager to be ‘conquered’. Although he has not experienced the estrus period before, he is already an adult, so the estrus period may come at any time. He can't act like it’s nothing. If that time comes and he clings to male god, but male god can't help him...

Just thinking of that scene breaks his heart, ain’t that a preview of a breakup scene?!

Therefore, they still have to resort to tools. After a moment of consideration, Su Ling searched for some ‘videos’ instead of opening the history tab. In his mind, he felt that maybe the demonstration of the item in actual usage might not be as impactful as imagined. It turns out that he is still too naive.

Halfway through the video, Su Ling couldn’t bear to watch it any longer and exited the window. He couldn't imagine himself having the same reaction as the Omega in the video; miserable and le-wd, crying to be bullied, just like a ma-so-chist. He was quite confident at first, but now he finds it too difficult. Although he has only confirmed his relationship with male god and doesn’t need to worry about getting on bed for now, but he doesn’t have a solution in hand. That makes him feel insecure, and he keeps having the feeling that their relationship is precarious.

In the end, he went to the relationship forum, wanting to learn from other people, but he soon found that there is no Omega with the same experience. All of the threads were asking about what to do when their Alpha ‘wants it’ too hard/much? It seems that male god’s illness is a rare case in Planet Belle, no wonder he(GLH) keep rejecting him before this. And the pressure is so great that he can't sleep well too. If male god is here now, he would definitely give him a hug to show comfort.

With no experience to learn from, Su Ling reluctantly exited the forum. After thinking about it, he clicked on the history tab for the previous shopping page. Then he set the filter to display the products in an ascending mode, from beginner to advanced level.

Baby steps here, he should be able to accept using the tools slowly.

Enduring his embarrassment, Su Ling read the manuals of the first three beginner tools carefully while blushing. Next, he paid attention to the videos attached that demonstrate the usage of each product. After understanding the functions, he bought the second type. When filling in the mailing address, he deleted the location address and fill in the address of his rented unit.

It will be embarrassing if he sent it to the villa and it gets found out by male god. Although male god will eventually know about it, he(SL) has to adapt to the tools first. Otherwise, if he reacted stiffly or looked repulsive, male god might feel that he(GLH) can't satisfy him(SL), and ended up thinking that they can't be together.

After placing the order, Su Ling’s discomfort eased up a lot. He patted his face and got up to take a bath. Before going to bed, he sent a good night message to male god, and soon received a reply: "Good night."

The next morning, Su Ling and Gu Liheng had breakfast together, and then Su Ling went to Xiao's villa alone to collect the liquid. As soon as he entered the living room, Lin Meng jumped up from the sofa.

“Ling Ling,” Lin Meng ran to Su Ling and wrinkled his nose, “God, are you really with President Gu now?” Then with a low voice, he asked ambiguously, "You have President Gu’s scent all over you. How did you do the marking? Did he bite your gland?"

For Su Ling, he easily recognized Xiào Rui’s scent on Lin Meng’s body as well. He replied, "No, and Xiào Rui bit yours?"

Lin Meng shrank his neck, his face flushed as he answered, "En." At the birthday party last night, Xiào Rui was taken by Father Xiào to meet many elders. After drinking a few glasses, he couldn’t hold back his emotions.

Su Ling smiled, but didn’t plan to continue to gossip, "I'll harvest the liquid first. We’ll talk later."

Later, Lin Meng said, "We are going to the amusement park today, do you want to join us?"

Su Ling: "No, I have something to do."

Lin Meng: "Then when do you have time? Let's make an appointment to hang out together."

Su Ling nodded, "Okay."

Lin Meng sent Su Ling to the door and saw the car parked outside. He lightly bumped against Su Ling's arm and asked, "That’s President Gu's car, right? You stayed in the Gu villa yesterday?"

Su Ling uttered an En and said goodbye to Lin Meng. After getting in the car, he said to the driver, "Xinlu Community." [Banana - Sorry for the interruption, this is the area of SL’s rented unit]

On the way to the unit, Su Ling received a message from the dress shop, reminding him that the rental period of his suit is expiring[2], and the extension requires additional fees. After reading the message, he tapped his head. Love makes one silly indeed. He had planned to return the suit yesterday morning but completely forgotten about it after male god confessed to him.

At the rented unit house, Su Ling took the things he bought last night and placed them in his space storage. Then he got on the car with the suit bag and informed the driver about the location of the dress shop.

Along the way, the driver's bracelet rang, but Su Ling didn't mind. The cars here are all basically fully automatic. The driver mainly adjusts the route, which acts as a double assurance.

The driver answered with an En, then ended the call. Then he turned to Su Ling and called out embarrassedly, "Mr Su."

Su Ling turned from the window to the driver, "What's the matter?"

"Madam said she would like to see you. She will meet you at the Star Shore Cafe."

That news makes Su Ling raised his eyebrows. But after a little thought, he thinks he knows what happened. So he said, "Go then."

Not long after, the car stopped in front of an exquisite building. Su Ling glanced at the sign and got off the car. As soon as he entered, the waiter greeted him, "Do you have any appointments?"

"Madam Gu."

"Please follow me." The waiter led Su Ling to the right side window deck.

Su Ling greeted Mother Gu and then sat down.

Waiter: "May I take your order?"

Su Ling glanced at the menu and said, "A glass of lemonade, please." He is not used to drinking coffee in the morning.

Mother Gu checked Su Ling out with a gentle smile on her face, she said, " I didn't get to thank you properly at the banquet. Thanks to the Redthorn Ball liquid you provided for my illness."

"You are too polite," Su Ling smiled, "I said it before, President Gu helped me a lot, and I didn’t give it for free."

Mother Gu took a sip of coffee before saying, "Since it's not free, it means our Gu family doesn’t owe you anything?"

Su Ling's face remained unchanged, "Yes."

"How much do you know about the Gu company?" Mother Gu pinched the handle of the cup with her fingers, rubbing gently with her thumb as if lost in memory.

Su Ling honestly replied, "Not a lot."

Mother Gu looked at him as she said, "Ah Heng’s father, he died when Ah Heng was only 8 years old. Ah Heng is the only grandson of the Gu family, and his grandfather was biased on his grandson, so his relatives in the Gu family stared hungrily at the main branch."

"If my parents didn't take action at that time, Ah Heng would not even be able to keep his life, let alone take charge of the Gu family. From the point of view of young Omegas like you, wealthy families looked grand on the outside. But you don't know how they are like a battlefield without gunpowder inside. With one bad move, one might not even have any bones left."

She said with tears in her eyes, but her face was icy, "Just like Ah Heng's father."

Su Ling was taken aback, that wasn’t an accident? However, he did not ask further. This inside information is absolutely confidential. Mother Gu may not tell him, and the information would be useless for him if he knows. After a moment of silence, he looked at Mother Gu without hesitation and said,  "I understand what are you going at. You want to remind me that my family background is useless to President Gu, and you want to use the dark side of the rich to make me step back."

"I'm sorry, I can't do as you want. I like President Gu so unless he likes other people, I won't give up on him."

Mother Gu smiled slightly, "You are very smart, so I’ll be frank. You are not suitable for Ah Heng, and I disagree with you two being together."

Su Ling frowned and was about to refute when his bracelet rang. He glanced at it and saw that it’s a call from male god. He turned to Mother Gu and said, "Sorry, I will take the call first."

Once connected, Gu Liheng's magnetic voice could be heard saying, "Are you still in the Xiao villa?"

"No, I forgot to return the suit yesterday. I will go back later."

Gu Liheng: "Have you return it yet? If you like the suit, I’ll just buy it for you. No need to return it. I have packed my things and am ready to head to the spiritual plant association."

Su Ling smiled, "No need to buy it, I won’t wear this kind of suit a lot. Talk to you later."

When he hung up the call, Mother Gu said, "It seems I have delayed your time to return your suit. As an apology, I will buy it for you."

Su Ling: "No need."

Mother Gu glanced at him and smiled. She tapped at her bracelet to contact the driver, but the call couldn’t connect as it is showing that the driver is in a call.

On the other side, the driver was sweating cold sweat. He didn’t have time to bother when a notification came to indicate another incoming call. He said, "The suit is in the car, Mr Su... and Madam is in a cafe." He wiped his forehead and continued, "Star Shore Cafe, yes, I will do it right away."

He hung up the call and sighed softly. Then he glanced at the missed call from Madam Gu. It is too difficult being sandwiched between a rock and a hard place. He hesitated but remembering what President Gu said, the driver decided to pretend he didn’t notice the missed call for the time being. He got out of the car and went to the back seat to check the rent number in the suit bag. Then he went to the dress shop and paid with his card.

Since Mother Gu’s call did not get through to the driver, she called the dress shop instead. She mentioned Su Ling's name and offered to buy the rented suit.

"Madam, the full amount has been paid for the suit."

Mother Gu hung up the call and looked at Su Ling with complicated eyes, "It seems that Ah Heng really likes you."

Su Ling didn't understand how she comes to the judgment, but the content of the words made him feel happy. With curved eyes, he said, "I'm honoured."

However, Mother Gu has no smile on her face as she drank her coffee in silence.

Su Ling sipped at his lemonade and waited for her to speak. In his mind, he is guessing what’s in her mind and what kind of objection she would make. Will she give him a check to make him leave male god? Or will she argue in front of male god? Although Su Ling doesn't mind this situation, he still felt a little helpless. Mother Gu is male god’s closest relative, and he doesn't want male god to be embarrassed.

After a while, Mother Gu spoke again with a sharp glint in her eyes, "A marriage that is not blessed by the elders will not be happy. You can't provide Ah Heng with any help, and you may even become his weakness."

Su Ling's eyes narrowed.

"I won't be his weakness."

"He is not a weakness."

Almost at the same time, a familiar magnetic voice came from behind him.

Raw word count:  3676


Banana: Apologies if someone gets triggered by the random dash in certain words. Banana dunno which word might trigger the ad filter so gotta be vigilant :P

[1] 天造地设 - It is an idiom, and Banana cannot see anything wrong with it. Not sure if there's an online slang for it
[2] Not sure if this is plot hole, or author forgot to tell us because previous chapters suggested that LM bought the suit and rented it to SL

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