The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 45 - Lets Divorce then


Cheng Jinyu, “Why did you come here? The doctor let you leave, is your body better?” Cheng Jinyu couldn’t help but get close to this person.

Chen Xiuyuan, “No problem, I’m a lot better. I called you yesterday but you didn’t come see me so I came to find you today.”

“Did you need me for anything?” Cheng Jinyu asked.

“No, I just wanted to see you.”

Cheng Jinyu didn’t know what he should say. It was like Chen Xiuyuan was afraid he’d disappear, almost like he wanted to always see him in order to be reassured.

Cheng Jinyu walked to his side and crouched down. “Don’t worry, I am here. I won’t disappear. You should recuperate well. Wait until your illness is better, we can meet everyday. Currently you’re not at the hospital, it will only make your body worse. Then our opportunities to meet each other will become less and less.”

Chen Xiuyuan was like a child and listened to what was told. “Ok, I’ll listen to you, I’ll immediately go back to the hospital. But you definitely can’t avoid me. Jinyu, I’m begging you. I’ve let down your father. In this lifetime I need to take care of you. Or else, when I die I won’t be able to face your father.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled and said,” I am very good right now, genuinely very good. You don’t need to worry.”

Cheng Jinyu repeatedly told him, then went to see this person off.

Secretary Liu sighed in admiration. “Only you can advise this old man. With this illness he has become like a child. Anything we say to him is of no use.”

Cheng Jinyu smiled as Secretary Liu continued to talk. “Chief Cheng, did you know that this year is our company's time to order custom made clothing? This year we are probably investing over 100 million to get high quality custom made clothing for our company.”

“Chief Chen is hoping you will add your project into the bidding. Although he can’t absolutely guarantee anything, but Chief Chen will try his hardest to give your company a cup of soup.”

“Your company just started so it needs a powerful project to support it. If you can get our company’s order, then you will get a firm foothold in the clothing industry.”

Cheng Jinyu stared blankly. “My company isn’t qualified. The requirements from your company is all top notch menswear brands. My brand was just established, it probably doesn't qualify to take part of the bid.”

Cheng Jinyu at the time had also seen this project. First of all, this was Chen Family’s industry, he simply should not have any hope. Second, his company was too small, simply did not fit their requirements.

Secretary Liu smiled. “You shouldn’t worry. If you’re suitable or not is decided by us. It’s best if you currently go prepare the material. Our company’s project is going to be starting soon.”

“Chief Cheng, it's necessary that I tell you. Although Chief Chen really wants to help you, but if your clothing quality and design is bad,then even if Chief Chen has the highest authority he cannot help you. So it’s necessary that you go make sure the service and quality of your clothing is good, this is the most basic.”

Cheng Jinyu, “This you can be reassured, I will naturally use all of my energy to make this brand good. This company was named after my dad, I definitely won't let my father lose face.”

After Secretary Liu left, Cheng Jinyu put all of his energy into this project. Like Secretary Liu said, even if he couldn’t get the entire project if he could still get a cup of soup, it would allow him to put his foot into the menswear industry.

Cheng Jinyu once again became incredibly busy. Gu Bokai complained a lot but his company was also busy during this time. He did not have his own time to spare, didn’t even have much time to complain.

Like this Cheng Jinyu had even more time to throw himself into his work. The time the two people met was also very little. Cheng Jinyu felt his ears were pure and peaceful. Gu Bokai’s ridicules and complaints disappeared without a trace.

When Tan Liyun went to the hospital again, Chen Xiuyuan already prepared to leave the hospital. His illness was already stable and the company had a lot to do. He wanted to meet Cheng Jinyu again, as a result he hastily went through the hospital discharge procedures.

Tan Liyun stood at the entrance to the ward room. Seeing Chen Xiuyuan sitting on the bed, Secretary Liu was helping him tidy things up.

Tan Liyun summoned up her courage and entered. She directly seized the load from Secretary Liu and started to help Chen Xiuyuan tidy his clothes. Secretary Liu glanced at her, then at Chen Xiuyuan sitting there unmoving. He was somewhat hesitant if he should leave or not.

Chen Xiuyuan continued not to say anything. Secretary Liu also did not know if he should leave, he could only stand there staring blankly. Tan Liyun’s movement was very fast, and in a moment tidied up the entire room.

After Tan Liyun finished putting things in order she walked to Chen Xiuyuan’s side. “Everything is tidied up. I just asked them, the hospital discharge procedure has also been handled. Lets leave!” Tan Liyun said this then extended her hand wanting to help support him. Chen Xiuyuan immediately shook off her hand, his ice cold face nailed into her.

Tan Liyun’s complexion was dull gray. She lowered her head and said, “I know I’m wrong, but do you understand my heart? For these past few years your heart only held my big brother. You want to skip over my feelings? I hate it! I really hate it.”

“Afterward Cheng Jinyu appeared. He said he was my brother’s son, he also had no proof, how would I know if he was really my brother's child? But he and my brother look very similar. I couldn’t help but transfer that bitterness from my brother onto him. I think he might not necessarily be my brother’s child.”

“I... I don’t know how to explain to you, but you must understand me. I also have some difficulties.” Tan Liyun spoke up here, tears began to fall down. Thinking of these 20 plus years being in contact with Chen Xiuyuan, it was really endlessly sad.

Everyone was envious of her marrying a capable husband, giving birth to a clever son, but who could know of how she got by every night? Every night guarding an empty room, every night waiting for her own husband to come back. That kind of loneliness practically devoured her heart.

She admitted that her heart was twisted, she admitted she tormented Cheng Jinyu when he was here. She felt  delight, it seemed like all her happiness and joy was completely established by mistreating Cheng Jinyu, as if Cheng Jinyu’s pain was her brother’s pain, just like Chen Xiuyuan’s pain.

She knew her heart was already warped, but who was the one who created it? It was from the man sitting in front of her. This cold hearted person. He obviously already married her, obviously was her husband, but he never considered her his wife, his heart did not even have her in it.

Tan Liyun thought up to here, tears began to surge up violently. “You don’t love me? I know, I also hate myself, really really hate. I am not this kind of malicious woman, how could I treat my own nephew this way? But.. but...I really couldn’t bear it. If I didn’t do it like this I was going to go crazy. Truly, I love you, I really love you.”

“But your heart never once had me in it. It really is painful to bear.”  Tan Liyun wanted to continue talking, however Chen Xiuyuan already stood up.

“If you're really feeling guilty then say it to Cheng Jinyu, there's no need to say it to me. You are not letting down me, you are only letting down your brother and his son.”

“Tan Liyun, at that time how did we get married? It can’t be that you don’t know right? If you forgot, then I’ll remind you. It was you. You used a scheme to sneak onto my bed, then extorted your brother away, pressured me until I had no choice but to marry you.”

At that time I promised your brother that I would marry you. That I would take care of you for a lifetime, but your brother has already passed and my promise with him has already ended.”

“What do you mean?” Tan Liyun suddenly became a bit afraid. “Your promise with my brother ended? You want to back out, you won’t take care of me anymore?”

“I already passed half of my lifetime. My hair is about to turn white. I want to live for myself for a few years. Tan Liyun, let’s get a divorce.”

“What? You... you want to divorce me? Then what are you going to do? Your brother is already dead, don’t tell me you still want to marry him?”

Chen Xiuyuan, “Yes! I can’t marry him anymore, but I have to protect him! When I die, I will bury myself with him.”

“Tan Liyun, my lawyer will immediately notify you. We will quickly process through the divorce.”

“No, I will not divorce you, I will never!” Tan Liyun shouted.

With great effort, these past few years she created a happy woman. In front of everyone she was noble and refined. If other people found out that she was abandoned by her husband, how could she show off in front of those dames. The image she maintained for many years would be crushed. Not allowed, definitely not allowed!

Tan Liyun, “Besides getting divorced, you can make me do anything else. I let down Cheng Jinyu, I will apologize to him. I will beg until he forgives me. As long as you don’t divorce me, I will promise you anything.”

Chen Xiuyuan, “I don’t need you to do anything, I just want you to let go of me. We will get divorced, separate our paths.”

“Then Chen Yuze? Your blood son? Cheng Jinyu is not your child, that's the child my brother had with someone else. Now with one word you have Cheng Jinyu, where are you putting Chen Yuze?”

“Chen Yuze still has you to care for him. What does Cheng Jinyu have? I’m letting you know, from now on Cheng Jinyu is my son, I am his father.”

“Then Chen Yuze? What is Chen Yuze going to do?”

“I admit I have let down Yuze, but you love him dearly, at least he still has you. Cheng Jinyu has no one by his side. I must stay at his side. I must guard him with all I have.”

Chen Yuze was hiding outside, tears were once again bubbling up. His dad was leaving the hospital today so he came to help his dad tidy up. But he definitely did not think that he would hear his dad’s words like this.

His father currently only had his heart and eyes on Biao Ge. And this son of his, was completely ignored.

He also wanted to divorce his mother, he still wanted to destroy the family that was never whole.


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