Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 42 Part 2

When Ah Jin arrived, the crowd had already separated the people fighting.

It was three against two.

The two, naturally, were Ah Jin's two younger brothers.

Ah Jin looked at the two and asked, "What? Did you win or lose?"

The third child puffed up his chest.

"Of course, we won!"

She then asked the second child, "What happened?"

The second child looked indignant.

"They cursed first. They said that we are the stars of death, saying that we have no father and mother. Therefore, the third child and I did not hold back."

Ah Jin listened and looked at the three children on the opposite side.

They were the children of her village, who usually liked to mess with cats and dogs.

Ah Jin then asked the three of them, "You cursed?"

The leader was called Fang Dahua, whose family was well-off.

He looked at Ah Jin and said, "I'm right. Both your parents are dead, so what else are you if not stars of death?"

Ah Jin stepped forward and slapped him in the face.

"Say it again."

Ah Jin's strength was not weak, so Fang Dahua's ears buzzed.

He felt that this slap was more painful than the fight he had before.

He reacted and immediately came at Ah Jin with his fist raised.

"How dare you hit me, you star of death! See if I don't beat you to death."

As he rushed over, Ah Jin kicked him on the stomach.

Fang Dahua was kicked two steps backward and laid on the ground, holding his stomach.

The three children of the Fang family were stunned.

They had the impression that their eldest sister was strong in character but weak in body.

Now the person who was "weak" in the body had cleaned up a half-grown child in just two moves.

Ah Jin looked at Fang Dahua on the ground and sneered in her heart.

That brat just needed a beating.

There was nothing wrong with it.

Then a woman pushed in from the crowd, looked at Fang Dahua on the ground, and cried out.

"My son, what happened to you? Who the hell did this!"

Seeing Ah Jin at the side, her eyes became fierce.

"Are you the little bitch who dared to beat my son?

Her son must be like his mother.

Ah Jin did not nag.

She went forward again, grabbed the woman's collar, and slapped her twice.

"If you curse again, I'll hit you again until you shut up."

The woman was also knocked out by Ah Jin's force.

She responded by sitting on the ground and crying.

"Someone is killing people! Someone is killing people. Is there anyone responsible for this?"

The people around spat on her and said.

"Shame on you!"

"Yes, a thief calling someone a thief."

"She is a bully of children."

"Shame on you!"

Someone from the brigade came soon, a female officer who specialized in regulating conflicts.

When the woman on the ground saw the officer coming, she cried even louder.

"Officer, you have to do something for me. This little thing is going to kill my son and me!"

Seeing her crying and howling, the female officer looked at the four kids standing calmly next to her, and her veins popped.

"Shut up! It's your family that causes trouble all day long. Now even the little children are not spared!"

Who in the village did not know that these four children were impoverished.

They had no parents at a very young age, and they depended on their half-grown sister to support them.

There was nothing they could do to help others, but they couldn't let this family be aggrieved by whatever nonsense they were doing.

She did not ask the parties involved but asked around the people watching.

There were many witnesses, and all sorts of people spoke clearly about what happened.

Fang Dahua started by cursing and was beaten by the two brothers.

It was a 3 against 2 fight.

After Zhaodi came, Fang Dahua was beaten by her again.

His mother also came with a mouthful of profanity and was also beaten by Zhaodi.

After hearing that, the female officer said to the woman, "You deserve to be beaten. You have no control over your mouth. The girl hit you a few times, and you're on the ground crying. If you cry again, you'll have your work points deducted!"

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