Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 43 - Vomit blood 2 [OW]

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The young man wore a white shirt and a short blue waistcoat. His clothing made him looked taller, his waist and legs looked slender too. The blue velvet bow tie around his neck added a touch of playfulness to him. The diamond cufflinks of the same colour shimmered with his movements. His black hair was neatly combed, and his delicate features were unobstructed. Overall, his style tonight was low-key yet luxurious. The young man’s light brown eyes seemed to be brighter under the light, and they look a little indifferent; simply will just arouse an Alpha's desire to conquer.

Gu Liheng frowned slightly as he listened to the conversation, his expression becoming more serious. The young man came with Xiào Rui? But Xiào Rui and Lin Meng are acting intimate with each other at the moment, leaving the young man to be in an awkward situation. Gu Liheng’s expression became darker. Even if he knows that he(SL) has nothing to do with Xiào Rui and that Lin Meng and Xiào Rui are lovers, he(GLH) still cannot help but feel sorry for the young man. This time, he knows the inside story, but what about next time? Can he(GLH) be sure that the people that the young man will meet will definitely not cheat or betray him(SL)?

At this moment, Gu Liheng became deeply aware that, except for himself, he doesn’t trust anyone to be with the young man at all. Not only he couldn’t trust it, but he also didn't want to, and can't bear it.

Su Ling is no stranger to people looking at him, so their gaze doesn’t bother him. Lin Meng glanced at him worriedly, and he was relieved to see that Su Ling looked natural. He whispered, "I'm sorry, I didn't know my plan would cause this kind of misunderstanding. I will explain this later."

Su Ling smiled at him, "It's okay, besides, it has nothing to do with you."

Walking to Mother Gu, Xiào Rui greeted her politely and said his wishes. Then, it is Lin Meng’s turn. Elders were very fond of Lin Meng. Hence, after he finished his wishes, Mother Gu's smile deepened.

As they were talking, Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng, and their eyes met. Su Ling’s brow furrowed when he saw him. At first glance, male god looked good, but he(SL) is very familiar with cosmetics. That’s why he can tell right away that male god’s face has been touched up with cosmetics. The makeup looked natural, just like his usual look. But who would put on makeup if his/her face looked natural to start with? It is only possible that his state has not improved in the past two days, or has gotten worse.

When Gu Liheng saw the young man furrowed his eyebrows, his heart suddenly sank. In the past, he(SL) always smiled brightly when he saw him. Did he(SL) really give up on him? His heart tightened, and the air around him seemed to freeze instantly.

Su Ling glanced back at Mother Gu and saw that Lin Meng has finished his words. So, he retracted his gaze and smiled at Mother Gu. He wished Mother Gu with a simple but safe sentence, "I wish you good health and all the best."

Mother Gu smiled and said, "Thank you." This young man looked good and has a good temperament. She recalled the data of unmarried Omega she collected these days, but she had no impression of him at all. She smiled apologetically, "I haven't recovered very much, so there are many people that I can't recognize. Can I know which family are you from?"

Lin Meng smiled and said, "He is my friend. I feel uncomfortable during the day, so I asked him to help me accompany Ah Rui. I would not be at ease if he went with other people." He smiled playfully, "I feel much better after a rest in the afternoon. Then I heard that the banquet is very lively, so I came, and happened to run into them at the entrance."

Many guests were surprised by the story, so that’s what really happened.

The corner of Su Ling's mouth curved slightly. This is what Lin Meng told him at the door earlier. That he will find a reason to explain his appearance at the banquet tonight.

Upon hearing that, Mother Gu came to understand that this young boy's family background must be average. Otherwise, Young master Lin would not have to explain the story this way, and the young man would have an invitation by himself.

Gu Liheng, who had been silent all the time, suddenly voiced out, "Redthorn Ball belongs to him."

Mother Gu glanced at him in surprise, before quickly smiled and said to Su Ling, "Oh, so you are my benefactor. I was rude, I should have sent you the invitation personally."

Su Ling glanced at Gu Liheng puzzledly, and said to Mother Gu, "You are welcome, President Gu helped me a lot too."

Mother Gu: "Still, I have to thank you. There are many guests here, so it is not convenient to say more. You guys go and have fun.

The three of them took a lot of time with Mother Gu, and the guests at the back were inconvenient to approach. Since she said that, the three politely walked away.

Xiào Rui: "Meng Meng and I have to go to greet the elders."

Su Ling gestured at the sofa on the right corner and said, "I'll go and sit there for a while."

The people present today are either rich or noble. It is an excellent opportunity for people to make friends and a good occasion for a blind date as well. Picking someone here will never go wrong, as all have a good family background. Therefore, most guests were quite active in the middle of the hall, leaving the corner of the hall feeling quiet.

Heading to the sofa while holding pastries, Su Ling finally sat down on the couch with pastries in one hand and drinks in the other. The makeup, hair styling and changing of clothes took a lot of time. He only ate a bowl of noodles at 6.00 pm during the time Lin Meng is styling his hair, and it was not really fulfilling. The pastries are very delicious; the sweet version was sweet but not greasy, while the original flavour is soft and crispy. Su Ling likes it very much. In order to ensure cleanliness, the plates provided are disposable. They looked exquisite and small, just like the pastries. That means one plate can’t actually hold much. Hence, after eating the last piece, Su Ling went to get some more. He only managed to eat one piece from the second round, when he sensed the lighting dimmed. Someone is standing behind him, blocking the light.

"Aren’t you embarrassed by yourself? Did you reincarnate from a hungry ghost?"

Su Ling raised his eyebrows and turned to see Su Ao with his hands folded on his chest, looking at him with contempt. Already feeling impatient with this childish cheap brother, Su Ling is too lazy to pay any more attention to him. He turned his head away and continued eating.

"You!" Being ignored, Su Ao’s expression became ugly. He grabbed Su Ling's shoulder and shook it vigorously, "I'm talking to you!"

Su Ling didn't expect Su Ao to make a sudden movement and got caught off guard. He was chewing on a piece of cake when he was shaken. The action caused him to bit hard on his tongue and his face wrinkled with pain. The pain stimulated his saliva gland and secreted a lot of saliva. Then, the bloody smell started to spread in his mouth, making Su Ling very uncomfortable. At that moment, Su Ling’s irritability to Su Ao has reached the top. Without thinking, Su Ling quickly grabbed the corner of a plate and threw it sideways behind him. Because his tongue hurts, and there was a mixture of saliva and blood in his mouth, he can only mumble vaguely, "Go awway."

Su Ao subconsciously wanted to dodge, letting go of Su Ling’s shoulder and retreat, but the distance between the two was too close. And so, the dish hit him directly in the face. The weight of the plate is light, but Su Ling exerted a lot of force and was close enough, so the hit left a slight red mark on Su Ao’s forehead.

Among the pastries that Su Ling hadn’t had time to eat, there was one that was very fragile. At this moment, it has broken into small pieces and covered all over Su Ao’s face. As for the pastries that didn’t get damaged, they slid along Su Ao’s face down to his suit. The smooth fabric was slightly stained with oil, causing him to be in a sorry state.

Su Ao was utterly stunned. He didn't think that Su Ling would dare to make a move on him. It took a while for him to come back to his senses. When he blinked, some pastry crumbs fell from his eyelashes. He wiped his face and looked down at his suit. Disbelief, fear, and grievance rushed to his heart, and he burst into tears.

On the other hand, Su Ling stood up, wanting to go to the washroom to spit the blood and gargle his mouth, but Su Ao’s reaction stopped him on the spot. Initially, the sound of the dinner plate falling on the ground didn’t make any sound and only people close by noticed their dispute. But Su Ao’s cry was earth-shaking, so everyone in the hall looked over to their direction.

Su Ling: "..."

He just lost his temper from looking at the young man who cried himself out of breath. He would rather they just fight it out. After graduating from kindergarten, Su Ling had never seen this kind of crying anymore. His tongue hurts, the smell of blood in his mouth makes him furrow his eyebrows, and the cry beside his ear makes his head throb.

"Xiao Ao!"

Though wearing high heels, Zhao Han managed to quickly run over without any trouble to embrace Su Ao's shoulders. When she saw Su Ao's miserable state, her face suddenly changed. Taking a step forward, she pushed at Su Ling, her voice sharp as she asked, "What did you do to him? How dare you hit him!"

Su Ling drew back quickly and moved away. The movement caused the blood mixture that he didn’t swallow to swirl in his mouth. Though he gritted his teeth hard and pressed his lips tightly, some blood still managed to trickle down from the corners of his lips.

"Ling Ling!" Lin Meng exclaimed, wanting to rush over to Su Ling. But someone was faster than him.

Gu Liheng quickly bypassed Zhao Han to support Su Ling's shoulders, and his steady voice trembled as he asked, "Where do you feel uncomfortable?"

However, Su Ling’s endurance has reached the limit. He will vomit everything here if he doesn’t get to the washroom soon. Without caring for anything, Su Ling waved Gu Liheng's hand away. In Gu Liheng's slight shock, he ran past Gu Liheng and went straight to the washroom.

No one noticed where he went, as everyone's attention was on Gu Liheng.

This is the indifferent and serious President Gu?

Someone actually refused President Gu's concern!

Oh, that Omega actually pushed President Gu away!

Only Gu Liheng kept his sight on Su Ling. Seeing him rush to the washroom, Gu Liheng took two steps forward and stopped. Then he looked at Lin Meng, "Please take a look at him."

Lin Meng recovered from the shock and nodded quickly, "Oh oh oh."

Gu Liheng reminded, "Washroom."

Lin Meng turned and ran to the washroom.

Next, Gu Liheng looked at Su Ao coldly and asked, "What did you do to him?"

Zhao Han asked the same question not long ago, but when Gu Liheng asked the question, the temperature around him dropped more than ten degrees.

Su Ao turned pale with fright. He didn't understand why Su Ling would vomit blood, "I, I just grabbed his shoulder." He hiccupped, "I only used a bit of strength, and I just shook his shoulders."

Mother Gu tried to make peace and said, "It should be a misunderstanding. Su Ling’s movement was very nimble just now, he doesn't seem to have any major problem," she said to Zhao Han, "Take your child to tidy up first. I'll get the doctor to check him."

Zhao Han's stiff face eased slightly, "I'm sorry to trouble you."

Su Ao's face flushed as he explained, "I am not injured."

Zhao Han was so angry that she gritted her teeth and glared at him, "We will only know after the doctor take a look at you." Then she took Su Ao away to tidy up.

Throwing a glance at Gu Liheng, Mother Gu went to greet the rest of the guests. The atmosphere soon warmed up again. The waiter cleaned up the pastries on the floor, and everything returned to normal.

But Gu Liheng still stood in place, his eyes falling to the direction where Su Ling's figure disappeared.

As soon as Su Ling got to the washroom, he spat everything out at the basin. He ignored the pain and rinsed his mouth several times until his mouth is clean.

At this moment, Lin Meng walked in and looked at him worriedly, "Ling Ling, are you okay?"

Su Ling: "Am fwine." The part where he bit his tongue has swollen up. Because of the pain, his tongue couldn't function properly, causing him to slur.

That makes Lin Meng even more worried, and he took Su Ling’s arm, "How could you be okay like this? You just vomited blood. Tell me honestly, what's wrong?" Then he lowered his voice, "President Gu is very worried about you as well. He told me that you are here and asked me to check you. Don't be afraid, medical technology is very advanced now, so there is no need to worry about the cost."

Su Ling was moved and wanted to laugh at the same time. Trying not to move too much of his tongue, he vaguely said, "Watch lesser movies, I am in good health alright. I vomited blood just now because I accidentally bit my tongue hard. No thanks to Su Ao, he grabbed my shoulders and shook me while I was chewing my food."

The truth sounded quite funny when Su Ling said that but Lin Meng was immersed in the sadness of his friend suffering from a serious illness, so he didn’t get it at first. After he finished listening, he burst into laughter immediately, so much that even tears came out, "Hahaha, what a misunderstanding. You don't know this, but when blood flows down from your mouth, everyone around you gasped at the same time."

Su Ling couldn't help but laugh as well.  When Lin Meng finished laughing, he said, "Let's go, I need to see President Gu. Just now, I just couldn't help and pushed him away. I hope he is not angry."

Lin Meng blinked: "His expression was ugly, but he shouldn’t be angry with you since he asked me to check on you."

Su Ling smiled, and the two went out together.

Seeing them come out, Gu Liheng's complexion darkened, and his heart was full of worry and distress. He could see that Lin Meng's eyes were slightly red, he clearly cried just now.

Is the young man’s illness serious?

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Banana : Ah yes, we see Su Ao again. He's the stupid youngest child from the Su Family in case anyone need a reminder. Also, Zhao Han is Mother Su, Su Ao's mother.

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