Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 43 Part 2

Ah Jin reached for the peanut oil in her pocket.

It was not much, it was only 50ml, but she could use it for a month by being frugal.

It was very good.

Ah Jin asked her three brothers to climb to the roof and spread the hay.

She took the opportunity to take out the peanut oil and poured it into the empty jar.

Then she asked San Qi to take the bottle back.

The 50ml of oil, when poured into the small oil jar, was just enough to cover the bottom.

Ah Jin asked San Q, "What about the small bag of peanuts? If you are not going to eat it, give it back to me. I will give you a refill next time."

San Qi was shocked.

How could there be such a shameless person in the world?

It was a little confused about Ah Jin's nature, and it even began to be confused about what kind of person Ah Jin really was.

Could San Qi have been tricked all along?

Ah Jin did not hear a reply and urged, "Hurry up and bring it. I need it for cooking."

It was confused and gave the peanuts back to Ah Jin.

Its mind began to be messed up.

Could it be that it had never known Ah Jin?

Did Ah Jin lie to it from the moment they met?

"Didididi. WARNING! Overheating mainboard! WARNING!"

San Qi was interrupted by the warning sound.

The mainboard started to stabilize again.

Ah Jin didn't know that one of her shameless acts almost made San Qi burn itself out.

The sober San Qi looked at the peanuts that had been given out and cried.

Wasn't that the equivalent of making Ah Jin spend 5 energy on a small bottle of peanut oil?!

She was practically not a human being!

Ah Jin was a cold, indifferent, cunning, and shameless non-human at present in its eyes without boundaries.

Ah Jin did not care what it thought.

She was happy to take the peanuts in her hand.

At noon she would make rice porridge with a few peanuts and stir-fried a cabbage.

It was very satisfying even without meat.

To do so, Ah Jin began to boil the rice porridge.

After thinking about it, she grabbed a handful of millet, mixed them together, and then added a few peanuts for a rich aroma.

In a hot pan with oil, the cabbage was stir-fried.

With its own juice being stir-fried, a pinch of salt was added, making it fragrant.

The three heads of radish also ran in at this time.

"Eldest sister, it smells good!"

Ah Jin served everyone's porridge and set it on the table.

"Go wash your hands and eat!"

The three of them ran out in a flurry and came back in a flurry.

The three children's eyes widened when they saw three kinds of grains in the porridge.

"The peanuts are from Brother Damai. In the future, you have to be more helpful to Brother Damai."

The second child said, "I know, Eldest Sister. You have said this several times!"

Ah Jin grabbed his ears.

"I said it several times. So how come you are not listening to it."

The fourth child laughed.

"Third brother said Brother Damai likes you and wanted to steal you away from us, so he treats us well."

Ah Jin touched Little Fourth's face.

"What do children know about liking or disliking. Perhaps they just see us pitiful!"

The third child gulped the porridge and did not stop.

"No, I know that he likes you. You know that, don't you?"

He said and nudged the second child with his arm, seeking support.

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