Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 46 Part 1

The two walked to the river as they chatted.

On the riverbank, the bridge was surrounded by many people and pointed at the river.

She pulled Ah Jin into the crowd and looked at the people who kept being pushed away.

Ah Jin could not help but inwardly spit.

No matter if it was modern or in the past, the people's gossip remained the same.

Even more in that time of material scarcity, there was nothing worse than that.

Ah Jin was also pulled to the front and saw the river's scene with the lady's glory.

The woman had been rescued.

The person next to her should be her little sister, who was doing resuscitation for the girl.

She was pressing on her chest while calling out to her, "Lihong, wake up!

"Lihong, you wake up! Come on, wake up!"

Ah Jin felt that the girl's body was losing life rapidly and was hopeless.

Guo Lihong only felt tightness in her chest.

Being continuously squeezed, she instinctively opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of muddy water.

Her little sister saw her wake up and immediately increased her strength.

When she did not vomit water, she helped her up to sit, patting her back to soothe her breathing.

Guo Lihong was a little overwhelmed by everything around her.

She remembered that she had hit a wall.

Why would she fall in the river?

Moreover, everything in front of her was so familiar.

"Lihong, there are things that we can solve together. Why do you have to be so impulsive ah! You can't do anything stupid in the future!"

Guo Lihong listened and looked back when she heard a voice from behind her.

It was her good sister Gu Yuanyuan when she was young.

It was her best sister Gu Yuanyuan who looked young.

Guo Lihong suddenly remembered how this scene was when she did something wrong when she was young.

Unmarried and pregnant, she was desperate and jumped into the river.

The river in front of her, the crowd of onlookers, and the clothes she was wearing were exactly the same as in her memory.

She was back!

She had returned to her youth, where nothing had happened, and everything could change!

She cried with joy.

She hugged Gu Yuanyuan and cried.

Gu Yuanyuan only thought she was too sad and comforted her by hugging her.

However, no one knew she was happy.

Ah Jin looked at the person who had come back to life.

Her life was gone a moment ago.

She was about to die, but then her life force filled up again with great speed.

Ah Jin believed that she had either met someone who had been reborn or met someone who had crossed over.

Ah Jin called San Qi.

"San Qi, come out and see. There is a bug in this world!"

San Qi respectfully replied, "Boss, the biggest bug here is you."

"I'm serious, come out and see. There is a woman here who is either had been reborn or had crossed over!"

San Qi was calm.

"Boss, she has nothing to do with us. Ignore her."

Ah Jin asked again, "What if she comes to mess with me?"

San Qi blew its feathers and said carelessly, "Then you can finish her off. Heaven's Path can't wait for someone to help them clean up their trash."

Ah Jin looked down in boredom, "I'm not that free. I'm busy raising my kids. I don't have time to care if she lives or dies."

Ah Jin was ready to go home after watching the fun.

"Auntie, I'm going home first. My brothers are still waiting for me at home to cook."

The woman quickly said, "Good child. Go back. In case of any difficulties, you can look for me. You can find me on the hillside behind your house. If you go and ask for the Zhongde family, they will tell you."

" Oh, I will remember. Thank you, Auntie. I'll go first."

"Good, good, go now."

After Ah Jin left, the woman joined the people around her and said, "What a good child. She just has a bad life. Poor thing."

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