Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 44-2 : Human Bone

“What?” Chen Yu was taken aback, her big black eyes were full of incredulity, “Not valuable?”

“En!” Lou Ming nodded heavily.

“Why are they worthless? I watched the Treasure Appreciation TV program, those black jars were worth a few million easily, how can my authentic six hundred years old antiques be worthless?” Chen Yu couldn’t believe it at all.

“Don’t be upset, first let’s sit down, okay? I’ll explain everything.” Lou Ming said.

Chen Yu walked hesitantly with the colorful vase in her hands and sat down opposite Lou Ming.

“Most of the antiques you found were jade, only three were porcelain, and you gave Tian Fei the blue and white porcelain vase, right?”

Chen Yu nodded without understanding.

“When the antiques arrived in the afternoon, Master Mao happened to be here. He’s an expert in this area, so he estimated the prices.” Lou Ming explained using his gentlest voice, “Master Mao said these jade articles are all good jade, but…”

“But what?” Chen Yu asked anxiously.

“But the aura in them is gone. If jade has lost its aura, then it becomes a dead jade, and dead jade isn’t worth much.” Lou Ming carefully observed Chen Yu’s expression.

Chen Yu looked at the dozen exquisite jade antiques on the table in a daze, there really was no aura in them, but can ordinary people see aura anyway?

“Aren’t ordinary people unable to see aura? Don’t antiques just need to be old?” Chen Yu directly asked the doubts in her mind.

Lou Ming shook his head.

“That… that…” Chen Yu asked desperately, “They’re really not worth much?”

“It’s not like that.” Lou Ming said, “Master Mao said although these jade pieces are already dead, they’re suitable for making amulets.”

“But I don’t know how to make amulets, ah, all the spells I learned are for exorcising ghosts, even a Peace Amulet, the effect I draw isn’t as strong as other Celestial Masters, I still won’t be able to do it even if my cultivation increases, ah.” Chen Yu said grievously.

Because of the particularity of her own spells, Chen Yu couldn’t use these jade pieces, and now they are worthless?

Noticing Chen Yu was about to cry, Lou Ming comforted her, “Don’t worry, I’ll ask Master Mao if he might want them since he said they are suitable for amulets.”

“Master Mao might want them?” Chen Yu asked with her lips pouting, those puppy eyes looked really pitiful.

“Of course!” Lou Ming consoled her again, “He looked like he really wanted them this afternoon, but I said I have to ask you before he could have them.”

Third Young Master Lou, who was always strictly logical, didn’t realize what he said was inconsistent.

“Then, sell them to him, get as much money as we can get.” Chen Yu’s mood recovered a little and Lou Ming finally breathed a sigh of relief. My gosh, why am I so nervous?

Chen Yu felt better, she touched the porcelain vase in her arms and asked, “What about the porcelain vases? Are they worthless too?”

“The quality of this porcelain vase isn’t high, although it's old, it isn’t worth much, maybe around two or three million.” Lou Ming said.

“How much?” Chen Yu stood up so suddenly.

“About three million?” Lou Ming removed the ‘two million’ part.

“One for three million?” Chen Yu asked to confirm it once again.

“En.” Lou Ming nodded.

“One is three million, so two is six million, Assistant Tian has another one, plus the jade articles, they are all worth more than nine million.” Chen Yu was very happy after she finished calculating the money she can earn, “It’s not a loss, ah, nine million ah.”

“The one you gave Tian Fei is a blue and white porcelain.” Lou Ming reminded her with a complicated expression.

“Blue and white porcelain? What’s wrong with blue and white porcelain?” Chen Yu recalled a bit, of the three porcelains the other two were colored and only the blue one was plain. Chen Yu felt Tian Fei wouldn’t like brightly colored things, so she handed over the blue and white one to him.

Lou Ming knew from Chen Yu’s expression that she definitely didn’t know what blue and white porcelain was. He couldn’t explain it clearly but he still explained with a heavy heart, “Blue and white porcelain is the most valuable porcelain.”

“More valuable than these two?” Chen Yu finally understood.

“En.” Lou Ming nodded.

“How much is it worth? Four million? Five million?” Chen Yu asked curiously.

Lou Ming slowly stretched out three fingers, “Thirty million!”

Chen Yu blinked and blinked, then blinked and blinked again, and after she did this many times, she choked out, “Thirty million?”

Lou Ming nodded and paid close attention to Chen Yu’s reaction.

“One vase is worth ten of these vases?” Chen Yu tremblingly pointed to the colorful porcelain vase in her arms.

Lou Ming cautiously nodded.

Chen Yu bowed her head in deep thought for a while, then she walked back to the table and put the porcelain vase on the table. Then she looked at all the antiques in silence for a long time before her legs suddenly gave out.

“Shishi.” Lou Ming was startled. He hurriedly ran to pick her up from the ground.

“Third Brother…” Chen Yu’s face looked like she had nothing left to live for, “Tell Assistant Tian not to appear in front of me for the time being, or else I can’t bear it anymore…”


Lou Ming couldn’t bear it any more. His body shook from trying to hold in his laughter while he was holding Chen Yu.

How come this little girl is so cute, ah. She obviously loves money so much, and knowing she handed 30 million to someone, she didn’t think about how to get it back, but only told the other person not to show up in front of her.

“Alright, don’t feel so sad, I don’t want my half portion, I’ll give it all to you.” Lou Ming smiled and consoled her.

“Third Brother, you’re still the best to me.” Chen Yu hugged Lou Ming’s waist sadly. She felt like she was about to die from heartache.

Thirty million, so much money, sob, sob, sob…

The next day, Qi Changming finally walked out of the police station with a still badly swollen face after being detained for three days.

“Master Qi.” A big man in a black suit had been waiting for Qi Changming at the station entrance by a car. When Qi Changming came out, he ran to open the car door.

Qi Changming got into the car and looked through the window at the police station, a gruesome and horrible expression was on his face. These three days was the most shameful of his life. Qi Changming gritted his teeth with hate whenever he recalled Chen Yu’s face.

“Master Qi, let me take you to eat something.” The burly man who picked him up said as he started the car.

“No, take me to the suburban villa.” Qi Changming said.

“Yes.” The big man started the car obediently and drove all the way to the outskirts of the city.

An hour later, the car stopped at the entrance of a villa in a gated compound, then Qi Changming got out of the car.

The big fellow took a document from the passenger seat and handed it to Qi Changming and said, “Master Qi, the boss asked me to give this to you. He said the other party’s identity is special, so please consider carefully before making a final decision.”

Qi Changming took the documents, ignored the burly man, turned around, and walked into the villa.

Qi Changming went straight to the basement. The underground space was arranged into a huge altar. On the floor of the altar was a large Supreme Ultimate Yin-Yang Eight Trigrams pattern, surrounded by yellow flags and talismans, and in the middle of the altar was an enshrined broken bone.

It was a human rib, surrounded by a gruesome and terrifying aura. Qi Changming walked over and placed the two pieces of the shattered wooden plaque next to the bone.

The wooden ghost tablet was nothing more than a medium for summoning the Ghost King as the real dwelling was the human bone that was emitting a ghastly aura. As long as the human bone existed, no matter how many times the ghost tablet was broken, the Ghost King would be fine.

With a gloomy expression, Qi Changming opened the file he had been holding and took out the pages inside.

“Daughter of the Imperial City mayor, no wonder you can detain me.” Qi Changming sneered, “What’s the big deal with a mayor’s daughter? You still can’t live if I want to kill you.”

Qi Changming dropped the papers in his hands, scattering them on the ground. He said to the human bone on the altar, “Ghost King, you haven’t eaten for quite a long time, you must be hungry. Wait till night comes and you can eat your fill. The soul of a Celestial Master is much more delicious than ordinary evil spirits.”

The Ghost King seemed to understand what Qi Changming said as the Yin aura surrounding the bone suddenly became much richer. The bone shook lightly as if impatient, making clicking sounds on the altar.

“You’re really hungry, ah, don’t worry, I won’t restrict you tonight, you can eat all you want.” Qi Changming stroked the human bone for a while.

A cold and evil wind blew, making the yellow flags around the altar flutter eerily.

Author’s NOTE:

Master Mao: I didn’t say that I want to buy them, ah.

Third Young Master: Will you buy them or not? (Tian Fei picked up the blue and white porcelain and made a throwing gesture).

Master Mao: I’ll buy! (Rascals! Such a good blue and white porcelain is rare, ah!)


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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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