“Chief Chen’s heart is really not too good. Young Master, let’s not make Chief Chen angry again.”

Chen Yuze felt his anger burning him. He's been here accompanying his dad for over a week, but the number of times he could enter the room was counted on one hand. His dad was like a stranger, resisting him for a thousand miles.

Now his dad let some other person enter his room and didn’t let him enter. And it was this most vile person, Biao Ge, the one who appeared like he had no power by his side.

Chen Yuze angrily said, “What exactly is going on with my dad? He won’t let me enter. Is it because you purposely complained about me? You leave!”  Chen Yuze said this immediately and pushed Secretary Liu to the side, entering the room with big strides.

Chen Yuzen directly called out, “Dad, what's going on? Are you better now?”

Chen Xiuyuan’s eyes weren’t even looking at Chen Yuze’s body, his gaze directly swept across Chen Yuze to stare at Cheng Jinyu behind him.

“Yiqing? Yiqing is that you? Is it really you? You?” Chen Xiuyuan could not even completely say one sentence when his tears fell like rain. His hands clenched tightly onto the sides of the bed and he struggled to sit up. “Yiqing, I knew you didn’t die. Did not... did not…” He spoke like this as his tears fell down like rain, pitter pattering onto the bed.

Chen Yuze had never seen his dad cry before. In his heart his father was always like a mountain.

His dad was cold blooded and heartless, iron blooded, tall and sturdy. The dad who was always like a mountain unexpectedly was crying in front of him like a child. Chen Yuze was completely shocked and stared blankly from where he was.

Cheng Jinyu walked over from behind Chen Yuze. He came closer to Chen Xiuyuan’s side, softly said, “Uncle, I am not Yiqing. I am Tan Yiqing’s son. I am called Cheng Jinyu.”

Chen Yuze was even more startled. “Biao Ge, what are you calling my dad? You called him uncle, why are you calling him uncle?”

Cheng Jinyu turned his head around to look at Chen Yuze. “Yuze, there's something I never told you. I originally didn’t want to tell you, but right now I already left the Chen House and the agreement with your mother is already finished. In fact, your mother is my blood related aunt, and so your dad is my blood related uncle. We are not brothers, but we are blood related cousins.”

Chen Yuze felt that his own mind was a complete mess. Dad was full of secrets, mom concealed many things from him, even the Biao Ge constantly by his side was concealing things from him. He was a fool. He was neglected and fooled by everyone around him, everyone around him treated him as a fool.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you deceive me? You guys all treat me as an idiot right? What else are you guys keeping from me?”

“Biao Ge, you said that I’m a hypocrite, that I’m selfish. You said I don’t treat you as a brother, then what about you? You are my cousin, but why didn't you tell me?”

“Why don’t you go ask your mom. Why would she treat her own nephew like this?” Chen Xiuyuan suddenly got angry and shouted, “It's all because of your mother. That viscous woman, she isn’t even human! Her heart is made of stone.”

“This is her blood related nephew, this is her brother’s own child, yet she unexpectedly treats him like that. She actually had him be a slave and kneel down to wipe her shoes. That malicious woman, I will definitely not let her off, definitely not.”

Chen Xiuyuan ruthlessly had both hands thrown down on the bed. The needle in his arm shifted. With such a strong motion, the needle twisted to the side. Blood began to leave from where the IV was.

Secretary Liu flustered and shouted out, “Doctor, hurry call a doctor! Chief Chen, don’t move. The needle moved.”

Cheng Jinyu quickly moved over. Mama Cheng used to always play around and this situation occurred often. Cheng Jinyu was very accustomed to needles now.

Cheng Jinyu quickly took out the needle in Chen Xiuyuan’s arm. Chen Xiuyuan could not deal with the needle and grabbed onto Cheng Jinyu’s arm.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry to you. I’m even more sorry to your father. All these years I could not see him and let you suffer so much. Child, I’m sorry to you, sorry!”

Chen Xiuyuan felt extremely guilty. Accompanied with his tears, Cheng Jinyu saw his white hair flutter. He didn't know why but couldn’t help but feel a burst of heartache.

Cheng Jinyu comforted him, “It's already passed. I am very well, really, already passed.”

Chen Xiuyuan tightly held onto Cheng Jinyu’s arm. “Child don’t worry. From now on you’re my son. I will definitely treat you as my blood son. Yiqing’s son is my, Chen Xiuyuan's, child. You are the last flesh and blood from him in this world. I will definitely look after you in place of him.”

Cheng Jinyu felt his nose ache. It was like he finally found refuge. This person was like a big mountain that appeared in front of him, blocking all the storm and snow.

Although he currently already had a haven, Chen Xiuyuan and Gu Bokai were not the same. And he wasn’t sure why but Chen Xiuyuna’s words made him feel a certain kind of peace, the kind that was very smooth and steady. It seemed as though every word from this man was very sincere and absolutely did not have even a bit of falseness.

Chen Yuze foolishly and blankly stood at the entrance. Looking at them like they were a painting of father and son, he felt that his eyes turn dark.

He grew up to this age but had his dad ever treated him this way? He originally thought his dad was just this kind of person, a naturally cold person. But up until now he finally realized that it wasn't like that at all. His dad was a person who had blood and flesh, his dad was also a devoted father.

Only this devotion, he would never give it to him.

Chen Yuze turned around and left the ward, felt that the sky was dull. He felt like his entire body was stiff and being pressured down, even felt that breathing was hard.

Chen Yuze walked out of the hospital and called Gu Bokai’s number.

“Brother Bokai,” Chen Yuze cried out. That’s when he realized his voice was shaking, his nose was stuffy and tears were also pouring down.

“What happened?” Gu Bokai heard his voice and thought something was wrong. “Brother Bokai, tell me the truth, do you like me or not?” Since the sky was already black, what was he afraid of?

That side was silent for a while, Chen Yuze bit his lip. “Do you like me? Is it you’ve never liked me?”

“Yuze, I always treated you as my good friend.”

“Who wants to be your friend? Who wants that?” Chen Yuze shouted loudly. “I’ve always had you in my heart don’t you know? You really couldn’t see it? Gu Bokai, you’re not an idiot.”

Gu Bokai was silent once again. “I’m sorry.”

Chen Yuze felt a burst of pain. He immediately threw his phone onto the ground. What was a scam, what was fake, everything was fake.

Gu Bokai heard a loud “pa” from the other side, then couldn’t hear anything. In fact it was good, saying it clearly like this was effortless.

Gu Bokai let out a breath then dialed Cheng Jinyu’s phone. This little white eyed wolf, didn't know if he was really busy or faking busy. In any case he hadn't seen the person all day.

Gu Bokai called for a long time before Cheng Jinyu picked up the phone.

“Where are you? What are you doing? Hurry and come back.” Gu Bokai directly said.

Cheng Jinyu also felt that it was a bit difficult to bear. Chen Xiuyuan was already sleeping, but the sleeping Chen Xiuyuan was holding onto his arm.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? What exactly are you doing?” Gu Bokai was already anxious. Ever since Cheng Jinyu opened a company he became even more busy.

In one day Gu Bokai could only see him a few times. The important point was that this person’s temperament became more and more good. More and more people were thinking about him.

Gu Bokai regretted it a bit. At the time he shouldn't have let him make a company, wasn’t it enough to just sit at home?

Cheng Jinyu struggled free a bit. Secretary Liu at his side also helped him before finally managing to free himself from Chen Xiuyuan’s grasp.

Cheng Jinyu walked into the corridor. “Did you know? Yuze’s dad and my dad are good friends.”

Gu Bokai already knew that Cheng Jinyu’s dad was the person his mother was secretly in love. He also knew that his dad entranced many young women during those years.

Tan Yiqing and Yuze’s dad being good friends was not a weird occurrence. Ordinarily they would be counted as relatives.

“It's very normal. Your dad knew a lot of people. Haven’t you been with many uncles and aunties recently.”

“This one is different.”

“Oh, how so?”

Cheng Jinyu, “I have a feeling that his relationship with my dad is especially good, very very good. It’s possible that they didn’t have a normal friendship.”

Gu Boaki laughed mischievously, “Is Uncle Chen another consequence of one of your father’s love affairs?”

Cheng Jinyu, “But do you know, Chen Xiuyuan is my blood related uncle.”

“Your uncle? Then... then Yuze’s mother is your?”

“Yes, she is my aunt.”

Gu Bokai firmly slammed the table. “What’s going on? She is your aunt? I thought you guys were very distantly related. It’s already good if she can help you find a good job. But she is your aunt? How come she treats you like this?”

Gu Bokai had paid attention to Cheng Jinyu from long ago. It could be said that at the time he was buying a place close to Chen House, becoming friends with Chen Yuze was all for seeing Cheng Jinyu.

Gu Bokai with his own eyes saw Tan Liyun treating Cheng Jinyu as a servant. Cheng Jinyu was like a zombie.

Gu Bokai knew that they were distantly related. Cheng Jinyu needed a vast amount of money and the Chen Family gave him a lot of money. But Gu Bokai didn’t know that Tan Liyun was actually Cheng Jinyu’s paternal aunt.

“Did your dad offend Tan Liyun?”

Cheng Jinyu shook his head. “I don’t know. I feel that this is very confusing.”



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