Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 44 Part 2

The two did not talk much and started working.

Wang Junxiang handed the seeds to Ah Jin.

"You slowly follow after me. If you cannot keep up, call out to me!"

Ah Jin also wanted to see how big the gap between herself and the youth was, so she accepted it without refusing.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter.

Wang Junxiang plowed the ground, again and again.

Drenched in sweat, his clothes were already soaked.

He did not hear Ah Jin shouting at him, so he looked back at Ah Jin.

Ah Jin looked at him suspiciously.

There was a question in her eyes of why didn't he continue?

Wang Junxiang was a little embarrassed.

"I'll rest for a while. It is too hot."

Ah Jin took the hoe in his hand.

"I'll do it. If you can't keep up with me later, you can call out to me."

Ah Jin did not wait for him to speak and began to plow the ground.

Wang Junxiang saw the busy figure in front.

Somehow he felt being mocked.

He shook his head.

Zhaodi looked so "weak and kind," it must be his illusion.

Wang Junxiang could keep up at first.

As the speed of Ah Jin accelerated, he slowly felt a little strained.

He could not keep up with a little girl by sowing seeds?

Wang Junxiang felt his face hot, so he struggled to chase Ah Jin.

By the time the whistle was blown in the afternoon to rest, Wang Junxiang was exhausted.

Looking at Ah Jin, she was breathing a little heavily.

Her face was covered with only a thin layer of sweat, and she looked like she had strength left.

Wang Junxiang's image of the "weak little girl" in his heart collapsed.

She was clearly a strong lolita ah!

The team leader came to check the work and gave the two of them six points.

Ah Jin was not satisfied.

Each day there were ten points.

It would be a better day.

Tomorrow it seemed that the speed should be improved.

Ah Jin returned home to cook, and still, it was the same meal.

The three little ones were extremely happy to eat.

Ah Jin said, "Little fourth is also going to school next year. Starting from today, you also study after eating. Father and mother said studying can make a difference. If you want to be successful in the future, you have to study well. Do not worry about school fees. Father and mother left enough money for you to go to school."

The second child wanted to say something else, but Ah Jin stopped him.

"Jianfu, you finish high school first. We will discuss other things afterward."

It was now '68, and there were only eight or nine years left before the college entrance exams resumed in '77.

So it would be a shame for Jianfu not to go to high school and take the exams.

In the town to which Fang's village belonged, the education system was a five-year system for elementary school, a four-year system for middle school, and a two-year high school system.

The education system was basically close to modern society's education model, thanks to the importance of education in the province to which it belongs.

Ah Jin looked at the second child.

She must teach him even with brutal education methods.

In the future, even if he joined the army, he could still register for the exam from the barracks after the resume of the college entrance examination.

The second child felt chilled by Ah Jin's look.

He always felt as if something was about to happen.

"Eldest sister, why are you looking at me like that?"

Ah Jin said, "You have to memorize the text before you can eat. Don't eat if you can't memorize it."

The second child froze.

"No, eldest sister. What's wrong with you all of a sudden! I'm not really a student material!"

"Everyone is not born to be good at learning. There are no unsuccessful people, only those who do not work hard!"

Drink that bowl of chicken soup for the soul, and you would be successful.

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