For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 43 - For Some Reason, the Popular Guys are Gathering Around Me (なぜか、リア充達が集まるんだが)

“Let’s have a passionate talk between men today!”

“I’m still on my shift, you know…”

I sighed at Kenichi, who had a refreshing smile over the counter. Fortunately, there weren’t many customers at this time. And only Kenichi stood in front of me…

But having him say something like that during my part-time job was annoying. Well, at least he aimed for the timing when no one was around us.

“But it’s your fault, okay? You didn’t respond to my message~”

“Sorry, but I blocked you.”

“Eh!? So cruel!”

Actually, I didn’t block him. However…

“Yo! Did you step up the stage to the adult? Well, I think it’s hard for a chicken like you… but you definitely took a step forward, right? Hey, hey, tell me the result~ I’m your friend, right? Pft, no need to hide it. You also don’t have to be embarrassed for having a ‘talk’ between men with me!!”

It’s just that I erased his message the moment I read it. His long passage was so damn annoying…

“So how was your date?”

“May I take your order, please?”

“My~ Personally, I’m hoping for Towa to become an adult…”

“Order something. Rather, help me meet my sales target.”

“Guess it can’t be helped. I’ll take your recommendation.”

“I understand. Then, it’s the adult special set. It will be 2000 yen.”

“So expensive!?”

“It’s our special menu.”

“Fine, I’ll buy it… I’ll be waiting for you, so tell me ‘bout it later!”

Although Kenichi was a little concerned with the price, he didn’t seem to mind about anything else. I put the 2000 yen bill at the cash register and brought a large amount of junk-food-special-set to his table.

Could he even eat all of this? Alone?

And… I didn’t know the 2000 yen bill was still alive…


At my break, I reluctantly went to Kenichi’s table. He smiled handsomely at me right after noticing me.

If I was a girl, he might have stolen my heart by that smile alone. Somehow, Kenichi had a special atmosphere around him… He oozed something different from that of Rin.

To describe it, maybe it’s similar to an idol’s cheerfulness?

“Oh! You’re finally on a break~ Come here!”

Kenichi beckoned me. On the table was a burger wrapping paper and a few fries left…


There’s no special menu left…

“Kenichi, did you really eat everything?”

“Well, I’m a growing man! Eating that much isn’t a big deal for me.”


“Hey, you’re the one who fed me that! Don’t look disgusted!”

A high school student ate a menu which was usually ordered by a competitive eater. That was already beyond surprise. I’m just disgusted now.

Eating that amount of junk food should be hard for a normal human, but he looked just fine. I see, a handsome guy would also have a handsome stomach, huh…

Realizing my gap with Kenichi, I dropped my shoulders. Then I took a seat.

“Anyway, tell me how it went!”

“How, you ask… It’s normal. I went to play with Wakamiya-san. Just that. It was fun.”

“Hoo,” Kenichi exclaimed in marvel. He grinned happily. For some reason, that face was irritating me…

“And how’s the progress?”

“...Progress? There’s none.”


Kenichi widened his eyes. The corners of his mouth were twitching. His face too.


“Are you serious~...”

He dropped his shoulders and hung his head on the table. It’s not like I didn’t know Kenichi loved love stories.

But most of the time, he couldn’t hear what he had imagined.

Stay strong, Kenichi. You wouldn’t listen to me speak of that kind of topic any time soon.

“Fwah… If that’s it, I’ll go back to my shift. Honestly, I’m sleepy. I want to sleep in the staff room.”

“Don’t leave me alone~ I’m lonely…”

“Have your girlfriend heal your loneliness. I don’t care.”

Kenichi grabbed my sleeve. For a moment, I remembered Rin did the same thing at that time, but… it’s Kenichi who grabbed it now. A man. I only felt displeasure now. Besides, Rin didn’t grab me that violently.

“...Kenichi, don’t disturb his part-time job.”

A quiet, but penetrating voice. However, the voice also had a hint of coldness. Naturally, the speaker’s expression was also icy cold.

But she was a flawless beautiful girl.

Well, Kenichi’s girlfriend, to be specific.

“Oh, Kotone! You’re slow~”

“...I had something to do. And Rin will come later.”

Fuji-san gently ruffled Kenichi’s hanging head. That image, combined with Kenichi’s hair color, reminded me of a golden retriever and his owner.

...Seemed like Fuji-san tamed him well, so this analogy might not be wrong.

I had a bitter smile thinking about that.

“...Good afternoon, Tokiwagi-kun.”

“Hello. Fuji-san, before that… thank you for everything. For my hair, clothes, and other things… You’re a big help.”

“Hey, Towa. I was the one who helped you with your clothes…”

“...It’s nothing much. Tell me if you need anything again.”

“Ah, I’ll be under your care at that time, then.”

“Don’t ignore me, please?”

Kenichi stared at me with the eyes of an abandoned puppy, but… Let’s ignore him. I should use this chance as a small revenge since he bothered me for something useless.

Fuji-san ate the remaining fries like a small animal. She sat next to Kenichi and leaned on him a little. I could see her smile.

Sincerely, I was thinking, “These guys should just explode somewhere!”

“Then I’ll go back to my work…”

“Just sleep here. You won’t have to go back to the staff room that way. It’s more efficient, right?”

“I won’t be able to sleep if I get exposed to happiness aura. And I’m not that insensitive as to disturb you two.”

“...Why don’t we wait until Rin comes?”

“Sure. We can talk when Wakamiya-san is here.”

“She sure is a commuting wife.”

“Haa. I told you we’re not like that.”

I dropped my shoulder and turned my back on them. I could feel their gaze on me, but I only told them I would see them later and left without looking back.

At that time, I saw Rin entering the store, but I went straight to the staff room.

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