Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 44 - Dance 2 [OW]

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Su Ao's expression changed, "Don't talk nonsense, I..."

At this time, the dark-faced Father Su and Zhao Han came over. Zhao Han patted Su Ao on the shoulder, and said softly to Su Ling, "Xiao Ling, you can't spout nonsense. We did invite a teacher for you. You don't want to learn, what can I do?"

Su Ling: "Really now? Which teacher?"

That rebut caused Zhao Han to choke on her words, and Father Su scolded in a low voice, "Stop fooling around. Even if you have severed ties with the Su family, your surname is still Su. It is not a good thing to you either if you continue to discredit the Su family."

Su Ling lightly raised his gaze, his eyes indifferent as he said, "Discredit? If it weren't for your precious son to trouble me again and again, I wouldn't want to exchange even a single word with your family, let alone mentioning it to other people. As for whether what I said is true, you know in your heart."

This was the reason why the owner of this body was sensitive and timid. Apart from his own body factor, it has a lot to do with the environment he grew up in.

Staring at Su Ling for 2 seconds, Father Su turned to Su Ao and said, "Apologize to him."

"Father!" Su Ao looked at him in shock, while Zhao Han looked incredulous.

Father Su's tone was stern as he asked, "Did you take the initiative to provoke him?"

Su Ao bit his lip, not saying anything so Father Su raised his tone higher, "Did you?"

Su Ao: "Yes, but..."

"Apologize." Father Su lowered his face.

Su Ao was used to being spoiled, and Father Su has never been so harsh on him. This time, he was so scared that his eyes were red. Feeling fearful, wronged and uncomfortable, he said to Su Ling, "I'm sorry."

Su Ling was caught off guard as well, but after a second thought, he thinks he probably understood why. The him right now is not the same little pitiful who doesn’t have any backing. He is not interested being entangled with ‘children’, so it’s fine to just give him a scare or two, "It's okay," he smiled, "If we ever meet again in the future, pretend we don’t know each other, understood?”

Seeing Su Ling’s smile, Su Ao shrank his shoulders subconsciously and nodded aggrievedly. That little coward has become a terrifying person!

Feeling satisfied, Su Ling excused himself and headed to the right. Before he could take a step, he saw Gu Liheng standing not far away looking at him. So he smiled and walked towards Gu Liheng.

Lin Meng has been paying attention to Gu Liheng, worried that his friend's sweetheart will be hijacked by someone else. When he saw the two is going to meet, he quickly motioned to Xiào Rui, and they moved to their side(SL+GLH) while dancing. He smiled and said, "President Gu, why don't you invite Ling Ling to a dance?"

Due to Lin Meng was quite a distance away before this, he didn’t hear Su Ao saying that Su Ling could not dance. But Gu Liheng heard it, so he didn't ask.

All of a sudden, a gorgeous-looking Omega crossed in front of Su Ling and stretched out his left hand to Gu Liheng, "Can I dance with you?"

Omega pays attention to their identity, and adding to the fact that they are naturally favoured, they rarely invite an Alpha actively. But if they ever did and the Alpha refuses, it will be very embarrassing to them. For the Alpha, they would be seen as incredibly rude to decline an Omega's invitation.

Frowning slightly, Gu Liheng did not immediately agree. The Omega bit his lip lightly, and his confident smile faded.

"Sorry, this is my partner." Su Ling said at this moment.

The Omega was surprised by the statement, didn’t someone said he doesn’t know how to dance? It’s because of this that he came to invite President Gu. But the Omega also noticed that President Gu would not agree to his invitation, so he took his hand back and said, "Sorry for the bother."

After the Omega left, Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng. Thinking of Belle Planet’s gender restrictions, he restrained the urge to stretch out his right hand. Instead, he raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Not going to invite me?"

Gu Liheng glanced at Su Ling and stretched out his right hand. Then he bowed slightly, "Can I ask you for a dance?"

Su Ling smiled, "Yes."

Taking a step back, Gu Liheng did a standard pose, and Su Ling skillfully took his hand. The distance between the two instantly narrowed.

Gu Liheng said softly, "Don't be nervous, just follow my footsteps. And thank you for helping me out."

"Relief? It’s not like you don't know how to dance. Just accept that Omega’s invitation, it's not a difficult situation." Su Ling danced proficiently, shaking his body slightly.

Gu Liheng looked into his eyes and explained, "Although it would be rude of me, I don't want to accept the invitation."

Su Ling let go of his left hand, and Gu Liheng's conditioned reflexes cooperatively matched the movement. His(SL) body swung around; flexibly and lightly. Then, Su Ling placed his hand on Gu Liheng's shoulder, pulling both closer, "It just so happens that I don't want you to accept as well."

Hearing that, Gu Liheng's heartbeat speeds up. The young man's waist is soft, and just one movement from him fascinates him(GLH), not to mention the young man was very close to him when he said this.

On the other side, Lin Meng's eyes lit up, "Wow, Ling Ling, you dance beautifully."

Su Ling smiled, his eyes drooping slightly. As the son of a dancer, he has been exposed to various dances since he was a child. How could he not dance well? However, just thinking of these, it is inevitable to recall some memories, good or bad: the powdery air, the smell of perfume followed by a figure.

Gu Liheng's appreciation sounded beside his ear, "You are great at dancing."

Su Ling looked up at Gu Liheng and smiled, "I can be better."

Upon saying that, his hands pressed slightly on Gu Liheng’s shoulders, and his body moved backwards. His dancing postures were both rigid and soft, dancing, spinning, and bending gently. Each movement was light, yet full of strength, and his figure seemed to glow. Gu Liheng cooperated and let him dance to the fullest. It has been a long time since Su Ling danced with anyone like this. At first, he felt light and free. Soon, some scenes overlapped with his memory.

"Ling Ling, do you think mother’s dances great?"

"Ling Ling danced really well, so amazing, my son."

"Son, mom is in love again, you will have a father soon. Now watch my newly choreographed dance." But there was no dance, ending in a comedy.

"Why? Everyone said they love me, they say so many sweet words. But in the end, they don't even want to marry me."

Su Ling's eyes closed lightly. He had forgotten how many boyfriends his mother had made and looked forward to several weddings, but in the end, she was disappointed. But his male god will not let him down.

At the end of the song, Gu Liheng took him out of the dance zone smoothly, and his forehead was lightly resting on Gu Liheng’s shoulders. The strong scent of an Alpha made him feel safe and stable.

There was concern in Gu Liheng's magnetic voice as he asked, "Do you feel uncomfortable?"

Su Ling stood up straight and shook his head, "No, but I want to go back first."

Sometimes, once the closed box of memory is opened, it will spiral out of control. His mood is low at the moment, and it is not suitable for him to stay here. Moreover, he has danced with male god, it is enough to dispel many people’s advance.

Gu Liheng: "I will send you."

"No," Su Ling refused. "You have to be here for the cake cutting after the dance. It’s your mother's birthday, so it is not appropriate for you to be absent."

In the end, Gu Liheng insisted on sending Su Ling to the door. He(GLH) waited for him to get into the car and watched as the vehicle drives away; his expression was dim. The young man's emotions were too obvious. Did he(SL) felt unhappy to dance with him? But didn’t he(SL) said he doesn’t want him to dance with other people? When he(GLH) was in a low mood a few days ago, he didn't say anything either so the young man's mood should be as uncomfortable as he is now. Clenching his fists tightly, Gu Liheng glanced at the direction where the car has left, and returned to the hall.


Su Ao looked shocked after watching Su Ling dance. It took a long time before he returned to his sense and he shook Zhao Han's arm, "When did he learn how to dance? He shouldn’t know how?"

With a sullen face, Zhao Han replied, "I don't know."

Not only Su Ling knew how to dance, but he also danced very nicely. Many Alphas were attracted, but because of President Gu, no one dared to take action. Zhao Han took a deep breath and patted his shoulder, "Look around if there’s an Alpha you like and dance with him. Don't talk nonsense, and be good. I will start greeting other people, and you will make more friends."

After Zhao Han left, Su Ao pouted. He was so embarrassed tonight that he didn't want to care about anyone.

"Su Ao," Zhao Qi walked to him, his face pale, "didn't you say that Su Ling can't dance?"

Su Ao: "Yes, he didn't learn it, and he was very clumsy," then he added, "maybe he learned it after leaving the Su family."

Hearing that, Zhao Qi's face tensed up; this is impossible! He who started learning how to dance from elementary school knew best, from how Su Ling danced so well, it is impossible to learn it in a short time. A bold idea appeared in his mind, so Zhao Qi approached Su Ao and whispered, "Don’t you think Su Ling has changed a lot?"

Su Ao nodded wildly in agreement, "He was very timid before, and the him today scared me."

"Say, is it possible that he is not Su Ling?" Zhao Qi pursed his lips and said softly.

A shiver ran through Su Ao’s body. When he was in junior high school, he read many ancient spiritual stories out of curiosity. Although it might not be true, the atmosphere it creates is still terrifying. He looked at Zhao Qi weirdly, "My mother said don’t read too much of those kinds of books, else you will suffer from illusions. Su Ling is Su Ling. Perhaps his suicide attempt stimulated a personality change, and he has also inherited his mother's inheritance. Thus, he felt emboldened by it."

"Other than that, how could 2 people be exactly the same? Even the stinky pheromones are the same. Not to mention, when he accepts the inheritance, he needs to verify his identity, and there can be no mistake."

Zhao Qi only glanced at him and walked away.

Seeing his lack of energy figure, Su Ao suddenly felt a trace of sympathy for him. They were the same, both have suffered counterattack by Su Ling.

When Su Ling returned to his rented unit, he released the spiritual plants into the room. Then he took out the essential oils he extracted these days, preparing to make incense. Every time he thinks of his mother, he will think of dance, cosmetics, and perfume. Dancing was his mother’s life, and she ended her life on stage. Dancing has become something that Su Ling both love and fear; he doesn’t like much of cosmetics. In the end, perfume is his favourite. He listed perfumer as his career goal back in his previous life because he enjoyed doing something that has a connection with his mother.

Perfume made in Belle Planet is considered a kind of fragrance products, and his identity is suitable for making fragrance as well. During the day, he talked with Lin Meng for a long time, and he had an idea at the time. He wanted to make an effective soothing fragrance for male god. Male god's sleep quality was too poor. It just so happens that he has Golden Baby's breath in his hand. The stem is effective for soothing the nerves. It is the most precious and commonly used essential ingredient for soothing fragrance on the market. It is mainly used to soothe the mood before going to bed. Taking out the stems accumulated these days, Su Ling used an extractor to extract essential oils.

Surrounded by various fragrance, his depression due to old memories gradually calmed down. He tried to mix the essential oil extracted from the stem with other spiritual plant’s essential oils; unfortunately, there is no ageing machine here so he cannot mix them together immediately. It will take some time. When he tried to make the fragrance before, it was because there was not enough time to age, so the fragrance was not thoroughly mixed. He experimented with different proportions, each of which was only a small portion. He divided them into small bottles and covered with a lid, preparing to see the effect tomorrow.

When Su Ling started to make the fragrances, he had no concept of time at all. Hence, by the time he is done, he realized that it was almost 11.00 pm. He left the spiritual plant room, took a bath and slept.

The next morning, the only thing in his mind was how the incense products will come out today. So, after harvesting the liquid from Redthorn Ball, he returned straight home and went to the spiritual plant room. He was smelling the fragrances carefully one by one and comparing the differences when someone suddenly knocked on the unit’s door. The knock sounded 3 times rhythmically.

‘Knock knock knock’

Su Ling did not turn on the sound insulation system, plus the door of the spiritual plant room was not closed, and the room was closest to the door. Hence, the knock on the door was obvious. He put down the bottle in his hand and went to the door. Before that, he took a glance at the electronic display on the right side of the door.

His male god is wearing a sleek black suit and holding a handful of brilliant roses.

Su Ling: "..."

Unexpectedly, his male god has finally figured it out?

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