Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 47: The Record of Raising A Baby (8) Part 1

The second and the third ones had been settled by Ah Jin, and she took the fourth one to work.

The team leader came to see Ah Jin and asked to make a change for her.

Ah Jin was puzzled, "I'm doing a good job. Why do you want to change people again?"

The team leader saw Ah Jin's confusion and explained.

"You didn't come yesterday. Wang Junxiang twisted his foot and is now recuperating at home. So you can work with someone else for the time being."

Ah Jin remembered that yesterday she saw him on the river bank watching the action, and now he twisted his foot?

Well, he was not willing to work with her.

She could not force him.

Ah Jin followed the team leader again.

The team leader brought her to an acquaintance, Li Damai.

"Li Damai, I'll give you Zhaodi. How about you take her to work with you? I see she performed well the other day. She should be able to keep up with you."

Li Damai hurriedly put down the work in his hand.

"Yes, team leader, you can rest assured."

Ah Jin looked at him.

"Brother Damai, let's work well together."

Li Damai didn't look at her and stuttered for a while to say one word,  "Okay."

Ah Jin followed Li Damai and sowed seeds.

She had to admit that Li Damai was much stronger than Wang Junxiang.

Whether it was because Ah Jin was following behind or because he was already physically fit, the two of them both exceeded the task in the morning.

In the afternoon, when she returned home, Ah Jin told the three youngsters about this.

They heard that Ah Jin was partnered with Li Damai and was obviously not happy.

They repeatedly told Ah Jin not to be cheated by Brother Damai and to hold on to them until they became capable of finding better conditions in the future.

Ah Jin felt she was not raising children but three old mothers.

That afternoon it was still a man and woman working together.

They were given ten points for over-achieving the task.

Only then did Li Damai react and rushed over to ask Ah Jin.

"I, am I too fast? Are you tired?"

He nervously touched the hem of his coat, afraid that he had exhausted her.

Ah Jin was pleased.

"I am not tired. I am fine. I got my first ten points."

Li Damai then smiled.

"Then the future will be like this. You'll always be able to get ten points."

Ah Jin smiled and nodded.

"Then I'll trouble Brother Damai."

Li Damai waved his hands.

"Not a problem, not a problem. See you tomorrow."

After saying that, he ran away.

Three days passed, Ah Jin was working happily when something seemed to be happening in the field.

Faint noises could be heard.

Ah Jin looked towards the place of the matter.

Oops, if it wasn't the Bug.

It seemed that the Bug had rested well and was ready to come out to do something.

Life would not be boring after this.

Noticing that Ah Jin had stopped, Li Damai asked, "What's wrong, are you tired?"

Ah Jin shook her head.

"No, I think something happened over there. It looks like it's the girl who jumped into the river."

Li Damai followed Ah Jin's eyes and looked over.

Indeed it was the recently talked-about person.

"Zhaodi, we don't need to deal with her. Let's finish the work first."

Ah Jin bent down again, and Li Damai continued to work.

After all, the Bug was interesting, but the points mattered more.

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