High Energy QR Code

Chapter 44: Before the Fight

Xing Ye still wanted to hide the little mirror’s existence from Cao Qian for the time being. He had yet to completely trust her.

However, after discovering the little mirror was actually Lu Mingze, Xing Ye could no longer bear keeping him in his pocket all the time.

He couldn’t move and was forever stuck in a black void, only ever able to hear the outside world. How would that feel?

Although Xing Ye’s never experienced it, he knew it wouldn’t be nice.

If possible, he hoped the little mirror could come out and have a breath of fresh air more. Even if he could only get some sunlight, it was better than nothing. Of course, it’d be better for him to not see bugs or ghosts. Xing Ye didn’t plan on letting the mirror participate in tonight’s battle. It was best for him to stay safe and protected on Xing Ye’s chest.

So for now, he didn’t care about his image. Besides, after having a pair of big breasts, he didn’t care how others looked at him.

Xing Ye looked in the mirror and asked Cao Qian, “My lips are a bit dry, do you have lip balm?”

Cao Qian: “... No.”

“Oh well then.” Xing Ye expressionlessly returned the mirror back to his pocket.

The mirror was shaking in his pocket, seeming to laugh at him.

Xing Ye quietly patted him. Don’t make trouble, who was the one he was humiliating himself for now?

The mirror was very happy. In fact, he had been feeling a lot better ever since he recognized Xing Ye. Although he always had to hide, Xing Ye was protecting him. He was different from other props. If he was broken, he would really be done for, so he couldn’t reveal himself.

Furthermore, he could feel Xing Ye’s body temperature in his chest pocket. He could hear the way Xing Ye talked differently to different people, hear the whole story as he analyzed it, hear him wish that Cao Qian could mature, hear the new path he pointed out to Mr. Deng...

Xing Ye really was outstanding. Then, would he be called a little dummy if he just let that matter about Xing Ye finding people to beat him up go? After all, who didn’t have a moment of stupidity? As long as he grew up and fixed it, it was alright, the little mirror inwardly muttered.

Today, the little mirror had many chances to come out for fresh air. Every area, Xing Ye would turn his back to Cao Qian and take out the mirror, who would then help him search for QR codes.

Unfortunately, most of the world’s QR codes were already found by the other following fate players. When Xing Ye finally found one, he gave it to Cao Qian just as before.

It wasn’t because Xing Ye was being noble or anything. He just knew that in order to fully use his abilities, he needed Cao Qian to protect him. Right now, he wanted to see if Cao Qian could truly be trusted.

Even if she betrayed him, it didn’t matter. At most, he would just be killed and lose 3000 points. Xing Ye entered this world with only 200 points, so he had already made a big profit.

Furthermore, Cao Qian probably wouldn’t betray him. Killing Xing Ye would only grant her a thousand points, but following him through the hidden plot points would let her get much more. Anybody would know the better option.

In the last hour, the two ran to Xing Ye’s luxurious one-person dorm to summarize their current battle strength.

Cao Qian had activated her super strength and agility for three days, using up 300 points. She currently had 2900 points. She still had four guaranteed hit bullets left in her Thousand Shot Gun and two special QR codes.

Xing Ye used Redrawing Pen ten times last night, using up 500 points and leaving him with 6700 remaining. The mirror prop had no fighting strength and could be overlooked. He had the especially rare Peaceful Spirit’s Tune and memorized six QR codes in his head. They were the piano, the three Guan Ling gave Di Kuang, and the two Cao Qian had.

Of them, five of the QR codes’ abilities must be tested in order to be incorporated into their tactics.

After memorizing the QR codes, Xing Ye used redrawing pen five times to test the new QR codes.

The three QR codes Guan Ling found were Single Use Copier, Omnipotent Pen, and Skip Class Freely. Cao Qian’s were Hippity Hop Ping Pong Ball and Teaching Plan. All the QR codes were related to school, but had very frightening abilities.

When Xing Ye tested them with Redrawing Pen, he speculated the five QR codes’ real abilities.

Single Use Copier was a prop type QR code that allowed the user to copy a QR code the opponent had previously used in the fight. It could only be used once. When Xing Ye drew the QR code, Xing Ye could sense its ability and knew his Redrawing Pen could not replicate this kind of ability. It was an extremely special QR code.

Omnipotent Pen was also a prop type QR code. It was a pen that could imitate any target’s handwriting. There was no time limit on its use, but there was a max number of around 100 characters one could write with it. It was useless in fights, but could be very useful in figuring out quests. Redrawing Pen’s copy lowered the character cap to 50.

Skip Class Freely was an ability type QR code that when activated, would give the player ten minutes to escape. In that period, time in the outside world wouldn’t move. In other words, time would be frozen for ten minutes. However, since this skill represented skipping class, it meant the players would not be able to do anything productive in this timeframe. As such, the player would not be able to use any starting skills, QR codes, rare abilities or props.

Hippity Hop Ping Pong Ball was a prop type QR code that would unleash tens of thousands of ping pong balls to obstruct the opponent’s vision and movements. Based on your luck value, there would also be a chance of it hitting your opponent’s cellphone, leaving them unable to use QR codes. The duration was ten minutes, and with Redrawing Pen, it was reduced to five minutes.

Teaching Plan was a very powerful prop type QR code. It let you see the opponent’s moves ten seconds in advance, but could only be used once. With Redrawing Pen, the duration was reduced to five seconds.

Xing Ye warned Cao Qian countless times to not use the Teaching Plan unless it was a critical juncture. It was simply too valuable and should be saved for a vital moment.

This type of QR code was meaningless with Redrawing Pen. Xing Ye had to desperately flounder for 30 seconds to draw a QR code and could only predict five seconds with it. It simply wasn’t worth it.

“All in all, we are at a disadvantage. Redrawing Pen is a strong ability, but takes too long to use. You don’t have any powerful attack type or delaying QR codes either.” Xing Ye frowned, “Fortunately, they won’t turn hostile until the last moment.”

Nobody knew what would happen. At that time, they might even need their help. If Di Kuang wanted to act, he would only do so after guaranteeing his own victory, then kill them for the 2000 points.

Oh, Di Kuang’s group still didn’t know how Xing Ye and Cao Qian had already amassed a large number of points. They still thought Xing Ye only had 100 points and Cao Qian had 450.

“Therefore, although we’re at a disadvantage, it’s not as serious as it seems on the surface. If I were Di Kuang, I wouldn’t attack until I was sure I could deal a fatal blow. After all, using several hundred points and special QR codes for 100 points would be a loss in anyone’s eyes.”

“Then how about when they give the human head to Liu Muqing, we lead them to the second floor and let them face off against the brain eating demonic Bai Xu while we go down to the first floor to protect Aunty Zhang?”

“Can we do that?” Xing Ye pondered, “We’ll decide based on the situation. The most important thing is how Liu Muqing will react and if she’ll be clear-headed or muddled. We should do our utmost to prevent her from touching the human head. I’m afraid that if she takes the human head in her muddled state, she’ll go crazy.”

“What if she’s clear headed?” Cao Qian asked.

“Huh?” Xing Ye was slightly startled, “You reminded me, when Liu Muqing was under Peaceful Spirit’s Tune, she knew that it wasn’t the human head she wanted… let’s think about it.”

Before the fight, Xing Ye also tested out Impression Eye, which let him instantly memorize half of the things he saw. He was pleasantly surprised with the results.

If he used Impression Eye and Redrawing Pen together, he didn’t need to draw half of the QR code because it was memorized by Impression Eye and didn’t need to be drawn.

It cut down the time needed to draw a QR code down to 15 seconds. Although it consumed 50 points, it was very useful. So far, Xing Ye’s consumed 300 points and had 6400 remaining. However, this was worth the investment.

The sky was already dark by the time he and Cao Qian finished simulating what might happen and developed countermeasures.

At 11 PM, a boy hugging a human head ran crazily around campus. He kept asking softly, “Sister, where are you? Sister, where are you? I have to give your head back.”

Xing Ye and Di Kuang met in front of the boys’ dormitory at the previously agreed upon time. The two exchanged a glance, showing smiles of tacit understanding.

Tonight, they would become enemies!

The two both secretly thought.

Zhang Feiming was easy to find. He ran around the campus blindly and soon ran into Xing Ye and the others. However, he could no longer recognize Xing Ye. All he could think about was finding Liu Muqing’s spirit.

“I’ll give the human head to Liu Muqing, just give it to me.” Di Kuang stopped Zhang Feiming before suddenly growing four arms. Three of them grabbed Zhang Feiming while the last one went to snatch the human head.

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