Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 45

After dinner, Ah Jin really began to teach them.

The second child's foundation was too poor.

He didn't understand many things.

Ah Jin simply placed him in the elementary level to learn from the beginning with the third and fourth child.

When the third child went to school, the family had a series of changes.

He was basically not interested in learning, thus became increasingly worse.

But he was not a dumb kid.

The production brigade usually ended at four o'clock.

But in summer, the sky got dark late.

So the sky would be dark only around seven o'clock.

Ah Jin grabbed the few hours of daylight to give them extra lessons.

When it got dark, no oil lamp should be used sparingly.

Day by day, Ah Jin could now get 8 work points a day.

Wang Junxiang, on the other hand, could not say that he was suffering.

He could not pull his face to go to the team leader and say that he was not as capable as a young girl.

So he followed Ah Jin every day and sowed seeds bitterly.

Finally, at the end of the month, Ah Jin asked for leave and queued up to receive food stamps with her household register.

The original character didn't get many work points in the first few days of the month.

She started to get more in the second half of the month after Ah Jin arrived.

She received food, cloth, and meat based on the household register population.

The original character used to exchange them all for food stamps.

Ah Jin went to the brigade to exchange the work points for money.

One month only earned 5 yuan.

Also, she went to buy food, meat, and cloth and used the 3 yuan from her parents' inheritance to have enough money.

At that age, most people had stamps but had no money.

Some people would secretly sell stamps to make money.

Ah Jin went home to turn the purchased fatty pork into oil.

She spent 3 yuan on that fatty pork and bought a 3.3 meter of cloth for 1 yuan.

Ah Jin spent another 4 yuan for 5 kilos of cornmeal.

The original character could earn two or three yuan a month.

It was not enough to buy food.

How could there be any money to purchase other things?

The oil from a piece of fatty meat was poured into a small jar.

A third of it was just there in the jar.

Ah Jin looked at that 1/3 of the oil in the jar and was satisfied.

Looking at the time, Ah Jin began to prepare the lunch.

The newly bought cornmeal was made into a corn cake.

Some meat was added to the cabbage stir-fry.

It was Sunday when the school was closed.

The children used to go to the production brigade to help Ah Jin work, but today she did not let them go.

She made the children go collect hay.

The roof had not been repaired yet.

The three children went out to collect hay and came back.

They were so happy to see such a good meal with meat included for the day!

The third child jumped up and down.

"Eldest sister, what day is it today? I thought it was New Year's day!"

"Today is payday. Hurry up and wash your hands and eat."

Ah Jin made 8 corn cakes.

Each person had 2 and a plate of vegetables.

The three children, who had not eaten anything with oil for a long time, did not say anything and ate their food in silence.

After eating, Ah Jin said, "If you all study well, there would be meat to eat in the future. If you don't study well, I won't buy any more."

The third child patted his chest and promised, "Eldest sister, don't worry. I will study well! Second brother, what do you think?"

The second child recalled the taste of the meat in his mouth and said, "It is just studying. I will study hard!"

Ah Jin was furious.

She talked a lot with these little brats, but the result was not as good as one meal with meat.

In the afternoon, Ah Jin tutored them to study.

Meanwhile, she took out the new cloth and made some clothes.

Ah Jin didn't know how to make clothes.

She just followed the original character's memory and made them.

The children's clothes were too old, and it was a good idea to change them.

No matter how poor the other families in the village were, they weren't all patched up.

No one would dare to compete for the first place when their own family claimed to be the second poorest in the village.

In the evening, Li Damai came to knock on the door.

"Zhaodi, are you home?"

Ah Jin got off the bed and ran out to open the door.

"Yes, Brother Damai. You are here."

Damai scratched his head, "The team leader said you had taken the day off. I thought you were sick."

"No, I went to buy some cloth today and wanted to make clothes for my brothers at home."

Li Damai then cracked a smile.

"Good, I have brought you something. Have something to eat."

With that, he shoved something to Ah Jin.

Ah Jin pulled him back in time to prevent him from running away again.

"Brother Damai, thank you ah. You better keep it for yourself. You work more than I do. It is not easy for all families now. You should save it."

Li Damai looked at Ah Jin, holding his hand.

He blushed.

He stuffed the things to Ah Jin with his hands and ran away without saying anything.

"Hey, Brother Damai!"

The man was tall and had long legs.

He ran out of sight in a few steps.

Ah Jin looked at the sweet potato in her hand and thought about the sweet potato in the cupboard.

She realized what was going on.

The sweet potatoes were only available in the brigade.

Some people did not want to exchange their work points for money.

They would exchange their work points for food.

The brigade exchanged them for sweet potatoes and the like.

Sweet potatoes were much cheaper than grains.

Sometimes the work points were not enough to exchange for food, and they had to owe money instead from the brigade.

The third child came out of the house.

"What did Brother Damai say to you?"

Ah Jin took him by the ear.

"Go study. You're everywhere!"

He screamed.

"It hurts, eldest sister, let go."

Ah Jin carried him back to the house.

Seeing him as a fool, the second child told the fourth child., "I told you that third brother will be taught a lesson!"

The fourth child nodded.

"Third brother is really stupid!"

The third child was not convinced.

"Now you say I'm stupid. Do not tell me that you do not want to know what Brother Damai said!"

The second child said disdainfully, "What would Brother Damai say? He must have given something to eldest sister and left. He is always like that."

Ah Jin stuck a finger on the second child's forehead.

"So you know so much!"

The second child rubbed his forehead and looked at the third child proudly.

Inside the house, there was a lot of giggling when suddenly a commotion was heard outside.

The three little ones were held back at home.

"Wait at home. I'll go out and see what's going on."

Ah Jin came out and saw that people were rushing in one direction.

She pulled a person and asked, "Auntie, what's going on?"

"Zhaodi, you don't know yet? There is a girl who jumped into the river and killed herself!"

Ah Jin was stunned.

She found an ally?

Surprisingly, someone committed suicide before she did.

She had to check it out.

"Auntie, let me go together with you to see."

The village people had a good impression of Zhaodi.

So, the woman didn't refuse.

On the way, she told Ah Jin, "I heard that she was pregnant before marriage. She jumped into the river because she couldn't think straight!"

Ah Jin was shocked.

It was a big deal at that time for an unmarried woman to have a baby first!

"Auntie, the matter must not be talked about ah!"

"I'm not lying to you. I heard that he is an educated youth who went to the countryside. The first thing they should do is to get married and get a certificate. Why did they get so carried away? I really don't know how did these people think."

Ah Jin thought about it.

If the other party was an educated youth and still wanted to go to college, it was possible not to acknowledge the child.

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