Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 429 - Extras (7)

The dishes came. Su Rui and Xu Ce sat across from each other. The two men stayed unmoved however.

“Talk to me.”

Su Rui looked seriously at Xu Ce and said, “Tell me about Su Wan’s past. His and Xing Yi’s past.”


Xu Ce fixed his gaze. The first time he saw Su Wan’s name was on the mission board. He casually accepted a mission but who would’ve thought it led to such a series of events.

In this world, Su You was the female lead and Xing Yi was the male lead. Ouyang Mo was the male supporting lead while Qin Qing and Li Fei were primary supporting leads.

As for Su Wan.

She was the ex-girlfriend and cannon fodder, the villainous female supporting lead that everyone disliked.

Xu Ce had been through many worlds and seen many male and female supporting leads. He saw many were stuck and had gone crazy due to love. However, Su Wan was the most special one.

“She was really stubborn and smart but also innocent, making people feel bad for her.”

While saying this, Xu Ce sunk into his memories.

Su Wan was born into the influential Su Family but she was disliked by her parents as a child. Besides the careful servants, she only had superficial outsiders.

Her childhood was unhappy and not blessed.

She didn’t know what love was but she desired love more than anyone else.

She learned all sorts of knowledge and skills to strengthen herself. She was arrogant and rampant, the Eldest Miss Su that everyone was jealous of. However, that was her disguise.

She felt really lonely inside. Up until she encountered Xing Yi on her sixteenth birthday.

Xing Yi’s appearance was like her first time encountering an oasis in the desert.

Xing Yi’s gentleness and concern made her feel, for the first time, that she actually existed.

She wasn’t just the Su Family’s puppet. She finally transformed into an actual person, someone people cared and missed.

Her innocent and stubborn self just wanted to be with Xing Yi forever. But Su Qi found Su You at this time.

She was the actual female lead with a halo. Her appearance changed Su Wan’s entire life.

Disregarding everyone’s protest, he brought Su You back into the Su Family. Because of this, Qin Shiyong stopped going home for months straight.

After Xing Yi saw Su You, his attitude towards Su Wan immediately changed. Apparently, he accidentally fell off a clif when he went on vacation three years ago. He got saved by Su You but after he woke up, she had already left. All these years, he had been looking for the person that saved his life. After he encountered Su Wan, he mistaken her for Su You!

Now that the actual female lead appeared, she naturally had to step off her position.

“When I received the mission information, the original plot was that Xing Yi and Su Wan had broken up and their marriage was called off too. Su Wan couldn’t deal with the result and decided to hire people to kill Su You. After the matter got exposed and Su Qiqiao found out, it was clear who he chose. After all, one was the daughter he pampered and the other was the daughter he hated. Su Wan was kicked out of the Su Family and then she went to seek help from the Qin Family. But because Qin Family’s eldest miss was friends with Su You, her life in the Qin Family wasn’t the best either. Because Qin Shiyong didn’t like her, Su Wan was also abandoned by the Qin Family in the end. Old Lord Qin treated her as a bargain chip and married her off to Yun City’s Shen Family’s eldest master. However, he was a drug addict. Whenever he was done with his sessions, he would beat people up. In the end, Su Wan had died because he lost control.”

Su Rui’s aura turned colder and colder. “This is extremely melodramatic. Such a brain dead world should be destroyed. However, how could my wife have followed this plot?”

She wasn’t brain dead!

“Right. Su Wan didn’t follow the plot. That’s why I entered the world.”

After Xing Yi broke off marriage with her, she originally didn’t plan on hiring people to kill Su You. Instead, she purchased some firepower and buried all of the bombs in Su Family’s villa.

She wanted to die with everyone!

That was Su Wan, the true Su Wan.

Thinking of this, Xu Ce looked at Su Rui and said, “Su Rui, this is my biggest regret in terms of my mission and in my life, do you understand? Because I don’t know love and don’t know women’s hearts...I thought it was enough for her to just shift her love to someone else. But I neglected her feelings. Since Xing Yi’s betrayal caused her to want to die with everyone, what would she do once she found out she got betrayed again?”

He played the role as Li Fei, pulling Su Wan out of the gloomy abyss slowly but in the last moment, he pushed her back in, causing her to become even more desperate.

This was the most ruthless thing he could’ve done.

This was also Xu Ce’s biggest regret.

“Although this was virtual, I can only make up for my regret here.”

Xu Ce smiled helplessly.

“You’re right. You can only make up for your mistakes here because in real life, she is living well. She doesn’t need anyone’s compensation because she has me.”

General Su nodded and looked confidently at Xu Ce.


Xu Ce nodded. He witnessed Su Rui’s constant pestering. He had to admit that he could never become someone like him. He could never become someone else completely for the woman he loved.  

Xu Ce seemed gentle and elegant on the surface but he was actually really steady and cautious.

Shamelessly pursuing a girl or acting like a CEO persona...this didn’t fit his persona!

“Today is Ouyang Mo’s birthday. Xing Yi and Su Wan would go to attend his birthday banquet. Su You would go to. Don’t say that I haven’t reminded you but Su Wan and Su You would get into a fight tonight. Xing Yi would abandon Su Wan to chase after Su You.”

Saying this, Xu Ce took out a sheet of paper and his wallet, putting it on the table. “This is the address, good luck.”

“Hey, Xu Ce.”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Su Rui stopped him. “Weren’t you going to compete against me? It’s not your personality to admit defeat that quickly!”

What happened to a huge battle?

“I’m giving you a chance. I didn’t admit defeat. Instead…”

Xu Ce didn’t continue. Instead, he left the room.

He didn’t really admit defeat. He just didn’t want to see her experience another upset moment, didn’t want to see her crying in the corner.

Xu Ce wasn’t good at coaxing people but Su Rui was. Plus, he’d only pamper and coax Su Wan.

No one should intervene in a relationship like this.

While their relationship caused people to be jealous, it also made people look forward to this...

After Xu Ce left, Su Rui grabbed the wallet and sheet of paper, rushing out, disregarding his laptop. Wife, wait for me.

The pitch-black night, the rugged mountain road.

It took a very long time to travel from the peak of the mountain to the foot of the mountain.

Su Wan wore her evening gown and high heels, walking down the mountain slowly. Right now, Ouyang Family’s birthday banquet was over and everyone left.

She should’ve left with Xing Yi but he actually kicked her out of the car for Su You, leaving her alone to chase after her.


This wasn’t the first time her fiance abandoned her in the middle of the road.

However, this was the first time he had left her in this wild, mountainous terrain and pitch-black place.

If it was any other girl, they would’ve been scared witless. However, Su Wan walked slowly down up until she encountered the familiar carlights.

It was Xing Yi’s car.

He stopped the car to the side of the road. Through the faint carlights, she could vaguely see Su You and Xing Yi.

The two were just on each other in the beginning but then they started kissing and becoming more intimate.

Su Wan stood by the tree, watching the two people hugging and kissing each other tightly in the dark. Her tears silently slipped down her face.

It hurts so much. Her heart hurts so much.

She bit her lips and made sure she didn’t cry out loud. She fisted her hands.

Su Wan, you can’t cry!

You can’t become the joke!

She hurriedly wiped her tear stains and then started walking ahead. Because she was absent-minded, she tripped on a stone and fell on the ground. A cut immediately appeared on her smooth and fair knee, the fresh blood mixed with the mud on the ground.

Blessings never come in pairs yet misfortune does not’ come singly.

Su Wan sneered watching as Xing Yi drove the car off.

My good sister, my kind good sister

I can understand Xing Yi hugging and kissing you. You can act like it wasn’t out of your own volition.

But how come you didn't ask about your sister’s whereabouts?

Haven’t you noticed that your sister disappeared?

“Heh, hehe.”

Su Wan sneered and wanted to stand up but she was unable to due to the pain from her legs.

“Don’t move. Be a good girl.”

A familiar voice suddenly rang.

Su Wan relaxed.

“It’s you?”

She turned around and a tall figure walked over quickly in the night. Seeing the injury on Su Wan, Su Rui’s gaze darkened but he still looked at her gently. “Be good, don’t move around. Let me treat your injury. Your husband is great at treating injuries.”

Su Wan kept quiet as she watched Su Rui skillfully helping her clean her injury and then bandaging it. She quietly stared at the man’s serious look and his profile.

He didn’t seem as annoying as he was before?

Although he liked to take advantage of people and even…

Thinking back to the kiss at the office, Su Wan’s face flushed. Did she betray Xing Yi since she had been kissed by Su Rui?

Thinking of this, she felt conflicted. Her world seemed to be so simple in the past. There were no warm colors.

Then Xing Yi became her world. What about now?

Xing Yi didn’t want her anymore. Her world was going to turn dark and she was going to be left with nothing again?


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