The Life After Marrying my Sworn Enemy

Chapter 42 - Grieving With a Broken Heart

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Because of conserving costs as well as Yang Zijian’s instigation, Cheng Jinyu finally had no other choice but to summon the courage to do it himself.

Only, he didn't think that the results of the commercial would be so good. Immediately afterwards, many people came to find him with purchase orders. Yiqing Menswear Store also started up. Although it could not be counted as a profit, it was not suffering a loss.

Cheng Jinyu had never been so busy like this. He had also never felt this fulfilling.

At the moment, Cheng Jinyu was about to start discussing a project when an unfamiliar number called him. Cheng Jinyu thought about it. It was still better to pick it up.

Currently, his cell phone would not stop ringing everyday. Cheng Jinyu answered the phone.


The person on the other end was silent for a long time, as if they were using great effort to restrain themselves. After a moment, a faint voice said, “Hello. Excuse me, who are you to Yiqing?”

“Yiqing? Oh, are you talking about Yiqing Menswear? I am the founder and currently the CEO of Yiqing Menswear. May I ask if you needed anything? Is there something I could help you make?” Cheng Jinyu made his tone kind as much as possible.

“No, I am asking about Tan Yiqing.”

Cheng Jinyu stared blankly. “Oh, I understand. You’re my father’s friend right?” These past few days, Cheng Jinyu had already received many of these kinds of calls. He finally realized that his father was really an influential person at the time.

His father had many friends who right now were already in business or other fields with good positions.

Cheng Jinyu’s advertisement had already been broadcasted. Immediately afterwards, there were many people who called him asking all kinds of questions. Cheng Jinyu was overwhelmed.

Cheng Jinyu and his father’s similar faces, as well as his father’s name, immediately started circling around. These days, Cheng Jinyu received a lot of these kinds of calls. Many people wanted to send a greeting to his father, but his father was no longer here.

Cheng Jinyu said, “Hello Uncle, I am Cheng Jinyu. My father is no longer alive. Are you his friend? Thank you for still remembering my father. If he knew, he would definitely be very happy.” Cheng Jinyu tried to be as polite as possible.

“Not alive? He really is not alive anymore?” The person’s voice sounded like he was trying to restrain his silent sorrow. Cheng Jinyu could still feel it through his phone.

Cheng Jinyu felt his heart ache a little. “Yes, he has already passed for many years.” He tried to make his speech seem natural.

That side was silent for a long time. Cheng Jinyu thought he already hung up the phone. “Uncle, hello Uncle? Uncle, please restrain your grief.” This thing that happened many years ago, his tears were already dried up.

When Cheng Jinyu thought that the person would hang up the phone, the sound of a man suppressing his sobs unexpectedly came across. A low sound passed through to his ears, and Cheng Jinyu felt that his nose was a bit sore. The pain of losing his father during those days swarmed up.

He thought that the tears had already been dried up, but unexpectedly it reappeared in his eyes again. Cheng Jinyu also did not know what was going on. These days, there were many of dad’s friends calling.

There had been many people in front of his eyes wiping their tears and sighing heavily, but Cheng Jinyu was never moved by them. But only this person, only this kind of restrained sound passing through made Cheng Jinyu sympathize.

Cheng Jinyu restrained the pain in his heart. In a soft voice he advised, “Uncle, don’t feel sad anymore. It has already passed for many years. Father must definitely be in heaven living well, you don’t need to be concerned over him.”

“Father must definitely want us to live well. He will bless us from heaven.”

“No, no, I should have died, I should have died earlier.” That person yelled, “If I knew earlier that he was no longer here, what am I still doing alive in this world?”

Cheng Jinyu's heart shook. “Uncle, you shouldn’t speak like that.”

That side’s sobbing was even more tremendous. Cheng Jinyu couldn't help but think about the man in the backyard of Chen House that one day. The person who cried as he treated him as his father, cried himself unconscious.

“Uncle? You... who are you?”  Cheng Jinyu wanted to ask. The other person’s voice was a bit hoarse and Cheng Jinyu couldn’t hear his original voice.

Actually, last time that man also cried heartrendingly, Cheng Jinyu could not remember his voice.

“I... can I meet you?” That person faintly sobbed. Wiih effort, he restrained his weeping.

Cheng Jinyu came in contact with many of his father’s friends. Even Gu Bokai’s mother who wanted to commit suicide for him at the time. But through the passage of time, the strong love faded into tranquility. But only this person’s emotions have not diluted at all through time.

This kind of affection towards his father, it was like ten years was equal to one day. Cheng Jinyu even felt like his grief was not equal to the man on the phone. Ten years had already passed. The pain he felt from losing his father had already dulled out. Only this person, unexpectedly, could move him in this way.

This person was most definitely a person his father had a good friendship with. Cheng Jinyu thought like this and couldn’t help but feel that this person was also incomparably warm. He said, “Uncle, when do you have time? I can come visit you whenever.”

“I’m at the hospital.” That person whimpered a bit. “When you have time, come by. I really want to meet you. I want to meet his son.”

That person told him the address. Cheng Jinyu thought and recalled every movement of his father. Although at the time he was very young, he always felt that his father was an incomparable warm presence. Even though currently he couldn’t remember what his father looked like, that warm feeling continued to envelope him.

And this person who he hadn’t met yet, also gave Cheng Jinyu this kind of feeling. This person appeared to have the same warmth as his father.

Cheng Jinyu originally had already planned everything that needed to be done today, but after receiving that call, his first idea was that he wanted to go see this person. No matter what, he had to meet him. This with his father’s best friend, who after ten years, hearing the death of his friend, still cried.

Cheng Jinyu changed his clothes and immediately went to the hospital. This was a private hospital. With one look you could tell that it was extremely lavish and expensive.

Cheng Jinyu did not expect to run into Chen Yuze here.  

Chen Yuze was also extremely baffled. “Why are you here?”

Chen Yuze’s tone was very unfamiliar. Cheng Jinyu knew in this lifetime they could never be real brothers. Even being normal friends would probably not work.

Cheng Jinyu was about to respond when Chen Yuze waved and said, “Wherever you go, it's not my business.” He then turned his head around and entered the hospital. Cheng Jinyu lowered his head and didn’t say anything. He also followed and entered the hospital.

The two people were waiting at the elevator side by side until the elevator came. Chen Yuze, with big strides, entered. Cheng Jinyu saw Chen Yue directly stand in the middle, like he was preparing to not let him enter. Cheng Jinyu didn't say anything and also did not enter.

The elevator left and Cheng Jiyu continued to wait for the next elevator to arrive. He got in, pressed the number 9 and the elevator quickly rose up. This was a private hospital. The sick people here were not a lot, but there were a lot of medical staff.

Cheng Jinyu got out of the elevator and saw quite a few doctors and nurses. Then he saw Chen Yuze sitting in the corridor. The two people’s gazes once again met. Both stared blankly. It really was too coincidental to meet again. Cheng Jinyu, although he felt a bit awkward, braced himself to go forward.

Chen Yuze directly turned his head and did not look at Cheng Jinyu. The two people were like strangers, no one spoke to each other.

Cheng Jinyu looked at the numbers on the ward rooms. He walked until he reached the door by Chen Yuze’s side. Chen Yuze saw Cheng Jinyu stop at the door to his side, confused and said, “What are you doing here? Are you here to see my dad?”

Cheng Jinyu stared blanky. “The person inside is your dad?”

Chen Yuze suddenly laughed. “I understand now, you're eying the project from my dad’s company aren’t you? Let me tell you, don’t even think about it. There's no share for you, my dad  has already said he's giving it to Brother Zihan.”

“Biao Ge, I thought you didn't recognize me as your cousin? Now you’re coming after my family’s project, do you have any morals? My dad is sick, but he doesn’t need your hypocritical crocodile tears. “

Cheng Jinyu merely felt that it was even more strange. That suffering person was unexpectedly his uncle, the master of the Chen House. He was there for ten years of his life and actually never knew that his uncle was his father’s good friend?

Cheng Jinyu felt that there was something different, but he also didn’t understand what exactly was going on?

If this person was really his dad’s good friend and genuinely cared about his father, then how come for these past few years he never cared about him?

No, it should be why did Tan Liyun not allow him to say that he was his father’s son. Was it originally because she didn’t want to alert this person?

Why couldn’t he let him know? Even if he knew, what would he do?

Cheng Jinyu was intelligent, but this complicated human emotion, he was unable to figure it out. Only he finally knew what Tan Liyun’s purpose was at the time.

Carefully calculating, this person almost never went home. Cheng Jinyu was there for ten years and had only met this person a few times. Even if this person went home, he hurried to come, hurried to leave. He barely ever stayed the night at Chen House.

Sometimes Cheng Jinyu felt a bit bad for Tan Liyun. What exactly was this woman seeking when she married him? Don’t tell me it really was this man’s money?

Cheng Jinyu stood in front of the door puzzled. When he wasn't sure if he should go in or not, the door opened and Secretary Liu walked out.

Secretary Liu took a quick glance at Cheng Jinyu. “Hello, you’ve arrived? Chief Chen has been waiting for you for a while. Hurry and come inside!”

Chen Jinyu nodded his head, “Ok.”

“Chief Cheng please come with me.” Secretary Liu’s attitude was extremely friendly.

Chen Yuze felt like he was hit by thunder. His dad actually wanted to meet Cheng Jinyu. What exactly was going on? Not to mention the day his mother lost her head out of fear.

Chen Yuze followed, wanting to go inside as well. Secretary Liu directly stopped him. “Young Master, Chief Chen said he only wants to meet Chief Cheng. It’s better if you wait outside.”

“You won’t let me inside?” Chen Yuze angrily said.


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