Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 45 Mount Gui (NPC)

Aware of Furball's kindness towards him, Lou Fan immediately softened his expression and apologized. Then he shoved it into his arms and went to see Qin Tan again.

After Jiang Dong checked Qin Tan, his face looked very calm, "Qin Tan's state is normal, his heartbeat is very strong, and he doesn't look like he’s in danger. I can't see any problem anywhere. Maybe it's just overexertion, let him rest."

Lou Fan worriedly asked, "Is he really okay?"

"He's okay, don't worry." Jiang Dong said affirmatively.

After receiving Jiang Dong's affirmative answer, Lou Fan breathed a sigh of relief. He helped Qin Tan to tidy up a bit and sat down beside him. Then he said to the other members, "Let's all take a rest and eat something."

Everyone still can feel the lingering fear in their heart. If it wasn't for the Furball just now, they are afraid that even if they managed to exhaust the snake to death, they would not be able to get away unscathed. At this moment, the team only feels dry in their mouth and also stomachs empty. They are hungry enough to eat a whole cow.

Lou Fan uneasily watched Qin Tan's condition while eating. When he just finished eating, he turned around and saw Qin Tan gradually waking up, staring at him.

"How do you feel?" Lou Fan asked.

However, seeing Qin Tan still staring unblinkingly at him, Lou Fan became nervous again. He hurriedly called Jiang Dong over and asked, "Jiang Dong, come and see Qin Tan. Why is he not responding, did he turn stupid?"

Finally, Qin Tan couldn't hold back. He took Lou Fan’s hand and laughed out loud, "Felt like you are hoping me to be stupid? Why, are you trying to find another lover?"

Qin Tan did not turn stupid!

Lou Fan jumped over happily and replied saying that he wouldn’t dare.

Hugging Lou Fan, Qin Tan stood up effortlessly. He used to be like a sheathed sword, a black panther stalking his prey in the dark night. But now, his whole person exudes a strong aura, which makes people feel smaller.

Wen Lang clicked his tongue twice, "Brother Qin, why do I think you're different now? This kind of aura is leaking dominance!"

Wen Lang described it very aptly, and Chen Shuyang nodded again and again with adoration in his eyes. Even Jiang Dong nodded, agreeing with what he said. Lou Fan pulled Qin Tan over to look up and down at him, feeling satisfied with what he saw.

"Is that bead something like the snake spirit pill in the TV series? It's so cool, I want one too." Wen Lang looked at Qin Tan and said enviously, "If we all have one, we can be domineering like Brother Qin. Won’t that feel awesome?"

Qin Tan: "I do feel a little different, more powerful."

Lou Fan immediately took out Furball and said with a smile, "Good Furball, see. Qin Tan has woken up."

Furball gave a side glance at Qin Tan, then turned away its head to ignore Lou Fan. One could even see that its body is bulged up in anger.

Seems that Furball is super angry!

Lou Fan didn't know whether to laugh or cry and continued to comfort Furball. It took a full 10-minutes before Furball finally turned around. Lou Fan took out a large handful of butter beans to let Furball continue to lead them to find Longjing grass. He took out the previous matured grass in the bag and shook it at Furball.

"Furball, we want this one, this type of grass." Lou Fan looked at Furball with anticipation on his face.

Furball stared at Longjing grass before shaking its head.

Seeing that, Wen Lang grabbed his hair and wailed, "It's not the only one, is it?"

A bolt from the blue!

Jiang Dong and Chen Shuyang's hopeful eyes suddenly dimmed. Wen Lang turned his head to look at Qin Tan with envy, but no hatred.

"Brother Qin is so lucky!"

Actually, it’s not that Qin Tan is lucky. The lucky one should be Lou Fan because Furball initially gave this snake spirit bead to Lou Fan, but Qin Tan ate it.

Lou Fan is not disappointed at all, and said with a smile, "There is only one, huh? Fortunately, Qin Tan ate it. If I ate it, I would definitely regret it to death. Qin Tan, you are the main fighting force of our team. It is better for you to eat it. This way I can justify my being lazy."

"Even if I don't eat the bead, I will still protect you."

Lou Fan glared at Qin Tan, "Who wants your protection? I'm just being lazy, do you understand?!"

"Okay, you are just lazy!" Qin Tan immediately begged for mercy and went along.

Then, Qin Tan suddenly hugged Lou Fan. He rubbed his cheek against Lou Fan's hair and said softly, “Thank you.” Although his intention to grab the bead is because he was afraid of Lou Fan getting into an accident

Lou Fan became stunned for a moment, then suddenly laughed.

The other members’ single dog eyes got blinded by this. Wen Lang directly covered his face, "Aiyoyo, I don't want to eat this dog food!"


Their rest is almost over, and they also got full from the dog food. So, everyone packs up and prepares to continue the task. At this moment, their task has been completed 5/10.

The huge snake body took up most of the space at the opening of the fork, and the ground is covered in blood, but there is only a faint stench as if the space is stagnant with no flowing air. Lou Fan put Furball on the ground and get it to help find Longjing grass. Even if it is just the ordinary type, it would still save them a lot of time.

The moment the Longjing grass is plucked, a Chang snake with the thickness of the basin jumped out quickly. Furball is about to come forward when Lou Fan stopped it. Qin Tan is already eager to try fighting, wondering what changes he had made. Hence, the remaining members stood aside with weapons in hand, waiting to support. If Qin Tan couldn't take it, they would immediately charge up.

Furball stood blinking in Lou Fan's palm and got poked by him, "If you see him in danger, remember to help him out, understand? " After speaking, Lou Fan turned to stare at Qin Tan, his heart is about to fly out of his chest.

The Chang snake slid fast toward Qin Tan like it is swimming. Its eyes glowed green, and it keep hissing with its tongue.

Qin Tan didn't dodge but went straight up to the snake with his sword. His speed is very fast. Others only saw him move forward, and the next moment, Qin Tan jumped high towards the Chang snake, holding up the Tang sword and slashing down at the snake's head. At the same time, the Chang snake also raised its snake body, opened its bloody mouth, and is about to bite Qin Tan.

Lou Fan's heart felt like jumping out.

In mid-air, Qin Tan slashed down horizontally. Next, Qin Tan landed on the ground by inertia. With a twist of his body, his arms bulged and instantly exerted force. He held the Tang sword tightly and pulled it forward...

The Chang snake is instantly split into two halves horizontally and the scene is very bloody. Chen Shuyang's throat suddenly moved, and he turned to hold on to the stone wall before vomiting.

The battle only lasted 2 minutes and ended. Qin Tan’s speed is staggering, and what is even more staggering is that Qin Tan's power is unexpectedly powerful. This is completely different from the Qin Tan who struggled to deal with the Chang snake before. If it weren't for Qin Tan and the Tang sword still the same person and sword, they almost thought that the person and weapon had been changed.

"Frick, Brother Qin, you are too strong!" Wen Lang is about to die of admiration and jealousy. Such a good thing, but it’s not his turn!

Qin Tan raised his Tang sword to take a look and is very satisfied with the feeling just now. Sure enough, a spirit weapon is a weapon that communicates with the owner spiritually, and it improves as one improves.

Lou Fan grinned and asked, "How do you feel?"

Qin Tan nodded, "It feels good, you all should train more. I feel that the spirit weapon will improve with the improvement of the owner. In the future, we will add one more thing to do in the mission world, which is to try finding items that can improve ourselves."

In fact, everyone knows this without Qin Tan having to say it. Only Chen Shuyang looked bitter, what should he do with his spirit weapon?! Lou Fan patted him on the shoulder, "Your spirit weapon must have other useful purposes, but we haven't found it yet. Don't be discouraged."

Jiang Dong interjected, "Something like snake spirit bead, whether other people in Lazuli know it or not, we should act like we don't know it. It's better not to tell others."

Everyone agrees with this proposal.

Qin Tan's power value has greatly increased, which greatly boosted the team’s morale. They all feel that at this moment, their mission can be completed without any hindrance. Everyone's main task changed from finding the Longjing grass to finding a way out. They have Furball to help find Longjing grass.

After picking a Longjing grass again, Qin Tan has not had time to start when Furball quickly jumped into the hole that the snake should be coming out from. Then there is a sound of something falling to the ground, and soon, Furball jumped back to Lou Fan's arm again. In his arms, only a little bit of Furball can be seen, and its mung bean's eyes are shining brightly. It turned out that Furball is asking for praise! Lou Fan burst out laughing. He grabbed a few butter beans for Furball, and smoothed its fur, "Okay, I'll let you handle all the Chang snakes from now on."

Wen Lang: …

Wen Lang really wanted to know what kind of people he is in a group with! He doesn't know if Lou Fan is really a Lucky King but anyway, he doesn't care about the task anymore. At this moment, he just wants to know if there is anything to improve his strength here.

Wen Lang nudged Jiang Dong, "Hey, do you think we might encounter something to improve our strength? I felt like there is only little hope."

"Isn't Qin Tan has one already?" Jiang Dong said and laughed. "We have Lou Fan in our team. Are you afraid that there will be no good things in the future? Try to stay alive and there will be many good things coming."

Wen Lang only ask for the sake of talking, but when he heard Jiang Dong's words, he felt relieved. He took a long sigh, "I wonder what happened to the intermediate team? If they are here with us, they won’t have to worry about their task at all. They are also unlucky."

Zhang Zhang and his team members really felt unlucky at the moment. They are trying their best to deal with a Chang snake, and each of them had injuries of varying degrees. When Du Feng is wearing a pair of gloves, her strength is twice as strong as that of ordinary people. Right now, she is holding onto the mouth of the snake tightly and swaying in mid-air as the snake's body swayed. You Xing's flower couldn't get in front of the Chang snake at all, and Du Jun's stick only felt like a tickle for the snake. Zhang Zhang got whipped all over by the snake's tail. Gritting his teeth, he chased after the Chang snake with his chainsaw.

This will not do! The snake must be restrained first!

Zhang Zhang gritted his teeth and shouted, "You Xing, take the spider web out!"

You Xing responded and put on her gloves. Then, she took out a ball of silk-like things from her backpack, "Team leader, I'm ready."

Although Zhang Zhang felt pain (from using rare items), his members are more important. The moment he saw a gap, he immediately shouted, "Cast the net!"

As soon as Zhang Zhang said that, Du Feng and Du Jun immediately let go and moved away from the Chang snake. A white web is thrown from the air and fell on the Chang snake, and it shrank into a ball. The Chang snake shook violently, but the white web became tighter and tighter as it swayed, sticking together. In the end, the Chang snake got wrapped into a bundle.

Zhang Zhang raised the chainsaw and quickly sawed the snake into several pieces.

The Chang snake is dead, but the spider web also became useless. This spider web was obtained from their last mission world, and it is a one-time item. Zhang Zhang originally wanted to keep it for emergencies, or to exchange for other things, but he didn't expect it to be used at the first Chang snake they encountered after separating from the junior team.

Sighing, Zhang Zhang walked aside and sat down to rest.

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