The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 44 - Demanding a Reward

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When Cheng Jinyu got home the sky was already dark. Chen Xiuyuan was unwilling to let him go so Cheng Jinyu could only continue to accompany him.

Chen Xiuyuan tugged on Cheng Jinyu, told him a lot about his father. On one hand he was talking on another he was weeping. When dad died, Cheng Jinyu was still very young. His adoptive mother was his dad’s housekeeper at the time. His adoptive mother didn’t know anything about his father’s affairs. Cheng Jinyu for the first time from this person’s lips, knew many things about his dad.

From what he found out, the relationship between his father and Chen Xiuyuan was very good, even better than lovers.

So in the end Chen Xiuyuan married Tan Liyun and turned into his dad’s relative? Since it was like this, why did Tan Liyun hate him?

Cheng Jinyu thought about it and could not understand. He was also too embarrassed to ask. The things that have occurred had already passed. Even if he knew what could he do?

When it was very late, Secretary Liu finally urged, “Chief Chen, it’s better let Mr. Cheng go. It’s already late. Chief Cheng, there are still many things to do tomorrow. He is currently the CEO of a menswear brand.”

Chen Xiuyuan tugged on Cheng Jinyu. “You opened a company? You make menswear? Oh thats right, I saw your profile already.How could I forget?”

“Very good, men should have their own careers. During those years your dad was devoted to his work. You are his son, naturally you must also be very outstanding. From now just treat me as your close relative. if you need anything come find me. By all means don’t treat me as an outsider.”

Cheng Jinyu heard from Chen Yuze many things about Chen Xiuyuan. He learned from Chen Yuze that Chen Xiuyuan was an extremely ice-cold person, but being in contact with him today made him completely at a loss.

The Chen Xiuyuan in front of him was a type of devoted and easy going person. To the point that he liked to chatter away, as if he was his mom or dad. How was this person like the cold blooded and heartless person from Chen Yuze? But carefully thinking, this person would only go home a few times a year.

Cheng Jinyu was fooled. He completely could not figure out this person’s character, but Cheng Jinyu could definitely feel that this person was genuinely sincere towards him. Especially when he mentioned his dad the tears wouldn’t stop. That definitely wasn’t an act.

Cheng Jinyu bid farewell to him but that person continued to grasp onto his hand. “Be careful outside. I will immediately be discharged from the hospital. I will go see you. From now on I am your close relative, don’t be polite with me.” His mouth continued to talk, repeated again and again and unwilling to let go of Cheng Jinyu’s hand.

Cheng Jinyu left the ward. He didn’t know when Chen Yuze left, but Cheng Jinyu figured he should go talk with Chen Yuze. However he was currently very confused. He really didn’t understand what happened inside.

Cheng Jinyu returned home. Gu Bokai said, “How come you just got back? What exactly does Chen Xiuyuan want to do? His wife tormented you, now he’s fawning over you. What kind of trick are the husband and wife playing?”

Cheng Jinyu shook his head. “I’m so tired, I really don’t want to talk about them.” Cheng Jinyu felt that it was more tiring than talking about the project for an entire day. The important part was that he also cried quite a bit, eyes were a bit red.

Cheng Jinyu entered his room and didnt want to eat, Gu Boaki chased him from behind. “What’s wrong? Very tired? Go take a bath first, I’ll go open the water for you.” He didn’t wait for Cheng Jinyu to say anything, and directly walked into the bathroom.

After putting on the warm water Gu Bokai also brought over a cup of warm milk. “You don’t want to eat ok, but at least drink this cup of milk, otherwise you won’t have energy. You probably still have important things to do tomorrow.”

Cheng Jinyu had a very important meeting tomorrow. But he only casually told Gu Bokai this and didn’t think he would actually remember.

Thinking about today’s Chen Xiuyuan, looking at the Gu Bokai in front of him, Cheng Jinyu for the first time thought he was living happy and prosperous. It was like the previous misfortunes were just laying the foundation for his current life.

Cheng Jinyu received the cup of milk. “Letting Chief Gu take care of me, I am overwhelmed by the favor.”

“Then you’re still not giving me a reward?”

“What reward?”

Gu Bokai pointed at his own cheek. His meaning was for Cheng Jinyu to kiss it.

Gu Bokai was only joking around, only he didn’t think that Cheng Jinyu really would give him a kiss.

“Thank you for giving me a family.” Cheng Jinyu said softly.

Cheng Jinyu’s face was a bit red and he turned around wanting to escape. But there was a beauty in his mind and Gu Bokai was not a vegetarian, extended his hand and captured the beauty.

“You kissed me. I haven’t kissed you yet.”

“No need, you don’t need to kiss me.”

“No, it’s necessary to have a good kiss.”

Gu Boaki said this and directly pressed Cheng Jinyu against the wall, firmly kissing him. The two people had already done it before, but they hadn’t done it in awhile. Dry wood near a fierce fire (1), very quickly their bodies heated up.

Gu Bokai with one hand was about to pull Cheng Jinyu’s clothes off when Cheng Jinyu finally cleared his mind and pushed Gu Bokai away.

“I have things to do tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Gu Bokai almost wanted to throw himself forward but Cheng Jinyu ruthlessly kicked his leg. “Won’t do, I can’t leave something unfinished.”

“Isn’t it just a small project, however much money you need for it I’ll give it to you and then it’ll be complete won’t it?”

“Don’t want it.” Cheng Jinyu directly refused him.

He picked up the milk and began to drink it. Towards Gu Bokai he used his hand to wave him away. “I’m going to take a bath, obediently go to bed. That’s right, tonight go back to your own room to sleep, don’t disturb my rest.”

Gu Bokai lowered his head to look at the pitched tent. This white eyed wolf was opposing him.

“Don’t open a company anymore, just follow me instead. Be my assistant, you’ll get all kinds of generous treatment. It’s something that other people yearn for.” Gu Bokai tried to sway him, “How tiring it is to start your own company, struggling to make some money.”

Cheng Jinyu heard him say this, couldn’t help but mock him. “Stop using flowery words with me. Don’t think that I haven’t seen your several assistants. Everyone of them are as tired as zombies. When they see me they can only continue to roll their eyes. You’re still trying to tell me that its generous treatment, let me  tell you, I will sweep the road but still wouldn’t be your assistant.”

Gu Bokai, “Who told you that? Who is that talktive? I’ll immediately fire him.”

Cheng Jinyu, “No need for you to fire. The other person already resigned. You calculate yourself, how many people have resigned as your assistant? Think carefully about why your generous treatment still can’t capture other people? You are an iron man, but you shouldn’t treat everyone else as iron men.”

“That’s enough,  I won’t tangle with you. Hurry and leave.”

Cheng Jinyu had seen Gu Bokai’s appearance when he was working hard. It really was frightening. Sometimes he wouldn’t eat a bite for food for two continuous nights. Being his assistant, you wouldn’t be able to bear it unless you were an iron man.

Gu Bokai thought about it. “Is it really that difficult? I thought it was still pretty good. Many people will fight over to be my assistant.”

“Its because your salary is high, or else who would want it?”

“Then I can find you a different job. Opening a company is too tiring. Look, you look like a dead dog enduring for the entire day. I also don’t lack money. Still wont let me touch? I don’t even have the right of a man anymore.”

“Don’t say it like you’re suffering so much. You can find other people!” Cheng Jinyu blurted out.

“Cheng Jinyu, what is your meaning? You really want me to find other people?”

Cheng Jinyu wanted to say that if he wanted to go then just go. However seeing Gu Bokai looking like he received an injury, in the end didn’t say it out loud.

Gu Bokai coldly snorted. “I just can’t treat you nice, there’s no point. A white eyed wolf just can’t be raised. Troubling myself  to be by your side is simply just a waste of time.”

Cheng Jinyu wanted to retort, in the end couldn’t bear it. In any case give him some face, or else he’ll really get angry.

“Ok ok, I really am going to bathe. Hurry and go! Close the door, you’re not allowed to peep.” Cheng Jinyu said.

“What are you doing? We are already husband and wife. What haven’t I seen before, there is no need to be embarrassed.”

“I’ll say it again, leave!” Cheng Jinyu raised his voice even louder.

Gu Bokai felt that himself was very terrified and like this was kicked out. Although he really wanted to just kick the door open and proclaim that his entire body was his, then press onto that person, tear off his clothes and do as he pleased.

But after this method circled around his mind a couple times, Gu Bokai already knew. Cheng Jinyu, this bullhead, it was currently was still better not to offend him. It was very difficult to swindle him onto the bed. If he really offended him, then he would never be able to bed him again in the future.

Cheng Jinyu originally thought that Chen Xiuyuan would stay in the hospital for a few days. Afterall his body was in poor health. Although Chen Xiuyuan really wanted to meet Cheng Jinyu again, but Cheng Jinyu was very busy and didn’t have enough time to go visit him. Not to mention the relationship between them was tangled and complicated, Cheng Jinyu still did not understand clearly, he didn’t want to fall into this quagmire.

Add on that Cheng Jinyu really did not know how to face Chen Yuze. Chen Yuze continuously thirsted for fatherly love, Cheng Jinyu didnt want him to hate and resent him even more.

Chen Yuze did many things that Cheng Jinyu couldn’t bear, but Cheng Jinyu had to admit, he had helped him a lot. Without Chen Yuze, he probably wouldn’t have been the current Cheng Jinyu.

If he could make Chen Yuze feel a bit better, Cheng Jinyu naturally wanted it to do it this way. Chen Xiuyuan was Chen Yuze’s father, Cheng Jinyu shouldn’t have improper thoughts.

But what Cheng Jinyu did not think of was that on the third day in the morning, Chen Xiuyuan supported by his secretary came to his company.

Before Cheng Jinyu got to the company Cheng Xiuyuan had already looked around everywhere. He saw that Cheng Jinyu’s company was operating and methodically arranged, was absolutely happy. His pale face became a bit more rosy.


  1. Dry wood near a fierce fire: people filled with burning passion for each other


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