Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 430 - Extras (8)

Su Rui carried her on his back while Su Wan was deep in thought. “Okay, I’ll carry you back. You can sleep now. By the time you’re awake, you’ll be at home.”

Leaning against the man’s broad and warm shoulders, Su Wan hesitated. “Su, Su Rui, do you always pursue girls like this?”


Su Rui smiled. “Silly girl, I’ve only pursued you. Plus, I only carried you. I’ll carry you to the end of the world.”

The end of the world…

It made people look forward to this.

Su Wan carefully lifted her hands to hold onto Su Rui’s neck, a bit unfamiliar with the action. “You’re an expert at sweet-talking. But how can I trust guys’ words? Xing Yi said that he loved me too but now, he said he loved Su You. Say, why is it wrong to love someone? Even if we look like the same person, since he loved a person, he loved them. If he didn’t love a person, then don’t love.”

Su Wan didn’t understand. How could Xing Yi say he didn’t love her anymore and treat her that ruthlessly?

Even if she was just a pet that he raised while he was bored, he’d bound to have feelings after being with her for so long right?

Could relationships be that weak?

Su Rui paused when he heard Su Wan’s words. “It’s not that you don’t understand but that the world is too melodramatic.”

“Don’t think that much. Just go to sleep.”

Saying that, Su Rui started walking ahead steadily. Su Wan leaned against his back and slowly fell asleep.

By the time she woke up, it was still dark around her and the stars were sparkling in the sky.

“We’re almost in the city district right? Put me down. Let’s take the taxi back. I have money.”

Su Wan didn’t know how long he carried her for. She felt a bit embarrassed so she struggled to get off.

“Don’t move. Just let me carry you.”

Su Rui tightened his grip on her and stopped Su Wan. “Don’t underestimate your man. It’s the first time I carried you home. This is no big deal.”

Saying this, Su Rui walked ahead steadily. Don’t mention carrying Su Wan home, but it was no difficulty to carry her around every day.

Su Wan was speechless.

Su Wan froze. She suddenly recalled what Su Rui told her in the past.

Was he really from the future?

Su Wan was a bit confused for a moment. What happened to her? How come she actually wished such a bizarre lie was true?

But she really hoped that it was real.

No matter who, if she could have someone with her forever in the future, that’d be great.

She didn’t want wealth or power, or to have a world-shaking relationship.

She didn’t need any young handsome men or any noble family’s young master. She just needed a person to love her seriously…

By the time he carried her back to the villa, it was late into the night. The lights were still on on the first floor. Xing Yi and Su You were on the sofa in the lounge. Seeing Su Rui carrying Su Wan back, Su You nervously stood up. “Xiao Wan, Xiao Wan, what happened to you? Are you okay?”

Saying this, Su You walked over and wanted to hold onto Su Wan but she said, “Don’t touch me.”

“Su Wan, what’s this attitude of yours? Su You is just worried about you.”

Seeing Su Wan treating Su You indifferently like usual, Xing Yi’s gaze coldened.

“Heh. Thank you for the concern. If you were worried for me, why didn’t you come to look for me? Instead, she’s cracking seeds in the lounge. She must have it hard!”

Su Wan looked coldly at Xing Yi and mocked.

“She wanted to go and look for you but I stopped her.”

In his perspective, Su Wan always knew what she was doing and she was brazen. It was fine for her to be outside. However, what happens if the kind and gentle Su You went out and got into an accident looking for her?

Therefore, if you could be a soft white lotus, don’t let others know you’re a warrior.

Although roses all have thorns, men thought that white roses were delicate and weak while red roses were dangerous.

“Okay, okay. It’s all my fault.”

Seeing Su Wan and Xing Yi opposing each other, the guilty Su You immediately started to mediate. “Right. Su Rui, thank you for bringing Xiao Wan back.”

“That’s my responsibility.”

Su Rui bent down and gently helped Su Wan change her shoes. “Are your feet okay? How about I take you upstairs to change the ointment?”

Seeing Su Rui’s gentle gaze, Su Wan’s expression subconsciously softened. “Mn, let’s go...ah!”

Su Rui carried her princess style before she could finish her words.

“Be a good girl. It’s not convenient for you to walk right now. Don’t move around.”

Saying this, he carried her upstairs.

Su You stared flabbergasted.



So Su Rui liked Xiao Wan? No wonder he…

But Xiao Wan was Xing Yi’s fiancee!

Su You turned around nervously and looked carefully. “Xing Yi, don’t misunderstand. Xiao Wan, she, she’s injured. Mn. It’s not convenient for her to move around.”


Seeing Su You explaining nervously for Su Wan, Xing Yi smiled. He stood up and forced Su You to look into his eyes. “Su You, are you worried about Su Wan or me?”


Su You looked nervously at the man close-up. “Xing Yi, don’t, don’t look at me like this. You’re Xiao Wan’s fiance. I really hope you guys will be good together.”

“Really? Didn’t I tell you why I got engaged with her? That’s because I treated her as the person who saved me three years ago. In reality, you’re the one that sent me to the hospital.”

Xing Yi had sent someone to investigate this. Back then, it was indeed Su You who appeared at the hospital.

He hated himself for always thinking that it was Su Wan since two years ago.

Because Su Wan had gone to the place when he got in an accident three years ago, he was sure it was Su Wan.

This was just an annoying misunderstanding.

He skillfully carried Su Wan to her bed and then turned to grab the first-aid kit.

“How do you know the first-aid kit is there?”

Su Wan widened  her eyes at Su Rui. Su Wan was really curious that he was able to find her bedroom.

“Because I’m your man.”

Su Rui lifted his brows arrogantly. “Don’t tell me your habits. I know which side you like to kick your blanket and the temperature of the water you like when showering.”


Su Wan’s face flushed. She sat on bed and clutched the blanket, muttering, “Then, tell me. What did the future me like to do?”


Su Rui smiled mysteriously. “What? You’re starting to believe me now?”

“I’m just asking, asking okay? It’s fine if you don’t want to answer.”

Su Wan turned her face to the side. As expected, she shouldn’t treat this man too well otherwise he’d take advantage of it. So annoying.

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