Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 44 Part 1

The second child ate a piece of cabbage.

It was refreshingly sweet, and his mouth was full of rice.

So how could he have time to pay attention to him.

"I don't know!"

The third child was anxious.

"Second brother, why don't you admit it in front of eldest sister? You supported me before, too!"

Ah Jin hit him with chopsticks.

"Eat your food. You talk too much. The food all got consumed!"

Only then did he realize that he immediately stopped talking and lowered his head to eat.

After eating, Ah Jin again educated the third child.

"Where are you getting so many ideas from? Your sister has to get married sooner or later. Would you want me to follow you for the rest of my life?"

He raised his chest and tilted his head.

"My sister is the best. Who is worthy of you? It would be better for you to follow us. We will become capable in the future, and you can enjoy the blessings."

Ah Jin laughed out loud.

Her waist was bent with laughter.

"Aigoo, my Jianyun ambition is so great! Okay, I will follow you guys to enjoy the blessings. But for now, you have to hurry to school for me!"

The third child ran out carrying a green cloth bag, and before the second child left, he also came over and said.

"Eldest sister, don't let Brother Damai cheat you. We will find a better one for you when we are rich."

Ah Jin kicked him.

"Little man, leave now!"

The youngest one was already helping to sweep the floor.

Ah Jin looked at these three brothers.

It was no wonder that the original owner would contribute her soul energy to raise these children properly.

Indeed, the children were really too good.

Looking at what the youngest was wearing, the entire clothing was patched.

As there was no clothing to be changed to, all the sleeves' edges were already dirty and starting to blacken.

Since these days, they had eaten enough, their faces began to look better.

Their brows were delicate, their eyes were bright, but their faces did not have meat.

Otherwise, they would have looked better.

Ah Jin felt that there was still a long way to go.

The food problem was solved for the time being, but there were still problems with the house, clothes, and even the cold of winter.

Ah Jin was not impatient.

The days should be lived slowly, step by step.

In the afternoon, she went to work to the production brigade.

She was approached by the team leader.

"Zhaodi ah, Grandpa Fang said he is not well and cannot keep up with you. I have substituted a person for you. Come with me."

Ah Jin looked back at Grandpa Fang, who waved his hand at her.

"Go. Go earn more work points. Do not stay with this old man."

Changing to a younger and stronger partner could earn more work points.

Grandpa Fang did not want to drag Ah Jin down.

Ah Jin ran over and held Grandpa Fang's hand.

"Grandpa, thank you. I'm leaving."

Grandpa Fang patted her hand.

"Good girl. Go now."

This time Ah Jin was assigned to a youth named Wang Junxiang.

He was an educated youth but was not very good at farm work, so most of his partners were young and frail.

Wang Junxiang saw that a young girl came.

His heart breathed a sigh of relief.

The other day he was given to a strong man and almost exhausted him to death.

As a result, he still did not keep up with the others and was disliked.

"Hello, comrade. My name is Wang Junxiang. I am an educated youth."

"Hello, comrade. My name is Fang Zhaodi."

Wang Junxiang was stunned.

He naturally heard of Fang Zhaodi's family.

They had no parents and relied on this half-grown sister to raise her three younger brothers by herself.

He looked at the little girl in front of him.

A height of about 1.6 meters, the clothes were clean and patched, her figure was thin, and her clean face was pale with malnutrition.

Wang Junxiang was in awe that this thin and petite body supported a family.

He felt it was tough to raise himself, let alone three children.

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