I Swear I Won't Bother You Again!

Chapter 45.1 - Righteousness is a Valid Term (大義名分が通用する条件)

In the end, Violette helped the student council until the sky had become dark.

Apparently, she was pretty focused on her task. Even the new cup of tea the butler prepared when Mirania returned to the salon was already cold. Feeling apologetic, Violette hurriedly drank it at the end. The tea wasn't freshly brewed anymore, but it was delicious enough.

“I’m sorry for making you help us until this late.”

“It’s getting dark… But you have been very helpful. Really.”

“No, it’s my pleasure.”

After Violette finished her tasks, both of the young men relaxed their shoulders. Or rather, they looked like they were so tired that they didn’t have any strength left.

Still, they had piles of unfinished documents in front of them. It’s clear that they just wanted to stop delaying Violette’s return any more than this.

After aligning the edges of the documents Violette had in her hands, she put the fountain pen on the paperweight and stood up.

Mirania said, “I will check your work after this, so you can go home now. Your carriage is...”

“I believe that they are waiting at the school gate.”

“I see. Then it’s good. Since it’s already dark, I’ll send you there.”

Claudia didn’t say anything to Mirania’s unexpected behavior to Violette. On the contrary, he was already in work-mode.

After Mirania told the prince that he would send her to the carriage and extended his hand to escort her, Violette finally understood the current situation.

“No, um… The school gate is really close from here…”

This academy was awfully wide, but going to the school gate from here would only take a few minutes on foot. It wasn’t that far.

Above all, they shouldn’t be in the kind of relationship that would make him treat her like this. And the academy was a safe zone, so she didn’t expect him to send her off. Plus, they still had work to do. Since they were very busy and short-handed, Violette understood that they would have to make some sacrifice to solve their problem. It was only natural that they rather utilized their energy for themselves so they could go home earlier.

“But it’s also not that near. We can’t be too cautious.”

“You’re right, but…”

The security of the academy was strong, but she couldn't confidently say that it was perfect. The academy certainly made sure that no outsiders would come in and attack the students, but if the offender was an insider, it would be a different case altogether. Ordinary people would lump this academy as a school of rich people, but once they enrolled here, they would realize that this academy was a jumble of status and faction. Even degenerates who were madly in love or had ulterior motive could still roam around and bully other students.

“Listen, Violette. Since you have helped us until now, we just want to make you feel at ease.”

“Right. If you refuse, I can only follow Miss Violette from behind. If possible, I don’t want to do such a thing that makes me look like a stalker.”

The way they said it was very concise, making sure that they could convince Violette. Arguing over this, again and again, would only pointlessly waste time. It wasn’t very productive.

Although Violette was reluctant to make people prioritize her, she didn’t want to bother them any further.

“...Then, can I ask you this favor?”

“Of course,” Mirania answered with a big smile. He then picked up Violette’s bag and looked like he was putting his hand on her waist, but only Violette knew that he actually didn’t touch her at all.

Mirania seemed to be mindful at this kind of thing. Unconsciously, Violette stared at Mirania’s face, thinking that this man was definitely popular with the girls. Mirania noticed her sight, but he smiled without saying anything. This should be the definition of ‘a man with gentle manners’.

Just before leaving the salon, Violette heard a voice calling her from behind.



“I’m sorry for suddenly asking you to help me today… Thank you.”


Claudia immediately turned away, but she could see that his white skin turned red in the bright room. Claudia’s ears were bright red.

On the corner of Violette’s head, she thought that today was surely full of surprises. It was all unexpected, but such a day wasn’t that bad either.

“...I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

It was Violette who correctly read Violette’s complexion and called her here.

For Claudia, he was asking her because he had too much work. But for Violette, the prince was like spider silk that took her away from her pain.

It’s her who should thank him.

Violette bowed to Claudia and left the room, leaving the prince who didn’t understand why she thanked him.

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