Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 46 - Temporary marking [OW]

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Su Ling ended the call with Director Li and said to Gu Liheng, "We will stay for a week, from the 9th to the 15th. You should go back to pack your stuff today and remember to bring some daily necessities."

Gu Liheng felt that his young man is too sensible, "Okay."

Su Ling: "Do you have anything else to do for today?"


Su Ling laughed and said, "Wait a minute for me then. I will mix the fragrance according to the formula you selected earlier. The earlier I can finish it, the earlier it can start the aging process. You should be able to try the effect tomorrow." As he said that, he added one more point, "The rest of the tester will continue to age; maybe the effect will change over time."

Gu Liheng: "You do your stuff, don't worry about me." Thinking that the young man has never taken the spiritual plant specialist class, he reminded, "You can quickly get the aged fragrance with the aging device. It is also convenient when you want to compare fragrances’ effects with different aging time. "

Other than the formula, fragrance products using spiritual plants also require a spiritual plant specialist. But the processes later on will be fully mechanical. The efficiency of natural aging is too low. Of course, the effect is better than using an aging device. Generally, high-end custom fragrances will choose natural aging. However, when studying a formula's effect, it is quicker and more convenient to use the aging device, and it will not affect the comparison result.

Taking out the remaining Baby's breath essential oil, Su Ling took out Baby's breath he collected in the morning and the extractor. He replied, "I know, but the aging device is too expensive. I will buy it next month."

By next month, he will get around 1.45 million star coins from auctioning Redthorn Ball’s liquid and the Baby breath’s nectar order. The money is enough to buy a medium-sized aging device, which can age many test items simultaneously. The next month after that, he should be able to buy a frozen filter, the equipment needed in the final step of removing impurities from fragrance products.

"Which model do you want? I'll buy it for you." Gu Liheng tapped at his bracelet.

From the extractor, Su Ling poured Baby's breath essential oil into a bottle before opening another a new bottle. Hearing the words, he smiled and said, "I just mention it casually, and not trying to ask you to buy me something."

"I want to buy it for you," Gu Liheng frowned. "I don't know what I can do for you. I don’t have any experience in this."

Su Ling turned his head to look at Gu Liheng and saw a frustrated expression on his meticulous face. He chuckled and said, "Buy it then. I want a medium-sized device, and also help me buy a small frozen filter, by the way. I was planning to buy it when I have the money."

Gu Liheng's mood instantly became happy. He chose Tian Xiang (Divine Fragrance), the top brand for fragrance products and instruments. When he added the devices that Su Ling wanted, he paused at the checkout page and asked, "Send the devices here?"

Su Ling uttered an En, but he suddenly had a thought. In order to make male god let go of his heart trouble and believe that he(SL) doesn't mind his(GLH) ‘illness’, he should stay with him. If he alternates between two places, it would be difficult for him(SL) to help. Hence, he shook his head and said, "No, send it to your place."

The corner of Gu Liheng's mouth curved up. It makes him feel good that he can always see the young man, "Okay."

A brief glance over Gu Liheng’s mouth makes Su Ling smiled deeper. However, thinking of male god's reaction every time he realized he smiled makes Su Ling wanted to ask about it, but he immediately stopped the thought. He didn't want to ruin his(GLH) mood and decided to ask again when it is appropriate in the future.

Gu Liheng quickly placed the order. After receiving the pop-up message of a successful transaction, he moved his gaze from the holographic screen to Su Ling, "When are you going to move to my place?"

Su Ling mixed the essential oils in proportions, capped the bottle, and thought for a while, "After we returned from the association."

"The devices you just bought will be delivered to the villa within two hours, you..." Gu Liheng glanced across the test bottles on the workbench, "Don't you want to know the result sooner?"

Su Ling couldn't help laughing and turned to look at him, "You want me to move in today?"

Hearing that, Gu Liheng gets worried that the young man would misunderstand that he has something indecent in mind, so his tone was much faster than usual, "I’m not planning to do anything to you, I just want to look at you."

The protective and possessive desire of an Alpha for their Omega will make them feel uncomfortable and worried when the Omega is out of sight.

Su Ling's eyes narrowed, "Then does that mean I'm too unattractive? Didn't Alpha always want to do ‘something’ when they are with their Omega?" He tilted his head, "Or was it because you didn't mark me?"

Gu Liheng's eyes changed slightly.

Su Ling turned to take a step forward and stood in front of Gu Liheng. Their height difference made him dissatisfied. He pressed on male god’s shoulders and stood on tiptoe, and his eyes fell on his lips, "The welcome gift, it doesn't count as a temporary marking?"

Gu Liheng's throat moved as he replied, "It doesn't count."

Su Ling: "Why? Isn't the temporary marking just a kiss?"

The young man’s light brown eyes seemed to have a transparent layer and looked very pure. Remembering that he(SL) has amnesia and might not understand many things, Gu Liheng patiently explained, "For normal contact, it takes a certain amount of time to achieve the effect of a temporary marking."

Su Ling: "Do kisses considered as normal contact?"

Gu Liheng became silent. Su Ling raised his eyebrows and retracted his hand. He tapped at his bracelet and said, "I will know after I searched it."

He read the physiology book before and remember glancing over the part for marking but only had a general impression. A kiss or a long hug is a temporary marking; a bite on the back of the neck is a temporary marking as well but will last a longer time. The knot during the sme-xy time will be a permanent marking. At first, he thought he just doesn’t understand what permanent marking meant, and now it seems that he even got the temporary marking wrong. That’s why it makes him wondered that time. Except for rapid heartbeats, he didn't feel anything special. The book says that after being marked, the Omega will be affected by the Alpha’s pheromone. He would be blushing and feeling soft at his feet and instinctively be dependent on the Alpha. When he started reading the physiology book, he thought that the explanations were quite funny. After he was kissed, he even thought the book was just randomly made up facts, but it seemed that he had misunderstood the meaning.

Without waiting for him to start searching, Gu Liheng lightly grasped his wrist and said, "I'll tell you."

Su Ling looked up and waited for him to answer.

Gu Liheng bent over, and both of them could hear each other's breath. His voice was slightly tensed as he asked, "Can I kiss you?"

Su Ling answered the question by shortening their distance.

Unlike the last time when the kiss was just a light touch, it was more intimate and deeper this time. Su Ling was held in the back of the head by Gu Liheng's big palm and forced to raise his head. Gu Liheng didn't release him until the moment he almost couldn't breathe. His cheeks were hot, his feet were so soft that he was utterly unsteady, and he was leaning on Gu Liheng. His body was covered in male god’s scent. It was obviously a very light red wine fragrance, but quite domineering and fierce. It makes him submit willingly and sincerely, and doesn’t want to disobey any requests. Su Ling swallowed unconsciously. This unprecedented feeling made his brain blanked out for a moment, and he panted while resting his head on male god's shoulder.

Gu Liheng's eyes were dark, and he tried to control his breathing. Carrying Su Ling in a princess carry, he walked out of the spiritual plant room.

Finally regained his senses, Su Ling’s laughter was a little hoarse, "So that's how it is."

Temporary marking by kissing means a deep kiss and exchange of saliva. Come to think about it, it sounds reasonable. How can an Omega stand it if a light touch will get them marked? Whether one is studying or working, the chances of them accidentally brushed past an Alpha is very high.

Gu Liheng put Su Ling on the sofa, rubbing his black hair lightly so that he quickly eased from the feeling of temporary marking.

"I wanted to do this a long time ago," his eyes were dark, " I was just taking advantage of the explanation to do this."

Su Ling was amused by his honesty, "You don't need to wait for any opportunity. I like it when you do this. This is what a couple should do.” As he said that, he rested his head on the sofa and raised his hand to cover his eyes. "It’s just that my reaction makes me a little embarrassed. I was too uncalm." His three views as a man have collapsed entirely.

Gu Liheng had a smile in his eyes. The young man’s expression made him very fond of him. He rubbed his fingers on the side of his(SL) face gently and praised, "This is instinct. You are doing great."

Su Ling blinked and grabbed his hand. "You are doing great too." Decided to take the opportunity to adjust his male god’s mentality of his ‘illness’, Su Ling added, "I like to be close to you; right now is good enough."

Gu Liheng sat next to Su Ling and gave him a tight hug. The young man was full of his scent, which made him happy and relaxed. His possessiveness skyrocketed, and he wanted to keep him firmly within his range.

Why didn’t Gu Liheng say anything? Could it be he is thinking of his ‘sad issue’ again? Su Ling looked at male god's expression. He looked relaxed and didn’t seem to be having an internal struggle, so he breathed a sigh of relief. It’s fine as long as his mind is not in a sensitive state.

The two stayed on the sofa for a long time. Su Ling felt nice with an overwhelming sense of security while Gu Liheng's heart was contented; both felt very comfortable.

Sometime later, Su Ling glanced at the clock and straightened up from Gu Liheng's arms. He asked, "Are you hungry? Let's go out to eat a big meal, to celebrate us for leaving the ‘Single’ status together."

Gu Liheng has smiles in his eyes, "Alright, what do you want to eat?"

"Boiled fish fillets, sweet and sour pork ribs, braised pork trotters, fried soy sauce chicken wings, braised prawns..." Su Ling was in a good mood. He jumped off the sofa and rattled off a list of names.

Gu Liheng got up and straightened Su Ling’s upturned hair with a natural movement, "Don't be a picky eater, at least order a vegetable dish."

That makes Su Ling felt a little embarrassed; he seemed to be treated as a child again.

"I just listed it casually. I definitely can't eat so much for one meal. It’s enough if we just order 3 meat dishes, 1 vegetable dish, and 1 soup." After Su Ling said that, he went to the spiritual plant room and put the spiritual plants in his space storage.

Gu Liheng followed behind him and said, "You can order it if you want."

In the end, Su Ling only ordered what he said just now (3 meat, 1 vegetable, and 1 soup), all of which he and Gu Liheng loved to eat.

On the other hand, when it’s time for dinner, the Gu villa's dining table was filled with the dishes Su Ling listed down but didn’t manage to eat during lunch. Su Ling was smiling the entire time during dinner. When he accidentally saw his expression from the iron spoon, he felt that he looked a little silly. Love makes one silly indeed. Even though he thought so, his smile did not decrease at all. After dinner, he kissed Gu Liheng on the cheek happily and asked, "May I share the joy with my friends?"

Gu Liheng was in a happy mode, so he smiled unconsciously as if being infected by the joy, "Sure."

Su Ling immediately sent two messages out.

"Uncle Nalu, I have a boyfriend now. It’s President Gu."

"Meng Meng, President Gu and I are together now."

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