Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 44 - Dance 1 [OW]

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When Su Ling walked out of the bathroom, he took a glance around and immediately saw Gu Liheng. Why is male god's expression looked so deep? He patted Lin Meng's arm and gestured at Gu Liheng's direction, meaning that he wanted to go over there.

Lin Meng is not going to be an ‘electric light bulb’ so he said, "I'm going to see Ah Rui now. Contact me if something happened."

Nodded, Su Ling headed straight towards Gu Liheng. Gu Liheng's gaze fell on him; it was very focused and somewhat affectionate. Su Ling walked to Gu Liheng’s side and said, "You..."

He only said a word, but it makes his brows furrow. Not only was his voice muffled, and his tongue hurts, but the wound continued to bleed. There’s not much blood coming out, but the smell of blood made him very uncomfortable. Other things will have to wait; he better treats his wound first. Putting aside what he was about to ask, Su Ling tried to speak without agitating his tongue, "Can you take me to the lounge? I want to treat the wound."

Su Ling collects the nectar every day and puts it in his space storage. He remembers the effect of the nectar and wants to use it on the wound. To be honest, he could do it in the restroom earlier, but he really doesn't want to check the wound with his tongue sticking out in the restroom. Though the restroom’s environment is very good, it is disturbing as it’s still a toilet. He felt like he would retch if he really did that.

Understood what Su Ling means, Gu Liheng wrinkled his eyebrows and asked, "Your tongue hurt?"

Su Ling nodded. The smell of blood in his mouth became heavier, and the blood had accumulated, so he didn't want to speak anymore.

Gu Liheng: "Come with me."

Su Ling followed him through the corridor connecting the hall to the back building. On the second floor, they turned in to the room on the left-hand side. The room was huge, the color hues were mainly in black, white, and gray tones; clean and tidy.

Su Ling frowned and pointed to his mouth. He pursed his lips and bulged his cheeks.

Gu Liheng immediately understood what he meant and opened the door on the left-hand side, "This is the bathroom."

Hurriedly walking in, Su Ling spat out the blood and saliva into the sink, then quickly rinsed his mouth with water.

His actions were fast, but since Gu Liheng is standing beside him, he saw everything clearly, and his complexion suddenly changed. After Su Ling spat everything out, he rinsed his mouth again twice. When he was about to continue, Gu Liheng handed him a tissue and said, "This is not good for the wound. I will go get the treatment device."

Su Ling took the tissue and wiped his hands and mouth. On the other hand, Gu Liheng went out to get the treatment device. From his space storage, Su Ling took the nectar and placed it on the sink. He opened the bottle and poured some into the bottle cap. His preparations were done; he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue in the mirror. His tongue was red on the right side. The wound area was the darkest, and a little blood came out. He took a piece of tissue and lightly dabbed to absorb the blood.

This was what Gu Liheng saw when he walked in with the treatment device. His gaze changed slightly, and his footsteps halted for a moment.

Su Ling was a little embarrassed, thinking that he looked stupid at the moment. However, he just cleaned up, so he didn't want to rinse his tongue again, so he turned to face Gu Liheng and pointed to the therapy device in his hand. Gu Liheng carefully treated the wound with the device. After the treatment, the surface of the wound appeared to be healed. But the color was darker, and the pain did not disappear.

"Treatment device can only repair the surface tissue quickly. As for the internal wound, it has not healed yet, so you still need medication.”

Hearing that, Su Ling pointed to the nectar on the sink. He turned around, dipped it with his finger, and applied it to the wound. The transparent nectar quickly disappeared on the surface of the wound, and the pain was much reduced. Su Ling's eyes lit up; he dipped his finger again, ready to continue applying. If anyone knows such precious nectar is used to heal this kind of small skin trauma and even used so much, they would say ‘What a waste!’. However, the two didn't feel anything. Su Ling collected it every day, so he didn't think it would be very precious, and Gu Liheng only hoped that Su Ling could get better soon.

‘Knock knock’

After the knock, the Gu Mansion's butler could be heard calling from outside the door, "Master, Madam wants you to go to the hall. The dance party is starting soon."

Gu Liheng frowned. Su Ling stopped and started to clear the sink. However, Gu Liheng lightly grabbed his hand and said, "You can finish treating your wound before you go. I need to dance the opening dance with my mother, so I have to go first."

Su Ling blinked: "This is your room, right?"

Gu Liheng: "En."

Su Ling laughed, as expected, his male god has brought him to his private territory!

"Go, I'll go out when I'm done, and I promise not to disturb your things."

Gu Liheng let go of his hand, "Contact me if you need anything."

After he left, Su Ling applied the nectar twice again, and the wound is almost healed. He tried to talk and found out that he would only feel a slight twinge if he tried to pronounce his words to standard pronunciation. Su Ling put away the nectar and cleaned the sink. Then he took a glance around the room before leaving. When he arrived in the main hall, the light was much darker than before, and there was a beautiful melody playing. Gu Liheng and Mother Gu were halfway through their opening dance.

Su Ling's expression was in a daze for a moment, as if he had returned to his childhood, but he quickly recovered. Gu Liheng's temperament is very different from that person who danced with his mother back then. Gu Liheng has a calm and unsmiling face, impeccable dancing posture, elegant, gentleman, and charming. Since his mother’s death[1], Su Ling has not seriously watched other people dancing for many years; he even instinctively rejected it. But at this time, his eyes followed Gu Liheng until the end of the dance.

After the opening dance, the music switched to another tune. Many guests began to invite their partners, and soon there were many dancers in the middle of the hall. Some older people and those who came here alone without a partner went to Mother Gu and Gu Liheng’s side to compliment their dancing. Mother Gu said a few humble words and glanced around. With a smile, she took Zhao Qi's hand, who was standing in front of the guests and glanced at Gu Liheng.

Zhao Qi blushed and looked obedient.

Su Ling narrowed his eyes and strode over.

Mother Gu smiled and said, "Young people are better at dancing. I just showed my humble dance, but I will stop to appreciate other’s dance now." Then, she smiled and asked Zhao Qi, "Do you have company tonight?"

Everyone nearby immediately understood that she is choosing a dance partner for President Gu!

Zhao Qi was about to speak, but Zhao Qing quickly stepped forward and took his shoulders. He smiled at Mother Gu and said, "I have been begging for a long time before my younger brother agreed to be my dance partner. Otherwise, it would be a shame if everyone is dancing, and I don’t even have a partner."

Mother Gu’s expression changed slightly; what does the Zhao family mean? Zhao Qi was the one who proposed to dance with her son, and she was very satisfied with Zhao Qi. Their Gu family owed a favor to the Zhao family, and it seems that Zhao Qi wanted to marry her son. She thought it was good since Zhao Qi is interested. Hence she tried to match them together. Unexpectedly, a minor issue came out. Although she did not say clearly, the people present must understand her meaning. Zhao Qing's move is simply saying that the Zhao family does not want to get involved with her son.

Zhao Qi was startled, and he glared at Zhao Qing.

Zhao Qing smiled innocently and rubbed Zhao Qi’s hair. However, the hand holding onto his shoulder secretly tightened, "You look forward to dancing with your brother too, right?"

On the other side, Mother Gu quickly recovered and let go of Zhao Qi. She smiled gently and said, "You have a good relationship, go and dance."

Zhao Qing took Zhao Qi away and went to the middle of the dance floor to dance.

Zhao Qi lowered his voice and asked angrily, "Brother, why are you doing this?"

There was a smile on Zhao Qing’s lips, but his eyes were cold, "I told you before, don't hit on President Gu. You know who he likes."

Zhao Qi: "I don't care, as long as I can marry him, it will be good for our family's business, isn't it?"

"No need," Zhao Qing sighed, "Qi Qi, our family doesn't need alliance by marriage. Your happiness is the most important thing. I don't know what you are thinking. You obviously don't like President Gu."

Zhao Qi pursed his lips. Suddenly, he thought of the scene where he broke apart with Zhao Qing, and their family fell into ruins in his previous life, and his eyes were slightly red. He exhausted everything to pursue Xiào Rui, but the final result was tragic. His actions also harmed his parents and brother. Now that he is reborn, he has a chance to take revenge. How could he be willing to do nothing? But now, it is no longer possible for him to marry into the Gu family.

In his previous life, Su Ling died early, and Gu Liheng had no one he liked. His mother did not recover, so she made a dying wish to let Gu Liheng marry him, but now that won’t happen anymore.

Zhao Qing felt pained in his heart, looking at his brother’s current appearance. After all, he is the younger brother he has been spoiling since childhood. But thinking about his inexplicable behavior that always provokes Gu Liheng, he decided to teach him a lesson.

"Look, President Gu has someone in mind to be his dance partner. Even if Madam Gu asks you to be his dance partner, he will refuse. Have you ever thought about what you would do in such a scene?"

Zhao Qi followed his gaze and saw Gu Liheng approaching Su Ling. A brunette Alpha is standing in front of Su Ling, trying to invite him to dance.

Su Ling frowned and stepped back, "Sorry, I want to take a break."

The brunette Alpha was about to say something, and there was a voice beside him, "Don't waste your time. He can't dance."

Su Ling and the Alpha both turned their heads and looked over. Su Ao continued, "Except for his looks, he knows nothing, and his pheromone smells bad."

The Alpha seemed a little surprised, "This..."

Su Ling didn't care about the brunette Alpha's opinion, but he couldn't ignore the provocation. Raising his eyebrows, he asked, "You looked confident. Can you dance?"

"Of course." Su Ao raised his chin, feeling proud.

Su Ling's lips twitched, "I was in the Su family for 18 years and 2 years older than you, but the Su family has never invited a dance teacher for me." He paused before saying, "You are 2 years younger than me, but everything for you is the best. You really should be confident.”

The guests nearby heard that, and many people started to talk in whispers. When they looked at Su Ling, their eyes were filled with sympathy.

"As usual, stepmother is unreliable ah."

"No wonder he wants to sever their relationship."

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[1] Back in Su Ling’s real world, his mother is a dancer.

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