The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 47 - Resentment


Cheng Jinyu didn’t even make a sound yet when Gu Bokai laughed out loud. “Jiang Zihan, you’ve said something that is incorrect. It wasn’t his cousin stealing his sweetheart, rather the both of us were originally a couple, a legal couple.”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Zihan asked a bit more seriously.. He faintly thought of something, but he didn’t dare to believe it.

Gu Bokai, “You don’t need to bother with our affair. The love triangle already has enough people in it, don’t stick your foot into it.”

“What’s more, Yuze is secretly in love with me, I don’t know how you found out? He has never said anything about liking me. Don’t tell me that because of his ambiguous feelings, I have to keep myself pure for all my life? My apologies, I can’t do it.”

Cheng Jinyu directly covered Gu Bokai’s mouth, “That's enough, don’t talk anymore.” He turned his head towards Jiang Zihan, “You should properly take care of Chen Yuze, have him get over it.”

“Very sorry, he is depressed. His parents divorce, sweetheart was stolen, I have advised him. If you really care about him, then don’t steal away his father and his sweetheart.”

Cheng Jinyu stood there. He was silent for a moment then spoke. “People will always need to adapt to a changing environment. It doesn’t matter if it's his family or his lover, all are incapable of me changing it. I never thought of stealing all the people by his side before, but the people by his side want to leave. That Is also something that I cannot help with no matter what.”

“You do have a method, because it was you who deliberately stole all of his things to retaliate against him even though he treated you so well. Biao Ge, how well did Chen Yuze used to treat you. Carefully think about it, don’t tell me he never treated you well even a bit?”

“Ok, that's enough.” Gu Bokai simply interrupted. Saying this he directly pulled Cheng Jinyu into the car.

From the car Gu Bokai said, “Requesting that you don't disturb our life from now on. Chen Yuze’s situation was caused by his parents. As for me, I’ve never liked him. Even if Jinyu wasn’t with me, I would not be together with him.”

“Jiang Zihan, care about yourself. You don’t need to worry about other people’s affairs.” Gu Bokai finished talking and started up the car.

Cheng Jinyu turned his gaze to look outside the window. He continued not to say anything. Gu Bokai a bit anxious, said, “I won’t allow your imagination to run wild. I also won’t allow you to overstep your boundaries. You are my wife, we are destined to be together for a lifetime.”

“Yes, I admit Yuze has liked me for awhile, but why didn’t he ever say it? There was not even a hint. It wasn’t because he was afraid I’d refuse, but was afraid I'd subdue him. In my heart I understand it very well, me and him could never walk to the end.”

Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but say, “I am also afraid that you’ll subdue me.”

Gu Bokai heard Cheng Jinyu and felt his heart make a joke, he knew that he was not that weak. Gu Bokai’s face carried a spoiled smile and said, “You don’t need to be afraid, it’s more like you’re subduing me..”

Cheng Jinyu smiled and didn’t continue to speak.

Gu Bokai, “Actually, I think this is very good. If it wasn’t because I suppressed my wives, perhaps I wouldn’t have an opportunity to be together with you. The heavens aren’t unkind to me, didn’t waste the benevolence I did these past few years.”

Cheng Jinyu glared at him. “You’re thankful for suppressing your wives? How unlucky of those wives you killed.”

Gu Bokai, “Everyone has their own destiny, even if we didn’t have the destiny of being husband and wife.”

Cheng Jinyu before had never asked about his previous three wives. Now that he mentioned it Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but ask. “Among the three which one was your favorite? Or actually it should be said, which one made you grieve terribly?”

“None.” Gu Bokai immediately said.

“None? What do you mean? Don’t tell me you didn’t really love any of them?”

Gu Bokai, “Of course not, my true love has only ever been you.”

Cheng Jinyu shook his head, “I don’t believe that.”

Gu Bokai, “What I said is true. My first wife was when I just turned 20, it was a way to connect families through marriage. In any case it was a political marriage, love had nothing to do with it.”

“I didn’t think that she would immediately die. The second one was also still a connection through marriage. It was for the family company, but in the end it was the same. The third one was a bit ridiculous. At that time there were already people saying I suppress my wives. But there was a person who specially stood up and said they wanted to marry me to prove that I didn’t suppress my wife.”

“At that time I really didn’t like her, but she kept pursuing me. Coincidentally my mother at the time fell ill and wanted me to marry early. With this kind of circumstance, I married her. But in the end, you already know, she also died.”

Cheng Jinyu patted his own chest. “Sure enough, it’s still my life that is strong.”

Gu Bokai smiled, “Wrong, it's because the heavens want us together. It's because I was waiting for you, so I must remain unmarried.”

Gu Bokai's smile was full of exaggeration as if he was a big dog. Cheng Jinyu couldn't help but rub his head with one hand, he cantrarily enjoyed it and rubbed against his hand.

Gu Bokai extended a hand and captured Cheng Jinyu’s hand. “Don’t let your imagination run wild, don’t listen to their babbling nonsense. People should be a bit selfish. Let someone else be a saint.”

Cheng Jinyu saw that he was a bit afraid, couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t worry, I’m not that holy. I don’t have that much selflessness.”

“But I really don’t want to harm Chen Yuze. In the past he really did give me a lot of favors, only I never imagined that things would progress to this stage.”

“Uncle Chen is only very good friends with my father. If it wasn’t for dad, Uncle Chen would not be like this towards me.”

“Actually I am also very puzzled. What exactly is the relationship between my dad and Uncle Chen.”

Gu Bokai mischievously laughed, “This still isn’t clear? I also saw it clearly early on.”

“You can see clearly? What is it?”

Gu Bokai coughed out a sound. “It’s simple. Uncle Chen at the time must definitely have liked your father, the two of them were most likely lovers. Afterwards don’t know how Yuze’s mother stuck herself in. Although don’t know what happened in the end, Yuze’s dad and mom married, but Yuze’s dad only had your dad in his heart.”

“No women’s heart can bear their husband having someone else in their heart, even if that other person is your own brother it's no good. Yuze’s mother had a belly full of anger and you just happened to be at the muzzle of the gun. Without a better option she used you to vent out her anger.”

“You dad also had no foresight. If he had you come find me instead, perhaps we would have been married for a few years already.”

Cheng Jinyu simply did not respond to him. If his father knew who he was at the time it’d be strange.

The next day Chen Yuze went home. His mother had cried until her eyes were red and swollen.

Tan Liyun did not put on makeup, her complexion was even more haggard. With bright red bloodshot eyes, her entire person looked battered and exhausted.

“Mom, don’t be like this, a divorce is a divorce. He also hasn’t been home for the past few days. We originally were two people who spent our days together, what the difference if he's there or not?” Chen Yuze tried to comfort his mother and said.

Tan Liyun extended a hand to hug Chen Yuze. “Son, did you know? The main point is that he's too vicious, actually took all the assets and transferred it away. He only gave us mother and child a bit of money.”

“It’s me that did something overly excessive. He doesn’t love me, it's fine if he doesn’t want to give me money, but what about you? You are his blood son, how could he be this malicious to you?”

“You take a look at this divorce agreement. He only gave us some apartments and run down cars.”

“He had his lawyer sneakily transfer the assets. Even if we filed a lawsuit, the money won’t come from his surplus stash. Currently he can say that he is penniless, but how can he say he doesn’t have money after all these years? Where did he transfer all his money to? Son, he doesn't’ want to give it to us, he wants to break off our retreat.”

“There’s no problem for me, I am already old. It doesn't matter if there's money or not, but son you are still young. You still have the later half of your life to live, how could he be this vicious?”

Chen Yuze’s originally tranquil heart once again began to stir up. Thats right, why was his father this cold hearted?

Chen Yuze grit his teeth and said, “Mom, it’s no problem. There’s still me. If he doesn’t want to give us money then we don’t want it. I don’t believe that we can’t use our own hands to make money. Don't worry, I’ll go find work now. I’ll support you, I will also have our days pass well.”

“But son this isn’t fair, we can’t let  him have everything he wants. Even if we divorce he needs to split half of his assets with us.”

Chen Yuze angrily said, “I don’t want his money, I don’t want a single cent of it.”

After he said this he immediately left the house. The atmosphere at home was depressing,  it made him unable to stay for long. That’s right, he needed to start looking for work. He needed to restart. He did not believe that without his dad, he would really have nothing at all.

Zhang Hongyu knew that recently Chen Yuze’s life had changed. He couldn’t help but complain about the injustice. “Your dad is too ruthless, unexpectedly treats you like this. It’s all because of that Biao Ge, don’t know what kind of potion he gave your dad.”

Chen Yuze immediately said, “Don’t mention him in front of me.”

Jiang Zihan drank some tea. “What are you preparing to do now?”

“I need to find a job, I want to start again. I don’t believe that without my father I can’t live.”

“It would be better to come to my company.”

Chen Yuze turned his head to look at him. “But I don’t know anything. If I went to your company, what would I do? You make clothes, I didn’t learn this kind of specialty.”

“No problem. Didn’t you learn economic management? It just so happens that my company is missing a vice chief. Just be my vice chief.”

“But, I don't have experience!”

Jiang Zihan smiled, “We are good friends. Shouldn’t we watch and defend one another? Besides, you are an outstanding graduate from a well known university. It would be my honor to invite you, I just don’t know if you’d do me the honor.”


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