Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 43: I can not leave it alone

From now on, what should I do?

First, the essential element is to make use of the former adventurers in this town. It is to put business on track.

Five years after my transition to this world, without money and rural connections, really nothing.

Those were days that I realized that I could not begin.

At first, I tried to make a business by taking advantage of my wisdom of the modern world.

Hoping that trying something new will catch on the vested rights of various guilds.

Well then, when trying to enter a business and there is no local connection. It cannot be trusted.

Becoming an adventurer was an unavoidable passive choice back then.

I have a track record of supporting the career of adventurers and that was whisperingly built.

It’s all the assets I have.

It is necessary to be conscious that all services are on the foundation.

The current business is give guidelines to rookie adventurers.

This alone will make 30 big coins (coppers) in the month.

And then they are trying to help develop a robust and easy to walk shoe for adventurers.

I honestly cannot predict how much this will be profitable.

But I am convinced that it is essential to all adventurers.

There are no guilds that sell such shoes for adventurers.

So if you have a strong neighborhood connection, there is no fear of being disturbed.

And the other day I got a strong neighborhood connection known as the kenkiba corps.

A first-class clan that has a strong connection to aristocrats and craftsmen.

Besides, it has a strong influence among adventurers.

In this way, you can understand what you should decide.

It is nice to be invited by the kenkiba corps, but you should refuse it.

The kenkiba corps is an adventurer troop who should leave this town.

That’s why, I will change them.

Because, for the growth of the kenkiba corps they should do so.

I am making great efforts to make business connections in this town and expand business.

I live differently compared to others.

Besides, while thinking of red haired Sarah.

I cannot leave the open-minded, dirty, and uncultured freshman adventurers in this town.

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