I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 44 (Part 2)


Fu Yangxi raised his eyebrows inconceivably. He was the only one who dared to provoke others, and no one dared to provoke him so grandly! Is this kid tired of life? Does he wanna die?! Fu Yangxi walked away in an instant. He stood up and lifted Dong Shen's back collar with one hand, wanting to lift him off.

Ke Chengwen stopped him and persuaded him, “Forget it, Xi ge, for the sake of him being half a relative to Little Mask, he might even be your brother-in-law in the future…”

Fu Yangxi gave him an angry glare.

Ke Chengwen quickly changed his words, “Zhao Mingxi.”

Despite this, there was still laughter in the room.

Jiang Xiuqiu with his peachy eyes, sang with the microphone in his hand and cast a smile at the waiter who brought in the dinner and fruits. The waiter blushed and couldn't help but look at him more. He Yang, who was gnawing at the watermelon from a distance, saw this scene and felt a little sad.

Many of the fruits brought in were Zhao Mingxi's favorites, pineapples and mangoes. She ate them until she was full.

When the song reached its climax, Mingxi pulled He Yang up and participated in singing together.

Fu Yangxi took a deep breath quietly, pretending to just appreciate them listening to the song. He tried to walk behind her calmly and pretended to be nonchalant.

The distance was so close.

The light and shadow flowed. Fu Yangxi lowered his eyes slightly, staring at Zhao Mingxi's earlobe and side profile. The colorful lights fell on it, sliding and flowing, just like Fu Yangxi's mood. It was as if small fireworks exploded in his heart, and ever since he saw her, it never stopped.

Fu Yangxi couldn't help but think of the way she said she expressed her dislike in a loud voice to Shen Liyao. Thank goodness. Thank goodness she didn't like someone else. He rubbed his face and tried to keep the corners of his mouth from going up so pompously.

It may be because of the combination of Mingxi, He Yang and Jiang Xiuqiu, their voices were so penetrating that the balloons on the ceiling fell one after another.

Accompanied by the singing on the big screen.

The red, yellow, green and blue colorful balloons flew so lightly. Everyone couldn't help but look up and smile happily at the same time.

When she raised her head, Mingxi couldn't help but glance at Fu Yangxi who was beside her.

The corners of his mouth were also curled up into a smile. The short black hair made his skin fairer and his handsome eyebrows were a bit less irritable, looking a little childish.

During this period of time, he has always been in a bad mood. Mingxi had never seen him so happy before. Could it be that his family's affairs have been resolved?

Because he was happy, Mingxi's mood became even brighter.

Mingxi turned her head and continued to look at the falling balloons, reaching out to grab one of them with interest.

Fu Yangxi also turned his head to look at her at this time.

He saw her eyes turning into crescents. Two strands of hair were scattered around her ears.

Fu Yangxi swallowed, his eyes dark. He subconsciously wanted to raise his hand to help her put it behind her ears, but when he realized that his fingers had already been raised, he immediately retracted his hands with a "swish".

His ears were red and he felt extremely guilty. He quickly held his disobedient right hand from left to right and looked around. Only when he saw that no one was paying attention to him was he slightly relieved.

“What should we do with all the fallen balloons?” Ke Chengwen asked. “If we step on them and explode them one by one, those who are downstairs will say that we are being a nuisance.”

"Then so be it." Fu Yangxi looked arrogant and cold-hearted with a face practically saying ‘I am rich’. "It’s rare for Little Mask to celebrate her birthday, so it’s okay to be a nuisance for once. Worse comes to worst we’ll just pay them a lot of money."

Ke Chengwen: Have you only been a nuisance once? You are ‘not a nuisance’ surviving in the middle of ‘nuisances’.

"I have a way." Mingxi said, "Wipe the balloon on your hair and it will float up."

Then, she picked up a balloon.

Ke Chengwen looked at her in surprise, “Is there such a thing?” Subconsciously, he and Fu Yangxi bent down at the same time and moved their heads over. Upon seeing this, Dong Shen also hurried over.

Mingxi chose Fu Yangxi's head without even thinking about it.

Ke Chengwen: …

Dong Shen: …

What happened?

What's the situation?

Why did they suddenly feel that they were exuding the fragrance of a single dog??? Was it their own misperception? These two were clearly still in a cold war two days ago!

Mingxi wiped the balloon on Fu Yangxi's head indiscriminately and then threw the balloon to the ceiling. The balloon quickly flew back to the ceiling leisurely.

With messy black hair, Fu Yangxi looked at Ke Chengwen triumphantly with his hands in his pockets. He turned his head and glanced at Dong Shen.

Ke Chengwen: …

I’m not jealous, thanks.

Dong Shen: …

Damn it, I’m so angry.

Others picked up the balloons one after another and followed suit. Soon the balloon on the spot was thrown to the ceiling by six people. When it was almost 12am, the candles were lit and the lights were turned off, leaving only the romantic music playing slowly.

12am sharp. Mingxi was surrounded in the middle.

Fu Yangxi and the others began to sing her birthday song, both in Mandarin and English.

Mingxi put her hands under her chin and hung her head. She closed her eyes, smiled and made a wish.

—This was the happiest birthday of her life.

Her wish was for the fate of the female side character and terminal illness to disappear as soon as possible, the Dong family to be in good health and for there to be someone named ‘Fu Yangxi’ accompanying her on her birthday every year.

Mingxi suddenly thought, am I too greedy to ask for three at a time?

If I can only keep one.


God, please grant my last wish.

I will wish for the rest next year.

Fu Yangxi didn't know that in fact, as early as this year and this day, Mingxi made such a wish related to him.

It was past midnight. The moonlight outside was bright. In the cheerful atmosphere, Mingxi blew out the candles.

At this point, the boys were not sleepy, but the girls and Jiang Xiuqiu were sleepy.

“Let’s have some supper and then I’ll take you back." Fu Yangxi said to Mingxi.

He went to the door to pick up the supper delivered by the waiter. Then, he closed the door with his feet and spread the supper on the table.

While everyone was eating supper and Fu Yangxi was paying, Mingxi saw Jiang Xiuqiu sitting in the corner, dozing off. She couldn't help but walk over and push him. “Jiang Xiuqiu, can I ask you some questions?”

Jiang Xiuqiu raised his eyes to look at her. “What sort of questions?”

Jiang Xiuqiu didn't know why, but he immediately understood her. “About Fu Yangxi?”

Mingxi knew little about Fu Yangxi, which was a sharp contrast to how much Fu Yangxi knew about her.

In the beginning, she only used him as a Wifi spot and didn't care about his affairs too much. Then, she regarded him as a boss. She didn't have any unreasonable thoughts and didn’t think of inquiring.

But now, when Mingxi determined that he was her crush, she couldn't help but want to learn more. In particular, what kind of medicine did he usually take? Apart from being afraid of dogs, did he have anything he couldn’t eat or taboos she shouldn’t touch on?

Mingxi felt that her mindset of a young girl was so embarrassing that she almost exploded. She blushed and became a little embarrassed. She turned around and looked at the door. Seeing that Fu Yangxi hadn't returned yet, she hurriedly seized the time. "Yes."

Jiang Xiuqiu couldn't help laughing for some reason. “It's better for you to know some things through him, but I can tell you this.”

"What?" Mingxi sat aside and asked curiously.

Throughout Fu Yangxi’s life, he never liked any girl. In fact, he didn't even speak more than 10 sentences to them. When someone came to strike up a conversation, he would look like a bully with a face saying ‘wanna fight?’. So his luck with girls could be said to be very bad.

But Jiang Xiuqiu smiled with his peachy eyes, feeling mischievous.

He caught a glimpse of the flying chess on the table and began to rant, “Fu Yangxi used to have a childhood sweetheart who was very beautiful. She was comparable to you.”

Mingx’s heart fell.

Jiang Xiuqiu didn't dare to make up too much of a story. “He didn’t like her, but we were very familiar with her. We studied together abroad when we were young. Fu Yangxi often took her home to play and always called her Little Flying Chess because she often played flying chess with Fu Yangxi— Little Mask, you haven't played flying chess with Fu Yangxi yet, have you?”

Mingxi felt angry for a moment.

What the hell?

The nickname he gave her was probably an imitation of what he gave to others.

Mingxi almost exploded in anger. “I see.”

When Fu Yangxi came back from paying, his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth were raised happily. He was planning to send Zhao Mingxi home. But in the end, as soon as he opened the door and came in, Zhao Mingxi was glaring at him.

As he walked over, Zhao Mingxi went to eat supper without saying a word.

What’s going on?

Fu Yangxi's smile froze. Jiang Xiuqiu walked over with the wine glass and patted his shoulder. “Do you remember the incident when we climbed trees together when we were young, but you didn't hold me and caused me to fall and break my leg so I ended up in the hospital for three months?"

"Why are you suddenly talking about this? You wanna fight?" Fu Yangxi raised his eyebrows coldly.

Jiang Xiuqiu smiled and shrugged. “Nope. I can’t beat you.”

Fu Yangxi's attention was still on Zhao Mingxi. Several people stretched their waists, packed their things and planned to leave. Fu Yangxi picked up his coat and the gift box and sent Zhao Mingxi home.

In the middle of the night, the moonlight was very bright. The others went to take a taxi while the two walked all the way back to the hotel where she was training.

For some reason, Fu Yangxi felt that Little Mask’s mood suddenly went down.

He frowned and was wondering how to ask her about it when the two of them had already returned to the training hotel without knowing it.

As soon as they returned to the entrance of the room, they saw the cake Shen Liyao placed at the door.


Fu Yangxi lowered his head and glanced at it. His face turned dark immediately. Why isn’t this kid giving up yet? Little Mask already said she doesn’t like him anymore. Does he not understand what it means to not like someone? It means she hates him! Can’t he be at least a little self-aware?!

Although Little Mask didn’t like him, not liking him meant that there was unlimited space.

Fu Yangxi immediately kicked the cake box aside with his feet while pretending to be nonchalant. He was still not satisfied, so he picked it up again and said to Mingxi, “I’ll throw this away.”

Mingxi didn't care about it. She nodded. “Thanks.”

Fu Yangxi noticed that her gaze was still on the cake, and he started to feel jealous again. “Was the veal steak in the western restaurant delicious that day?”

As a result, Zhao Mingxi looked up as if she was jealous. The scent of jealousy was all over her body. She gave him a scoff and stared at him. “Is flying chess fun?”

Fu Yangxi: ???

What flying chess?

ray's note: apologies for the late update (was busy fighting Jiang Xiuqiu in the parking lot)

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