I Swear I Won't Bother You Again!

Chapter 47.1 - There Shouldn’t be Any Love There (そこに愛にあってはいけない)

The moment Violette opened the door, she felt like she entered another world.

Violette’s room had a dark, or rather, a cool shade of color. For better or worse, it lacked a sense of life. She had been using that room for more than fifteen years since she was born. And yet, the color didn’t reflect Violette’s taste at all even if it was her bedroom. Still, Violette wasn’t particularly dissatisfied since she had everything she needed to live here, and that was the only place she could relax in this mansion.

Maryjun’s room was so different from Violette’s room that she couldn’t even imagine that they were living in the same mansion.

Bright shades of color and lovely interiors. Clearly, the room was furnished that way to follow Maryjun’s liking, unlike Violette’s room that was appropriately arranged without much thought.

Stuffed toys and photo frames. Maryjun had far more things than Violette, but it didn’t feel cluttered at all.

One’s bedroom often reflected the person. You could see the taste and livelihood of the owner. If the dark, lifeless room was Violette, then the soft atmosphere in this room was Maryjun’s nature.

Maryjun kept a lot of things and took care of them carefully. It was a place most people associated with love.

“Please have a seat! I’ll prepare the tea right away. Are you… Oh, we just ate, so of course you aren’t hungry!

“Yes… Thank you.”

Maryjun moved here and there; her footsteps went pitter-patter. Looking at how she wondered knocked things even if she was in her room, Maryjun must be nervous.

Speaking of which, Violette remembered that Maryjun had eyes full of determination when she called her out. That means she wasn’t acting like the usual. Be it because she was pressured or had a driving force, Violette found it unexpected that Maryjun could be nervous. Somehow, she thought that the younger girl was the type of person who would make all kinds of hardship into a source of encouragement.

I guess… it’s normal that she’s nervous.

Along these lines, Violette recalled what happened before, making her a bit nervous.

She didn’t regret what she said that day. Be it the way she said it or the contents. Maryjun’s previous behavior was like throwing a bomb to a land mine. It wasn’t brave, but thoughtless.

“Sister, do you want to add some milk to your tea?”

“Can you add it, please?”


Maryjun poured the tea into the cup. Violette didn’t even know when she prepared the tea set. The way her hands moved showed that she was experienced in this. Violette also learned the technique when she had tea time alone with Marin, but most noble ladies weren’t used to do things on their own.

With how her family loved and spoiled Maryjun, Violette thought that she would be clueless about these kinds of things as well. It turns out she was wrong.

“Here you go.”

Maryjun handed one of the two cups. Together with the rising steam, a sweet scent tickled her nostrils.

“Thank you. Then I’ll take a sip.”

From Violette’s knowledge and experience, she knew that no matter how good the quality of the tea was, making a mistake while brewing it would ruin everything. What Maryjun served to her was the milk tea she wanted. When she drank it, the tea was as sweet as her expectation. It also tasted better than she thought. Stimulated by the sense of taste and smell, only one impression came out of her mouth.

“...It’s delicious.”

Maryjun, who stiffened as she waited for Violette’s reaction, relaxed her shoulders once she heard those words. Relieved, she also took a sip of her tea and smiled gently. “Really? I’m glad…”

“You seemed quite used to it. Do you always make your tea on your own?”

“No, not really… But I want to invite you one day, so I practised.”


Maryjun smiled bashfully, a bit embarrassed. She hid her mouth using her cup she held with both of her hands, her cheeks faintly flushed.

Her innocence was like a child’s, thoroughly white and pure. She was honest, kind, and gentle. Violette already knew from a long time ago that Maryjun was a good person, why was it so startling now?

It made her felt choked.

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