Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 45-2: Ghost King

When Chen Yu ran out of the house, she had already summoned her compass, but the compass had only arrived now. With its help, Chen Yu finally had a chance to breathe.

However, she only has the compass, she didn’t have any talismans with her, so Chen Yu was still struggling to fight.

“Don’t worry about that thing, go and kill the Celestial Master.” Qi Changming ordered.

The Ghost King roared, then obediently attacked Chen Yu again. Chen Yu’s expression changed; she immediately ran forward.

Chen Yang saw Chen Yu rushing forward so he hurriedly followed behind her. He didn’t care that the place Chen Yu was running towards was a restricted area, he just wanted her to be safe.


They ran straight to the small garden behind the courtyard.

The Ghost King threw a handful of evil energy. Chen Yu was rolled up by the energy, her whole person flew upside down and collided against a rockery. Chen Yu rolled away from the spot and the Ghost King’s next punch directly hit the rockery. That two-meter-high fake rockery broke in an instant, its rubble rolled to the ground.

Chen Yang looked at the scene in disbelief.

Shishi is being chased by something invisible, and the invisible thing can smash a rockery in an instant? What’s that invisible thing? What exactly is it?

Chen Yang’s eyes reddened when he saw his sister in danger, but he couldn’t do anything. He tried to get closer to help, but when he took a step closer, the invisible Yin aura that felt like a freezing barrier made him unable to move.

“Shishi!” Chen Yang’s voice became hoarse, he tried to run forward strenuously, trying to get to Chen Yu, but he couldn’t break through that invisible barrier.

Chen Yang didn’t know what to do. A feeling of dread and despair swept through his whole body. What to do? What can I do? How can I deal with this invisible thing?

“Spirit incantation, Expelling Talisman!” Chen Yu finally finished drawing a talisman with much difficulty, and she immediately jumped and pasted it on the Ghost King’s head.

Roar!” The Ghost King was in pain, his attacking movements became even fiercer. Chen Yu couldn’t avoid being hit on her forehead by a flying stone and she yelped out in pain.

“Shishi!” Chen Yang reached both of his hands towards the invisible evil aura that had condensed into a fast-spinning cyclone. He was unable to open his eyes due to the rapid wind and the frost-biting temperature made his hands red, but Chen Yang didn’t retreat, instead he gritted his teeth to squeeze half a foot in.

“Quick! Paste them!”

He Qi brought over a dozen people from assistants and the guard regiment, each of them had a talisman in their hands, running towards Chen Yu’s direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

More than a dozen talismans burned and the blood-red evil spirit ripped a small tear in the air.

ROAAARRR!” The Ghost King roared, he opened his hands and a huge Yin aura emanated from them. Following the Ghost King’s movement, even the dozen special forces including Chen Yang were overturned.

“Again!” He Qi rolled and stood up, beckoning the others to send another attack.

“Don’t come here, this is a Ghost King, Expelling Talisman’s power can’t deal with him!” Chen Yu saw that the people around her were still rushing in, she felt so anxious and worried.

A Ghost King was different from ordinary ghosts, even ordinary ones can take away a human’s life, if Ghost King wanted to harm people, it’s just a matter of him raising his hand. Although her brother and all the special forces had some positive energy, this energy is enough to deal with ordinary evil spirits and is basically useless against a Ghost King.

However, their actions still bought Chen Yu some time to recover from the previous attack. Chen Yu took this opportunity to stand up and run to the side, avoiding the Ghost King’s attacks while thinking about how to get out.

She’s not capable of fighting against a Ghost King, not to mention that she had no talismans on her right now, but it's still useless even if she had them with her, because everything was futile in front of absolute strength.

Chen Yu didn’t expect Qi Changming to be so deranged that he dared to instigate the Ghost King to attack someone in the same profession as him, could it be he’s not afraid of Heaven’s wrath?

Buzz, buzz, buzz!

The compass hovered over Chen Yu’s head, constantly emitting warning sounds.

Is opening Spirit Gate the only way? If she can force the Ghost King in, Qi Changming would have to make a lot of effort if he wanted to summon him again.

After Chen Yu thought of a way, her spiritual power began to rush into the compass. A golden light flickered from its body as it began to absorb Ghost King’s Yin aura to connect it with the Spirit Gate.

“You want to open Spirit Gate? Don’t even think about it!” Qi Changming sensed the Spirit Gate was about to open, so he changed his tactic once again.

The Ghost King stopped attacking Chen Yu, turned around and knocked the compass out of the air. Under its brute strength, the compass’ fluttering light vanished in the distance.

The Spirit Gate disappeared before it was fully opened.

“Don’t worry about other people, just kill her!” Qi Changming ordered.

The Ghost King paused all of a sudden and turned to look at Chen Yu.

Chen Yu’s face became pale and she immediately ran off.

Lou Ming, who had been informed about the attack a long time ago, stood on the second floor observing the battle through the window.

Lou Ming wanted to rush out when Chen Yu hit the rockery, but he was stopped by Cheng Peng. With no way out, he could only send out his men with the Expelling Talismans to help.

But when he found that the talismans were of no use, Lou Ming couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Third Young Master, you can’t go out for the week of winter solstice.” Chen Peng firmly blocked Lou Ming with his body.

“Get out of the way!” Lou Ming shouted with a cold voice.

“Third Young Master, it’s useless even if you go out, you will be frozen stiff as soon as you step a foot outside.” Cheng Peng said.

“…” Lou Ming stopped, he began to estimate whether his own physical strength could bring him in front of Chen Yu or not.

Seeing Lou Ming calm down, Chen Peng heaved a sigh of relief, thinking he had successfully persuaded him.

“Miss Chen Yu!”


The shouts that were relayed through Cheng Peng’s intercom snapped Lou Ming back to his senses. When he turned around to look out the window he found Chen Yu suspended midair.

Lou Ming anxiously grabbed Cheng Peng’s intercom and shouted, “What happened?”

“Third Young Master, Miss Chen Yu seems to be caught by the neck by something, we can’t get close at all.” He Qi’s anxious voice came from the other end.


Lou Ming pushed Cheng Peng away and quickly ran down the stairs. The moment Lou Ming stepped out of the door, the evil spirit in his body started to go dormant at an unbelievable speed.

Lou Ming felt like his whole body was put in a freezer a few hundred degrees below zero, he couldn’t breathe from the cold.

“Third Young Master!” Cheng Peng rushed over.

Lou Ming supported himself with one hand before he ran to the small park with all of his strength.

It was only less than ten meters, but Lou Ming ran especially hard.

Chen Yu was being choked by the Ghost King, she was lifted up midair, her face flushed red from the lack of air. Chen Yu’s hard luck and spiritual power invoked the compass to use its remaining power to slam the Ghost King’s arm, before he finally released Chen Yu.

Chen Yu rolled and ran while coughing.

“Here!” she heard Lou Ming’s voice at this moment.

“Third Brother?” Chen Yu looked up in disbelief.

“To… me… run here!” Lou Ming’s body was too cold, he really couldn’t move fast.

Chen Yu thought of the evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body, she turned around and hastily ran towards Lou Ming’s direction.

Lou Ming opened his arms and motioned for her to run into his arms.

Chen Yu used the fastest speed ever in her life to run the one-meter distance and jumped right into Lou Ming’s embrace.

Lou Ming caught Chen Yu, and unable to withstand the impact he staggered back two steps.

The Ghost King ran after Chen Yu. Seeing that Chen Yu stopped, he raised his hands to catch her.

Lou Ming keenly sensed that something was approaching, he stretched out his hand to block it and caught an ice-cold arm.

The dormant evil spirit in Lou Ming’s body sensed the oncoming danger and immediately became active again. The blood-red evil aura creeped onto the Ghost King’s arm from Lou Ming’s palm, slowly devouring the Ghost King’s black Yin aura.

“Aa? Roaaarr!!” The Ghost King started shaking his hands in panic, trying to throw off Lou Ming’s hand.

But how could Chen Yu let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? She quickly unlocked the jade clasp seal on Lou Ming’s left hand. Losing its restraint, the evil spirit suddenly raged out, like a huge wave swallowing a small boat, it drowned the Ghost King to nothingness.


The Ghost King gave a blood-curdling scream as his soul was swallowed inch by inch by the blood-red evil spirit, he was put to an end instantly, not leaving even a speck of dust behind.

Chen Yu saw the Ghost King had been eliminated, so she quickly closed the jade clasp to prevent Lou Ming’s evil spirit from leaking out and affecting surrounding people.

“Third Brother! Third Brother!!” When Chen Yu raised her head after closing the jade clasp, she found that Lou Ming wasn’t moving anymore, his whole body was as stiff and frozen as an ice sculpture.

“Third Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Chen Yu panicked immediately.

Author’s NOTE:

Cheng Peng: Why do you make me the bad guy every time?

Crab: Offending one is better than offending seven.


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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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