Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 43-1: I’m Also a Celestial Master?

Chen Yu hung up the phone, turned and walked back to the alley and said under Xiang Nan and female ghost’s expectant eyes, “I asked someone to borrow a magical weapon, wait until I get it then I’ll try to split the Soul Chain.”

A Soul Chain was formed by Celestial Master using magic techniques and their own spiritual power to lock an evil spirit’s soul, to say it simply, it was actually a contest between spiritual power and evil energy. The soul chain naturally can trap an evil spirit with strong spiritual power, but what if the evil energy was stronger?

Chen Yu thought about the unmatched evil spirit in Third Brother’s body that was akin to a nuclear power plant and she can’t help but wanted to laugh a few times. How come I’m so smart, ah? I’m so talented, ahh~. That bronze sword absorbed so much evil spirit from Third Brother, there must be no problem using it to slash the chains, he, he, he…

“That… when can you bring it over?” the female ghost anxiously asked.

“The sword is a cultural relic, so I estimate we have to wait  a few days.” Third Brother just agreed to help her borrow the bronze sword, but because it’s a cultural relic, and it was borrowed by a supernatural circle for research, so it would still take a while to bring it over.

“We still have to wait a few more days, what if that Celestial Master comes again?” the female ghost asked in fear.

“It’s okay, just take Xiaokang to hide for a few days, he can’t deal with me alone here.” Xiang Nan said.

“How could it be okay? There’s a Ghost King beside him.” The female ghost also saw what happened last time, Xiang Nan can deal with Changming easily, but it was obviously not the case with Ghost King. If Qi Changming and Ghost King make a move together, then perhaps Xiang Nan would be fraught with grim possibilities.

Xiang Nan naturally understood this, but he was helpless as there’s no other way.

“Don’t worry, ah.” Chen Yu suddenly interjected, “Qi Changming has been detained, I estimate he will have to stay in the detention center for five or six days. This period of time is enough for me to bring the magical instrument.”

“Detained??” the female ghost asked as if she can’t believe what Chen Yu had said, “Could it be… he was detained because of indecent assault?”

“…” hearing about it, it felt like she was really molested or something, Chen Yu felt an indescribable pain in the @ss.

The exam subject tomorrow was English, although Chen Yu’s oral English wasn’t very good, her English entrance exam score was 138 out of a full score of 150. It can’t be said to be super awesome, but for the first year’s exam, it was more than sufficient.

As such, after returning to the dormitory, Chen Yu didn’t stay up late to review as she did for the past few days, but checked her phone for the latest tasks on the Supernatural website.

Winter vacation was in two weeks and she will have some time every day, she was determined to upgrade her account to A-level before the end of winter vacation, that way, she can receive high level tasks, ah.



Chen Yu was looking at the available missions, but her phone’s notifications kept ringing. Don’t know what was wrong with the group God and Ghosts Don’t Ask that it was extremely lively today.

Chen Yu clicked open the group news in passing.

Cassia Seed: Have you heard? Have you? A zombie appeared in Imperial Capital, and it’s a thousand-year-old zombie, too!

Gold Thread Child: Impossible, Imperial Capital is where the dragon veins gather, how could there be a zombie there?

Wine and Meat Monk: Right, right, furthermore, the Supernatural HQ is located in Imperial Capital, the three major families are also there, which zombie would think of going to Imperial Capital?

Cassia Seed: I heard it just ran out of its grave.

Gold Thread Child: Where did you hear that?

Cassia Seed: My uncle is in Imperial Capital, he just called my master and said he heard the heavenly thunder warning in the afternoon. Heaven sent thunder, ah,  a monster must have been born. Are there any friends in Imperial Capital in this group? Come out and confirm this, ah, have you heard about this?

Taoist Priest Feng Huo: I heard it, too.

March Floating Rain: Me too.

Gold Thread Child: Really? A zombie that can alarm the Heaven really emerged in Imperial Capital?

Wine and Meat Monk: Amituofu, this poor monk will buy a high-speed rail ticket and come to look.

Taoist Priest Feng Huo: When the thunder sounded, my master’s compass detected a very powerful Yin aura, but it quickly disappeared.

March Floating Rain: That’s right, my grandfather wanted to calculate the position, but the thunder stopped before he could figure it out and the Yin aura was no longer found.

Gold Thread Child: Could this zombie already have intelligence and suppress its own evil spirit and Yin aura and pretend to be an ordinary person living among us?

Taoist Priest Feng Huo: You’ve watched too many movies.

This afternoon? Thunder from Heaven? Could it be pointing to Xiang Nan and the Ghost King? Chen Yu thought for a while and asked in the group: Are you talking about the thunder at about 2:30 in the afternoon?

The reason why Chen Yu remembered the time so clearly was because the math exam started at 1 pm. Chen Yu worked on those questions for a little more than an hour, plus by the time she arrived on scene, after estimating the time, the clap of thunder was probably around 2.30.

March Floating Rain: Great god, you heard it too?

I Want to Fix Road: If it’s truly that time, then not only did I hear it, but I also saw it too.

Cassia Seed: Oh f*ck!

Gold Thread Child: Awesome!

Wine and Meat Monk: You’re actually still alive?

Taoist Priest Feng Huo: …

March Floating Rain: Great god, were you on the scene? Did you see the zombie?

Chen Yu came forward to refute the rumor: It wasn’t a zombie, it was a fight between two evil spirits. The Yin energy was just a bit heavier so it attracted Heaven, that’s all.

March Floating Rain: What kind of evil spirits are that awesome?

I Want to Fix Road: An evil spirit that had been cultivating for 600 hundred years and a Ghost King.

Cassia Seed: F*CK!

Gold Thread Child: AWESOME!

Wine and Meat Monk: What does the Ghost King look like?

I Want to Fix Road: Just like that, it has two more horns than ordinary ghosts.

March Floating Rain: Then why did the Yin aura suddenly disappear?

Chen Yu pondered for a moment before she typed a line of puzzling words: Because of me.

Wasn’t it because of her? If she hadn’t stepped on the ghost plaque with her wittiness, then how could the Ghost King disappear?

A row of dots appeared in the group chat instantly, it was obvious that everyone didn’t believe what Chen Yu said.

Their thinking was really simple, it was because the Celestial Masters who joined this group were all Celestial Masters who can’t access advanced tasks on the Supernatural website, would a Celestial Master who can clean up a Ghost King still use this group? So the only explanation was that Chen Yu was bragging.

Only March Floating Rain talked privately with Chen Yu: Great god, I believe you.

Chen Yu smiled, she didn’t care whether the others believed her or not because having money on hand was what matters, ah. Seeing it was late, Chen Yu closed her phone and went to sleep.

Three days later, Master Mao took the bronze sword to Lou family’s small courtyard.

Master Mao was led by He Qi inside, Lou Ming was already waiting in the living room. The moment Master Mao entered the door, Lou Ming saw the dark wooden box in his hands.

“Why? Do you still feel anything?” Master Mao remembered Lou Ming said he had an inexplicable intimacy with the bronze sword.

“En.” Lou Ming nodded with a complicated expression.

Master Mao held the wooden box and walked until he was three steps in front of Lou Ming and said, “How do you feel now compared with that day?”

“Even closer.” Lou Ming smiled bitterly. This feeling of intimacy was too real, as if the sword was once a part of his body, and he couldn’t help but want to touch it. However, if he truly touched it now, the evil spirit in his body…

This was the first time he ever felt such desire to get something in his hands.

“What about the evil spirit in your body?” Master Mao asked.

“No reaction.” Lou Ming shook his head, “It was the same as last time, although I felt cordiality, the evil spirit inside me doesn’t react before I touch the bronze sword.

“In the supernatural world, if a Celestial Master feels intimacy with a magical tool and the magical tool also gives back the same reaction, it means that the magical tool is alive and has recognized its master.” Master Mao suddenly said.

“You mean…” Lou Min raised his eyes in surprise.

“80 to 90% possibility, this sword belongs to you.” What Master Mao said wasn’t quite right, at least it’s definitely not the current Lou Ming’s.

Lou Ming was stunned before he asked, “Has the archeology study in Nanling yielded results?”

“Not yet.” Master Mao shook his head.

Lou Ming was in a slight daze; he remembered the two possibilities Master Mao proposed to him that day. If this bronze sword really belonged to him, then…

“Then, do you think I was a Celestial Master or a zombie?” Was he a zombie covered with slaughter or a Celestial Master that rid the people of evil?

“Zombies can’t reincarnate.” Master Mao replied.

“Then… was I a Celestial Master?” Lou Ming was feeling incredulous.

“That’s a very big possibility.” Master Mao looked at Lou Ming’s suddenly bright eyes, however, he felt sad.

Although Lou Ming always said he didn’t care so much anymore about why he was born with this evil spirit, Master Mao knew deep down in his heart Lou Ming had always blamed himself as someone with a heinous past life that stopped at nothing to do evil.

Now that there's a new speculation, although his evil spirit’s status can’t be changed, at least it can make Lou Ming relax.

“I was a Celestial Master?” Just like Master Mao and Chen Yu, a Celestial Master? Thinking of this, Lou Ming couldn’t help but feel happy.

Master Mao smiled, put the wooden box on the coffee table in the living room, sat down and asked, “The one who asked you for this sword was little friend Chen, right?”

“Yes.” Chen Yu called and asked him to borrow the bronze sword that day. Lou Ming contacted Master Mao the same night, but he only said he wanted to use it himself, not that he wanted to lend it to others.

After all, this bronze sword wasn’t just a cultural relic, but also an ancient spiritual artifact, ordinary people can’t even see it, how could just anybody ask to borrow?

“You, ah…” Master Mao looked at Lou Ming and stopped his words halfway.

“What’s the matter?” Lou Ming asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Master Mao retracted his gaze, only showing a meaningful smile, “I just think you really like little friend Chen.”

“Of course, ah.” Thinking of Chen Yu, Lou Ming’s expression softened a lot.

Master Mao was shocked when he heard this as his hand that reached for the teacup froze.

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