Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 45-1: Ghost King

Due to the fatal blow yesterday, Chen Yu didn’t want to go to Third Brother’s house anymore. As soon as she stepped into his house, she would think of Assistant Tian, whenever she thought of Assistant Tian, she would think of the blue and white porcelain, and whenever she thought of the blue and white porcelain, she would think of the thirty million.

Thirty million, aaaah!!!

Chen Yu was heart-broken and didn’t sleep well at night.

“Go to sleep if you’re sleepy.” Mother Chen couldn’t help saying when she saw her daughter sitting on the sofa and yawning.

“Although Daddy wants you to get good grades on your exams, you shouldn’t study until so late.” Mayor Chen obviously misunderstood that his daughter stayed up late to study because of what he said during dinner yesterday.

“No, no, the exams aren't that difficult, I didn't study last night.” Chen Yu explained, “I just didn’t sleep well.”

Hearing Chen Yu say she didn’t sleep well last night, Chen Yang who was sitting to the side looking at his phone suddenly raised his head. He glanced at Chen Yu’s tired face, frowned, and began to blame himself.

Could it be what I said yesterday was too stressful?

“Go to bed if you didn’t sleep well.” Mother Chen said.

“I just finished eating, can’t go to bed yet, ah. I’ll watch some TV and go to bed at 8.30.” Chen Yu said.

“That’s right, it’s easy to gain weight if you sleep right after eating, and it’s also not good for your stomach.” Mother Chen thought about it and didn’t force Chen Yu to go to bed anymore.

A tourist ad was being shown on TV. It was for a resort island located in a subtropical region. The white sandy beach and blue sparkling water looked clean and beautiful.

Mother Chen’s eyes lit up, she turned and asked Chen Yu, “Shishi, have you been to the beach?”

“No.” Chen Yu shook her head.

“Then, after your exams are finished, how about Mother take you on a vacation?” Mother Chen pointed to the TV and said, “What do you think of this place?”

Chen Yu turned to look at the TV, she was also attracted by the bright and clean sea shown on it, but then she thought that she should use her winter vacation to upgrade her Supernatural website account to level A, so she shook her head at the end and said, “Not going.”

“Why?” Mother Chen was a little lost.

Chen family’s father and son were also a little surprised. Has Shishi still not integrated into the family that she wouldn’t even go on vacation with them?

“My spoken English isn’t good, wait until I can speak properly, then can we go?” Chen Yu made an excuse.

“Yes, yes, Mother will accompany you whenever you want to go.” Mother Chen heard Chen Yu’s reason and immediately agreed.

After hearing this reason, Chen family’s father and son’s expressions also relaxed. It turned out she was afraid her spoken English wasn’t good enough, although Shishi never said it, her self-esteem has always been strong.

Therefore, the topic of going on a trip was left behind. Chen Yang continued to text, Mayor Chen continued to watch the news on his tablet, and Mother Chen and Chen Yu sat on the sofa to watch TV together. Although everyone did different things, the atmosphere in the living room was exceptionally harmonious.

Completely different from this harmonious atmosphere was Qi Changming. He wore a Taoist robe and sat cross-legged in the middle of the Yin Yang diagram.

No wind could reach inside the airtight basement, but the dim candle light was flickering continuously while yellow flags fluttered to and fro.

A bright white human bone on the altar in front of Qi Changming exuded a powerful Yin aura, it began to tremble as he chanted a spell.

It only moved slightly at first, but then it began to shake until the whole altar rocked from its vibrations.

The ‘ka-ka-ka’ sound of the bones hitting the altar in the ghastly and frightening basement leaked outside.

“Rise!” Qi Changming who was sitting at the ground suddenly shouted, his eyes widened with killing intent, both of his hands clasped together forming a pattern while pointing to the white bone on the altar.


An overwhelming Yin aura seeped out of the white bone and slowly condensed into a black whirlpool. It transformed into a human figure with ox horns, the Ghost King’s blood-red eyes were staring indifferently ahead.

“Go kill her, then swallow her soul so she will forever be unable to reincarnate.” Qi Changming ordered.

Following his words, the Ghost King turned into a black mist that moved through the basement wall to seep into the air. The black mist covered the bright crescent moon before it flew towards the center of Imperial City at a speed no human could imagine.

Chen Yu was eating potato chips while she watched TV, she didn’t realize something was wrong until the Ghost King reached the compound.

What a quick speed!

Feeling the murderous intent, Chen Yu hardly had time to think. The only thing she could do was leave the house immediately before the Ghost King arrived to prevent innocent people from getting hurt.

“I need to go out for a bit.” Regardless of whether the others heard her clearly or not, Chen Yu immediately stood up and ran out.

This murderous aura was approaching so fast she didn’t even have time to go upstairs to get her tools.

“Where are you going?” Chen Yu had already opened the door before Mother Chen could react.

“What happened?” Mayor Chen raised his head and looked in confusion.

“I don’t know, she said she needed to go out suddenly.” Mother Chen said with a worried look, “This child, she didn’t even wear a coat and ran out like that. It’s so cold outside, ah.”

“Chen Yang, go out and look for your sister.” Mayor Chen told his son to go out to follow Chen Yu.

Chen Yang had already stood up when Chen Yu ran out, he felt Chen Yu’s expression wasn’t right. He nodded to his parents, went to the hallway, grabbed his sister’s down jacket, and chased after her.

However, by the time Chen Yang walked out to the gate, Chen Yu was no longer there.

Chen Yang frowned and looked around the entrance, perhaps it was his intuition as a policeman that he successfully followed in the direction where Chen Yu was headed.

“Ah!” There was a sudden cry of pain.

“Shishi?” The short cry of pain made Chen Yang’s heart beat faster, he knew this voice was his sister’s, he had been trained in the police academy so he couldn’t have made a mistake.

Chen Yang’s eyes sank, and he ran forward with big strides. The more he ran, the more frightened he became. If he followed this direction, he would arrive at the Lou Third Young Master’s small courtyard, did Shishi anger his guard?

The more Chen Yang thought about it, the more worried he became, and his movements became faster and faster until he finally saw Chen Yu was running as fast as she could.

He wanted to call her to stop, but before he had the time to shout, he saw a scene that made him distraught.

He saw Chen Yu running in front of him, and as if she collided with a high-speed vehicle, her entire body rose from the ground, and she was thrown over a really long distance into a wall.

“AH!” Chen Yu adjusted her posture in the air, letting her back hit the wall, but the huge momentum still made her shout in pain.

“Shishi!” Chen Yang felt that all the blood in his body was about to freeze. He dropped the jacket he was holding and quickly ran in Chen Yu’s direction.

“Don’t come near!” Chen Yu heard Chen Yang’s voice calling out to her, she didn’t know when her brother followed her, but now her face became even more ugly.

The Ghost King didn’t give Chen Yu a chance to take a breath at all. Before Chen Yu got up from the ground, he already walked over to punch her again.

“Rise!” Chen Yu pointed her right hand towards the sky, and a high-speed spinning compass suddenly flew from behind the Ghost King. It slammed into the Ghost King’s waving fist that was about to punch Chen Yu.

The Ghost King felt pain, he turned around to catch the compass that had attacked him.

Is that… the compass Old Wu gave to Shishi? Seeing the compass suddenly appear, Chen Yang recognized it at a glance. It was given to Shishi by the old man that adopted her. Shishi liked it very much, so she took it with her every time she went to school, almost as if they were inseparable.

But, why does an ordinary compass fly in the air? And Shishi, what is she fighting with?


Oooh, will big bro finally know?

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