Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 43-2: I’m Also a Celestial Master?

"Although the little girl always makes a ruckus, is a money-grubber, and she looks like she hasn’t grown up, but she’s very kind and cute.” Lou Ming said.

So, that’s how it is, the old man who jumped a little from a false alarm, picked up the teacup and took a sip of hot tea to suppress his shock.

The old man almost thought Lou Ming had stepped into normal human society.

“How long will little friend Chen borrow it?” Master Mao asked.

“Shishi said two hours would be enough.” Lou Ming replied.

“That’s good.” Master Mao said after sipping tea, “I’ll wait here for two hours, you can find someone to send the sword to little friend Chen.”

“Two hours may not be enough.”

“What? Didn’t you just say that she wanted to borrow for two hours?” He wouldn’t have bad-hearing, right?

Lou Ming explained with a smile, “This is exam week for Imperial University, Shishi is probably still taking exams, so…”

“Okay, okay, you can find someone to send it, I’ll just wait a little longer.” Thinking that it was enough consideration, Master Mao then demanded, “But you have to accompany me to play chess.”

“My pleasure.”

He Qi brought the chessboard, prepared tea and snacks, then picked up the bronze sword’s wooden box, and walked out with it. Waiting at the door was Tian Fei, who volunteered to run errands after hearing Chen Yu was going to exorcise ghosts again.

Tian Fei drove to Imperial University with the bronze sword, and waited until Chen Yu came out  after she finished her exam.

“Did you bring the bronze sword?” Chen Yu asked Tian Fei.

“Here it is.” Tian Fei turned sideways and let Chen Yu see the wooden box in the passenger seat.

“Let’s go!” Chen Yu pulled the car door and positioned herself.

Xiang Nan’s alley was near Imperial University, it only took a little more than ten minutes by foot to get there, Tian Fei arrived within three minutes by car.

Chen Yu got out of the car and walked inside the alley, Tian Fei following closely behind with the wooden box in his arms. He felt inexplicably excited, is the chained ghost who cultivated for 600 years here?

“Xiang Nan?” Chen Yu raised her hand gently and tapped the wall.

Three ghosts floated out of the wall at Chen Yu’s knock.

Tian Fei felt a little cold. Although Imperial Capital was quite cold in winter, it was different from the coldness brought about by ghosts. Tian Fei unconsciously clasped the wooden box in his arms and silently moved closer to Chen Yu.

Although he’s very curious he can’t help feel afraid as well.

“Celestial Master Chen? Did you borrow the magical artifact?” the female ghost asked in joyful surprise.

Although Xiang Nan didn’t speak, the excitement in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.

“Borrowed. Pull out the Soul Chain and I’ll help you split it apart.” Chen Yu said to Xiang Nan.

Split it early and move those antiques early, there happened to be Assistant Chen here with her, so he can help transport things, ah.

“Yes.” Xiang Nan signaled the female ghost to move Xiaokang away a bit further, then he released the hostility in his body. When the hostile aura reached a certain level, the chain that locked Xiang Nan suddenly appeared in front of Chen Yu.

“Can you give me the sword?”

“Ah!? Oh!” Tian Fei was taken aback. He had known that Chen Yu was a Celestial Master who can see ghosts, but when he saw her speaking to an empty space by herself, how should he describe the feeling? A bit hair-rising, ah.

Tian Fei opened the wooden box to reveal the bronze sword inside, then Chen Yu raised her hand to take it.


“Hiss!” Chen Yu felt pain and quickly withdrew her hand. As soon as Chen Yu’s hand touched the bronze sword, the sword that was quietly lying inside suddenly trembled, and the sharp blade pricked Chen Yu’s finger,  drawing blood. It was thanks to Chen Yu’s quick reaction, otherwise her finger would be lost.

Is this sword hostile to me?? Such an idea suddenly appeared in Chen Yu’s mind.

“Miss Chen Yu, are you okay?” Tian Fei asked with a worried look seeing Chen Yu was injured.

“It’s okay, I accidentally scratched it.” Chen Yu shook her head, her eyes fell on the bronze sword, hesitating on what to do with it.

I can’t touch this sword, so how do I use it to cut the Soul Chain then?

“Celestial Master Chen, are you really okay?” Tian Fei only saw that Chen Yu was accidentally scratched by the sword, while Xiang Nan actually saw a fierce, red-blood evil spirit coming from it. This bronze sword clearly didn’t want to be touched by Celestial Master Chen.

“It’s okay!” Chen Yu shook her head again.

It was exactly as Chen Yu said, the red-blood evil spirit that lingered on Chen Yu’s scratched fingertip dissipated after a while and didn’t cause her any harm.

Since the evil spirit couldn’t hurt its opponent, why would it attack the opponent again? Such a contradiction. A bit of uncertainty flashed in Xiang Nan’s mind.

Seeing that Chen Yu suddenly stopped and didn’t take the magical weapon, the female ghost stood in a daze, thinking that something was wrong. She wanted to ask, but was stopped by a glance from Xiang Nan.

Chen Yu stood there, thinking for a while, and finally looked away from the bronze sword. She turned and walked behind Xiang Nan, raised her hand and grabbed the Soul Chain that locked Xiang Nan’s right hand, before she said to Tian Fei, “Assistant Tian, can you do me a favor?”

“Miss Chen Yu, don’t hesitate to tell me what you want.” Tian Fei walked over with the wooden box in his arms.

“Take out the bronze sword.” Chen Yu said.

Tian Fei took out the bronze sword, then stretched his hand to give it to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu looked at the unresponsive bronze sword in Tian Fei’s hand, although she had long guessed the bronze sword might be hostile towards her when it attacked her, but when she confirmed it again with her own eyes, she still couldn't help but feel depressed. Why does this bronze sword hate me so much? Is it because I used the compass to deal with it that day?

“You hold it, don’t give it to me.”

“Oh.” Although Tian Fei was puzzled, he still did so without any question.

Chen Yu put another hand on the Soul Chain and straightened it hard before she turned her head and said, “I have a chain between my two hands, can you feel it?”

Tian Fei looked carefully but saw nothing, let alone feel anything, so he shook his head silently.

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t see it, you just need to know the chain’s position.”

There’s a chain between her hands, it’s not difficult to find its position, Tian Fei nodded in acknowledgement.

“I’ll ask you to slash here in a bit, use that bronze sword in your hand to slash the chain.” Chen Yu said.

“Okay.” Tian Fei raised his hand and lifted the bronze sword right above the chain.

Tian Fei was no Celestial Master, so he can’t bring the bronze sword’s full power, while Chen Yu can’t even touch it herself. It stood to reason that she should have found another Celestial Master for help, but how could Chen Yu watch the priceless antiques she was about to acquire fall into the hands of others?

So, Chen Yu pondered for a while and finally thought of a wonderful idea. If the bronze sword was really hostile to her, it will automatically attack when it senses her aura just like before, then…

“Slash!” Chen Yu put her spiritual power inside the Soul Chain.

Tian Fei dropped the sword in his hand.

Clang! Just a light touch, and after a burst of red evil aura, the Soul Chain with the width of a kid’s arm fell to the ground instantly.

“Success!” Chen Yu exclaimed excitedly, “I know Third Brother’s evil spirit is invincible, ha, ha, ha…”

Holding the bronze sword, Tian Fei looked at the ground in a novel way. Although there’s nothing there, the resistance he received when he slashed the sword down let Tian Fei know there must be something there, it’s just that he couldn’t see it.

Xiang Nan didn’t expect the chain that had locked him up for six hundred years could really be cut off, his expression was complicated and his heart trembled endlessly.

“Xiang Nan!” the female ghost ran over excitedly and hugged Xiang Nan.

“Brother!” Xiaokang also ran over to join in the fun.

“I say, ah, can I get rid of the remaining three Soul Chains first, then you guys bring the antiques to me, before you host a celebration party?” Chen Yu said.

The female ghost smiled awkwardly, then walked back to the side with Xiaokang so as not to hinder Chen Yu.

Chen Yu and Tian Fei continued to cooperate until they cut the remaining 3 Soul Chains continuously.

Finally, the chains that had locked him in place for six hundred years were all cut off. Before Xiang Nan could express the joy of regaining his freedom, he heard Chen Yu suddenly say, “That… I have to go back for review because there’s still an exam in the afternoon, so you guys should settle the bill first.”

Words of gratitude had just reached his lips but he had to swallow it again. Xiang Nan took a deep look at Chen Yu, then turned and entered the wall.

Tian Fei put the bronze sword back into the wooden box, and when he looked up, he almost couldn’t believe what he saw.

The alley was obviously empty, however, dozens of antiques, large and small, suddenly appeared out of nowhere in just five minutes.

Wh… where did they come from?

“Finished?” Tian Fei heard Chen Yu ask towards the empty space.

“It’s all here.” Ordinary ghosts can’t touch physical things, but it’s different for Xiang Nan. He’s a refined ghost that has been cultivating for six hundred years, if he wanted to, he can even overturn a bus with his bare hands.

Xiang Nan’s tomb was right under this alley, its location was extremely deep, so deep that no one found his tomb even though the underground was hollowed out when the government was building Imperial City. If it weren’t for Xiang Nan moving out the antiques one by one, no one would be able to get them.

When Chen Yu saw porcelains and jades all over the floor, she instantly grinned joyfully. Turning her head towards Tian Fei she said, “Assistant Tian, these are all 600 years old antiques, see if there’s anything you like, you can pick one.”

“Ah? For me?” Tian Fei asked in doubt.

“Yes, ah, if it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t be able to cut those chains so smoothly. That’s why, I’ll give you one antique, pick whichever you want, don’t be polite.” Chen Yu said generously.

“This… is too expensive.” Tian Fei said, lacking in confidence. For antiques that were more than six hundred years old, he estimated that he would never be able to gather that much money working as a soldier for a lifetime.

“It’s okay, la, there’s a lot.” Chen Yu saw that Tian Fei wasn’t picking, so she picked up a blue and white porcelain from the heap and handed it to Tian Fei, “How about this? I’ll give this to you.”

Because Chen Yu had to go back to school to take her exam, Tian Fei loaded all the antiques into the car and brought them back to the Lou family’s small courtyard.

When Tian Fei stood in front of Lou Ming with a bronze sword in his left hand and a blue and white porcelain in right hand, Lou Ming couldn’t help frown looking at his stupid appearance, “What’s the matter?”

“Third Young Master.” Tian Fei stammered, “Miss Chen Yu… said she wanted to give me antiques…”

That money-grubber little girl can actually be so generous? Lou Ming was a little surprised but still said, “Since it’s given to you, then you can keep it.”

“What antiques, let me take a look.” Master Mao, an antique lover, moved closer and took a look at the blue and white porcelain Tian Fei held, “Is it this porcelain vase? Look at this aura, I estimate it has a thousand years old history, blue and white porcelain was scarce back then so it’s worth thirty million at the least, ah.”

Thirty million? Tian Fei’s hands loosened at the sheer shock he received.

Fortunately, He Qi that was watching from the side was quick and caught the vase before it fell to the ground, he cursed with cold sweat dripping, “You dead man, thirty million, ah!”

Dude, I almost threw away thirty million, I’m so f*cking rich.

Author’s NOTE:

Tian Fei returned to his dorm with a thirty million porcelain in his hands.

It created an unprecedented sensation within the group of assistants and since then, accompanying Chen Yu to exorcise ghosts has become a most sought-after job.


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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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