His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 47 - Encounter

The horse carriage arrived in the capital and they heard bustling and lively noises outside. Although Shen Ziqiao wanted to open the window to admire the scene, because Sheng Peiyin was here, she tried her best to maintain her dignified image.

She was in no way dignified or virtuous. However, she didn’t want Sheng Peiyin to make a joke out of her.

Hong Yu got into the horse carriage and glanced at Sheng Peiyin from the corner of her eyes. She asked Shen Ziqiao in a low voice, “Third Miss, are we going straight home?”

“No, we’re going to stroll around the Qi Residence. I heard that the Young Master Qi woke up, so I’ll only feel at peace after I check on him.” Shen Ziqiao said in a gentle tone, full of concern.

Hong Yu had served Shen Ziqiao for a while and understood her attitude and personality. However, Hong Yu didn’t believe her words. She convinced in a low voice, “Third Miss, the sun is about to set. Why not go to the Qi Residence another day?”

Shen Ziqiao knew that Hong Yu was worried that she wouldn’t be able to control herself and she would snap at Qi Zheng. She curled her lips up and said, “How can that be? Didn’t people say that I was the one that got him into the unconscious state? Now that he has recovered, he should at least clarify the situation for me.”

Hong Yu wanted to say that it wasn’t good for a lady to casually show her face to the public. But because Sheng Peiyin was here, she couldn’t lose her master’s face, so she was anxious.

She couldn’t help but resent Sheng Peiyin for squeezing into the horse carriage with the Third Miss instead of getting into her own one.

The most irritating thing was that Sheng Peiyin didn’t even stop the Third Miss when she said that she was going to the Qi Family. She was clearly waiting to see the Third Miss lose her face.

Hong Yu couldn’t help but be nervous. She said in Shen Ziqiao’s ears, “Third Miss, the Young Master Qi is still a man in the end. For us to just go like this… It doesn’t seem right.”

Shen Ziqiao was stunned for a moment, and then realized what Hong Yu meant.

She forgot that men and women shouldn’t be that close. Although the rules weren’t as strict as portrayed in the ancient books, she couldn’t be as casual as she was during the modern time. Especially when she was taking the initiative to visit an adult male. She definitely wasn’t allowed to do this.

Then what? Did that mean she couldn’t visit Qi Zheng?

Sheng Peiyin faintly heard a bit of the whisperings between Hong Yu and Shen Ziqiao. She smiled and said, “If Jiao Jiao doesn’t mind, I have a way.”

Shen Ziqiao stared at her confusedly.

Sheng Peiyin said in a gentle voice, “I have some connection with the Duke Madam of the Duke Residence. Why not say we’re just going to pay respects to Madam Qi? Then we can make an excuse and ask about Young Master Qi. Maybe then, we’ll be able to see him.”

Go and pay respects at this time? It was a bit far-fetched.

Shen Ziqiao hesitated. Sheng Peiyin was definitely up to no good by being so passionate. Although she was furious at Qi Zheng, she was unwilling to be schemed at by Sheng Peiyin. “Nevermind. It’s getting late. I should go home first. I’ll wait for another day to go and pay respects to Madam Qi.”

Sheng Peiyin faintly smiled and looked down. “That’s good too.”

After this decision, the two parted ways in front of the crossroad ahead. Shen Ziqiao said goodbye to Sheng Peiyin in the carriage and she left, unwilling. She was about to walk to the horse carriage behind when she heard the wheels rolling not far from her. She looked over curiously.

On the other side of the street, a wooden celadon horse carriage came over. When her eyes landed on the horse carriage, her eyes immediately sparkled strangely.

She recognized the horse carriage. The Madam Qi of Duke Residence also had a horse carriage like this, but it was smaller.

“Jiao Jiao, this is Young Master Qi’s horse carriage.” Sheng Peiyin walked to Shen Ziqiao’s horse carriage and said this to her through the separation of the shaft. Actually, she didn’t know whether that was Qi Zheng’s horse carriage or not. However, there was a possibility that it belonged to the Qi Family. After all… She wasn’t the one that stopped the horse carriage, so she naturally wouldn’t be the one to lose face.

Shen Ziqiao lifted the curtains and slightly narrowed her eyes at the horse carriage that arrived.

As expected, she saw Uncle Qun sitting on the shaft and their gazes met.

Qi Zheng was definitely in that horse carriage!

What should she do? Should she stop the horse carriage? Although there weren’t as many people as there were on the North Street, there were still people. If she really got out of the horse carriage to stop it, then her reputation would become worse tomorrow.

Sheng Peiyin looked eagerly at Shen Ziqiao and she was shocked that Shen Ziqiao was able to keep her composure for such a long time.

Shen Ziqiao cursed Qi Zheng out in her heart. She harshly shook the curtain down. She couldn’t stop the carriage.

The Qi Family’s horse carriage brushed past her horse carriage. Sheng Peiyin stood awkwardly on the street and her face was red and pale.

“Sister Sheng, let’s gather together another day.” Shen Ziqiao’s stuffy voice rang from inside the carriage.

Sheng Peiyin wanted to drag her out and scold her.

“Is Third Miss Shen still in the horse carriage?” A middle-aged male voice rang from behind them and stopped Shen Ziqiao from ordering the driver to drive the carriage.

It was Uncle Qun! Shen Ziqiao clenched her hands tightly, placing it on her knee.

Hong Yu watched as Shen Ziqiao was trying to calm down her fury, so she responded boldly for her. “Is there a matter?”

When Uncle Qun heard that it wasn’t Shen Ziqiao’s voice, he slightly knitted his eyebrows. He turned around to look at the horse carriage in front. He murmured and wondered how the Young Master knew that the Third Miss Shen was in the horse carriage. Could he be guessing?

Meanwhile, Sheng Peiyin secretly cursed Shen Ziqiao for being awkward. Why didn’t she get out of the horse carriage yet?

At this time, someone came out of the Qi Family’s horse carriage.

The sun’s afterglow landed on the tall figure. The purple gold crown with a dark ruby engraved in it sparkled in the afterglow. The jade belt that the man wore made him appear even more mature and elegant. He walked slow and steady steps. He was handsome and compared to the Ninth Prince, the man was even more masculine. One couldn’t help but be moved at first sight.

So Qi Zheng was that handsome. Sheng Peiyin’s cheeks flushed and she glanced bashfully at the man walking closer and closer to her.

Qi Zheng’s pitch-black and piercing eyes didn’t land on Sheng Peiyin at all. His gaze was on the horse carriage the entire time. He stood next to the window and said in a deep and magnetic voice, “Aren’t you tired of being in there? Quickly come out!”

Dang! The anger that she suppressed with much difficulty rose again. Shen Ziqiao gritted her teeth hard.

Hong Yu hurriedly turned around to advise Shen Ziqiao, but her lady had already pulled the curtains to the side.

Shen Ziqiao watched as Qi Zheng stood in front of her and she couldn’t help herself anymore, calling out, “Qi Zheng, you bastard. You dared to trick me!”

The young girl wore a swan-yellow loose coat with plum blossom designs embroidered on it, paired along with a nude skirt. She appeared to be delicate and cute, and her soft face was red and puffed up like a little bun.

A tint of smile passed by Qi Zheng’s pitch-black eyes. However, he remained indifferent and said faintly, “When did I trick you? I narrowly escaped death after being punched by you, and you’re not repenting for your mistake?”

She wanted to spit blood at him!

“Right. I’m your Qi Family’s benefactor since after I beat you up, you recovered and stopped being stupid. How are you going to repay me?” Shen Ziqiao wanted to curse him out, asking what sort of an idiot was he? However, Sheng Peiyin was standing by the side quietly and gracefully. Her words got stuck in her throat.

Qi Zheng suddenly smiled and said, “There are no words to express my appreciation.”

“Thank you my ass!” Shen Ziqiao suddenly understood. It wasn't that she was useless, but that he was too shameless.

“Why are you only returning to the capital now?” Qi Zheng knitted his eyebrows and asked. He originally thought that she would immediately come back after hearing that he fainted.

Shen Ziqiao glared at him. “What does this have to do with you? Should I rush back to send you a money gift at your funeral?”

When Uncle Qun heard this, he looked at Shen Ziqiao in displeasure, coughing coldly.

Qi Zheng’s sharp gaze gradually softened and he couldn’t help but caress Shen Ziqiao’s hair. “If I die, then what about you?”

Shen Ziqiao slapped his hands away. “I’ll be happy.”

“Return home.” The man’s rich and deep voice slipped in her ears and it sounded extremely gentle. Uncle Qun looked at Qi Zheng and his expression changed.

After being in the background for a while, Sheng Peiyin finally confirmed one thing. Qi Zheng didn’t even see her at all and his attention was on Shen Ziqiao entirely.

What was so good about that idiot? How did she attract his attention more than herself? There was never a man who ignored her.

Sheng Peiyin gritted her teeth hard.

Shen Ziqiao was stunned. His voice was pleasing to the years and it was gentle like the spring wind. However, she couldn’t help but be on alert.

He must be thinking about using her again.

Qi Zheng was definitely not a person who would speak gently and casually to a woman.

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