Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 423 - Extras (1)

There  was heavy traffic on the streets and vendors traders hollering, trying to get business.

Su Rui opened his eyes to see himself in an empty alley. From the entrance of the alley, he could see the crowd.

This was that world.

There was an excited glint in Su Rui’s gaze.

When he left the restoration world, he had talked to Xu Ce.

“If we encountered Su Wan at the same time, Su Rui, do you think you’ll win?”

As if they had gone back to that day, Xu Ce leaned against the window where bright sunshine shone in. Against the light ray, he smiled.

“Did you think you would win?”

It wasn’t that he looked down on Xu Ce but that he was too confident in himself. Only he knew Su Wan the most and he was the most suitable candidate for her.

Feeling the confidence in Su Rui’s eyes, Xu Ce smiled faintly. “You haven’t seen the actual Su Wan before. You didn’t experience everything in that world. Su Rui, do you want to know Su Wan’s past?”

Su Wan’s past…

That collapsed world.

“I’m trying to recover everything in that world in this virtual world. If I succeed, I will notify you.”

Xu Ce rebuilt the world. Then he also contacted Su Rui who was in another world through special means of communication.

This was a journey that crossed over time-space and time.

Su Wan, I’m coming.

Su Rui took in a deep breath. He was still wearing clothes from another plane of existence.


So this was the legendary virtual reality.

Everything was virtual but incomparably realistic too.

The real past and people.

Walking out of the alley, Su Rui didn’t know where to go for some time. In this incomparably realistic world, his percetivity was hindered and he couldn’t detect people’s scents at all.

But Su Rui believed that Xu Ce would choose a pretty good spot for him to land. At least, he would be really close to Su Wan right?


Su Rui walked towards the street and was about to round the corner when he suddenly saw a familiar figure.

“No, don’t hit me!”

A long-haired young girl was being beaten up by a group of girls. Her hair was a mess but he could vaguely see and distinguish her cold yet childish face.

Xiao Wan!


Su Rui rushed over quickly and then pulled the people hitting her to the side in one move.

“Wife, are you okay?”

Su Rui subconsciously asked and held the girl’s hands firmly.


The girl looked shockingly at the man that just appeared with her beautiful pair of eyes. “Who...are you?”

What did he just call her? the wrong person right?

Su Rui also let go of his grip on her while she was confused.

Was she...Su Wan?

They had the same appearance but he felt like something was off.

Could this be Su Wan in the past?

He didn’t recognize the pitiful and soft Su Wan.

At this time, a black Jaguar stopped by her and the door to the car was opened. A pair of small red leather shoes appeared in everyone’s eyes.

“Miss Su!”

The girls that were pushed to the side by Su Rui immediately huggled over and exclaimed angrily, “Miss Su, look. Su You, that bitch, seduced an uncle out of nowhere and he actually hit us!”


The girl wearing a black short dress lifted her brows, looking at Su Rui. “Uncle, you’re pretty skilled.”

Su Rui was speechless.



Su Rui left the girl to the side and looked excitedly at the person in front of her. “Xiao Wan?”

That’s his wife! There was no way her aura was off this time!

Su Wan furrowed her brows coldly. “You know me? Su You told you right? Heh. Su You, you really are lovable. You’d even seduce an uncle. Heh.”

“No, that’s not it. I...don’t know him.”

Su You immediately explained herself nervously. She really didn’t know this person!

“Didn’t know?”

Su Wan covered her mouth and chuckled. “I heard him calling you his wife when I got out of the car. Would the uncle not know his wife?”

Su Rui was speechless.

Could he say that he really did get the wrong person?

He was he supposed to know Su Wan’s sister looked exactly like her? The stepsisters actually looked like twins. It didn’t make sense okay?!

“Su Wan, listen to me…”

Su Rui wanted to grab Su Wan’s arm but she quickly dodged his touch.

She looked at the unfamiliar man in front of her in dislike.

You’re pretty handsome but it’s outrageous of you to grope at a young lady.

As expected, he’s just like Su You.

“Don’t touch me.”

Su Wan warned Su Rui. “My fiance is about to come.”


Su Rui froze hearing Su Wan’s words.

Fiance? Who’s that?


A black Bentley honked behind Su Wan’s car. Then the car door was opened and a handsome young man walked out.

“Xing Yi!”


Su Wan smiled and rushed over.

“Xiao You!”

Yet, Xing Yi reached Su You’s side first. Seeing her battered self, his gaze coldened and he exclaimed coldly, “Su Wan! What did you do to Xiao You? She’s your sister! How can you be so sinister?”


Su Wan opened her mouth and wanted to say something.

Bang. Xing Yi was kicked into the air by General Su.

Damn scumbag.

Su Rui’s expression turned icy and he stomped his feet casually.

“What are you doing?”

Su Wan glared at Su Rui. She was about to go to Xing Yi but Su Rui grabbed her arms.

“Don’t go.”

“Let me go! Is there something wrong with you?”

Su Wan looked coldly at Su Rui again but he refused to let go.

He refused to let anyone hurt Su Wan. He refused.


Su Wan cursed before lowering her head and biting Su Rui’s wrist firmly.


The girl had sharp teeth and quickly, blood seeped down Su Rui’s cuff. He let out a gasp but smiled and held onto Su Wan, refusing to let go still.

“Be good. Let go already. Your husband’s going to be made handicapped by you.”

“You...what is this nonsense?!”

Su Wan’s face flushed and she let go, bloodstain on the corner of her lips still. “You’re really unreasonable. You’re trying to take advantage of anyone you see huh? You’d be happy if all the women in the world want to be your wife, huh?”

“No, I just want you.”

Su Rui lifted his injured arm and his slender finger softly brushed by the corner of Su Wan’s lips.


Su Wan’s expression changed and she took a few steps back. Seeing that Xing Yi’s driver helped him out, Su Wan hurriedly got back in her car.

“Uncle Lin, hurry up and drive.”


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