For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 44 - For Some Reason, the Popular Guys are Gathering in My House (なぜか、リア充達が俺の家に集まるんだが)


I sat on a chair in the changing room, stretching my tired body after my part-time job.

My shift ended at 18:00 today. I had been working since 9AM. I sure worked hard.

I thought I was already used to work eight hours with one hour break since I started working part-time, but today I was especially tired.

I knew the reason.

Because the popular guys group stayed in my workplace all the time.

They glanced at me from time to time… Plus they would chat excitedly… To be honest, it’s hard for me to focus.

By the way, Rin bought a combination of donuts and lemon tea as usual. She always ordered the same thing, not even glancing at the new products. It’s just like her.

Well, but I should publicize the new product to her later.

But I was bothered by something.

When she payed for the bill at the cash register, she dropped her eyes the entire time and didn’t look at me in my eyes.

No… our gaze met at some point, but she averted her eyes for some reason.

Maybe I did something unpleasant to her. But I didn’t know what it was.

After that, Fuji-san smacked Rin when she returned to her seat… why?

Maybe I should ask Kenichi. He most likely knew the reason Rin acted like that.

Yeah, I’ll try asking him when I feel like it… Only if I feel like it.

I pushed my dirty uniform into my bag.

Then, my smartphone vibrated just right when I was about to leave the changing room.

The message that appeared on the screen was, “Hurry up~”

I sighed and left the room.


“...Why did it become like this?”

I was holding my head at the situation in front of me.

A couple was flirting as they chatted. Rin cooked in the kitchen while wearing a cute apron.

Four high school students in a small 1DK apartment room.

It’s too narrow… They could gather in a better place, couldn’t they?

“Kotone, can you bring me something to drink~?”

“...Have a cup of tea. Rin prepared it.”

“Oh, Wakamiya, thanks!”

“It’s nothing much. Please tell me if you need anything.”

Anyway, wasn’t Kenichi and Fuji-san a bit too relaxed? It’s like they were in their own house…

“...Kenichi, what about me? I brought it to you.”

“Ah. Thanks, Kotone.”

“...You sound insincere.”

“That’s not it. Oh? Are you sulking?”

“...I’m not. I’m just complaining.

“I’m sorry. Come on, cheer up.”

“...Fwahhh. …...Don’t think you’ll cancel out your mistake just by patting my head.”

“Then should I stop?”

“...No. Do it more…”

“You’re really helpless.”


What on earth am I seeing?

Two people facing each other with a passionate gaze. They would probably kiss five seconds later.

Did this stupid couple forget that we were here?

I turned to Rin and asked for help. Rin smiled bitterly when our gaze met and shook her head.

Ah, I see. They’re already hopeless.

Then it couldn’t be helped… Let's leave them alone. Go flirt to your heart’s content. I would transform to a roadside stone.

I picked up a reference book to complete the task given by Rin.

“Hmm, I should do chemistry today…”

“Hey! Stop that!!”

Kenichi hit the desk and leaned forward to enter my field of vision.

“Don’t worry about me. Please continue. But please make sure the rating is within all ages.”

“Are you stupid! And don’t flirt like that in public!”

“You have the conscience to say that…?”

“...Muu.” Fuji-san, who sat next to Kenichi, pouted like a child. She stared at Kenichi with eyes full of complaints.

Kenichi noticed her and gently patted her head. Then Fuji-san squinted and leaned against him.

Ah, being in love sure was nice…

I wonder what’s with this black emotion swelling within me… If there’s a wall in front of me, I want to punch it.

“Anyway, why are you all gathering in this small room?”

“It’s clear, isn’t it? Towa is living alone. We won’t bother your family even if we stay until late at night.”

“Well, that’s true… You’re bothering me, though?”

“It’s fine! We don’t accept Towa’s complaints.”

“You’re really cruel.”

My human rights were being ignored. I sighed.

“By the way…”

“Hm? What’s wrong, Towa?”

“...When I was working part-time, you all looked really excited.”

“What~? You’re curious?”

“Not really. I’m just wondering what kind of conversation that makes someone that excited.”

“Well, there are many things high school students can talk about. For example, love stories. Towa, join us next time. We’ll listen to anything, be it your old heroic stories to love stories!”

“I’ll pass. I don’t have anything to tell.”

I sipped the tea and went to the kitchen with an empty cup. Rin noticed me and smiled.

“The meal is done. Tokiwagi-san, can you help me bring them out?”

“Sure… It looks delicious as usual.”

When I saw the beautifully presented dishes, those words reflexively came out. They looked like an appetizer… Hm? This is——

“Is this a course meal?”

“Yeah. I gave it a little try so that everyone could enjoy it… Do you dislike it?”

“It’s the opposite. I never thought I could eat this at home…”

“Then I’m glad. But it’s definitely inferior if compared to the ones served in the restaurant,” Rin said with a wry smile.

I replied to her, “I’ve never eaten a course meal outside, but I’m sure I will choose Rin’s food over it even if I did. To be honest, I feel like drooling now.”

“Towa-kun... T-thank you.”

That was my honest feeling. Rin’s dishes were home-made food, so it had more warmth than anything a high-class restaurant could serve.

Rin bowed her head. She probably tried to maintain her usual poker face, but it was clear that her cheeks were flushing in joy.

But at that time, I forgot something important. We weren’t alone now…

“Hey, Towa. Just now you called her Rin, right? And Wakamiya also called you Towa-kun.”

“Ah…” “Um…”

Both of us didn’t know how to answer. Kenichi grinned when he saw our reaction.

Ah, we're screwed now…

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