The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 48 – Yep. It's alright. (うん。大丈夫。)

T/N: This chapter was mega confusing I kid you not. I'm leaving some explanations at the footnotes based on my own understanding of what's happening, but even I'm not sure about them LMAO. Happy reading!!

"There was a reason I needed Chris-sama to die there."

I didn't know why Ursch-kun needed to do so, but I knew that he had killed Chris-sama intentionally.

The part that bothered me was that Ursch-kun didn't tell me anything about his 『objective』 or 『that he was going to do it』.


Since it was Ursch-kun, he would probably have made preparations so that even if something went wrong, he could manage it on his own without informing me, so that I would not be involved.

I shouldn't really say this, but although Chris-sama is royalty, he was supposed to be imprisoned because he 『went crazy from the curse』, only able to be brought out because the queen had agreed to it. If Chris-sama died from a training accident among other kids, then unlike in modern Japan, there might be a slight difference in punishment than if an ordinary royal died.

Since my house is incredibly powerful, my life would be spared even if a problem arose. Allis-chan was a Marquis's daughter too.

Thus it was possible that the 『commoner』Ursch-kun would be held fully responsible as 『the one who brought danger to the children of nobility』and be punished. It was also highly likely that Ursch-kun had this in mind when making preparations.

So I was really, really relieved that the 『Anti-Soul Necklace』 activated and that nothing happened.

I didn't know his objective, but I'm so glad that Ursch-kun didn't have to receive any punishment.


"Ursch-kun, I somehow noticed that you wanted to let Chris-sama die, but what was your reason... your 'objective'?"


"Because even if Chris-sama managed to control his skill, it wouldn't solve the fundamental problem."


Ursch-kun removed his hands from my ears and returned to his posture from before.

I went closer and stuck to Ursch-kun to not miss even a whisper, hugging my knees.

There wasn't a need to stick to him even if he whispered, but I somehow felt Ursch-kun was going to leave somewhere and wanted to touch him.


"The fundamental problem?"


When I asked, Ursch-kun also stuck close to me and answered in a whisper.


"Isabella, you saw the change in 『Status』Chris-sama had after reviving right? That was my and Chris-sama's objective."


I did in fact check Chris-sama's 『Status』. I also noticed something in particular... so they were aiming for "that change"?

And the way to cause that change was the Anti-Soul..... Hold on.

Just now, Ursch-kun said......


"Did you say yours and 'Chris-sama's objective? So Chris-sama actually..."


"He knew. We cooperated with each other because our interests aligned. Just in case, we video-recorded his last will using a magic item. With that, there wouldn't be a problem even if we failed."


Chris-samaa!! You were in on this?!

But there wouldn't be a problem if your accomplice, Chris-sama accidentally died since you recorded his will... Is that really okay?!

Chris-sama, just what are you thinking? I don't really get it, but you took the risk to die?! 『Alright, for the sake of our objective, I don't know if it'll work but I'll try dying once』is what you're saying? I kiiinda don't get it!! Are you lacking in self-preservation? How does that brain of yours even work?! Why did things turn out like that?


"Huh?! Wait!! What does this-?! Then... Then what about Allis-chan? Her too?"


"『I』didn't tell Miss Amaryllis~ So I don't know if she knew. I'm guessing she doesn't, but... who knows? She might suspect that her bomb was too accurate in landing on Chris-sama."


Um, for now we can say that Ursch-kun didn't ask Allis-chan for her cooperation.

And there was a possibility that Chris-sama asked her instead, but Ursch-kun doesn't know for sure...


"Ursch-kun, I don't get what's going on anymore. Could you explain from the beginning? I got pretty lost since the fundamental problem part."


"If I explained from the beginning, I would have to start from the founding of this country 800 years ago at the very minimum.”


"That long ago?! Why?!"


Isn't this talk getting bigger and bigger?


"Well~ it's something I heard from a certain man. If he were to be believed, the 『Ears of the Pride King』that Chris-sama has, and other 『XX of the XX King』skills were 'man-made skills' created by mixing the base skill with a certain 'something'. These skills were known as 『Deadly Sin King Fragments』and appeared around 800~1000 years ago, but the 'something' had the effect of 『combining』, or maybe 『attaching』would be the better word. It caused the skill to manifest in 'people from specific bloodlines', 『attaching』to a 'household', or 『combining』with their 'blood'. Not that I know the details."


"Why does the person who told you that know about this? Can he be trusted?"


If there was someone so knowledgeable about it, Chris-sama didn't have to suffer from his 『Ears of the Pride King』 that was believed to be 『mental illness』and 『hallucinations』.


"I hate that guy to death, so I have no plans on trusting him. But everything I've checked so far has been true... Isabella, you've met him before too."


Someone Ursch-kun hates to death, and I've met before? Who?


"Well, putting him aside... If you extract the 'certain something that was mixed in once' from the 『Deadly Sin King Fragments』, you get the 『Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins』that you know of, Isabella. Ah, not the previous 'something', but a separate 'something' once mixed in to create the 『Deadly Sin King Fragments』. Please don't get confused about that part."


Hm? Extracting only 'a certain something' from the 『Deadly Sin King Fragments』skills?..... Then that means--


"There's someone who has extracted the『Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins』, and that someone has made contact with all seven owners of the 『Deadly Sin King Fragments』skills?"


"That's right. Back in your past life, that man 『combined』 all seven of those extracted pieces with your 『soul』."









Eh? What does that mean?


Back in my past life?


So I, who was "Isabella's past life", am currently having a cheat reincarnation because someone from the next life pumped me with skills?


"U~m.... There's a bunch of things I want to ask, but... for now... Why?"


"Apparently your soul just happened to be suitable to incorporate all seven? Most have three as their limit, he said~ Well, it seems there were other suitable souls too, but your age and activity range coincided with that man's ideals. Since you fit all the right conditions for observation, you were chosen as the lab rat."


"Lab rat?! Observation?! Hold on!! Who is this guy?! This madman?!"


I moved even closer to Ursch-kun after hearing the unexpected information.

This was supposed to be about why Chris-sama had to die, but this is completely about me!! What's with that!!


"That man is the same person who told me all of this... Well, I have no plans on helping him, rather, I plan to get in his way... Isabella, you will probably never meet that man again so you can rest assured."


I will never meet him again?! But I'm curious!! Who is it? Tell me, Ursch-kun!!

I persistently asked him, but Ursch-kun wouldn't tell me. Even after grabbing his shoulders and shaking him, he kept smiling but didn't say anything, so I finally gave up.


"Well, I hate that guy, but it's thanks to him that I was able to meet the current Isabella, so I’m thankful for just that one thing. Now continuing from before... By inserting the 『Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins』into the 『soul』, then mixing it with the 『Deadly Sin King Fragments』, it will evolve into a 『Deadly Sin King Skill』. However, for the soul to incorporate the 『Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins』, they have to 'die once' while owning the 'recipe' of the skill. Actually, it might be more accurate to say that dying while having the 'recipe' is what completes the skill. Just like how you died while having the 'recipe' in your past life, and reincarnated with the 『Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins』, Isabella. This time, we had Chris-sama do the same thing. We killed him while he had the 'recipe' then revived him."


"Somehow this is getting even more complicated... But Ursch-kun, where did you get that 'recipe'?"


"The day we went to the lodge I guess? While you and the others went to exterminate the wurms, I extracted the 'recipe' from the sleeping Chris-sama. There's nothing that man can do that I can't, after all. Although, Chris-sama woke up during the extraction."


Ah, come to think of it, that first morning where I took Allis-chan out levelling, Ursch-kun was in the lodge explaining to Chris-sama the reason he was there, and that the identity of his 『hallucinations』was his 『Ears of the Pride King』skill.


"After I explained his current situation... And that the reason his great aunt he's never met before was imprisoned in a tower until death wasn't because of a 『curse』or a『mental illness』, Chris-sama asked for my help while in tears."




".......The pain my great aunt, and my ancestors before who were locked in that tower suffered.... For my grandchildren and their descendants to never have to experience the same..... Would you help me put an end to it? This suffering should end with me as the last, no one else should have to experience this.... You can create an item to seal this power, so won't you help to erase it?"


"Are you willing to put your life on the line?"


".....As much as you need. I've decided to help those who are suffering... That's why I want to help my descendants..... If I can't even do that, it's impossible for me to save others..."




"The 'fundamental problem'... was that even if Chris-sama managed to control his skill, that doesn't mean his successor will, right? Not only that, it's uncertain if we can accurately convey information to the successor. Mindreading is a troublesome ability after all. If the skill's existence was hidden, people will think it a 『curse』 again. And so, Chris-sama's opinion was that unless something is done about the hereditary 『Ears of the Pride King』, his descendants will suffer just like he did."


Then, Ursch-kun agreed to hand over the 'recipe' to Chris-sama.

After that, they only needed to find a way to revive Chris-sama after he dies.

If it succeeded, the 『Ears of the Pride King』and 『Pride』would combine and evolve into 『Pride King』......


Then attach itself onto『Chris-sama's 'soul'』as a skill.


Yes, since the 『Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins』are incorporated into one's soul, the evolved version─the『Deadly Sin Kings』, would be the same.


"So, did you also hear from that man that doing this will rid the royal bloodline of the 『Deadly Sin King Fragments』?"


"Isabella, you've never checked my status since your 『Eyes of the Greed King』evolved into 『Greed King』, right? Why?"


Huh? What's this all of a sudden?


"U~m? Because Ursch-kun, you became able to view your own status the day after, right? And after that, you always informed me whenever your skill or level increased, so there wasn't a need to look myself. Also, looking at the status of the person I like is kinda... If I constantly checked on you, wouldn't it seem like surveillance and make me an unpleasant fiancée? That's what I thought."


I don't mind looking at the status of other people I don't care about, though.

To give an example from my past life, it's like a girlfriend who quietly checks her boyfriend's phone, which isn't very good...

There's also that I didn't want to be hated if Ursch-kun noticed.


"Then, wanna try appraising my status now?"


"Eh... Ah, okay? Sure."


I activated [Greed King(Appraisal)] on Ursch-kun like he told me to.

I think it's been about three weeks since that time Ursch-kun asked me to appraise him at his workshop?




Human: Ursch Schneiver (6)  Lv: 35

HP: 54/54

MP: 590/607


Social Position:

Rosereale kingdom, Schneiver House's 2nd child

Rosereale kingdom, Schneiver Company's second son

Rosereale kingdom Alchemist


《Job Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ 

[Alchemist X] [Blacksmith V] [Merchant IV] [Magician IV]

[Herbalist III] [Toxicologist III] [Shaman III] [Philosopher III]

[Tailor II] [Healer II] [Priest I] [Perfumer I]


《Hereditary Special Skills》

※Due to this skill satisfying the requirements, it is no longer hereditary. It has thus changed into [Absolute Appraisal] and moved to 《Special Skills》.


《Special Skills》 

[Absolute Appraisal] [Accelerated Experience] [Accelerated Skill Acquisition Rate]


《Unique Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[MP Consumption Mitigation X] [Magic Rewrite X] [Magic Enchant X] [Spell Enchant X]

[HP Consumption Mitigation VIII] [Magic Cast Jamming VII]

[Instant Magic Casting VI] [Parallel Thought VI]

[Thunder Magic V] [Sealing Magic III]

[Holy Magic II] [Dark Magic II] [Space Magic II]


《Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[Null Status Ailments] ※No level.

[Fire Magic VI] [Water Magic VII] [Wind Magic VIII] [Earth Magic X]

[Light Magic X] [All Elemental Resistance X] [Auto Recovery VII]

[Weapon Enhancement VII] [Magic Enhancement VIII] [Presence Detection VI] [Presence Obfuscation X]

[Magic Detection VI] [Magic Obfuscation VIII] [Grade Improvement VIII] [Weapon Improvement VIII]

[First Aid IX] [Information Manipulation IV] [Harvesting VIII] [Mining III] [Search VII]

[Unlocking IX] [Enemy Detection VI] [Tracking VII] [Incognito VI] [Perception IV] [Insight X]

[Concealment VIII] [Disguise VI] [Duplication IX] [Modification VII] [Collection X] [Purification X]

[Compounding IX] [Cooking II] [Craftsmanship VIII] [Disassembly IX] [Dismantling V] [Extracting III]







................I didn't take notes of my previous appraisal, so I don't know if the others changed, but one definitely has changed.


The [Eyes of the Greed King] has disappeared from the 《Hereditary Skills》 and became [Absolute Appraisal X].


"But why? Why did the 『Eyes of the Greed King』 disappear?"


"I'm guessing it's because the 『Eyes of the Greed King』is the 『Greed King's 'fragment'』. The 'fragment' was used for the birth of a completed 『Greed King』, so it disappeared. Also, the 『Eyes of the Greed King』was probably made by combining this [Absolute Appraisal] with 'something'. Since that 'something' was what attached the skill to the bloodline, the disappearance of it will cause the hereditary trait to disappear as well. Now, the Schneiver house will never birth another owner of the 『Eyes of the Greed King』. It was a convenient skill to have but I guess it can't be helped.


"Huh?! That means I stole the 『Eyes of the Greed King』from the Schneiver family?! Sorry!! Ursch-kun, and everyone from the Schneiver house, I'm sorry!!"


Compared to Chris-sama's 『Ears of the Pride King』, the 『Ears of the Pride King』would be quite an important skill for a merchant family.

Yet I stole it when I acquired the 『Greed King』. I'm so sorry!!


"You didn't know it would happen, so don't worry about it Isabella. In fact, I should be the one apologising. I didn't know the method, but I did know that 『Greed』 would evolve into 『Greed King』. That's why I should have been the one to predict this. Not to mention that I'm the one who said to use 『Envy (Copy)』on my 『Eyes of the Greed King』. But thanks to that, I now know the conditions for the evolution."


I see, so you used your experience of the 『Greed King』's evolution and the resulting loss of your 『Deadly Sin King Fragment』to erase the hereditary trait of Chris-sama's 『Ears of the Pride King』.


"By the way Isabella, you haven't checked your own status after obtaining the 『Greed King』either, have you?"


"Ahh~ After I got the 『Greed King』, the status I see no longer had the HP and MP restriction of the game─like the one Ursch-kun sees, I think? Since I'm already at a high level, I didn't feel the need to check it so often... Also, my 'Social Position' underwent a disgusting change, so that's probably a reason too..."


Even when playing the game, I often checked my status when doing my best levelling up, but after hitting max level I didn't check my growth at all.

Not to mention that after 『Greed』became 『Greed King』, a part of my status underwent a pretty nasty change, so I didn't want to look at it often.

Somehow if I stared at it for too long, I'll get this uneasy feeling~ like I would have goosebumps or a mental breakdown.

Though, I could see the other skills fine and were even easier to understand.


Plus, Ursch-kun gave me some advice after looking at my status that became weird. It made me a little uneasy because this might be pretty serious?



"Isabella, even if you meet someone with 『Deadly Sin King Skill』in tomorrow's tea party, you can't use 『Envy (Copy)』on them, okay? Because I'm not sure if it will be safe, alright?" 



Thus following Ursch-kun's advice, when I checked Chris-sama's status, I didn't obtain『Ears of the Pride King』even though the appraisal said it was possible with 『Envy (Copy)』.

I was also scared that my status would become even more disgusting...


And there’s someone who underwent the same change as me.

It was Chris-sama, who "succeeded" in evolving 『Ears of the Pride King』into 『Pride King (Lucifer)』 thanks to Ursch-kun's plan.


"So that's why you didn't realise that 『Pride』disappeared from your status. You should check it more often..."


"Huh?! 『Pride』disappeared?! But I remember using 『Pride (Clairvoyance)』?"


I hurriedly checked my status after hearing Ursch-kun's words.


《Status "〟

Hu;; me: IsAbelLa Ali RoTEnstEin   (6) Lv 26⑤

HP: 67800/67805

∑P: 10770/10770


Social Po$iti0n:

Ro$ereAle kingd0m, RoTTennnSteiN faMily"s ■???th cHilD

r0seReing;;; ;; ; rotign ?? daUgHTer


《J ob  Sk i ll s》*Max Level Ⅹ

[Magician X] [Swordsman X] [Assashin X] [Hunter VIII]

[Chef IV] [Healer V] [Priest IV]


《Special Skills》

[Closet] [Greed King (Mammon)] [Wrath (Ira)]

[Gluttony (Gula)]

[Lust (Luxuria)]


※No level




Looking closely, the "Social Position" isn't the only part that became weird...

Also, my [Pride] became [Clairvoyance].... I used it as normal, so I didn't notice.


"Is the reason 『Pride』disappeared..."


"Likely because Chris-sama obtained 『Pride King (Lucifer)』. You've probably already noticed, but the 'social position' part on Chris-sama's status went crazy after he got the 『Pride King』... The race part too... It's a good thing you didn't acquire the 『Pride King』, Isabella. If you did, your status would probably have gotten worse."


Incidentally, Chris-sama's status that I last saw was something like this:




Huuuu;;;; ChRisT0pher Ron RoZeReaLe (6)  Lv: 2 Ⅱ

HⓅ: 20/20

MⓅ: 70/70


St a tu s  Pos it i o n:

Ro$eRrrRred0m royal family"$ 4tth cHilDie

R◇$erEaAAAaaaAAAA ndr////; /ince


《Job Skills』 *Max Level: Ⅹ 

[Swordsman II] [Magician IV] [Sniper V] [Hunter III] [??? in the Making I]


《Hereditary Special Skills》

※Duue to this skill sati$fyiNg tHe requirements, it is no longer hereditary. It has thus evolved inTo [Pride King (Lucifer)] and m0Ved to 《Special Skills》.


《Special Skills》 *Max Level: Ⅹ

[Oath Magic Ⅰ]

[Pride King (Lucifer)]

※Activation of 《Invidia》on [Pride King] i$ possible.









"Isabella, from now on you absolutely can't do anything to the other 『Deadly Sin King』skills, alright? Since Chris-sama took up the 『Pride King』this time, there won't be a situation where you collect all seven, but we still don't know what changes will happen to your body or constitution if you have more than one."


"Come to think of it, you said your and Chris-sama's 'interests aligned, so was your goal actually..."


"To push the『Pride King』someone else so Isabella doesn't acquire the complete Deadly Sin King set. It was my err in judgement that led you to gain the 『Greed King』after all... I'm sorry, Isabella. It was my fault your status became abnormal. I don't know how it affects you at present, but I can imagine it isn't anything good. Sorry, Isabella..."


Ursch-kun apologised and gave me a tight hug.




Fuooooooooh?! He's hugging me?!

Ma'am, I'm being hugged!! I'm being hugged tightly by Ursch-kun!!


Alright okay got it!!


"Ursch-kun, you're apologising even when you're not at fault at all, I don't really get it, but I forgive you!!"


Ursch-kun probably wouldn't be convinced even if I told him there was no need to apologise, and since I'm not angry or anything, this will all be settled by forgiving him!!


"Isabella... I'm sorry. There are still some things I haven't told you, but I still can't bring myself to talk about them yet."


So there's still more...

But somehow, I have the gut feeling that Ursch-kun isn't directly related to that one.

That although he's not at fault, he feels responsible and apologetic about it. Call it women's intuition. I'm probably right.


"I see, okay. You can tell me when you're able. I'll be waiting until then. Also, I don't know what it will be about, but I'll probably forgive you anyways, Ursch-kun, so you don't have to think too hard about it."


"Yeah. Thank you, Isabella."


Ursch-kun whispered while burying his face in my neck.

It was rare to see Ursch-kun being so meek, so I was worried about what concerned him so much.

I brought my hand up to Ursch-kun's head and gently patted it, hoping I could calm him down, even a little.

His fluffy hair bounced in time with my pats.

After silently receiving my head pats, Ursch-kun seemed to calm down, as he began talking about bits and pieces of what he could.


"The imitation method I tested on Chris-sama to incorporate the 『Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins』into the soul apparently has two as the limit."


"Did you hear that from the man you said you hated?"


I softly and gently asked Ursch-kun as he kept his face buried.


"Yeah... That man experimented with a lot of things, and realised that the chosen soul needed to have the 'recipe' before gaining a 『body』for all seven to be incorporated."


And so he decided on past lives... It would work since the body of the next life hadn't formed yet.

But why was there a need for someone to have all seven?


"If all 『Seven Deadly Sins』inside Isabella evolved into 『Deadly Sin Kings』, you would become the『King of the Seven Deadly Sins』. You would no longer be human."


I'll bet. I already felt inhuman with just the『Magic Eyes of the Seven Deadly Sins』, if they all evolved, no doubt I would stop being human.



"That man... coincidentally found Isabella a good ingredient as a test subject to artificially create...... a 『Demon King』."




Oi. Just who and where is he. Let me punch him once.



Not just becoming inhuman, I almost became a Demon King... Seriously?


Ursch-kun... thank you so much for stopping it.

And thank you Chris-sama for taking up the Pride King.



"I hate that guy. I'll never let my Isabella be some test subject. I'm never letting Isabella become a 『Demon King』. I'll get in the way of that insane experiment."


I feel the same way, Ursch-kun. I hate that guy too.


"Yep. It's alright. I'm not going to be a 『Demon King』, I'm going to be 『Ursch-kun's wife』."


Forget being a villainess or a Demon King



I will definitely marry the commoner Ursch-kun.

Then we'll peddle happily ever after. Definitely.


A/N: I remember elementary school boys going "Are you willing to put your life on the line?", and often bet their lives when making promises. So nostalgic.

winter: dumb explanation time

so first, Ursch explains that
XX of the XX king = base skill + 'something'
eg: [Eyes of the Greed King] = [Absolute Appraisal] + 'something'
─XX of the XX king (eg: Ears of the Pride King) is also known as a [fragment]

then he says
XX of the XX king = base skill + 'something' + another 'something'
─this [another 'something'] wasn't mentioned in the previous instance because it was only added ONCE, like... squeezing lemon on your salmon... (shh I can't think of good examples rn) you only gotta do it ONCE and it's not the main base ingredient
─extracting this [another 'something'] gives you Isabella's [magic eyes]
(I'm guessing this is the [magic eyes] 'recipe' but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ idk)

magic eyes in someone's soul + fragment -> evolution into deadly sin king
eg: Isabella's [Greed (Avaritia)] + Ursch's [Eyes of the Greed King] -> Isabella's current [Greed King (Mammon)]
─to bind the magic eyes to the soul, the person needs to have the 'recipe' of the [magic eyes] when they die
─Chris died while having the 'recipe', and already had a fragment, so he good now

just in case
the creation of [XX of the XX king] and [deadly sin king] are different, eg:
─for [XX of the XX king] , materials used in the creation is still there, albeit needing some work to break them up
─for [deadly sin king] , the materials are used up in the evolution process, and are gone now

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