Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 43 - Vomit blood 1 [OW]

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After the decision is made, Su Ling got pulled into the car by Lin Meng. Initially, Su Ling was still thinking if he should continue sending the roses after stopping for a day. But for today, he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore.

Lin Meng likes to shop for clothes. He likes to choose his own outfit, but even more excited to pick for Su Ling. Su Ling never thought that buying clothes would be so tiring. It was almost noon, but Lin Meng is still checking out outfits and trying them enthusiastically. Su Ling slumped on the sofa and said that he would take his rest. He won’t try the clothes anymore, and will just give his opinion.

Looking in the mirror, Lin Meng sorted his bow tie and said, "When I was a kid, I liked to play dressing up the most, but unfortunately I didn't have an Omega brother to play with." He tilted his head to Su Ling and said, "My eyes for fashion is very good, so you can sit down and wait. I will definitely choose the most suitable set for you, so you can surprise everyone!"

The corner of Su Ling's mouth twitched, "Don't be so exaggerated, I'm relatively low-key. It's fine as long as my attire looked proper."

Lin Meng disagreed, "It’s not fine. Have you forgotten Madam Gu's purpose for this party? You must choose a good-looking one."

Su Ling didn't want to discourage his enthusiasm, so he agreed, "Thank you, I will leave my attire to you. But let me say this first, I will only rent, not buy." He can't afford clothing that cost millions.

Lin Meng said smoothly, "I’ll buy it for you." Right after he said that, Lin Meng stiffened and nervously looked at Su Ling.

Deeply felt the gap between the rich and the poor, Su Ling flatly refused, "No, it hurts feelings to talk about money."

Seeing that Su Ling didn’t think much of his words earlier, Lin Meng heaved a sigh of relief, "Well, don't worry. I will buy it, and you can rent from me, plus I can give discounts."

"Awesome." Su Ling's eyes lit up, and he raised his hands to clap. One needs to know, even the rent is not cheap!

Lin Meng's big eyes curved into crescent moons, he is delighted. Picking for their attire is even more exciting now.

Before Lin Meng transferred to another school, he originally lived in the suburbs with his grandfather and grandmother and had a few friends. Unfortunately, because of the big difference in family background, there were always conflicts appeared with his friends. If he shared beautiful clothes with his friends, he would be regarded as showing off. If he gave gifts that his friends liked but couldn't afford, his friends would think that he looked down on them. That makes Lin Meng very sad for a while. Finally, he listened to his grandmother's advice and no longer try to please his friends, or make new friends. Lin Meng likes Su Ling's character very much. Su Ling will not misunderstand him because of money issue. So nice!

In the end, Lin Meng managed to choose their attire before lunch, and Su Ling praised his vision. Xiào Rui took the initiative to pick up their clothes, and the three went to lunch together.

After dinner, at Lin Meng's invitation, Su Ling went to Lin villa and watched a movie with Lin Meng. Then Lin Meng brought him to visit his(LM) spiritual plant room. The Lin family’s spiritual plant room is built with special transparent glass, and the area is huge. There are more than a dozen of Grade B spiritual plants and even more low-grade spiritual plants. It is simply a paradise for spiritual plant specialists. In the middle of the room, there is a wooden desk. Basket-like hemispherical seats were placed on both sides of the desk, there were soft cushions on the seat.

Su Ling was taken to the seat by Lin Meng, and they sat opposite each other. The glass above the seat was blocked by vine type spiritual plants so only a little sunlight can come in through the leaves. The sun won’t shine at their eyes, but their body can bath in the sunlight; it makes one feel warm and fluffy. Su Ling pushed the floor with his toes, and his seat swayed slightly. He fell in love with the room instantly.

They rested for a while in the warm sunlight and fragrance from the spiritual plants. After they woke up, they chatted about spiritual plant-related topics. Lin Meng has been in contact with spiritual plants since he was a child and knows a lot of professional knowledge. Su Ling was very interested in learning more, and the two happily chatted away. They talked until 5.00 pm, and Mother Lin started calling them for the makeup session.

Su Ling's brows twitched, "Can I not put any makeup?"

Lin Meng: "Of course not!"


At 8.00 pm, the lights in the Gu mansion were lit up as brightly as the day, and the road leading to Gu mansion was bright as well. Other than that, there were security guards at every interval. Arriving at the gate of the mansion, the visitors will get off, and their driver will park the car in Gu's parking lot. The parking lot was full of luxury cars, like a large-scale car show.

Xiào Rui showed his invitation card at the gate. After the guard looked at it, he turned to look at Su Ling and asked, "You two come together?"

Xiào Rui: "Yes."

"Please enter."

There was a soft carpet spread between the door and the hall. The moment Su Ling walked into the door, he could feel his feet sink slightly into it.

A middle-aged man walking in front of them heard Xiào Rui's voice, so he stood not far from the door. After Xiào Rui came in, he greeted Xiào Rui and tried to flatter him with a compliment, "You two looked good together."

The compliment obviously fell on a wrong path causing Xiào Rui's face to slightly stiffen and a little embarrassed. He looked behind him subconsciously, and then said to the middle-aged man, "Someone is calling for you."

Not far ahead, a young man was waving at the middle-aged man, obviously dissatisfied with his father's slow speed.

After the middle-aged man left, Su Ling took two steps to the side, pulling away from Xiào Rui. A few moments later, Lin Meng arrived too. He walked between Su Ling and Xiào Rui and took Xiào Rui's arm. Then he asked Su Ling in a low voice, "Ling Ling, are you going to look for President Gu right now and give him a big hug? To declare ownership!"

Lin Meng’s eyes were very bright, and he seemed to look forward to the scene he was talking about.

Amused, Su Ling said as he walked, "First of all, President Gu is not mine yet, and by doing so, I might get kicked out by his mother."

Lin Meng: "No, you are so good, Madam Gu will definitely like you."

However, Su Ling has no confidence about that. He knows very well that wealthy parents are strict about both families having equal status. But he didn't care. He just wants to be with his male god, and this has nothing to do with others. He would respect Mother Gu, but he would not shrink back because of her attitude to him.

Upon approaching the hall, Xiào Rui asked, "Are you going to wish the madam with us?"

Su Ling hesitated. He was not invited at the first place, so it doesn’t seem to be suitable for him to rashly follow and wish Mother Gu happy birthday. But on the other hand, it would be rude if he didn’t go. Considering the options for a while, Su Ling decided, "I am not going. When we enter the hall, I will find a place where there are fewer people and stay there."

Lin Meng blinked, "What if you leave a bad impression?" Then he said with his eyes lit up, "I have an idea!"

The three of them walked into the hall together. As soon as they entered the hall, a refreshing fragrance wafted over their faces, and the guests could be seen chatting with each other, which was very lively. The Xiào and Gu family are both top wealthy families. Hence, Xiào Rui received much attention as soon as he entered. Moreover, he brought two beautiful Omegas with him, which attracted a lot of attention.

The people who came to the banquet were either rich or noble. Even if they were not familiar with each other, they knew each other at the very least. So, some people went up together to greet Xiào Rui politely. When their gaze swept across Su Ling and Lin Meng, they tactfully said nothing.

Many Alphas looked envious. The Xiào's family does not have any Omega, so these two people are certainly not his brothers. Both Omegas are very beautiful; one is delicate, and the other is cute, and they were all taken by Young master Xiào!

On the other side, Mother Gu is dressed in a beige high-waisted dress with delicate makeup on her face, making her look young and temperamental. Gu Liheng was by her side, wearing a high-end black suit. It highlighted all the best part of his figure, and his calm and mature appearance made many young Omega blush. Mother Gu took him to meet the guests, but no matter who he met, his expression remained unchanged, and he only spoke a few words.

Suddenly, a small commotion sounded from the guests, so many people who heard the noise looked towards the door.

"Young master Xiào actually brought two Omegas with him, and both of them are so beautiful."

"Whose Omega is on the far left? Why don't I have any impression on him?"

"He seems to be the owner of Tian Ling Fragrance Bar, the one how has 3 Grade A spiritual plants!"

"Yes, it's him. The Su family's eldest son who severed ties with the Su family."

"When I came in, I saw the Su eldest son and Young master Xiào come together. How come Young master Xiào is closer to Young Master Lin?"

"Hush, young people like to play, it’s normal."

Various discussions rose, and Gu Liheng's expression changed slightly. Gripping his fist, his gaze swept to the door, and he saw the young man at a glance.

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